AN: Alright folks here we go! Another chapter of Haifuri: Gone Asiatic! The unthinkable has occurred; a major Terrorist Cell has struck, and struck hard, over the course of one night, every single Blue Mermaid Force in the East Indies has been completely destroyed; thus leaving the sea lanes unprotected and vulnerable against Pirates however, this also means that with the Professionals wiped out, there is nothing to stand in the way of the Kraken Fleet from conquering the East Indies, or is there?

Well it's time to find out; as we weigh anchor and sail into the chapter!

Manila Philippines

United States Junior Naval Academy, Asiatic Flotilla

Following Admiral Travis Riggs

"What do I do? I mean, we leave. This whole region will likely fall. We stay, it's almost certain death. The thing is, I know some ships will want to stay. Just to protect the civilians we are going to be leaving at the mercy of these bastards. Yet they know that is likely a death sentence. That these motherfuckers will hunt down and destroy anyone who dares to oppose them." Admiral Riggs growled, his voice low and angry at the cowardly move that these terrorist bastards had done. However Riggs had to admit, it had been a rather smart move; destroy those who would likely give you the most trouble in one fell swoop and boom, the task of taking over an area has just become a lot easier.

"I agree sir; yet how are we going to tackle this problem? I mean, hell the Texas came through that assault that these bastards subjected Manila too with only minor structural damage, and a pair of Wickes-class Destroyers as well as a Clemson-class actually got underway and did engage the enemy with guns and torpedoes. They were the reason that big bastard of a Battleship retired early. They managed to put at least three maybe as many as five torpedoes into it. I now have students asking if they can repaint there ships. Make them harder to spot and zero in using rangefinders. I didn't know how to answer that question, sir." Captain Ruben Weeks said, as he nodded vigorously in agreement.

"That comes as a surprise. Granted we were all running for the shelters, what were the ships that got underway and engaged the enemy?" Admiral Riggs asked curiously.

"The Pope was the Clemson-class and the two Wickes-class were the Walker and the Mahan. Let me tell you, when those ships came back in, nursing some battle damage. They were greeted by about everyone who saw those ships heading out. Hell, the people of Manila were grateful for the intervention by those three ships, the actions of those three hundred and twenty-two students saved a lot of lives. The Skippers of those destroyers have also written a pretty good after action reports. They are pretty sure that they crippled that Battleship, plus they think they sunk two enemy destroyers and possibly scored a hit with a torpedo on a enemy Heavy Cruiser. To be frank sir, I believe them; judging by the amount of crud we found in the water in the vicinity of were our boys engaged the enemy, we think that they sunk at least two enemy destroyers maybe more." Weeks said, as he looked up from his iPad.

"Walker, Mahan, and Pope eh? Alright, I want to have those crews commended for bravery and excellence in the face of enemy fire. Because without them, it would have been so much worse." Riggs said with a sigh.

"Sir, with all due respect. How are we going to handle this? A lot of our students sees Manila as their home. The fact that is, it has been attacked, well I don't know about you, but I see Manila as my home as well, and with respect sir I am pretty fucking pissed off about it, I want to find those bastards and make them pay for attacking my home city!" Weeks growled out, gritting his teeth.

"Mr. Weeks; I agree with you wholeheartedly. Yet how can we figure out how is going to stay if anyone and who isn't? Because something tells me that we will have ships whose crews are going to want to stay and fight." Riggs asked.

Weeks was about to open his mouth when suddenly there was a sharp knock on the door. "Come in!" Riggs barked loud enough to be heard through the door.

"Sir! We've had a development!" Kayden Pearson said as she burst into the room, holding a piece of paper in her hand. She looked horrified at something that had occurred.

"What is it Ms. Pearson? Out with it!" Riggs demanded sharply.

