AN: Alright, something new for you guys! A Haifuri fic; I loved the anime; it has good story and great characters. Also, spoilers ahead.

However this will be slightly AU as while the Blue Mermaids will be involved, the USA will also be involved. However the United States of America don't have Blue Mermaids and are the only country to not have them. However they do have a High School Fleet Program which puts you on the fast track for joining either the United States Navy or the United States Coast Guard. By fast track, you skip a couple of years at the United States Navy Academy or the United States Coast Guard Academy by being in the High School Fleet Program. Think of it this way, if the Blue Mermaids are the State Troopers then the United States Navy is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the USN hands problems the Blue Mermaids can't handle or if they need aid. Because the USN also helps with disaster relief, Search and Rescue Missions, humanitarian aid. The United States Coast Guard are basically the United States Naval State Level Police, or roughly the equivalent of the Blue Mermaids for the United States.

Now, the United States Coast Guard High School Fleet, it's easy to differentiate them from the regular coast guard ships; because they use World War II and Cold War Era Cutters, up to and including Hamilton-class Cutters, which are High Endurance Cutters that were replaced by the National Security Cutter aka the Legend-class. Also the Racing Stripe is different in color scheme, with the main color being Blue instead of Red, the hull and superstructure are a pristine white.

If anything, it's easier to identify the United States Navy High School Fleet, because it's color scheme is so iconic and recognizable. The hulls are painted Pearl White, the superstructure, funnels, and Gun Turrets are painted gold, the tips of the funnels, the gun barrels of the main, secondary, Anti-Air guns, and torpedo launchers are painted slick black as is the hull number and the name, that's right the color scheme of the Great White Fleet. Whereas United States Navy Ships, there hulls, superstructures, and weapon emplacements are painted storm grey, the number at the bow is painted white and is outlined in black, with the name on the stern painted in the same manner. Making it pretty easy to figure out who is who.

Note, the United States uses a different approach compared to everyone else, the regular Coast Guard Ships and Navy Ships have full crew sizes, and this is also true with the United States Junior Naval Academies which puts you on the fast track to joining the USN; Submarines, 'Four-stacker' type Destroyers, and Destroyer Escorts don't have any automation, thus they have full-sized crews for peacetime affairs, because it builds character. Also there are Men and Women in the USN and USCG thus the same is true with the Junior Coast Guard and Junior Navy Academies.

Now this story takes place after the anime, it's the start of a new School Year and the crew of the now sunk Harekaze are ready to face it head on, they have been accused of mutiny, then cleared their names, saved dozens of people who were on a Mall Ship that had run aground, prevented a mind control virus from spreading out of control, AND stopped a complete disaster from befalling Tokyo; all in one crazy ass school year! They got a shiny new ship and are ready to start a new school year.

With that all organized let's weigh anchor and set sail into the chapter.

Yokosuka Marine Girls High school

Two Weeks before classes start

Principal Munetani Mayuki was couldn't believe the letter she was reading. Mainly because it was from the Headmaster of the United States Junior Naval Academy, Asiatic Flotilla. The United States Asiatic High School Fleet was a homage to the former American Asiatic Fleet that had in 1955 became part of the Pacific Fleet. The Asiatic Floatilla was were the students who didn't do that well on the entrance exams went, as a result; the Asiatic Floatilla was a true 'Melting Pot' of various cultures, ethnics, etc. Yet it was the content of the letter that had her surprised, the Headmaster of the United States Junior Naval Academy, Asiatic Flotilla was asking for an exchange between his school and her's.

He was offering the Brooklyn-class Light Cruiser USS Boise which was always given to the honor students. He said that he would be happy with any ship. Which gave her a dilemma, she wanted to send the Kaga which was going to be the Honor Students ship this year, because the Hiei was still being repaired from having run aground, doing so in an impressive manner. However, the customs and traditions of the United States High School Fleet were vastly different, so was all the slang, not to mention cursing was more prevalent. However, it would also prove to be an interesting experience because the Wickes and Clemson class Destroyers, the Evarts, Buckley, Cannon, Edsall, Rudderow, John C. Butler, Dealey, Claud Jones, and Bronstein-class Destroyer Escorts and Frigates, and all submarine classes ranging from the S-class to the Barbell-class all had a full peacetime crew compliment which meant, well they had spectacular class pictures but you also formed a closer bond with everyone who you were learning with, because of the fact you had to work together to a much higher degree.

