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The ghost mask hits the floor. Logan stares at the killer, a look of shock plastered on his face. He backs up, hitting the counter behind him. He places both hands firmly on the counter to keep from hitting the floor.


The killer has short brown hair. He still has the knife pointed directly at Logan. Logan still stares at the murderer, not understanding what has just happened.




Nathan smirks at Logan. He looks very accomplished with himself over the big reveal. He lowers the knife to his side, not taking his eyes off of Logan.


Surprise. It's me! I'm the killer! (crazy laughter)

Logan scrunches his face up in confusion. Nathans' face goes from happy to very serious looking.


Wasn't it obvious!? I mean, come on. I never got attacked by the killer. I was always mysteriously not around every time the killer showed up.

Nathan takes the black robes off, throwing them down in the corner of the kitchen.


You killed everyone? Why!?


I guess I'm just a little… unhinged. Remember how I always told you guys that my father and I don't get along? And that he stopped taking me on the family hunting trips?[See Chapter Seven if you don't remember] It's because every time I went, I found rabbits, or other small animals, and I'd gut them. It made me happy. Well, my dad found out, and he didn't think it was very good. So he told me I couldn't go on any more hunting trips until I got straightened out.

Logan just looks disgusted with Nathan and his story.


I killed our dog and dad found out. He was furious, but I could tell that he was also scared of me. I knew then that I had power over him. After a while, I started getting bored with killing just small animals. I dreamed of killing people. I drew pictures of me killing people. Every time he threatened to send me off to the looney bin, I threatened to hurt him or the rest of the family. Once these killings started, he was afraid I was behind them. But he kept quiet due to my threats. He wasn't about to be responsible for losing everyone he loved.


You're crazy.


I might be, but what can you do about it!? Nothing.

Logan still has hands firmly placed on the counter. He looks frightened with Nathan's revelation.


So, you mean to tell me that you're the third person in that picture?


You mean the picture with Sarah and Emma? No, that's not me. Did you think I did all of this by myself!? No, I'm not the mastermind here…

Logan remembers just moments ago, when Nathan had appeared at the window, but then someone wearing the ghost costume had showed up behind him. That meant that someone else was a part of this. The only person who hadn't been present for any of this was…


JOSH! It's Josh!

Nathan stares at Logan, a grin playing across his lips. Suddenly, the backdoor creaks open, causing Logan to jump. Nathan lets out a crazy laugh. Someone wearing the Ghostface costume steps inside.

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The ghostly figure walks over to stand next to Nathan. Logan watches the two of them cautiously. The figure reaches up to their head, pulling off the mask. Beneath the mask is none other than... Joey.



Logan's eyes grow wide with shock. His jaw drops.


Joey…? You're the one behind all of this!?

Joey doesn't answer. He looks around the room, then at Nathan.


Do you have it?


Of course.

Nathan pulls a gun from his boot and hands it to Joey, who turns the safety off. Now, he turns back to face Logan.


Yes, I'm the mastermind. Are you… shocked?


But, I saw you get stabbed? I saw the knife actually go into you, and blood was everywhere….


Nathan switched the knife out for a retractable blade at that point, idiot. The blood was just fake blood packs that I had hidden on my body… But he really did cut me last night, when he attacked Casey and I…


You bastard… you just let her die?


She was just a part of my disguise. I figured being with her and getting "hurt" would pretty much rule me out as a suspect.


Cretin… why did you do all of this!?


Why? You want to know why? Your father. That's why.

Joey looks furious. Nathan looks nervous. He stands a few steps behind Joey, his hands behind his back. He puts his head down as Joey begins to explain his motive.


Today's the anniversary of the accident. The accident from October 23rd, 2005. Eleven years ago. The day my life was forever fucking ruined. Because of your dumb ass father. You see, my name isn't really Joey Masters. It's Nick Palmer. Does the last name ring a bell to you?


Palmer... you're related to the two girls from the accident… you're the third person in the photo…


Good detective skills… Sarah was my mother. Emma was my sister. I loved them more than anything. My father died of cancer when I was four. They were all I had! And your father took them away from me. After that, my aunt and uncle took me in. We changed my name so I could stay out of the spotlight. After all, my mother was running for mayor at the time of the accident. So it was pretty big news when she died. And then we moved here, and I found out who you were. At first, I didn't really think about doing any of this. But all I needed was a little push. About a year ago, I was given the idea to carry out this little killing spree. So I began planning it out. One day, Nathan here confided his little dark secret to me. I brought up the idea to him, got him on board, and now, here we are. Since your coward father ran off and I have no idea where he is, you're the next best target for my rage.

