Note: For village names, and only village names, I will use Japanese for the ones I make up. Jutsu will use English Translations unless there is no official translation. For those who want village translations, here they are:

Konohagakure = Hidden Leaf Village | Iwagakure = Hidden Stone Village | Sunagakure = Hidden Sand Village | Kirigakure = Hidden Mist Village | Kumogakure = Hidden Cloud Village | Amegakure = Hidden Rain | Uree-mura = Lamentation Village

As for height references for later: The Eight Tails (Gyuki) is approximately 108 meters tall. I am assuming all the complete Tailed Beasts (including Kurama at 100%) are around the same height, so the Hokage Tower is about 54 meters tall. Comparing that to the Chrysler Tower (which is 318.9 meters tall), Castiel's true form is about 2.95277777778 times bigger than a Tailed Beast and 5.90555555556 times bigger than the Hokage Building. My source for the eight tails came from here: forums*spacebattles*com/threads/naruto-calc-thread*243774/.

Also special thanks to MsMJ and 15Stepsdown for helping me with the characterization. They are awesome people, and I highly recommend their works!

Hopefully those who don't know Supernatural/Naruto don't get lost. I am sure I put in enough background information to prevent you all from not knowing what is going on. If you are still struggling to understand, or want to know more, I advise checking out Supernatural/Naruto. The shows are great, and there are plenty of episodes for binge watchers. Though for Naruto, I'd recommend skipping some of the filler minus the Three Tails Arc (this filler arc was good filler for the fact I found it funny with Deidara and Tobi's antics at the dango shop and capturing the Three Tails).



If there was one thing he wanted to avoid doing at all costs (besides time traveling), it would be dimension hopping. Castiel's body ached with weakness from the draining ability. It also didn't help that he had just hidden the Angel Tablet on his person to keep himself safe from Naomi's mind control and keep it away from all angels, demons, humans, and anyone else who would abuse the scripture written on it.

Castiel lifted up his head a bit, trying to get back on his feet. In the end, he just collapsed on the soft, vibrant green grass that was stained with the blood that dripped from his mouth and nose. He had to make sure he and the tablet were safe. He didn't want to make the mistake of being ignorant of someone following him. However, that wasn't meant to be. Instead he passed out from exhaustion. In his mind, it was as if someone pulled a quiet, black cover over his eyes and ears, allowing him to drift from the waking world.


A rice farmer plowed through the rice patties, gathering the freshly grown grains from the pools of crisp water. His forehead was drenched with sweat from the afternoon sun and hard labor. This year was full of abundance, a really good sign for the small, poor village of lamentation known as Uree-mura. This very village sat in a comfortable position near the Land of Fire and the Land of Water, giving it the best suited climate for year around agriculture of many kinds.

As the farmer began to take his full rice basket back to the drop off point for it, a flash of pure white light erupted a short distance away. Dropping his harvest, the farmer rushed in the direction of the disruption. What he found startled him. It was an unconscious man with short, messy black hair in a weird suit (with the blue tie on backwards) and a beige trench coat. Not wasting a second, the farmer picked up the man and rushed back towards the village.

As he went through the tiny, impoverished village, many heads turned at the sight of the panicked farmer. The villagers began to follow the farmer and the unconscious man to the abandoned medical ninja's hut that was last used back in the Second Shinobi War. The farmer quickly dusted off the unused cot and set the man on it.

"Someone, get me some cold water!" the farmer called out.

A little girl nodded her head and raced to the village pump. She pushed a nearby wooden bucket up to it and began to pump some water into it. She dipped her hand into it, making sure it was the right temperature. When she could confirm it was indeed cold to the touch, she raced back to medic hut, making sure she was careful enough to not spill a single drop of the precious resource.

"Here you go, papa." The little girl said.

"Thank you." The farmer said. "You did well, Suiko."

"Will the strange man be okay?" Suiko asked.

"I believe he will be." The farmer said with smile.

With those few words ringing in her ears, Suiko smiled. Even though she didn't know the stranger, she just felt safe around him for some reason. There was this foreign energy that surrounded him. It was strong, warm, and loyal. At the same time, there was a tinge of sadness to it.

