The door to the auditorium slowly opened with a loud groan. I admittedly half expected one of my companions to either make a smart ass comment or fake a scream just to mess with us. Within a few moments we could see several others in the large room. I should also note that Valentine is here as well standing in a corner seemingly huddled into the saxophone. Kara, Ace, Rio, Haru, and myself all entered Ace a bit more begrudgingly than the rest of us. There appeared to be an interesting array of others in here I wonder what sort of talents they all possess.

A young woman stepped forward before anyone could say anything and she at least seems friendly. She smiled at us marching uncomfortably close to me "Well met stranger. My name is Sarako Aizome, Might I have yours?" I have to admit I'm a bit taken aback by this bold introduction. "I'm uh…Seiko Sammada the pleasure is uh yours I'm sure" Not the best way to handle that I know but as I said before she's uncomfortably close, even Kara stays a somewhat more comfortable distance away most of the time, and I haven't even known her that long. "By the way I'm the SHSL Stage Performer." I blinked a few times as I realized what she'd just said and so to be polite I responded with "I'm the SHSL Director...I suppose we may be able to get along nicely" I was of course being polite and perhaps a bit optimistic.

Sarako is honestly the picture of loveliness she stands pretty tall with an interesting array of clothing. That blue shirt underneath a blazer, what looks like a school skirt, and is it just me or are boots a popular thing around here? Well in any case her hair is styled in a more traditional Hime-cut. Now moving right along I shift my gaze away from her towards a fellow who appears to be wearing almost all camouflage, but again what's with all the boots? well in any case he's noticed that I'm looking at him now and he seems like he's about to say something.

"Hey how ya doing there Miss Director?" he seems to be quite energetic. I didn't notice it before but he appears to be bouncing in place. his short wavy white hair seems to be doing this odd kinda bouncy thing it's kinda funny actually. I don't think I've mentioned this yet but that lip piercing looks a bit painful. I think the biggest distraction with this guy is the dog tags jingling. He is friendly enough "I'm confused considering I woke up here in this place" I note with a faint hint of indignation. "Ah well true...oh that's right The names Kojika Katsuragi! I'm the ultimate Hunter" I'm starting to wonder if I've fallen into some strange happy hotel or something with how nice everyone, well almost everyone so far has been.

"Um...excuse me?" this voice was softer but still clearly audible. I turned my head to see who it was and found myself staring at someone who really doesn't look like she belongs in this odd situation. She was wearing a pink oversized cardigan, tight blue skinny jeans with some sort of belt, and oh wow there are people here who still wear converse shoes instead of boots. Her strawberry blonde hair was done up in braids, and she appeared to have a thin pair of glasses propped on her nose. "Yes?" I asked her eyeing her. She appeared to be reading a book as she spoke "Hello, I'm Akiko Nimen. And it's pronounced NEE-Men. Don't forget that. It's a pleasure to meet you." That appeared to be all she had to say but that's fine I guess.

It comes down to there being two guys left standing there both of them seemed to have an odd air about them. Arrogance maybe? I'm not really sure. One of them had amber hair with white bangs and the other had cherry hair. The amber hair was swept back and spiky while the cherry hair seemed to be more like fuzz. The amber haired guy was wearing a gold sleeveless hoodie with a green T-shirt, black pants with a silver belt that had a bunch of 8s on it as buckles, and finally some odd colored shoes since they were copper. Fuzzy was wearing a white T-shirt, White leather jacket, black jeans, and brown iron toed boots. I should also note all the black spades with knives and the number 10 mixed in.

The spiky haired one spoke first "Yo, Hachi Et-er, just Hachi. Ultimate Luck!" before anyone could say anything else though the fuzzy one spoke "Sup, Name's Zhen Etsuko. I'm the ultimate Merc. Nice to meet you" These two get on pretty well that's worth noting I have to say. They are still kinda friendly too that's cool I guess. I stood there pondering what to say next when I realized that the tablet hadn't beeped once during all those introductions. "Odd" I muttered to myself.

The door opened at that moment and everyone turned to the door and standing there was yet another girl. That's right there were supposed to be twelve dots on the tablet. I was starting to wonder where this last one was, and it seems she was late. The girl in question was short had brown hair kept in a ponytail it seems. Her eyes were striking since her left eye appears to be red and her right eye appears to be crystal eyes were half lidded so it seemed that she had been asleep until recently. She was wearing a skirt that stopped about the middle of her pale thighs, black knee socks with garters attached to them, a white button down shirt with a bright red vest over top of it, and her shoes were simple tennis shoes. "Hey your'e late" I remarked approaching this girl only to have her look up at me with her half lidded eyes clearly she doesn't seem to care. " I?" she asked her voice soft and slow almost deliberately so. "Who is this cutie?" Haru had asked that and we all looked at her she seemed to ponder for a moment bringing her right hand up under her chin before speaking "Mei Sashimuru..." she trailed off after saying that.

After Mei introduced herself the tablets all seemed to go off repeatedly kind of like a cell phone that had it's Text box bombarded. I looked down at all the scrolling data.

Name: Sarako Aizome

SHSL: Stage performer

Gender: Female

Hair Style: Hime-Cut

Hair Color: Jet Black with one blue streak on the left side

Eye Color: Vibrant Blue

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 108 lbs

D.O.B.: April 19th

Name: Kojika Katsuragi

SHSL: Hunter

Gender: Male

Hair Style: short ruffled, and wavy hair with bangs hanging over his eyes

Hair Color: Silver/White

Eye Color: Bright Green

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 122 lbs

D.O.B.: November 11th

Name: Akiko Nimen

SHSL: Bookworm

Gender: Female

Hair Style: Pigtails, Braids

Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Eye Color: Reddish Brown

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 107 lbs

D.O.B.: May 25th

Name: Hachi Etsuko

SHSL: Luck

Gender: Male

Hair Style: Spiky swept back

Hair Color: Amber with white bangs

Eye Color: Gold

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 146 lbs

D.O.B.: October 8th

Name: Zhen Etsuko

SHSL: Mercenary

Gender: Male

Hair Style: Fuzzy (?)

Hair Color: Cherry

Eye Color: Pink

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 172 lbs

D.O.B.: October 10th

Name: Mei Sashimuru

SHSL: Marksman

Gender: Female

Hair Style: Single High Ponytail

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Red (Left), Blue (Right)

Height: 4'9"

Weight: 115 lbs

D.O.B.: May 31st

The P.A. activated again "Upupupupupu, aaaaand now that everyone's together I can get down there and introduce myself in person!" it sounded excited. Smoke started to pour out of the sprinklers startling everyone of us. The smoke began to clear revealing...

Authors Note (DLB): Here is the latest chapter and it's a cliff hanger.

Authors Note (Jhon 117): well that's all our players this time jeez quite a list of cheery people no?