Logan takes all of this in. He looks as if he has been completely blown away by all of this information. Joey shrugs the black robes off of his body, revealing his bloody t-shirt.


So you killed everyone… just to get back at me!?


Yep. And now I'm gonna kill you.


So why did you kill James and Natalie? And Mr. Sallee? I wasn't friends with any of them!


I needed the first murders to be people that everyone knew well. If you recall, I was with you, Whitney, and Casey on the night of the first murders. I let Nathan pick who to kill. He chose James and Natalie.


Only because Savannah always complained about how she thought Natalie stole her spotlight, so I figured she would make a good test victim. James was just an added bonus.


As for Mr. Sallee, he had a connection to the accident. If it weren't for him wanting my mother and sister to come visit him, they would still be alive today! That's why I killed him. And why you're going to die.


You'll never get away with this.


Of course I will. (To Nathan) Bring him in.

Nathan nods, walking out of the room. Logan's eyes dart from Nathan, to Joey, to a beer bottle sitting close to his hand on the counter.


And here's why I'm going to get away with all of it.

Nathan walks back into the room, dragging a squirming, tied up Josh behind him. Josh's hands and feet are tied up with rope. He has a piece of duct tape placed over his mouth, and blood runs down the left side of his head. His eyes are wide in terror. Nathan slams him against the floor, causing him to let out a muffled cry of pain. Logan gasps, stepping forward to help his friend.


Stop right there.

Joey has the gun aimed directly at Logan's forehead. Logan stops dead in his tracks. Joey walks over to where Josh lies. He takes the knife from Nathan and Nathan takes the gun. Joey looks down at Josh. Nathan points the gun at Logan to keep him from moving.


Here's the accomplice. He's always been crazy. He finally snapped and started killing people. All he need was a little push from you, Logan. You see, I'm going to kill you and Josh, pinning all of these killings on you. No one was ever around when you got attacked, so who's to say you didn't make up being attacked? With the anniversary of the day that ruined your life coming up, you finally just couldn't take it anymore, so you went on a killing spree, trying to make it look like you were just a helpless victim…

Joey lifts the knife, preparing to bring it down into Josh's heart. At the last second though, Josh swings his legs as hard as he can into Joey's legs, causing him to lose his balance. He falls to the floor, losing the knife. Nathan takes the gun off of Logan, preparing to take a shot at Josh. Logan takes this opportunity to grab the beer bottle from the counter. He smashes it as hard as he can over Nathan's head, sending him toppling to the floor. The gun falls out of his hands, skidding across the kitchen and into the living room.

Logan rushes towards Josh, hoping to untie him and escape, but Joey grabs Logan's leg, bringing him to the ground. Joey climbs on top of Logan, punching him in the face. Logan punches Joey in the stomach, knocking him off of his body. Logan rolls on top of Joey, taking a swing at his face. Joey brings his arm up at the last second, blocking the punch. The two boys roll around on the floor, fighting fiercely.

Josh looks at the two boys, then notices the knife, not very far away. He begins to worm his way towards it. He manages to squirm his way to it, focusing on trying to get the knife in his hands. After several failed attempts, he manages to get the knife into his hands, which are behind his back. He focuses on trying to cut the ropes without slitting his wrists in the process.

Nathan slowly lifts his head from the floor, his eyes squinted in pain. He looks around the kitchen, at Logan and Joey fighting, and at Josh trying to untie himself. No one is focused on him. He begins crawling slowly across the room, towards the gun which has skidded to a stop next to the couch in the living room.

Logan knees Joey in the stomach, then plants his fists into his face several times. Joey kicks the other boy off of him, staggering to his feet. He has a bloody nose, a cut lip, and several scratches on his face and arms. He kicks Logan in the side, who screams out in pain. He kicks him in the chest. Logan sprawls out on the floor. Joey slams his foot down on Logan's hand. He screams in pain again. Joey wiggles his foot back and forth on top of Logan's fingers. Cracking bones can be heard. Logan screams, tears rolling down his cheeks.

Josh finishes cutting his hands loose, then manages to quickly cut his legs loose. He staggers to his feet, clutching the knife in his hands. He looks over at Joey and Logan. Joey has his back to him. Josh lifts the knife, running at Joey. Joey turns, hearing Josh's feet hitting the floor. Josh brings the knife up, ready to strike. Joey lifts his hands in defense. The knife goes straight through Joey's palm and out the other side. Joey screams in pain, hitting Josh in the head with his free hand. Josh falls backwards, hitting the island counter with his back on the way down.