"Can we sleep in here tonight, papa?" Suiko asked.

"Sure we can." The farmer said. "It will make it easier to watch over him."

With that, the farmer got up and approached the curious villagers. This caused the chatter amongst the faceless villagers to quiet down. They all wanted to hear what the farmer had to say about the strange man.

"It's okay neighbors." The farmer said. "The stranger is safe now. He should wake up soon."

"How do you know, Hiroko?" one villager asked.

"Because I can feel it." Hiroko stated.


Approximately one day later, the strange man woke up to the sound of birds chirping and a wooden spoon scraping the bottom of a metal bowl full of liquid. He groaned as he began to sit up, just to feel the hand of Hiroko slowly and softly guiding him back down onto the cot.

"Don't move." Hiroko said. "You need to rest."

"I can assure you that I am well rested now." The man spoke as he sat up, despite Hiroko's firm hand being in the way.

The farmer looked in wonder at the man. When he had found him, the man was completely unresponsive and had blood trailing from his nose and lips. Now, all signs of injury and strain that was present were gone. Hiroko had only heard of Jinchuriki having such advanced healing. But this man was not such a being. He was something else if the pure energy that radiated off of him meant anything.

"W-who are you?" Hiroko stammered.

The man thought for a moment, obviously considering over what he should say next. From the nearly expressionless face, Hiroko could not tell if he was hiding something or not. Eventually he spoke, and it sent shivers and confusion down the farmer's spine.

"My name is Castiel, and I am an angel of the Lord. Is there anything I can do here to help?"


Castiel was handed a small sickle. He looked at the tool, recalling it as one of man's earliest tools for agriculture. It was also used as a weapon in some cultures if his tampered memory could prove to be reliable. He looked up at Hiroko with the best-confused face he could muster. He may have watched humans gather grains with the tool, but that did not translate into him knowing how to properly use it. In the end, his confusion was not well can communicated and was told to help gather the grains of rice anyways. Without questioning it, he began to attempt to gather the grains with it, leading to a slight accident after the first few tries. He had stabbed himself in the gut. Hiroko rushed to Castiel's side and began to examine the wound. To his never ending surprise, the wound stitched itself up, leaving a bloodstain as the only sign of injury on Castiel's strange suit.

"We're going have to find you some different clothes." Hiroko stated, noticing how badly that Castiel's clothes were torn and soiled from the injury.

"Actually, that won't be necessary." Castiel replied. "My clothes will mend themselves quickly."

Just as Castiel said, right before Hiroko's eyes, the suit mended itself back together. What was even more bewildering was the fact that the blood and dirt that was accumulated there also disappeared. It was not anything to shrug off in the farmer's opinion. It was truly amazing.

"But still, it may draw too much unwanted attention." Hiroko said. "We don't exactly wear that style of suit, much less every day."

Despite Castiel's confusion and protests, Hiroko lead the angel to a seamstress's house. The only thing keeping him from knocking Hiroko unconscious and white washing his memories of his presence was the fact he needed him to help him find a suitable job that would satisfy his need for penance for the time being.


From the moment that Hiroko got Castiel some replacement clothes in the form of a simple gray kimono top and shorts (the only thing to remain was the iconic trench coat) to sun down, they had been searching for possible chores and jobs that Castiel could do well enough. In the end, nothing had satisfying results in Hiroko's eyes. Castiel had accidentally hurt himself when it came to tools like the sickle, broke the eggs on purpose, thinking that was how one harvested them. Even sewing wasn't for him as the clothing he had tried to make had fallen apart with ease.

Even the one thing he could successfully do was not even suitable. And that thing was gathering honey. Apparently, Castiel had a very awkward way of doing it that Hiroko hoped he had to never see again. It was just too… Bizarre, and that was the only word that was tactful enough to describe the weirdness.

"I'm sorry we couldn't find you anything to do." Hiroko said sadly. "I wish we could do more for you, but maybe it is best if you go see if one of the larger villages nearby have work you can do."

"I understand. Thousands of years watching humanity grow and learn does not mean you know how to do a certain task." Castiel replied, causing Hiroko to raise an eyebrow. Castiel sure was a strange person in Hiroko's opinion.