"Sir, according to a radio message we just received from Task Force Sword. They actually picked up a mayday call from the Singaporean Blue Mermaid Ship the Stalwart. Task Force Sword as well as a large British Royal Maritime Academy Force answered the distress call. Task Force Sword arrived first on the scene right as the Stalwart was sunk. But not before the Stealth Frigate put an enemy battlecruiser out of action using her Harpoon Missiles. Task Force Sword engaged the enemy. Sinking two Zao-class Heavy Cruisers, an Admiral-class Battlecruiser, a Giussano-class Light Cruiser, and two Mogador-class Destroyers. While the Singaporean Blumer Patrol Ships killed quite a few enemy destroyers as well. By the time the enemy called it quits and fled, they only had three Mogador-class Destroyers left. However we got hurt pretty badly. The Nome suffered heavy damage, most of her casemate guns on one side were knocked out, three of her funnels have been pretty badly shredded and one was completely shot away, the Cole took a couple of hits, but nothing major, the same goes for the Ingraham, the Paul Jones, and Whippie. The same also applies to the Tokoro she suffered a couple of hits, she has a hole in her funnel, two of her AA gun mounts destroyed, and a couple of hits in the hull but nothing major. However the Battlecruiser that we sank, shelled the living hell out of the Silverton, she blew up and the Durango was so heavily damaged after that fight with that Zao-class that Captain Higgins of the Nome made the decision to scuttle her; the Tokoro finished her off with torpedoes. Before you ask, we lost nineteen students in the action and suffered at least eighty injured. Also, Task Force Sword will be arriving with a large British Royal Maritime Academy Force, callsign Force Z. We will have to make some room so those British Ships as well as possible Dutch and Australian High School Ships can dock." Pearson said in tone that said she was horrified by what had transpired during the night. It was horrible, nineteen American Junior Naval Academy Students killed in action, when they had their whole lives ahead of them.

"I have tried alerting the Navy after we found out about the attacks, but we couldn't get a Satcom connection and cellphone connection has become spotty. However, we must get the USN involved. American Students have been killed. Someone find me the commander of the Sealion SS-195, I want him in my office in fifteen minutes. I have a mission in mind for the Sealion and her crew, they are going to depart and make a dash for Guam; specifically Naval Base Guam. Once they arrive there, they are going to deliver a message, explaining our situation and the fact that it may have degraded in the time that the Sealion was at sea. Either way, we need support and we need badly." Riggs said as he came up with a cunning plan to let the USN know about the situation that was happening here in the Malay Barrier.

"Yessir!" Pearson said as she fired off a quick salute, which Riggs returned, she then spun on her heel and then left the room, probably to go and tell the secretary to make an announcement over the intercom.

Riggs sighed, in light of this; he wasn't sure what he wanted to do with Thomas Higgins, the boy knew what he was doing and he had a kind heart. Yet the fact that he led his task force which was composed of old and outdated ships, against an enemy with modern ships in terms of 40s era design. It was little wonder that his task force was thrashed. This was the first time in nearly thirty-five years that there had been fatalities in an American High School Fleet battle, sure there was always wounded, when engaging in ship to ship combat they were bound to happen. Yet fatalities? Those were incredibly rare, considering the fact that the United States Junior Naval Academies used four layer of protection, with three layers built into the ship and the fourth worn by students when in combat, hats were exchanged for Enhanced Combat Helmets and Dragon Skin Ballistic Vests were doned to protect students from flying shrapnel. However this time, it wasn't enough, plain and simple, students had been killed, ironically coming to save the professionals from a situation they couldn't handle instead of the otherway around.

At least the damage that the Singaporean Blue Mermaids had suffered while it was extreme, it wasn't total, but it was near as dammit to total. The Singaporean Blue Mermaids had only the RSS Archer, that was the only submarine out of the four that they had to survive the destruction of the Submarine Pens, by some miracle all four of the Endurance-class Landing Platform Docks, beside that the Independence-class Littoral Combat Ship RSS Dauntless plus the two old Fearless-class Patrol Boats RSS Freedom and RSS Brave were the only surviving ships that the Singaporean Blue Mermaids had left. They were down to just eight ships.

"When is Task Force Sword going to return?" Riggs asked, he needed to know when said Task Force was going to return.

"Within two days, sir." Weeks said crisply.

"Good to hear! Dismissed!" Riggs replied. Weeks nodded, snapped off a salute which Riggs returned, he then spun on his heel and walked out of the room. Riggs then set to work writing the message that the Sealion would have to deliver.