Joey curses, slowly pulling the blade out of his hand. Blood runs down his hand, and down his arm. The knife clatters to the floor as he examines the bloody wound. Josh crawls backwards on his hands and feet, getting up after putting some distance between himself and the deranged killer. He grabs a dirty plate from the kitchen table. He is about to throw it when Nathan steps in, aiming the gun at him.


Don't make another move.

Josh looks from Joey holding his wounded hand, to Logan lying in a heap on the floor, to Nathan aiming the gun at him. His eyes keep darting between the three of them. Finally, he hurls the plate at Joey, trying to duck as Nathan shoots. The bullet hits Josh in the head, sending him sprawling against the table and chairs, which tip over and hit the floor with him.

The plate hits Joey in the chest, shattering. Joey staggers backwards, raising his good hand to his chest. Nathan steps further into the room, looking questioningly at Joey. Joey glares.


How about we hurry and finish this?

Nathan nods, handing the gun over to Joey. He grabs Logan by the shoulders, pulling him to his feet. Logan now has scratches all over his face and arms, a giant cut on his forehead, which sends blood running down the side of his face, and broken fingers. Nathan shoves him against the island counter, backing up to stand next to Joey.


Looks like this is how it ends. We win.


Any last words?

Joey aims the gun at Logan's head, finger on the trigger. Logan glares at the two killers. He holds his broken hand against his chest.


Yeah… I have some words…


Well? What are they?

Logan's eyes dart from Joey to Nathan.


…Fuck you!

Joey's eyes grow wide at Logan's insult.


You know what? I'm not gonna kill you just yet. For that, you're going to suffer before you die.

Joey aims the gun at Logan's shoulder, firing. The bullet hits Logan in the shoulder, right where his arm connects to his torso. The impact sends him over the countertop and to the floor on the other side. He screams in pain as he hits the floor hard.

The pain is unbearable. It feels very hot. He can see blood pouring out onto the floor. Almost completely out of energy, the boy lies on the floor, staring at the black paneling on the bottom of the counter. He knows that if he doesn't get help soon, he's probably going to bleed out. Black boots step down in front of his vision. It's Nathan. He lifts Logan from the floor, propping him against the counter again. Joey walks around the island, stepping up in front of Logan. He grabs Logan's shirt collar.


This is only what you deserve. Your father ruined my life. So now I'm ruining your life.

Suddenly, the land line phone rings, causing Joey and Nathan to jump. Logan simply slumps forward, barely holding himself up as Joey lets go of his shirt. The phone lets out another high pitched ring.


Should I answer?

Joey shoves past Nathan, picking up the phone. The caller ID reads "RESTRICTED". He stares at the screen for a moment before answering.




Hello, Joey. Guess who?


Who the fuck is this?!


Guess you didn't make sure all your victims were dead, did you? That's a mistake that's going to cost you…


Come on out and we'll see who made a mistake.


Not so fast. Why don't you come find me? I'm somewhere in the house…

Joey drops the phone, turning to Nathan.


You idiot! You had one job! Make sure everyone was dead when you killed them! Someone wasn't dead! Find them! NOW!

Nathan flinches when Joey screams "NOW!" He nods, running out of the kitchen, into the living room, searching for an intruder.

Joey turns back towards the island, gasping. Logan is no longer slumped over the counter. In fact, he's not in the room at all.





Michelle is pulled off to the side of the road, pulling up Logan's Facebook. She scrolls down to his timeline, gasping.

Someone has tagged him in a picture. The picture is of a bunch of teens standing in the living room of Whitney's house. Logan, Whitney, Brie, Josh, Summer, Savannah, and Nathan can all be seen sitting on the couch watching a movie in the background. The caption reads: Party at Whitney's!

Michelle gasps. She knows where the Wilsons' live. She had graduated high school with Whitney's older brother, Wayne Wilson. The two of them had briefly dated during their sophomore year. She calls it in on the radio.


Logan Fields is at Whitney Wilson's house, 314 Lemon Orchard Road! I'm not far from there, so I'll take care of it. Over.

Michelle pulls off the side, turning her lights on. She speeds off into the night.



Joey throws the blankets from the bed, flipping over the mattress. He tips over shelves and other furniture, finding no sign of Logan or the other intruder. He screams in rage.