Just as Castiel was about to be on his way, someone rushed past him with a panic look. The anxiety and fear for another's life was very strong within the villager's thoughts. Needless to say, it grabbed Castiel's attention very quickly.

"Hiroko! Come quick!" the villager panted. "Something happened to your daughter! She's unconscious!"

Those words sent alarm bells in Hiroko's mind. Without a single breath taken or exhaled, he dashed away with the villager who alarmed him. Castiel watched them as they went towards the rice paddies. Even though his face didn't express it, he knew right away this was something he could definitely handle without any problems or hesitation.

Within the blink of an eye, Castiel teleported away and reappeared behind Hiroko and the villager within the sound of fluttering feathered wings. Before the three of them was a teenage girl and Hiroko's little girl, Suiko. Suiko's unmoving form was spread out on the ground. Her skin was red and felt very warm to the touch if the heat radiating off her was anything to go by. Her breaths were labored and slow as sweat poured ferociously from her pores. On Suiko's left arm, there was a large, swollen mass that had a bite mark in its center. From the looks of the puncture wound, the bite was given to her by a spider. A Sydney Funnel Spider to be exact, which was odd considering how this world had major differences down to the essence of the human soul. Even the corn was different from the corn he saw back on the other Earth. What was not helping in this matter was the fact that the girl was going through anaphylactic shock, one of the sources of her unconsciousness.

"We have to get her to the Hidden Leaf Village!" the teenage girl said. "They could identify the spider that bit her!"

"She won't make it." Hiroko said with fear and sadness lacing his voice. "By the time we get her there, she would be dead. Just like her mother. Nothing can save her," with that, Hiroko held Suiko close to his chest. "I am very sorry, baby."

Castiel moved forward, startling everyone but Hiroko, who was mourning the inevitable loss of the last member of his family. The angel reached out a hand and touched the girl's forehead with two finger tips, causing a small, very faint glow of warm, white light. Hiroko felt Suiko's temperature dropped to a normal level and her breathing normalize. He gasped as he began to hear his daughter wake up.

"Papa?" Suiko moaned hoarsely.

Hiroko was at a loss of words. Tears continued to stream down his face. This time, sadness was not the cause. It was relief and comfort from his daughter's life being spared. He looked up at Castiel with eyes full of gratitude.

"Thank you, Castiel." Hiroko said.

Castiel's face did not change from its near expressionless features. All he did that gave certainty that he accepted the thanks was a small nod. From that moment, everyone knew what Castiel could do in the village. It was something that the village desperately needed due to being too far away from the Hidden Villages for medical emergencies to be above the 30% survival rate. With the angel around acting as a medic, they would no longer have to fear dying from severe allergic reactions to poisonous spiders and devastating accidents.

"You can stay here." The villager who alerted Hiroko said. "We are in need of a medic, and we would love to have you around."

Castiel thought it over. It wasn't a smart move for him to stay in one place for very long, especially when his brothers, sisters, and Crowley realize he was on another Earth. The odds of them finding which one it was another story. The odds stood at a near improbable chance of 1 in 700 billion. He had made sure it was distant in angel terms and had enough activity to throw off the ones who would come closest to finding him with the exception of Gabriel (who he was certain was dead). With this in mind he made his decision, knowing the needs of the tiny village.

"I would like to stay, but that goes against what is needed of me." Castiel stated, causing many grateful looks turn sad. "But if you need healing while I still walk on this planet, just pray and I will come."

The last part caused hope to return to his audience's eyes. Before anyone could say anything, Castiel vanished within the sound of fluttering feathered wings. They kept what Castiel said in mind and did not have any doubt about his words due to what they have seen.

So days passed on. Castiel occasionally popped in to heal a couple of people who had fallen victim to the poisonous spiders that just didn't seem to belong in this world and one or two resurrections on the side. There was also the rare occurrence of a "ninja" that he would run into with heavy wounds from battle. Those Castiel healed without hesitation (this also included resurrecting sometimes). This in turn caused rumors to be spread around the surrounding area. Most made out Castiel as a very powerful medical ninja who could rival someone called Tsunade. A select few had said he was some sort of powerful being who took on a human form to heal the ones who were suffering of great illness, injury, and impairment. The latter one was not widely accepted and garnered heavy negative criticism. However, unknown to them, the latter was very close to the truth.

