|Mr. Perfect|

The school's soccer team was playing their game energetically, and both teams had equal chances of winning. The spectators were anticipating the results, which was most likely going to be a tie. Game was going smoothly, until...

"Look out!" A boy cried out. His eyes trained on the soccer ball that was zooming towards a male standing not so far away from him. The boy closed his eyes instinctively, waiting for a surprised yelp followed by a predictable enraged yell.

The ball was about to hit the boy right in his surprised face but before it even touched him, someone had stopped the ball with one hand, as if it was the easiest thing in the world.

Said saviour had a grin plastered on his face, which was remarkably good-looking. His striking blood red eyes shone with amusement when he looked at the shocked boy he had just saved.

"Hey, don't look at me like that. I just saved your pretty little face from getting a soccer ball imprint and this is how you thank me?" Although his words alone suggested he was offended, the lighthearted tone told otherwise. "Next time, stay alert... especially when you're around here, you know how hard the soccer team kicks." With a wink he left the boy on his own, who just stared back at him in amazement.

He could hear muffled whispers around him, which were probably about him...again. Not that he minded, he had always wanted them. He had heard how the girls around him had squealed when he caught the ball. They were more than merely impressed, and that alone pleased him. The envious glares that he got from boys when their girls shifted their attention on him, he noted, was obviously because of how good looking and admirable he was.

He was what boys wanted to be.

He was what girls wanted for themselves.

He was the one everyone admired– some showed it, some didn't.

With all these 95+ scores that he got since he stared schooling, he was perfect in academics. He was someone everyone, even teachers, respected and liked, not to mention his sportsmanship was the best in the school. He was practically worshiped in any of the clubs that he joined. Everyone loved him, and that was what he wanted.

He was perfect.

"Hey, Enmadō, why in the world are you grinning like a madman? You know girls will never look your way if they see you smiling creepily like that." Shimon Ikaruga, his friend, broke Rokuro's trail of thoughts with a matter-of-the-fact tone. The boy wore a bored look on his face, though there was a hint of amusement in his eyes.

He had spiky fuchsia-coloured hair that was flattened by black headphones, which was the only thing preventing him from looking like a pink porcupine. His eyes were icy blue, which, according to girls, made him look dreamy. He was popular, but only among ladies. After all, with such devilishly handsome looks and body, any girl in her right mind would kill to be in his arms, which didn't sit well with most of the male population. He was the basketball team's captain and as much as it hurts Rokuro's ego to admit it, Shimon was an amazing basketball player.

Oh yes, he completely forgot to introduce himself- Enmadō Rokuro, 17. He was a student of the Twin Star Academy, which was one of the most prestigious school in Narukami's vicinity. Not that he wanted to boast or anything, but he was the best in everything–sports, academics and even in the looks department. He was perfect in every—almost every—way. An unpleasant thought suddenly popped into his mind, and frown blossomed on his face.

"I think you are bipolar or something." He was brought back to reality again, by the same voice. Rokuro diverted his attention to his friend, who was eying him critically as if he was some rare, exotic specimen... by outer space standards. "Not a minute ago you were grinning like a fool and now you are frowning like you have a really bad taste in your mouth."

"Cut it out, Shimon. I was just...thinking about something..." Rokuro trailed off, cheeks reddening slightly.

"Someone," Shimon completed with a smirk. He was obviously teasing him, which left Rokuro wondering about who the infamous playboy was referring to, but...

"Sup, Otomi-chan," Shimon said with a flirtatious smile, interrupting his thoughts. Rokuro's eyes widened a bit when he heard the name. He turned sideways and saw his girlfriend coming to their direction, looking as beautiful as always. Otomi Mayura, the girl that he had been dating for three years. She was his childhood friend.

Yellow strands of hair faded into lime green and framed her heart-shaped face. Her hair reached a little below her shoulders, and her lovely eyes were the colour of sapphire. Her lean but very curvy figure just took her to whole new level. It truly was no wonder that she was the lead cheerleader of their school.

"Hey boys," She greeted, a polite smile on her face. There was one thing about her that was different from typical cheerleaders. Unlike them, Mayura was quite quiet, kind and a genuinely caring person. She was a very optimistic and happy girl and Rokuro loved her for it.

"Roku-chan," Mayura called out to Rokuro plaintively, with the name she used to call him during childhood.

"What should I do? Megumi-chan is organising a party today and she has invited me but...we have a date today, I don't want to miss that but Megumi-chan insisted... And I agreed..." She looked very upset. What if she was about to cry there and then?! Half panicking, Rokuro held her hand and squeezed it comfortingly.

"Well... So I said I'd come to her party...with you..." Rokuro sense her hesitation at the last part. She looked down, visibly guilty. Rokuro smiled and patted her head, trying to be comforting.

"Look, it's alright, you don't need to feel sor-,"

"But you hate parties!" She almost lashed out, chewing on her lower lip.

"Yeah, he avoids parties like plague...but he wants everyone's attention on him as well, your boyfriend here really is bipolar." Shimon sternly pointed out. He was tired of being ignored and left out of the conversation.

"Yea, but I can tolerate one party can't I? Plus, you'd be there with me, so it's alright." Rokuro pointedly ignored Shimon's comment and flashed his girlfriend a reassuring smile. In all honesty, he half wanted to shout at her for her mistake. Even being fully aware of his hatred for parties, she had promised to come to party with him. But he couldn't possibly do that. It would affect his image...that and it would hurt her as well. Definitely not worth it.

"Really? Thank goodness, I thought you'd get mad at me...so tonight it is then."

Mayura flashed him a I-owe-you-now-but-thank-you smile.

She looked more upbeat than before. She hugged him quickly and nodded to Shimon before walking away from them, joining friends who called her over.

After Mayura was out of earshot, Shimon turned to Rokuro whose face had contorted into a grimace, as if he was ready to punch someone. Which he probably was.

Shimon spoke up after a moment. "Y'know, you should have just told her straight that you really didn't want to go."

"Well...you know as well as I that it would have hurt her. Also, I don't exactly want to be called the boy who made his girlfriend bawl her eyes out," Rokuro answered, irritation lacing his tone. Mayura was very sensitive to words, if he had said anything less than reassuring then she'd probably have ended up crying.

"Hn," was Shimon's way to agree absentmindedly, and neither said a word after that.

A strident sound jolted them out of their contemplative silence.

"Well, we wouldn't want to be late for class now, do we?" With a playful grin, but without looking back or even waiting for his friend, he left, heading to his next class.

"...if I remember correctly, the results will be out by tomorrow," Shimon pondered aloud, nevermind that he was alone, now. Shrugging off, he made his way to another building. "It will be him again, anyway."