This is AU. Everything Canon up until the Battle of Hogwarts.

Chapter 1

6 Months after the Battle of Hogwarts was lost.

Moments of clarity are few and far between for most people. For her, Hermione Granger, she always had a plan. If there was a problem, she would find a solution even if it drove her mad. This attitude along with her overzealous need to know everything made it hard to make friends. By eleven, she had hypothesized that she was not meant for relationships. Her belief was that she was odd and unlovable. When she got her letter to Hogwarts she understood where the feeling of oddness came from, finally understanding, she no longer felt bad about it.

Months later, her thoughts of being unlovable were chased away by non-other than Harry James Potter. Harry had this innate ability to make you feel like you were important even if it was just to him. He made her feel loved and for that, she would be forever grateful. With Harry, came Ron and even though she had butt heads with him, he was lovely in his own way. He was loyal and a fierce protector, traits she loved and cherished.

No matter. She missed her Harry. She missed her Ron. They left her with nothing but memories and their cold bodies.

She lets one tear escape, quickly moving from her kneeling position. Rustling behind her alerts her to his presence, by instinct she reaches for her wand, instinctively guarding over her two best friends, just as she always had. Only to remember it was not there. HE had it.

"I gave you 3 minutes, mudblood". His eyes bloodshot and glassy, she knew he went to visit the grave of the only woman he could have loved. His only best friend, gone forever years ago. He is as haunted as she is.

His cold stare no longer bothers her like it did in school. Her hands tremble as she looks at her "owner" with indifference. She chances one last look at her boys and walks towards the man.

The Wizarding World was hell since Tom Riddle took the reins. But she wouldn't let it end like this. She will make them proud. Even if it killed her.

"Ready to go Miss Granger?" He sneers half-heartedly.

"Of course, Master Severus" She smirks at him.

She would make them proud. There was no other choice.