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The Dinner

Chapter 3

Voldemort thought of himself as a Pureblood Prince. Hermione Granger thought of him as a dramatic little bitch.

The Gryffindor girl hated to be crass. But Voldemort was crass and a tyrant so honestly she couldn't bring herself to feel bad about thinking it.

Extravagant dinners were planned for once a week; everyone in attendance was either a high-ranking official or a death eater. They showed for fear of Voldemort's wrath, but also because there was an open bar and wizards love good ale.

Voldemort may have liked to dress like an aristocrat but his mannerisms were too stiff to be natural. His snake-like eyes were constantly looking to each and every pureblood around the room to confirm that he looked the part. Even Hermione, the unwelcomed dinner guest, in the hand-me-down silk robes looked more at ease.

He let her sit at the main table with him, as a statement. He dressed her in expensive borrowed robes for the sake of his own snobbery. As if to tell everyone, look at our victory. Potter dead. Muggleborns with no freedoms. She had to be there. She worked for him. She was nothing and his other dinner guests reveled in it. A joyous occasion indeed.

Hermione's favorite thing to do during dinner was looking for weaknesses at the table. Narcissa was always nervous. She seemed twitchy and half upset that there were so many people at her table, in her house. Lucius seemed happy but exhausted. Probably happy they won but feeling disparaged at the state of the Wizarding World. The Lestrange brothers had taken to leering at her and she shuttered at the thought that Bellatrix would be back from a mission soon. Since her torture in this very house, just a glimpse of the crazed woman put Hermione in an almost catatonic state.

Her normal seat was to the right of Severus and to the left of Draco Malfoy. Who seemed to pity her and would sneak Ogdens' into her glass.

Her first month after the battle was one of paranoia. She couldn't sleep. She was afraid that anyone would come in, take her, and murder her. Draco's close relationship with his godfather apparently extended to loyalties. Him coming in and rubbing her back in an attempt to sooth her proved that. From then on, she started to find comfort in the blonde Slytherin. With his comic relief and alcohol enabling, he really was a lifesaver. In her mind, Draco was a hero and he was her friend.

"So little mudblood, how goes the research?" Voldemort's eye slits follow her hands as they set her glass down.

She manages a small smile.

"Severus and I are very close to a breakthrough. But we are in dire need of ingredients."

Voldemort turns his head to Severus for confirmation. Snape nods in affirmation.

"Draco, be a dear and pick those up." He drawls. Draco nods stiffly.

The Dark Lord stands and walks directly behind Hermione. He places his hands on her shoulders and squeezes.

Leaning towards her neck, he whispers.

"This better be real, girl. If you are planning on poisoning me or killing me you will be disappointed. You will drink the potion with me."

She grimaces.

"I die. You die."

Her breath hitches and he continues. Dragging a finger across her collarbone.

"But, if it works, you'll be immortal with me" He Leers at her. "I'm sure we can find a use for your body."

She stiffens. And he winks at the Lestrange brothers.

One laughs and says, "I might have a go"

The other scoffs and says "Give her to Greyback."

The table becomes loud with laughter and she feels Severus stiffen next to her.

The Dark Lord moves to his seat and begins to whisper to Lucius.

Severus looks at her with concern and she nods.

This dinner felt like a storm and she could feel hell coming.

But things will have to get a lot worse before she can make it better.

Her plan was banking on it.


Tune in next time to find out Hermione's plan!