Not before long, many, many ninjas, ninja villages, rouges and bounty hunters, and groups began turning their attention towards the village with morbid curiosity. Just what was going on in that village and what truly caused the surge in unexplainable miracles?


Within the Hokage's office, the fifth Hokage slept with her head down on her desk. Papers were all over the place and two bottles of sake were lazily lying on the polished wood. A third bottle was loosely in the left hand of Lady Fifth.

"Lady Tsunade, wake up!" Shizune said as she shook the sleeping Hokage.

"Huh? What is it Shizune?" Tsunade asked with a deep yawn.

Shizune pulled out a medium sized folder, making the hung over Hokage moan in despair. Paperwork was the bane of her existence. It has caused her many sleepless nights and numerous headaches.

"Can't someone else do those?" Tsunade asked.

"Sorry, Lady Tsunade." Shizune said. "These aren't like the last load where I was able to help. They are mostly mission papers and intelligence."

Tsunade sighed, knowing that she was not going to worm her way out of this batch. She took the folder and began to sort through what was present. The missions within the folder contained most D and C Ranks with the exception of an A Rank protection mission for the Fire Daimyo's casual visit to the Land of Wind. Once she got those organized by rank, she moved onto the intelligence papers. From what she could tell, there was no new information on the two Akatsuki Members who had slipped into the Land of Fire, which worried her a bit. Instead, she found something that confused her beyond all belief. When she did a double take, she felt uneasy. There was a lot off about what she read and needed to get to the bottom of it fast. With all of the teams out on missions of their own, she had no choice but to interrupt one team's progress in training. Without any hesitation, she looked up at Shizune with a flicker of urgency in her eyes.

"Shizune, bring me Team Seven as fast as you can. I have a job for them to do. I don't care what they are doing or how close to a breakthrough Naruto is, I need them now."

"Yes, my lady!"

With that, Shizune rushed out of the room to go collect the team requested. When Tsunade was positive that no one was close by she took a swig of sake. This was by far going to be one of team's weirdest missions and the one that would be a pain to categorize later due to ambiguity.

Once the bottle was three-fourths empty, Shizune returned with the members of Team Seven and their stand in jonin, Yamato, who wore a neutral expression and was ready to hear what was needed of him and his team. Naruto looked pretty upset, probably not too enthused with the fact he got pulled away from his training. Sakura looked ready to absorb the necessary details and hoped that Naruto doesn't derail the explanations. Finally, Sai was just as ready to listen to the instructions and important details as Sakura and Yamato.

"We came as fast as we could when Shizune told us that you needed us." Yamato stated.

"I am glad you all did." Tsunade began. "A nearby village has been in the focus of some unsettling rumors as of late involving resurrection and miraculous healing that even I would probably not be able to accomplish with a one-hundred percent success rate. The biggest concern is that I suspect that someone like the Akatsuki could take advantage of if given the opportunity and that the rumors prove to be true."

"Are you sure that you are not just jealous, Granny Tsunade?" Naruto butted in, causing a tick mark to appear on Tsunade's forehead.

"Care to repeat that sentence?" Tsunade groaned.

"Naruto, don't be so rude!" Sakura scolded.

"Hey, I am just being honest." Naruto defended. "This guy obviously has more powerful healing jutsu if he can bring back the dead. Which is why I need to go back to my training, so I can deal with guys who are powerful!"

"And bringing back the dead is forbidden!" Sakura reminded, smacking him in the shoulder.

"Naruto does bring up a good point, surprisingly." Sai said, gaining a confused look from Sakura and a rather insulted look from Naruto.

"What do you mean/What do you mean by 'surprisingly'?!" Sakura asked/Naruto hissed.

"If this mystery person can bring back the dead with assumed little trouble, then how exactly powerful is this guy?" Sai supplied.

"I agree, good work Naruto, keep up the good thinking." Yamato complimented.

Naruto turned away, still looking very insulted. He muttered "I can have good ideas too, ya know" under his breath, which was ignored by everyone else. The reason why was because Yamato was gaining the information needed for the mission that involved location of the most sightings of the miracles taking place.