Nathan stands in the hallway, peering into an empty room. Suddenly, he hears the jingling of keys, followed by a door shutting. He turns towards the sound, going back into the kitchen. The screen door is shut, but the main door stands open. Someone has just went out the back door… Nathan makes his way over to the door, stopping by the kitchen drawer to grab a knife. He disappears out the door.


Nathan cautiously makes his way down the porch steps and over to the side of the house. He peers around the corner, seeing a dark figure dart around the front corner. He follows.

As he makes it to the front of the house, he looks around the yard, not seeing any sign of a person. He walks up towards the road, hoping to catch another glimpse of the person. He holds the knife out, ready to strike whoever he finds.

Nathan is about to pass the front of his vehicle when the car starts and the headlights turn on. He squints towards the vehicle, holding his free hand in front of his face to shield his eyes from the headlights.

The driver revs the engine, causing Nathan to flinch. He takes a step backwards. Then another. The driver shifts the car into drive, slamming the front of the car into Nathan. Nathan lets out a gasp of pain. From just above his stomach and up, he lies on the hood of the car. From his stomach and lower, he hangs and drags off the vehicle. He catches a glimpse of the driver.

It's Whitney.

Whitney continues gaining speed behind the wheel. Nathan has his hands gripped on to the edge of the hood, near the windshield wipers, trying not to fly off. As the car continues to gain speed, Nathan risks a look behind him. His eyes grow wide with terror as he sees where they are heading.

Straight towards the back end of Joey's jeep. Whitney suddenly flings open the car door, jumping out at the last second.

Before Nathan can do anything, though, he is crushed between the front of his vehicle and the back of Joey's. His eyes bulge and he vomits blood all over the hood and windshield of his vehicle as he slumps forward, shaking violently. Dead.

Whitney slowly gets to her feet, cradling her broken arm in one hand. She has gashes all over her body from where Nathan kicked her out the window earlier.


Hope you enjoyed the ride, bitch.

Suddenly, the front door opens and Joey steps out, aiming the gun at Whitney. Whitney turns, looking at the boy she had loved not long ago.


I see you killed Nathan. Good. I planned to kill him too, once everyone else was taken care of.




Sorry Whitney. I can't let you get away either. It just wouldn't end well for me, I'm afraid.


Stop. Just think about this. You don't have to do this.


It's too late. There's no going back.

Suddenly, Logan appears behind Joey in the open doorway. He has a knife in his good hand. As Joey pulls the trigger, Logan sinks the knife into Joey's shoulder blade. The gun jerks sideways in his hand, causing the bullet to hit Whitney in the side. She grunts in pain as she falls to the ground.

Logan and Joey hit the ground as well, the blade stuck in Joey's shoulder. The gun slips from his hands. Logan reaches for it, but Joey grabs Logan by the hair on his head, slamming his face against the ground over and over.

Logan jerks hard, causing Joey to rip a handful of Logan's hair from his head. The boy rolls away from the killer, kicking him in the chest as he rolls. Joey manages to fall on his side, keeping the blade from sinking further into his back. He reaches backwards, grabbing the hilt of the knife, pulling it quickly out. He screams in pain. Logan tackles him, knocking the knife from his hand. He punches the killer in the face over and over. Finally, the killer reaches up, sticking a finger into Logan's bullet wound. Logan screams in pain.

This gives Joey the opportunity to toss Logan off of him. Logan hits the ground hard, gasping in pain. Joey kicks Logan in the side, then picks up the knife. He kneels down over Logan, smirking triumphantly.


Well, it looks like I still win. Congratulations, Logan. You're going down in history as the guy who went crazy and murdered all his friends.

Joey laughs maniacally. He raises the knife above his head, preparing to stab Logan in the throat. He brings the knife down, but before he can hit Logan, a loud BANG! rings out through the night. Joey jerks forward, dropping the knife. His head hits the side of the house, and he slumps down against the ground. A giant red splatter grows outwards on the lower side of his back.

Logan stares at the lifeless body of his former best friend, then looks up to where the gun shot came from.

Michelle stands in front of her police car, holding the gun in firing position still. After a second, she lowers it.


Holy shit.

She runs over to Logan, kneeling beside him.


Oh my God, are you ok? Ugh, of course you aren't ok. Look at all of this.

Michelle calls for backup and ambulances. She helps Logan to his feet. They are about to walk into the house when they hear a call for help. The two turn around, seeing Whitney staggering towards the house.