The question was, which ship should she send? Since she really didn't which ship to send. However, then came to her; she would send the Yuubari-class Light Cruiser Tokoro, which was going to be crewed by the former crew of the Harekaze. Mainly because the crew of said ship, which had been lost at the end of last year; said that they would prefer to be on nothing bigger than a Light Cruiser, even though everyone agreed that they deserved a battleship for this year. So to keep things easy, Mayuki had the entirety of the former crew of the Harekaze assigned to the Tokoro plus she wasn't that much bigger. Besides it would help with learning various cultures and how to respect them.

Two Weeks Later

Shortly after the Entry Ceremony

Following Misaki Akeno

The instant that Akeno saw the Tokoro, she fell in love. The Light Cruiser was only a little longer than the Harekaze. She was painted exactly like the Harekaze had been, dark grey hull, with a red stripe on her, and her registry number in white. The Tokoro was decently well armed, she had six 14cm/50 caliber 3rd Year Type Naval Guns, four guns were in twin turrets and two guns were in single turrets, she had four 61cm Torpedo Launchers in two twin mounts, she also had four Type 96 25mm AA/AT Guns in two twin mounts. Her Registry number was Y501, however in Akeno's personal opinion, while the Tokoro had none of the charm that the Harekaze had, she most certainly had a charm of her own.

However the greatest surprise came when she, in company with Rin, Koko, Mashiro, Tama, and Mei walked onto the bridge. For not only was Shiro-chan carrying Tamonmaru which was one of the two Ship Cats that the Harekaze had, but sitting on a piece of equipment on the bridge was Isoroku, wearing a seemingly bored expression on his face.

"Isoroku! There you are!" Akeno said surprise in her tone; she had looked everywhere for Isoroku after the Harekaze had sank, but simply couldn't find the cat. It was clear that he had now jumped ship and had likely returned to the docks at the school.

Isoroku jumped off the the instrument he was sitting on and then brushed up against Mashiro's leg causing her to jump in surprise, which she hadn't expected, but she then smiled and then set Tamonmaru down who promptly began to prance around with the larger cat, mewing with joy as she was reunited with his playmate.

"Make preparations to get underway! Man your stations! Let's bring her to life!" Akeno ordered and the bridge crew sprang to their tasks. "Crewmen at the bow, prepare to leave the harbor! Raise anchor! Take in all lines!" She said into the ship wide speaking tube.

The anchor chain that held the portside anchor slowly rose, at the same time, the trumpeter, Marikouji Kaede, blew a bugle and while it was horribly off key, it just made everything perfect. Also standing near the bow, watching the anchor chain was Himeji Kayoko, once she saw the anchor chain go taut as it pulled the anchor off the bottom. She lowered the red flag she was holding and raised a green flag.

Akeno smiled because she knew with her next order she was going to take them all back to their home away home, the ocean. "Both sides, take her out nice and slow! Make your course 150 degrees! Tokoro, set sail!" She said, with a chiming of bells that rang throughout the bridge, the lee helm rang ahead slow. The sound that the force draft blower was creating intensified as more air was forcibly sucked into boilers, to keep oil-fueled fires that burned in the Tokoro's heart going and the three turbines that powered the Yuubari-class Light Cruiser accepted the glorious offering of steam from her blazing heart of eight Kampon Boilers at much higher flow rate, that began turning the blades of the turbines at a much higher rate, the geared turbines, then began turning the reduction gears which led to the three propeller shafts which in turn, began turning as well. Screws bit into the water and the Tokoro began to move forward steadily, quickly picking up speed as she cleared the docks; coming up to 10 knots.

Five minutes later, with the entire bridge crew wearing grins. Akeno gave the next set of orders. "Chief Navigator, Operations!" Akeno said, and it was echoed by the rest of the Bridge Crew save for Rin.

"Both sides, ahead standard, no problems. Compass Bearing 150 degrees." Akeno said.