"Then it's settled, get moving." Tsunade said. "And Naruto, the faster you finished this task as a team, the sooner you will be able to get back to your training."

That last part perked up Naruto a bit. He flashed a smile and waved good bye as he and his teammates hurried out of the office. When the room was clear on more, Tsunade sighed. She had feeling this was going to be a big pile up for everyone in more ways than one.


Things began to slow down as nearly teary eyed, thoroughly exhausted Shikamaru watched his captain, Asuma-sensei, fall to the ground with fatal injuries adorning both his vitals and non-vitals. A crazed look was upon Hidan's face as he began to go into a rather creepy ecstasy place in his mind. Kotetsu and Izumo were unable to reach Asuma's side due to Kakuzu keeping them back with his thick, black threads that emerged from his arms.

Just as Hidan pulled out the pike that had went through his heart, a sound of flapping swan wings filled the air. This was followed up by an invisible force throwing Hidan out of his circle. This purely enraged the insane man-child.

"Who the hell just did that?!" Hidan screamed. "Show yourself, asshole!"

"I did, though I am not a donkey's anus."

Right in front of Hidan, a man who was eleven centimeters taller than him appeared, causing looks of surprise to follow. The man had short, shaggy black hair, a faint gray shadow on his face, a simple short kimono with shorts, and a long, beige trench coat.

"I'm Castiel." The man stated bluntly as his blues eyes pierced into Hidan's purple, to which the albino scoffed at.

"Yeah, sure, Asstiel. Can you just get out of my way?" Hidan asked rather rudely, "I've got three others in line for sacrificing right here and I don't want them to get away! So move!"

With that Hidan got up and began stalking towards Shikamaru. In another sound of rustling wings, a hand had firmly grasped Hidan's hair, making him yelp. Hidan turned around to see Castiel right behind him, even though he should have been about five meters behind right now for he had not heard footsteps.

"I will not let you hurt the kid or anyone else."

"Who the hell do you think you are to say that?!" Hidan yelled and brought out his three bladed scythe.

Hidan quickly turned around and slashed his weapon at Castiel, causing a bit of blood splatter. The air tensed around the leaf ninja as Hidan licked the blood off and rushed back into his circle with a dark chuckle. He stabbed himself in his left forearm, causing blood to splatter on himself and Castiel. His laughing began to slow when he looked up to see that Castiel hadn't flinched or screamed and the injured area was completely healed. With a puzzled look he stabbed himself in the left hand with the same results, which caused the zealot to stab somewhere else with the same results yet again, thoroughly ticking Hidan off.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! Why aren't you withering in pain?!" Hidan screamed as he stabbed himself in the shoulder. "Come on! Scream, damn it! Just friggin' scream and beg for mercy already! I can't give Jashin a sacrifice that can't be tormented by major blood loss! That would be an insult!"

"There is nothing wrong with me." Castiel said as he began to approach Hidan. "Earthly weapons cannot harm me, nor my vessel."

"DAMN YOU!" Hidan shrieked and stabbed himself in the heart.

Blood spurted briefly on Castiel's chest before disappearing thanks to his regeneration. Hidan dropped his pike and scythe, at a complete loss of words from what had just happened.

"Wh-what t-the h-hell are you?!" Hidan sputtered. "No one has ever survived my curse! NO ONE, YOU HEAR ME!"

"I am an angel, you ass." Castiel stated and tapped his fingers on Hidan's forehead, causing him to fall to the ground unconscious.

Castiel turned his head to Kakuzu, who by this point finally decided to turn around due to Hidan's relentless screaming had turned into sudden silence. There he saw his knocked out partner at Castiel's feet. He retracted his threads, zoomed over to Hidan's body and left without a word.

The leaf ninjas looked at Castiel, not sure to feel thankful or fear. In the end, more of the latter showed as Izumo and Kotetsu scurried a bit back from the angel while Shikamaru held his breath. Sensing the tensions, Castiel approached Asuma's weakened, near death body and touched him. After a very faint, quick burst of light, Asuma's injuries disappeared and he began to shift with a bit with a small moan before going to sleep from Castiel's prolonged touch.