Help her. I can walk on my own.

Michelle makes sure Logan is steady on his feet, then runs over to help Whitney make it to the house. Whitney cradles her broken arm against her chest. Her other hand is pressed over the bullet wound in her side. She looks pale.

Logan watches as the two women struggle towards the house. After a second, he looks down at Joey's body again. He picks up the knife. Just in case. Then he runs over to help Michelle get Whitney into the house.


Michelle and Logan help Whitney get down onto the couch. Logan sits down beside her, still holding the knife. Whitney notices.


You know…. This is where… the killer who is supposedly dead… shows up again… for-


One last scare.

Michelle walks back towards the front door, going to survey some of the other damage on the property. Just as she gets to the front door, Joey appears, blocking the way out. He punches Michelle in the face, sending her to the floor.

Whitney and Logan gasp in shock. Joey glares at them, making a run towards them. Logan staggers to his feet, ready for Joey's final attack. He holds the knife out, ready to strike. As Joey closes the distance between them, he jumps, tackling Logan to the floor. But as he does this, Logan sinks the knife into Joey's chest. Directly into his heart.

Joey gasps in pain.


You…son of a… bitch…

Logan shoves Joey off of him, getting slowly to his feet. Joey places a hand over the knife, looking down at the growing blood splatter on his shirt. He shudders violently, his eyes growing wide. His hand falls to the floor, going still. He's dead.

Logan sighs in relief, slumping against the wall. He slowly slides to the floor, looking straight ahead. Whitney is still on the couch. She also sighs in relief, slumping onto her good side. Her head rests on the arm of the couch.


It's finally over…



The two grin at each other.



A/N- Play "Help Is On The Way" by Rise Against.

A dozen cop cars are parked around the yard. Most of them still have their blue and red lights flashing. In addition to the cop cars, there are seven or eight ambulances on the scene. Also on the scene are dozens of reporters, trying to get the scoop.

Two stretchers can be seen, loading Whitney and Logan into ambulances. As the paramedics lift Logan into the ambulance, Logan looks out at the yard, as best as he can from his position. He sees two other ambulances being loaded.


Who is that…?

The paramedic looks in the direction that Logan is staring, then looks down at Logan, grinning.


Good news. Besides you and Whitney Wilson, two of your other friends are still alive. A boy and a girl. The girl was found out in the backyard with stab wounds to the stomach. The boy was found in the kitchen, a bullet grazed the side of his head.

Logan guessed the paramedic was talking about Savannah and Josh. He grins. The boy is glad to hear that two more of his friends survived.

As the ambulance pulls away from the house, Logan stares up at the ceiling, still grinning. He's beginning to feel very tired. Everything fades to black.


Whitney is being loaded into her ambulance. She can see Josh, lying on a stretcher. He is about to be lifted into his ambulance. At first she thinks he's dead, but then she sees him rolling his head from side to side. There's a huge gash on the left side of his head. Blood is matted to his hair. He looks like he is in a lot of pain.

As the paramedics shut the doors and pull away from her home, Whitney begins to think about Summer. Her best friend is dead. And for some reason, she feels responsible. Even though it was Joey who killed her. Joey.

Whitney begins to tear up. He had been playing her all along. He planned on killing her along with the others. She felt like a fool for ever having feelings for him. Joey Masters was a wolf in sheep's clothing.


Michelle stands on the front porch with John.


So Joey Masters was Nick Palmer all along.


Yep. And he recruited Nathan Fitzgerald, who according to Logan already had psychotic tendencies before any of the killings started.


The bastards. The two of them killed five innocent people. It's a good thing you got here and called it in when you did. If you hadn't we probably would've lost all of those kids. Good work here today, Michelle. I think you could probably be sheriff someday.

Michelle simply smiles at the compliment. She secretly wants to someday be the sheriff, but she doesn't want to let on about it too much.

The two look out across the yard, at everything going on. The sun is starting to rise on the horizon. The two step down into the crowd of reporters.


Help Is On The Way still plays





















"Livewire" by Oh Wonder

"Dirty Little Secret" by All American Rejects

"Monsters" by Ruelle

"Youth" by Troy Sivan

"This Is How We Do" by Katy Perry

"Sister" by She Wants Revenge

"Sweet Dreams" by Marilyn Manson

"American Money" by Borns

"Heathens" by Twenty One Pilots

"Help Is On The Way" by Rise Against

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