"Understand Captain! Chief Navigator, both sides, ahead standard, no problems. Compass Bearing 150 degrees." Rin said an enormous grin on her face, she had certainly changed over the summer, it was incredible. In fact everyone had changed in some but, Rin had likely changed the most, for now she was no longer timid but full of self-confidence. With a chiming of bells, the engine telegraph rang up ahead standard.

The Toroko, was sailing out in company with the rest of the fleet. Which included the Kaga which was a powerful Tosa-class Battleship, the Akagi which was a mighty Amagi-class Battlecruiser, the Ikoma which was a powerful Ikoma-class Heavy Cruiser (Design B-65 Cruiser), plus the Maya, with Light Cruisers Nagara, Natori, Isuzu, and Yuubari, plus destroyers Hamakaze, Nowaki, Yukikaze, Arashi, Maikaze, Tanikaze, Tokitsukaze, Yuugumo, Wakashio, and Akishio.

From the crow's nest to down in the engine rooms, every member of the Tokoro's crew of 32 had a major grin on their face as they headed out into the Philippine Sea and headed south; plotting a course to Manila. It was the start of a new year and everyone on board the Tokoro was eager to meet new friends and to learn how the United States Navy operates.

A few hours after the Tokoro left harbor, they were steaming along at eighteen knots, heading southeast. They were making decent progress, they had no problems occurring. It was a great day to be at sea with the sun shining and not a single cloud in sight.

"Koko-chan, what's the composition of the United States Junior Naval Academy Asiatic Floatilla?" Akeno asked; she needed to know what sort of ships they were going to be seeing.

"Right, according to the latest roster that was done. In terms of ship classes, they have One New York-class Dreadnought Battleship, one Northampton-class Heavy Cruiser, one Omaha-class Light Cruiser, four Olympia-class Protected Cruisers, two Tennessee-class Armored Cruisers, fourteen Clemson-class Destroyers, five Wickes-class Destroyers, seven Porpoise-class Diesel-Electric Submarines, six Salmon-class Diesel-Electric Submarines, nine Sargo-class Diesel-Electric Submarines, seven S-class Diesel-Electric Submarines, and various other support ships." Kouko said in response as she looked up from her iPad and the roster of ships that the Asiatic Station had.

"Thanks Koko-chan." Akeno said with a slight smile; however internally Akeno's shoulders slumped. Why did the United States Navy Junior Academy Asiatic Floatilla have such old and outdated ships? Yet the United States Navy Junior Academy's Pearl Harbor, San Diego, and Norfolk all had tremendously more advanced ships, including arguably the most lethal Battleship to be commanded by High School Students the mighty Montana-class Fast Battleship.

Several Days later

Manila Bay

A few days later, the Tokoro sailed into Manila Bay, she was greeted by a Clemson-class Destroyer a few minutes later.

"There's our welcoming committee." Mashiro said as the Clemson-class quickly sent up a fairly colorful set of signal flags explaining for the Tokoro to follow them as well as identifying them as the USS Pope DD-225.

"Rin, follow the Pope; they know this area better than we do." Akeno ordered as the Pope heeled over and began to steam back the way she had come. Her sharp paint job of Pearl White, Gold, and Slick Black gleaming in the sunlight.

"Understood, setting course to follow the Pope." Rin said as she spun the wheel to follow the American Clemson-class.

"She is pretty. That paint job looks amazing on her, I mean it basically screams that she is a United States Navy Junior Academy Ship. Still I wonder why they chose that paint scheme." Mei said as she stared at the Pope as she effortlessly moved, with very little smoke coming from her four exhaust stacks meaning that they engine room crew was very good and that the boilers were clean.

"Aye" Tama said with a nod; it was clear that she too was impressed by the paint scheme of the Pope and how beautiful it made the small destroyer.

After a few minutes, they received instructions to tie up at the Quay across from the Marblehead which was the Omaha-class Light Cruiser. It was at this point that they saw the rest of the surface ships and they were all painted like the Pope was, in the colors of the famous Great White Fleet.