"Come!" Riggs barked and then the door opened and Ms. Pearson and James K. Morrison Jr, the commander of the United State Junior Naval Academy Submarine Sealion walked in. The Sealion was one of the most capable submarines that the United States Junior Naval Academy, she was solid, dependable, and reliable.

Lt. James K. Morrison Jr. was an eighteen year old man, hailing from Tuscaloosa Louisiana. He stood at 5 feet 3 and half inches in height, he had short blonde hair and sea green eyes, he was wearing simple dungarees.

"Lieutenant James K. Morrison Jr. Reporting for duty, sir!" Morrison said as he delivered a textbook salute. As did Ms. Pearson as well.

"At ease, both of you." Riggs said and they both relaxed.

"Sir? What do you need me for?" Morrison asked, his voice curious.

"Lt. Morrison, you are going to take your boat and sally forth and deliver an important message to Naval Base Guam. This message explains the situation that has developed here and the fact that we need help, it also explains that some of us are going to likely stay behind despite the fact that most of us are going to be leaving, heading toward them and that they are doing it because, while it is not the smart thing to do, it is the right thing to do. A casualty list is also going to be attached as well. Morrison, this is a critical situation, get to Guam at all costs. Dismissed!" Riggs said, handing Morrison the note.

"Sir Yes Sir! You can count on me!" Morrison said, he then spun on his heel and double timed march out of the office and then after he closed the door, you could hear the young man, break into a sprint as he likely sprinted for his boat, and to get her ready to get under way.

"Thank you Ms. Pearson for getting Lt. Morrison. Something tells me, that we are going to lose a lot more students before help finally arrives. I don't like it. If anything I fucking hate it." Riggs said, Pearson had nothing to say, but she did nod in agreement.

Aboard the Tokoro

Following Misaki Akeno

Sleep did not come easy for Akeno. For every time she closed her eyes, she was back in the middle of that horrific action. The screams of the wounded and the dying filled the air, the city of Singapore as well as some areas of water burning, and the thunder of guns tearing the air apart with their thunderous discharges. She simply couldn't sleep.

What would my mother think? I have thorough my orders to my crew, likely killed people. Akeno thought as she held her head in her hands and wept softly as the reality of what herself and her crew had just gone through began to hit home.

How long had she been simply sitting there, crying; she didn't know. However she had remembered to close the door for the voice tube. Yet, it still hurt, knowing that she had likely ended lives today. How could she, make her way through this, without suffering a mental breakdown?

"Captain?" A voice said, without even knowing, Akeno knew it was Mashiro. She had to be concerned for her.

"Yes Shiro-chan?" Akeno said looking up.

"How are you holding up?" Mashiro asked, her voice tender and filled with caring.

"Not well Shiro-chan. I mean, I have come to the realization, that by giving out the orders that I did. That I have likely taken lives. It's tearing me up inside." Akeno said bitterly, she sounded heartbroken and as if she didn't know what to do next.

"I know, and in light of that. I talked via Talk Between Ships to Oscar on the Cole. He had a few interesting things to say. However, the gist of what he was saying, was basically; if someone is actively trying to hurt you, or your crew, or is trying to sink your ship. It's alright to take action, even if said action involves the use of lethal force. To be frank, I agree with him; I mean it's still rattling but, we need you Captain. We need you to lead us through this." Mashiro said.

"I know you need me; yet I can't bear to think how I will take the loss of a friend on the Tokoro; if even one member of her crew dies. I will never forgive myself. Yet, thinking about that now, will just drag me down even more. I think we will stay Shiro-chan. Because even with the help that we got, from the Brits and hopefully the Dutch and the Aussies; they will still need all the help we can get." Akeno said as stood up, grabbed her hat and then looked at the wall mounted chronometer and grimaced. She had gotten roughly two hours of sleep.

"Let's head up to the bridge. I need to make an important announcement to the crew. They need to know what has transpired and what my decision is and that I won't blame them if they decide to leave." Akeno stated as she began to walk to the bridge.

"Yes Captain; however, afterward I want you to really get some sleep. The last thing we need is our captain to be dead on her feet from exhaustion." Mashiro said as she followed Akeno, who nodded in response.