"He had suffered major blood loss and organ damage," Castiel said. "It is best if he sleeps for now."

Before anything could be said, Castiel disappeared, leaving Shikamaru stunned and at a loss for words. He was unable to describe how he felt. His captain, a friend, was just brought back from the brink of inevitable death by a random stranger who could handle an immortal man with little effort. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, he silently thanked the angel who saved his captain's life. Despite this, he kept the fact that Asuma technically died in front of him at the forefront of his thoughts as well. Not only that, what happened right before him was littered with holes in most of the logic he knew. Despite that, he had to report what happened to the Hokage immediately.

Also, by this point, Ino and Choji had arrived. They quickly helped Shikamaru pick up Asuma's sleeping form while Izumo and Kotetsu helped up Shikamaru. And with that, the Ino-Shika-Cho team, Izumo, and Kotetsu left the area and headed towards the Hidden Leaf.


"I can't believe it!" Naruto exclaimed as he and his team reentered the Leaf Village. "Not only was that a dead end, but we wasted a good day on things we already knew!"

Naruto kicked a rock into the distance, upset that the mission pretty much went flat on its face the moment they asked the rice farmer's daughter, Suiko. She pretty much reiterated everything that the rumors had already said from miraculous healing abilities to resurrection.

"Naruto, not all intelligence missions end with enemy ninja ambushing or cleverly placed traps." Yamato stated. "Few are rather anti-climactic and very few are like the one we were on."

"I was pretty sure we did get a piece of evidence that we lacked before." Sai spoke up.

"I wouldn't exactly call praying for someone to come and have said person arrive that very second out of nowhere evidence." Sakura said with a frown. "It sounds like something out of a fairy tale and a bit too cheesy to include in a final report."

Team Seven took another few steps forward just to be passed by two of the squads that were sent out on the capture mission that involved two Akatsuki Members entering the Land of Fire.

"Is that, Shikamaru and Asuma-Sensei?!" Naruto asked, shocked to see them being carried back into the village.

Without a single reply having the chance to be uttered, Naruto raced after them.

"Naruto!" Sakura called out. "Ugh!"

With that, Sakura, Sai, and Yamato chased after the orange wearing knucklehead. It was not a very enjoyable thing to do in any regards. In fact, it just felt really unnecessary due to the fact that Naruto didn't need to take off like that.


Asuma laid in the hospital bed, still soundly sleeping. Naruto hovered over him, wondering what could have happened. There were no obvious injuries, which kind of worried him as even as far as he knew, there could be internal injuries. After all, he did go up against two Akatsuki Members who he was unfamiliar with.

"Naruto." Sakura said as she walked in.

"Hey." Naruto replied.

"I talked with the nurse who checked on Asuma," Sakura began, "They are saying that he is going to be completely fine. They found no injuries and surprisingly no more tar or damage in his lungs from all the cigarettes he has smoked."

"I thought that stuff didn't go away."

"It does depending on many variables. What doesn't is the damages it leaves behind. That's what has the nurses and I stumped."

Naruto thought a bit. There was something missing from the puzzle. Something that had been popping up all day long since they were on that mission.

"What if, he met that miracle guy?" Naruto proposed.

Sakura thought is over for a second, realizing that was a very solid theory. She beamed at Naruto.

"That's it!" Sakura said. "You could be onto something. However, I don't think we are going to be getting answers from Asuma-sensei anytime soon. We would have to visit Shikamaru."

"Okay then, what are we waiting for?" Naruto asked. "The sooner we get answers, the sooner we can inform Granny Tsunade and I can get back to my training!"

With that, Naruto once more raced past Sakura, eager to complete the task he had set his mind to. Sakura shook her head with a smile. Naruto would never change. Just before she could walk out the door, she heard a crash and a yelp from a lady and a "I'm sorry" that came from Naruto. Whatever just happened, Sakura honestly didn't want to know.