"Have the rails manned, and prepare to secure the ship!" Akeno ordered, within a few moments the crew of the Tokoro were lining the rails, ready to throw the securing lines to the dockhands.

A few minutes later, with help from a pair of tugboats, the Tokoro was nestled up against the Quay. A few moments later, lines connected the Light Cruiser to the quay. "All stop, finished with the engines!" Akeno ordered.

"All stop, finished with the engines!" Rin said and with a ringing of bells the engine telegraph rang finished with the engines.

With that done, Akeno went to the speaking tube for the engine room. "Maron-chan, secure boilers one, two, and three; but maintain 200 PSI on boilers four, five, six, seven, and eight!" Akeno said.

"Can do, skipper!" Yanagiwara Maron replied.

"Looks like we got a party waiting. I don't think we should keep them waiting." Mashiro said, pointing out a shore party of ten was approaching, seven of them appeared to be students, but they were dressed in sharp United States Navy Service Dress Khaki Uniforms, another two appeared to be wearing an American Service Dress White Uniforms, and lastly another one was wearing a Service Dress Blue Uniform.

"Agreed, let's go meet them." Akeno said.

A few minutes later, the bridge crew for the Tokoro, dressed in their best school uniforms walked down the Tokoro's gangway; to greet their new teachers, Principal, and classmates for this one school year.

As they walked down the gangway, they saw that of the seven people in the Service Dress Khaki Uniforms, three were High School age girls and four were High School age Boys, that meant they were students; of the two wearing Service Dress White Uniforms one was a man and the other was a woman; and lastly the person wearing the Service Dress Blue Uniform was a man as well.

"Captain Akeno; on behalf of the staff and the students, welcome to Manila. It's a pleasure to meet you, I am Headmaster Travis Riggs of the United States Navy Junior Academy, Asiatic Division. However I also hold the rank of Commodore Admiral in the USN." The man in front said, identifying himself. Commodore Admiral Travis Riggs was a tall man, coming in at 6 feet 3 inches tall; he was fifty-two years old and he had grey eyes and brown hair which was beginning to gray at the edges.

"A pleasure to meet you Mr. Riggs." Akeno replied, bowing her head slightly.

"I am Captain Kayden Pearson, I am one of the instructors here at the United States Navy Junior Academy Asiatic Station. Like the Admiral here, I am a servicewoman in the United States Navy." The woman in Service Dress White Uniform said, introducing herself.

"A pleasure to meet you Ms. Pearson." Akeno said bowing her head slightly, and the Mashiro, Kouko, Mei, Rin, and Shima either nodded or bowed their heads slightly.

"I am Captain Reuben Weeks and one the instructors here at the United States Navy Junior Academy Asiatic Station. Just like the rest of the instructors as well as the Principal here, we are all active duty members of the United States Navy. However you will find that the students here are very resourceful when it comes to doing just about everything and I do mean anything." The man in Service Dress Whites said, introducing himself.

"A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Weeks. It's an honor to be here really. I really hope to learn something here and be able to pass it onto my classmates." Akeno said bowing slightly. After that the two instructors and the Principal took their leave. However not before letting them know that the Tokoro was going to be setting sail with her task group, which was codenamed Task Force Sword in three days.

That was when one of the boys wearing the Service Dress Khaki Uniforms spoke up. "The name is Thomas Higgins and I am the commander of one the Tennessee-class Armored Cruiser; the USS Nome ACR-15. My ship is the flagship of the task force that your ship has been assigned to." One of the students said, introducing himself as the commanding officer of one of the Armored Cruisers. Thomas was a powerfully muscled and broad shouldered, as well as tall; he stood at roughly 6 feet 5 inches in height, he had sharp blue eyes and russet brown hair and he was 17 years old.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Thomas." Akeno said.

The boy next to him spoke up. "Hello there, my name is Curtis Matthews. I am the commander of one of the two Clemson-class Destroyers in the task force. USS Whippie DD-217. It's a major honor to actually meet the crew that figured out the thing with the RATs and put a stop to it. I know for a fact that the ol' Whippie won't be able to do that. At least not without suffering a large amount of casualties." Curtis said, giving the command crew of the Tokoro a wry smile. Curtis Matthews stood at 5 feet 6 inches tall, was fifteen years old, he had blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes.