After several minutes of walking, going up a few ladders, they arrived on the bridge. With a sigh, Akeno opened the ship wide speaking tube door and began speaking into it. "Attention all hands, attention all hands. This is your captain speaking. Last night, while we were defending Singapore from enemy attack, Blumer bases and ships throughout the Malay Barrier were hit and hit hard by unknown forces, damage to Blumer forces across the Malay Barrier is nearly total, almost nothing is left to defend the sea lanes of this region from pirates, raiders, etc; this also means that almost nothing is left to perform rescues and to help those in need. However, several High School Fleet ships, a lot of them in fact have decided that they are going to stay and do the duties that the Blue Mermaids usually do. I have decided to stay and help them, however, whether or not you decide to stay or not is totally up to you. I don't care if you stay or not, but I am staying, to lend a helping hand. That is all." Akeno said, her voice filled with determination.

"I don't know about you, but I am staying as well Captain." Rin said, her voice filled with solid determination.

"I am with you too captain." Mei said, in a similar tone that Rin had used.

"Aye!" Tama said as she held up an 'OK' hand signal.

"I am with you too! For despite the fact that who knows what lies ahead!" Kouko said, with a tremendous amount of energy and determination in her voice.

"Captain! If you're staying, then we are staying as well! I mean we faced down the Musashi and won. So whoever these guys are, they probably can't be that much worse! Anyway, were staying as well." Maron said, her voice filled with stout determination.

"Skipper, we're with you too!" Irako said and words of agreement quickly came from the rest of the ship as the rest of the crew of the Tokoro agreed to stay with their captain.

A few minutes later, a flurry of signal flags went screeching up the halyard on the Nome. The set of signals explained for all ships to make preparations to get underway. Soon, the combined force that was Task Force Sword and Force Z were churning the waters, making rotations for twenty knots as they powered toward Manila. Where they would find out what they were going to do in response to this growing crisis. They were sailing along the coast of Borneo when radar picked up multiple contacts moving as a big cluster straight towards them; however the locator beacons sent off signals, revealing the group to be a combined Dutch and Australian Group of High School Fleet ships. Through a flurry of signals, they explained that they had tried to make Australia but, had been forced to turn around, after they found that every single strait was blockaded by powerful Naval Ships, ones that would give the Prince of Wales a real fight; thus forcing them to turnaround.

The group was entirely made up of cruisers and destroyers. Sadly there was only one Heavy Cruiser among them, however they quickly and easily joined up with the group. Most of the ships were Dutch, with the following ships, cruisers De Ruyter, Tromp, Java, and destroyers Van Ghent, Eversten, Kortenator, Piet Hein, Witte de With, Van Nes, Banckert and the Australian Ships were as follows cruisers Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide, destroyers Scott, Voyager, Vampire, Vendetta, and Waterhen, and sloops Yarra and Swan.

All told, it wasn't much, but it would help. Besides an extra Heavy Cruiser was nice. All told the numbers that they were going to be able to field was One Dreadnought Battleship, one Fast Battleship, one Battlecruiser, four Heavy Cruisers, nine Light Cruisers, two Armored Cruisers, two Protected Cruisers, one Unique Cruiser, a shit ton of destroyers, two Sloops of War, plus quite a number of submarines as well.


The appearance of so many High School Fleet Ships, as well as several High School Admin ships as they arrived at Manila was simply incredible. However, the one thing that had all of them stunned, was the sheer devastation that Manila had suffered.

Numerous buildings were simply shattered wrecks, they had been leveled and in the case of a good number of the floating ones, simply sunk. The smashed remains of the ships of the Philippines Blue Mermaids was quite a disheartening sight to see; for the ships had been ruthlessly torn apart by shell fire and torpedoes. It also appeared that cluster munitions were used, judging by the damage on some of the ships.

However, to the amazement of all, a Wickes-class Destroyer appeared, her hull bearing some signs of damage. Several holes were visible in her hull, smoke streamed from several holes in her four slender funnels. Yet the destroyer carried her wounds with pride, it was a badge of honor, a sign that she had engaged something and come back in one piece.

"What Destroyer is that?" Rin asked, as she looked at the destroyer.