That encounter with the arrogant albino, Hidan, certainly had been strange. He had not expected to see a man ingest blood to activate a curse. Yet at the same time, it just didn't feel like a curse. No, he did not feel every sensation Hidan felt (which was a good thing considering how highly inappropriate it was overall considering time and place). He had only felt the injuries that Hidan inflicted on himself before they healed over thanks to his "healing factor" as Dean called it sometimes. Curses normally did not involve such barbaric behavior. Normally they were cast only for the victim to be affected, not both caster and victim. Then again, Hidan was enjoying himself a bit too much, kind of like how the babysitter was enjoying being slapped in that one show that was called "porn". Then again, he probably shouldn't be thinking about that at a time like this.

Castiel had extensive knowledge about the world his Father created, but he still didn't know everything. He knew that many worlds of different dimensions were made, but what extent they all differed was unknown due to intense focus on their Earth, Earth One. The main Earth. The one with the history of the Winchesters and Campbells. The primary Apocalypse. Heck, even with the Neanderthals and their unusual, yet superior poetry. That was the Earth Castiel knew the most about.

This one, he was not assigned to watch and guard this one. No, those angels had long been wiped out in a surprise attack that no one in the garrison foresaw. To this day, none of the angels knew who killed the garrison off; only their Father knew. All that was known to the angels was that the absence of a garrison had led to the world fall into more world wars than the main Earth. More genetic instability in the offspring due to new outsiders reproducing with the humans and one of the said aliens eating a plant that further mutated the future of this world's humanity. It got so bad that most angels never wanted to touch the planet again, even if they had lost their Grace.

Just how much has this world changed since all angel contact had been shut off? It felt surreal and far from what he was used to. He had heard stories how this Earth was one of the ones that did not try to see if they could build a tower to Heaven (which was just nonsensical), and had kept its one single language. A language similar to Earth One's Japanese with a hint of English. However, the language barrier meant nothing to Castiel, for he had the ability to understand every language stored within his mind.

Castiel watched as a rather boxy, silly looking crow fly above, squawking what sounded like "Aho! Aho!". The angel glared at the crow, seeing what it was trying to do. That was when it decided to take a crap on Castiel. Castiel stepped away just in time to watch it fall to the ground right in front of him. The crow continued to squawk in amusement as it flew away, leaving a rather unamused angel behind.

Yep, this world had changed… A lot…


Kakuzu set Hidan's unconscious form down on the moist, limestone floor of a humid, mossy cave. Once that was done, he sat down cross-legged on the floor, paying no mind to the loose rocks and wiggling, nocturnal creepy crawlies of all kinds. With a series of hand signs, he made contact with the Akatsuki Leader, Pein. Once that was done, Kakuzu found himself in the sealing area. He wasn't there physically though; instead an astral projection was there alongside the ones of the currently active members that were awake.

"Why aren't you back yet?" Pein asked. "We are about to seal the Three Tails."

"Hidan ran into some trouble and is currently unconscious." Kakuzu stated. "I have no idea when he will wake up."

"What kind of trouble?" Pein asked, the eyes of his projection narrowing dangerously.

"A man claiming to be an angel and goes by the name of Castiel. He ambushed Hidan while he was sacrificing one of my bounties." Kakuzu replied. "I do not know how he managed to accomplish it, but from what I know, he is very powerful especially if he can survive Hidan's curse."

The words caused curious looks to emerge from the astral projections all over the room. One rather irritating voice, more irritating than Hidan's, rang.

"Another immortal? That sounds totally awesome! I wonder if he's into dango!"

"Shut up, Tobi, un."

"Yes. He is indeed immortal." Kakuzu confirmed. "But what really troubles me is the fact that he said that Earthly weapons can't harm him or the vessel that he is occupying."

The word vessel brought the traitor, Orochimaru, to mind, disgusting a vast majority of the Akatsuki members. Deidara scoffed, knowing if it weren't for that snake, he would still be roaming free, doing whatever he pleased when he pleased. Itachi on the other hand, had no outwards expression other than his usual calculating, almost bored looking expression. Despite this, Itachi felt great disgust within. The idea of a vessel being used was just revolting and even too evil for the evils that the Akatsuki had committed in their attempts for Pein's idea of peace.

"If this is the case, I will send a reconnaissance mission after we are done with the sealing." Pein finally spoke up. "We do not need any more threats to interfere with our goal. For now, we will have to do the sealing without Hidan."

"Yes, leader."

With that, the sealing began…