"Wait? What do you mean that the Whippie wouldn't have been able to do what the Harekaze did without taking a large amount of casualties?" Rin asked confused.

"It's quite simple actually. The Whippie is only 314 feet long, 30 feet wide, and has draft of about 9.5 feet. There simply isn't room for much automation. So as a result she has way larger crew. Roughly one hundred and twenty-two men and women. Also before you ask, it's the exact same with the Wickes-class Destroyers, the various classes Destroyer Escorts, and submarines; however something tells me that it also has to do with the fact that old habits die hard, but yeah. However it does mean that the crews actually grow closer together because of the fact that Teamwork is needed to a much higher degree than on the damn Gold Platers." Curtis said.

"WAIT! You mean that your ship has a full crew?" Mashiro asked stunned.

"Yep, and the Whippie is a well oiled machine." Curtis replied with a grin on his face.

"Anyway! I am Hazel Wyatt and I am the commander of the Olympia-class Protected Cruiser USS Silverton PC-50 and I will admit, she is a hell of a ship. She might be an old design, but don't mess with her! She will screw you." Hazel said as she introduced herself. Hazel Wyatt was 16 years old, she stood at 5 feet 6 and half inches tall, she had light purple eyes and ginger red hair.

"Nice to meet you!" Mei said energetically.

"Same to you." Wyatt said.

"Okay, okay I will go next. I am David Sharp, commanding officer of the USS Paul Jones DD-230, the other Clemson-class Destroyer. She maybe old, but I don't about you, but she has her own personality. That I can tell for sure!" One of the boys said, introducing himself. He had dark forest green eyes and short, curly blue black hair.

"It's a pleasure to meet you David." Kouko said.

"I guess, I'll go next. I am Juliannie McCormick and I am the commander of the USS Durango PC-51. Which is the sister ship to the Silverton, so she is an Olympia-class Protected Cruiser. Also, you can just call me Julia." She said, Julia stood roughly 5 feet 5 inches tall, she had strawberry blonde hair, dark blue eyes and was roughly 15 years old.

"Nice to meet you." Tama said with a nodded.

"The name is Oscar Rollins and I am in command of a Wickes-class Destroyer, the USS Cole DD-155. The design maybe old and outdated, but I don't care, because she is pretty; particularly with the paint job she wears." He said, introducing himself, Oscar stood at 5 feet 9 inches in height, had ginger brown hair, brown eyes, and was roughly eighteen years old.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Rollins." Akeno said.

"The pleasure's mine." Oscar replied.

"Alright, I guess I should be going next. My name is Luciana Davenport, and I am the commander of the USS Ingraham DD-111. She's a fine ship and has a great crew. However, we all agree that you deserve to be commended, because I mean going nose to nose with Musashi of all ships. That takes bravery beyond measure, particularly when you are in something like a Kagerou-class Destroyer; because to be frank even a Montana-class Battleship would have trouble against a Yamato-class Fast Battleship and those monsters are stupendously well armed. It takes guts to go nose with one of the largest battleship ever constructed particularly when you are in a destroyer." Luciana said.

"It's a pleasure." Akeno said.

With introductions out of the way, the various captains of the various ships went to get there ships ready for sea. However as Akeno began to follow the rest of the Tokoro's command crew back to the Tokoro, to oversee her being refueled, having her paint touched up, and having her food and water stores restocked. When Thomas got her attention.

"Captain Misaki, can I have a word with you?" Thomas called.

"Sure thing Captain Higgins!" Akeno replied and walked over to where the man was sitting, which was on a bench, near the quay.

"What is it?" Akeno asked as she sat down.