"Judging by her number. It's the Walker, a Wickes-class Destroyer. Looks like she has seen some action recently." Kouko said as she caught a glimpse of her number.

"Looks like they are going to be taking us into the harbor in groups." Akeno said as she saw a flurry of signals that and the fact that the TBS squawked and gave a series of instructions for several ships to follow her in, but for no others and that other Destroyers were to come out and guide them in.

Sure enough, shortly after the Walker departed, leading the Prince of Wales, Repulse, Nome, Sydney, Cole, and Whippie into port. The Pope and the Peary soon appeared and they each began to shuttle in another group of ships of similar size.

Before long, all of the ships were in port, tied up at Quay's. Repair Crews were swarming all over the ships that had been damaged, the Nome was being guided by two tugs into a drydock for major repairs. She was going to need them.

The Next Day

The next morning all students were told to report to the Gym, which was really a retired Zeppelin Hangar which meant that space was massive, large enough to hold everyone in four long lines. With enough space between them for each person to take one step forward. A stage had been set up in the center. With a podium on the stage. It was clear that the major choice of either to stay and fight or to flee and live another day was going to be made today.

Suddenly Admiral Travis Riggs and a few other school faculty members from several other region schools stepped up. They all exchanged a few words and then they came to an agreement about something, and then Admiral Riggs stepped up to the podium.

"Good morning." Riggs said, but the microphone wasn't on and thus only a few students heard him. Cursing under his breath, he flicked the thing on.

"Good morning!" Riggs said, his voice amplified by the Sound System that was in place. "As you know, disaster has struck the Malay Barrier Region. Two nights ago, a force of unknown origins and affiliation struck various Blue Mermaid Bases across the Malay Barrier Region with devastating results. The damage to most Blue Mermaid Forces, is completely and utterly total, with very few ships surviving as for Personnel large numbers have been either killed, wounded, or are missing. It is such, that we are realistically, the only group that can stand up to these bastards. Let them know, that we won't let them roll in and take over the area unopposed, we are going to fight back, not just for our own safety, but for the safety of those who can't fight back, we will be fighting for freedom of the seas, for the right to have to sail these waters without fear! If your are willing to undertake this plan of action, please take one step forward!" Riggs boomed, his voice filled with the sort of thundering, commanding, tone that only a Rear Admiral could deliver.

To the surprise of all, the whole building was filled with a schrynoized thunder, as every single last student in the room; took one step forward. Because to them, they were doing more than protecting the Freedom of the seas, they were going to be protecting loved ones who had decided to move so they could have family close by, or in a few cases there homeland.

"Damn good to see, man your ships! I want all ships ready to sortie on a moment's notice, because at the moment, we are going to be a Quick-Reaction Force. Submariners, I will be handing out patrol orders personally; we need to find out what sort of flag these bastards use, as well as what sort of ships they use, that way we know what we are up against in terms of capabilities for enemy ships. However some of you will be going on long range patrols, we need to find enemy bases of operations and hit them, and hit them hard! Make them realize that while we are just students, we won't go quietly into the night and we sure as hell won't let them take over this region without fight!" Riggs boomed.

The meeting broke up after that, with numerous students going in every which way, mainly to get there ships ready for battle. Which meant, that the Linoleum Floors were ripped out, the teak decks were ripped out, mahogany wood paneling in ship bridges were yanked out, the main fire hazards on ships were removed if they could remove them. Others were thinking how to make their ships less visible, most importantly, practice rounds were removed from the magazines on ships, and for students on the United States Marine Corps, Royal Marines, and Korps Mariniers fast track, they removed the majority of the less-than-lethal rounds and replaced them with live ammo; so that way, if ships were ever boarded, it would be easier to defend the ship. These were done to prepare the ships for war.

Another thing that happened, was the fact that the Principals of three of the schools got together and discussed possibilities, tactics, and most importantly who should be in charge. They came to the agreement that Dutch Blue Mermaid Admiral, a three star named Doorman would be in charge of all Naval Forces, with Riggs in second in command; while overall commands would be sorted out later, they also agreed, with survivors from various Blue Mermaid Commanders that the modern ships they had left, would rarely be deployed with the exception of the submarines.