"Your a damn fine a skipper. I am going to say that right now; it's going to be my pleasure to be able sail with you. I am certain we will be able to learn from each other. I mean, to be frank the type of tactics you use; like for example doing figure eights to create a smokescreen to hide from the Admiral Graf Spee or by using knowledge of an area to succeed in forcing the Hiei to run aground and to do it in such a major fashion that while the temporary repair held for the rest of the school year. The Battleship needs roughly eight months in drydock to get repaired and to have everything fixed! Plus with how you managed to get close enough to the Musashi to board her! The tactics and strategies that you can come up with, are incredibly dicey. Plus the fact that you like to command from the front and is more than willing to do anything that your crew could do. While some may call it luck; I don't call it luck. I have to say, you are brilliant tactician and a natural sailor, capable of coming up with effective tactics and reading the situation on the fly, then you act accordingly on that information. It's a rare gift and I have to admit, there aren't many who have that ability." Thomas explained, speaking in the sort of tone that one would use to speak to a superior officer.

"But most of it was luck. That's the thing, it wasn't the fact that I am a brilliant Tactician but the fact that we were just lucky. I mean facing down two real battleships, a Pocket Battleship, and a submarine; succeeding in crippling the Pocket Battleship, doing major damage to the submarine, and succee-" Akeno began to say before she was cut off by Thomas.

"That is bullshit! You're a real tactician; I mean sure, you probably got lucky with the Submarine. I will count that to luck, because as it is; it's hard enough to hit a submarine with depth charges; the fact that you managed to cripple the I-201 with just one Depth Charge and the only one you had. That was probably luck. However the plan that you came up with to stop the Hiei; that is the sign of a true tactician as well as a great sailor, I certainly wouldn't have thought of that. I would have likely just rammed a torpedo down her throat and blow the bow off; that would have forced them to stop and focus on saving the ship." Thomas said.

"Rea-Really? You actually believe that I know how to setup any action against hostile ships that I am doing to the point where the enemy holds a few cards but my ship and my crew of hold the majority? Not to mention you believe I am a natural sailor?" Akeno asked surprised.

Thomas nodded "That is certainly true. You know what you're doing in terms of being a tactician and a sailor, because you are very smart and know a lot about the ocean and the tides of various places, etc.. Not to mention you have a damn fine crew. Plus you have a kind heart. Those are three of the four key components in terms of becoming a great sailor and in my opinion an excellent Blumer. However the fourth and most important component comes from within. This last component is faith in yourself and while at times it may seem hard to find; always remember that you have faced worst situations and pulled through. It really shows that you know what you're doing." He said.

"I see, thanks Thomas. Anyway; I have to get back to the Tokoro before my Deputy Captain begins to wonder were I am." Akeno said as she stood up and began to trot toward the Tokoro.

Thomas chuckled. "I believe that, my deputy captain is much the same. Which means I have to head to the Nome." He said.

Four Days later

Onboard the Tokoro

Akeno looked around, she was impressed greatly by the seven American High School Ships, they all carried an air of power behind them. Their paint just glittering in the sun. All of the ships that they were sailing in company with were old in terms of design. Yet while they were old, they carried their age with a sense of pride. One that only sailors could see and identify. Yet while design might be old, several things were different about these ships; with the exception of the Destroyers they had a fair bit of automation, meaning they needed a much smaller crew than a warship of their size would need, two all of the ships were oil burners instead of coal burners, mainly for safety and health reasons though, also to help with learning how to operate them, the ships that did have Reciprocating engines had turbines instead, three all of the ships had radar, four the guns were made with modern methods and the powder and projectiles were made with modern methods as well, and finally in the case of the Olympia-class Protected Cruisers; the 8in/35 caliber guns they had been equipped with were replaced with twin 8in/55 Caliber Gun mounts mainly to make logistics easier. Yet even so, the ships looked incredible with the paint scheme they were wearing.

They were sailing south southwest at eighteen knots, and were scheduled to within a few days transit through the Sunda Strait and then head North. Up one of the busiest shipping corridors on the planet.

"Hard to believe that the United States Navy focuses so much on working as a task force, I mean sure the Blue Mermaids focus on teamwork. However the United States Navy just takes that to a whole new meaning of that. I mean, they recognize the fact that by having multiple ships with varying capabilities sailing together, they can cancel out they downsides of the other ships. Like for example, Destroyers are great at hunting submarines, but their main weakness is Cruisers, which can easily sink Destroyers, so by sailing in concert with Cruisers of their own, they can protect the Cruiser against Submarines, while the Cruiser can engage enemy cruisers, however the main weakness for Cruiser is that it struggles against battleships, by having Cruisers and destroyers sailing in concert with Battleships; they can protect the Battleship against enemy submarines and harassing cruisers, while the Battleship engages enemy Battleships. It's actually quite brilliant." Kouko said as she looked up from her iPad.