The defense command for the Malay Barrier, was going to be called the Malay Barrier Combined Defense Command. It was going to be tough going and victory wasn't even a given. Whenever they were going to sally forth, they were going to have to give it their all in order to not only survive, but also win.

Somewhere in the Pacific

40 Meters below the waves

USS Sealion SS-195

Lt. James K. Morrison Jr. Commanding

"Sonar contact! Bearing 015! Range 10,000! Possible Submarine!" The sonar operator on board the Sealion barked as she heard the distinctive churning whirl of screws biting into the water. The reason that the Sealion was submerged was because a Light Cruiser, a Giussano-class had taken an interest in their well being, and had opened fire on them. They had been forced to dive, and had managed to give the enemy ship the slip, but had decided to transit the Luzon Strait submerged, they had just finished via snorkeling, recharged their batteries and were set for a good amount of time submerged.

"Alright! Let's tiptoe around this guy; rig ship for Silent Running!" Morrison ordered tersely. He didn't know if the possible submarine that was out there had detected them, or if it was hostile. Better be safe than sorry, Morrison figured. Rigging a boat for Silent Running meant that noise was kept to a bare minimum, if the crew had to speak, it was nothing more than a whisper, anything that would create a large amount of noise like cooking for example was ceased and sandwiches were the only thing that was made to eat, engine speed was also reduced, to avoid cavitation which was something that submariners hated as it created a hell of a lot of noise, not to mention it created vibration which was another thing submariners hated, not to mention it was hard on propellers before metallurgy got better the screws for a submarine were bolted together rather than cast in one piece.

"The contact is changing its aspect. She's coming around, bearing 018, now closing, range 9,500. Contact sounds like a Foxtrot-class Submarine." The sonar operator said in a sharp whisper.

That caused Morrison to raise an eyebrow in surprise. A Foxtrot-class? All the way out here? Somewhere in the goddamn Luzon Strait? That simply didn't make any sense. What the hell was a Foxtrot-class doing out here? Sure, they had the range, surfaced at 8 knots they could cover 20,000 goddamn Nautical Miles, they could almost sail around the world on one tank of gas.

Yet the thing that had Morrison worried the most, was the fact that a Foxtrot-class carried some nasty torpedoes, twenty-two nasty torpedoes in fact, capable of being fired from either 6 forward tubes or 4 aft tubes. At best that thing could fire SET-53s or SET-53Ms at them, which were ASW Passive Acoustic Homing Torpedoes; which had a range of 8,750 yards at 23 knots and 15,300 yards at 29 knots respectively, these torpedoes packed a 220 pound warhead; which meant they were bad news. At worst that thing could fire TEST-71 ASW Torpedoes, these things were Wire-guided Torpedoes, active and passive acoustic homing; this monster had a range of depending on speed 16,400 yards at 40 knots or 27,300 yards at 35 knots, to make matters worse, the warhead that these things packed was a tremendously powerful 452 pound warhead. The bottom line, that thing decided to open fire with torpedoes, the Sealion stood almost no chance. Mainly because the majority of her torpedo loadout was mostly Mark 16 Torpedoes. Which, while the Mark 16 was an excellent surface ship killing torpedo, it lacked guidance systems, apart from the ye olde Mark 12 Mod 3 Gyroscope, however, the Sealion packed four very impressive surprises, two aft and two forward, these torpedoes were Mark 29s, and were again Anti-Ship Torpedoes, but they packed a Passive Acoustic Homing, which meant despite the fact that they were short range, they could get the job done, if the Sealion got into a good position.

Suddenly and without warning, the sound that all submariners dreaded resounded through the Sealion's hull. A sharp PONG! That reverberated through the hull, an active sonar blast, and it had hit them dead on. "Shit!" Morrison growled.

A few moments later, a surprised terrified report came from the Sonar Operator. "Transient! Transient! Transient! The bastard has opened his torpedo tubes! Wait! FUCK! Transient! Transient! Torpedoes in the water! Two torpedoes! Bearing 019, range 9,000 and closing! They are SET-53Ms!" She barked sharply.