"I know, tell me about it." Akeno said as she looked at her watch. "Almost time for a Watch to change; yet you have got to admit that the United States Navy have a cool professionalism about them; not to mention they are basically a global police force and every single Blumer force out there respects them. I mean have you even seen one of there big Battleships? I sure haven't but I sure would want to see one at some point."

"I remembered hearing that the United States Navy has ten Nuclear Powered Battleships; ranging from the USS Enterprise BBN-72 to the Nimitz-class BBGN. Which is impressive." Rin said.

"Let me check that." Kouko said as she started up the Jane's Fighting Ships app on her iPad. After a few minutes of flipping through the various countries. "Found it! Wow! The USS Enterprise BBN-72; standard displacement 78,567 tons, full load displacement is 93,250 tons, she is 342 meters long, has a beam at the waterline of 42 meters, and a draft of, whoa holy, of 13.5 meters. Her top speed is 33 knots, her propulsion system is eight A2W Reactors turning four turbines, her main battery is composed of sixteen Mark 7 16in/50 Caliber Naval Guns in four Quadruple Mounts, with a range of 22,110 meters with Mark 8 AP rounds and a range of 25,010 meters with Mark 13 HC rounds; from a range of 18,000 meters a Mark 8 'Super Heavy' AP round can penetrate 509 millimeters of side armor, her secondary battery is composed of twenty 5in/54 Caliber Mark 45 Mod 0 Double mounts with a maximum range of 23,130 meters and an effective range of 15,000 meters, these guns have a rate of fire twenty rounds per minute, per barrel when in automatic mode, when working with MT-PD rounds and a fuse setter the rate of fire is restricted to 16 rounds per minute per barrel, her AA capability is provided by eight 20mm Phalanx CIWS for close in work and forty 3in/70 Caliber Rapid Fire Guns, these have a range of 17,840 meters at an elevation of 45 degrees, and a rate of fire of 110 rounds per minute. Her armor is based on 'All or Nothing' and is exactly like the armor scheme for the Yamato-class except large amounts of STS steel were used in her construction. She's world's first Nuclear Powered Battleship and can steam at Flank almost indefinitely, the only reason is to put into port is because of supplies. She has a crew of 3,750 and a USMC Marine Compliment of 350. That is very impressive." Kouko said as she looked up from her iPad.

Mei let out a long, slow whistle. "That's insanity! That ship wants you sunk, uh, something tells me good luck getting away! She's fast, extremely well armed, well armored, and makes a Yamato-class Battleship look like a rowboat by comparison in terms of size! I bet she is always a sight to see!" She said and that statement was agreed by everyone on the bridge.

"Still hard to believe, we've spent only three days with the Americans, and they are all treating us like were Blumers who are off-duty for the moment. I don't get it." Rin said.

"I talked to Mr. Higgins; the commander of the Nome and he said that, everyone here respects us. They admire the fact that, we managed defeat two Battleships using very creative tactics. From making the Hiei runaground and then that crazy stunt we did to stop the Musashi. He said and he knows this as well, but we were all commended for our bravery." Akeno said.

"I know, I mean it's one thing to be commended for bravery, by the school; but it's another thing to be commended by the Blue Mermaids; I mean, that's saying something, it's never happened before in the history of any High School Fleet in the world. So, either way; we've already gone down in history. So, that's nice." Rin replied, a smile on her face.

The bell to signal the end of the watch was about to ring; the time was roughly 1658 hours when suddenly, the speaking tube for the Telegraph room rang out. "Captain! Incoming message from Singapore! They're under attack!" Yugi Tsugumi yelled.

AN: There we go! That's done! Now I bet this raises a lot of questions, who could be attacking Singapore? Why are they doing it? Most importantly, how will the Task Force Sword respond? All of these questions will be answered in the next chapter of Haifuri: Gone Asiatic.

Anyway take care folks and I'll catch you next time!