"FUCK!" Morrison snarled. "General Quarters! Secure from Silent Running! Rig ship for depth charge! All ahead flank! Bring us about! Bearing 270! Snapshot! Tubes one and two! Peg him! Designate that bastard Master One!" He yelled.

Instantly all thoughts of sneaking by had gone out the fucking window, now it was time to do what American Submarines did when torpedoes were running and they weren't friendly; and that was go somewhere else fast. The screw noise increased dramatically, and the boat began to swing around, at the sametime two sharp shrieks rent the air inside the Sealion as a pair of gleaming Mark 16s shot out of their tubes and screamed back on the bearing that the Foxtrot's torpedoes was on; however the chances of hitting a Foxtrot which would be maneuvering to evade the Sealion's torpedoes, which were straight-running torpedoes was slim to none. Not to mention, it was a snapshot, which meant that no TMA had been done, they had just fired the damn things.

Worse, the matchup was down right horrible. Foxtrot-class vs. Sargo-class, it was David vs. Goliath, except Goliath was wearing Knight Armor.

Time went by slowly it seemed as the four torpedoes raced toward their respective targets, the Foxtrot was wildly maneuvering to evade the two Mark 16s that were screaming back toward them. Yet, lady luck was smiling on the Sealion because, neither SET-53M acquired the Sargo-class and could home in on her. First contact had occurred, and the Foxtrot held all the cards; it was way newer than the Sealion in terms of design the Sargo-class with the Sealion being a 1930s era design and the Foxtrot being a 50s era design, it was faster submerged, the Sealion at flank could barely crack 9 knots while the Foxtrot could do 16 knots submerged, she had much greater endurance the Sealion submerged while the Sealion could remain submerged even with her improved Sargo-cell Batteries for 70 hours at 2 knots submerged, the Foxtrot could stay submerged for days at a decent speed. The Foxtrot's weapons were more lethal. Bottomline they couldn't win.

Or could they? The Sealion did have several advantages compared to the Foxtrot, one she lighter in terms of displacement despite being longer than the Foxtrot, which meant that the Sealion was more agile to a degree than the Foxtrot, the Sealion was also shorter in terms of height when compared to a Foxtrot-class, meaning that dodging torpedoes was easier in the Sealion than the Foxtrot-class. This meant that if they could get within knife fighting range, they could win.

Another thing, Morrison had been practicing a new underwater maneuver for use against Destroyers, Destroyer Escorts, Corvettes, and Frigates; basically ASW Ships. He had run it by his close friend, who was hoping to become a Submariner just like he was, right now he was commanding a Gato-class and had earned a bit of a reputation as being able to turn the tables on Destroyers in an instant, including in one incident a DDG, one Commander Samuel D. Dealey. Anyway, Dealey said that "It could work, but you would need to be absolutely perfect with your timing otherwise you're screwed."

"Bring us in, back toward the initial contact point, we need to reacquire that Foxtrot! He can outrun us, and the last thing we need is for him to appear in our baffles." Morrison said, as he wiped some sweat from his brow.

"Yessir!" The helmsman said as he guided the Sealion in taking the submarine closer to the initial contact point with that Hostile Submarine. It was slow going, but hopefully, the Foxtrot-class had decided to bug out. But it was not to be.

"SHIT! Torpedo in the water! Bearing 320! Range 17,300! Speed 35 knots! It's a TEST-71!" The sonar operator yelled in shock as another torpedo came screaming toward the Sealion, but this time. They probably had them dead to rights. For this torpedo was a Wire-Guided ASW Torpedo with Active/Passive Acoustic Homing capability, and if the thing got within 880 yards of them, they were dead meat as that thing would acquire them and end them, plain and simple.

"Bring us about! Get us pointed away from that thing! Ahead Flank!" Morrison bellowed sharply and with sharp, quick fluid motions from the helmsman the Sealion came about and began to accelerate to her submerged flank speed of 9 knots, but Morrison knew, that they were not going to out maneuver this fish nor out run it. Not unless he did something drastic; however what he had in mind was stupendously stupid and crazy; not mention drastic. But it could work, the key word being could.

"Sonar, keeping giving me range to enemy torpedo! Helmsman when I tell you too. Pull a sharp a turn to port as you can do, to bring us about 180 degrees. Weps, when we get halfway through that turn, launch noisemakers. Helm after we are through that turn, slow us down to five knots, and get us below the layer. We are going to back track that Foxtrot-class, once we cover the distance. Bring us back up above the layer, in knife fighting range of that bastard. At which point Weps, you are going to slam, two Mark 29s into his goddamned side!" Morrison ordered sharply.

"Yessir!" The Helmsman said.

"Sir yes sir!" The Weapons officer said, before giving orders to get the countermeasures ready.

"Yes sir! Range to torpedo! 10,000…9,500…9,000…8,500…8,000…7,500…7,000…6,500!"

However little did the crew of the Sealion know, but once the torpedo got within 7,000 meters, the Foxtrot-class had cut wires on the torpedo, leaving it, to it's own devices, this would prove critical, in what the Sealion was about to do.

"NOW! HARD TO PORT! BRING US ABOUT!" Morrison ordered sharply, and the Sealion went into a screaming left hand turn. As the submarine through the maneuver "Fire countermeasures!" Weps yelled aft, there was two muffled chooms as two Noisemakers were discharged.

"Take her down below the layer! Make your depth 70 meters!" Morrison said as the Sealion exited the turn and dove deeply, diving beneath the thermal layer.

"It worked! Hot damn! It worked! The torpedo, it's beginning to circle the noisemakers!" The sonar operator said, jubilantly as she heard the distinctive noise of the torpedo circling the noise maker trying to kill it. Everyone in CIC breathed a sigh of relief.

"Skipper, after we do this, we are going to have to surface. We are critically low on Battery power. This do or die." The Operations officer said.

"Understood." Morrison grunted out, damn this was becoming a, he glanced at his watch, hellish three hours now. With all the running they had done at flank, it was little wonder that they were low on battery charge.

"Captain, I am beginning to hear the Foxtrot-class. We are just about directly below him. I can hear him, because he is blasting the area with his active sonar. Has painted the area around us pretty nicely, it's just us and him." The sonar operator said.

"Good! Bring us up!" Morrison growled. The diving officer complied bringing the Sealion up quickly and carefully; not to mention quietly.

"Range?" Morrison asked.

"She's moving! She has definitely heard us! Range 2,500 meters! Bearing on the bow 030!" The sonar operator said, but with an inflection in her tone, that was filled immense satisfaction because at the range they were at, even a Mark 16 had a good chance of hitting.

"Tubes five and six! Fire!" Morrison roared.

"Tubes five and six! Fire!" The weapons officer echoed as she slammed the buttons that fired the two open torpedo tubes. Two shrieks of air reverberated through the hull. At this range, almost nothing had a chance of evading.

Two gleaming Mark 29 torpedoes came screaming out of their tubes and almost instantly acquired the Foxtrot-class, even as it was turning away and going to flank. The two torpedoes bore in and both hit and exploded, the first one, tore a impressive wound into the submarine, rupturing a ballast tank, but not penetrating the pressure; however it raised hell inside the Pressure Hull of the submarine, sending everyone crashing to the deck and equipment flying as well. The other one scored a bullseye; slamming into the Foxtrot near the engine spaces and rupturing the pressure hull a split second later, the tremendous roiling roar of a noise as the Foxtrot imploded deafened the sonar operator and was heard by all on the Sealion, as the enemy submarine was crushed, by the pressure at a depth of 45 meters, a hole in the pressure hull, caused the catastrophic failure of the submarine's hull.

Then the cheering started; they had done it! They had, against a submarine that was way more advanced than them, engaged in battle and won! Using good old American ingenuity, they had outsmarted the commander of the enemy Foxtrot a submarine which, outclassed them in every way.

"Alright! Hot fucking damn! Bring us to the surface and open the hatches!" Morrison ordered, because it was a damn good day.

The Sealion broke the surface and her hatches opened to begin to air the boat out, and the batteries began to be charged as the Sealion went on her way toward Guam. They had succeeded, David had beaten Goliath; despite the fact that Goliath might as well had been a Knight. It was incredible. There were going to be more stories like this, before the crisis was over, tales of David going up against Goliath and winning, particularly when Goliath held all the cards, or thought he held all the cards.

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