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Flashback; about a week before the Pein Invasion…

Sasuke was sweating profusely on the straw mat he was laying on. His muscles tensing at every single sensation around him as his chakra burned inside his body. To be more precise, his shoulder where the curse mark was. Jugo, Suigetsu, and Karin looked over him with concern, wondering what was happening.

"This is not good." Karin stated as she glided her hand over Sasuke's body with a delicate flow of chakra emanating from the appendage. "He's getting worse; we have to take him to the nearest village."

"Can't you just make him bite you?" Suigetsu asked.

"I could if he weren't passed out cold like this!" Karin shouted and threw her fist at Suigetsu, only for her hand to go through the boy's now liquified body. "He is losing water fast and I don't have the equipment needed to rehydrate him."

"I bet I could rehydrate him better than you could anyways." Suigetsu mocked with a cheeky grin.

"I dare you to say that again!" Karin hissed while shaking her fist in anger.

"Guys, calm down." Jugo said. "Fighting won't help him right now."

Before anyone could reply, Sasuke's curse mark flared to life, turning a reddish-orange color. Then snakes began pouring out of it, freaking out Suigetsu and Karin the most. With every snake that emerged, a bigger one would follow until a single large snake towered over the three teens. The snake began to gag and cough up the last face anyone expected: Orochimaru. Karin nearly barfed from the snake affiliated man's grand entrance. With only adrenaline pouring through him, Suigetsu quickly pulled out the Executioner's Blade and hacked the snakes off of Sasuke's shoulder in two clean sweeps. The stump evaporated to reveal a blemish, curse mark free shoulder as the entirety of the curse mark had been used for Orochimaru's come back.

The giant snake tumbled over onto the ground, causing a large plume of dirt to rise, providing a smoke screen. When the dirt cleared, Orochimaru stood next to the dead snake calmly with his signature smirk dominating his features. However it only lasted for a few seconds as he then raised an eyebrow. Suigetsu, Karin, and Jugo had fled with Sasuke's body while the dust cloud was present. He pursed his lips a bit, not expecting them to having escape as their first go to choice. Then his smirk returned a short moment later. He figured he could use a bit of entertainment since he felt a bit bored while he was trapped within Sasuke's mind. Maybe he could pick up on a few things that he missed as well.


Present day…

Dean leaned against a tree in the forest that was not destroyed in the invasion, still sulking. He was still rightfully ticked off that Gabriel decided to dump him, his brother, and Meg in a foreign land where people could shoot fireballs as casually as men held long distance peeing contests in the high school boy's locker room, more often than not, peeing everywhere but in the urinal/toilet.

"I'm gonna thump that d**chebag if it's the last thing I ever do." Dean muttered under his breath, glaring over his shoulder as a new building rose from the ground thanks to Yamato's wood release.

Footsteps came closer to Dean, causing him to adopt more vigilance of his surroundings. While the inhabitants were willing to accept the presence of the three new arrivals, Dean did not trust them in return. He felt threatened at every turn because he knew that he could be killed with relative ease by these people.

The older Winchester turned to the direction where he heard footsteps coming from and was relieved to see that it was just Sam, who was holding two skins of water.

"Don't do that to me, Sam!" Dean exclaimed.

"Sorry." Sam said passing his extra water skin to Dean, who examined it. "Dude, it's not poisoned. I checked."

Dean sniffed the water with wariness before taking a small test sip of the water. He tasted it a bit, and once he confirmed no suspicious flavors were in the skin, Dean guzzled about an eighth of the water skin's contents. It wasn't as good as beer, but it would help him along until he could get his fix and hopefully drink out of what he considered his "crazy hallucinogenic mushroom induced dream".

"Dean, just try to be less antagonistic about this." Sam stated. "Maybe being here would do us some good."

"What good could possible come from this freakin' mess?" Dean asked, looking at Sam as if he grew a second head. "Our home could be teetering towards another apocalypse right now and we're right here, in a dumbass forest in a dumbass world, drinking water from animal skins!" Dean held up his water skin for emphasis.

"I mean we can actually think about the situation back at home without cases getting in the way." Sam cleared up. "Think of it, have we even been able to get any idea on how to deal with Metatron and the angels going to civil war with Abaddon and other things that go bump in the night breathing down our necks? We've barely figured out how to reverse Metatron's spell, and we have Gabriel to thank for what we do know. He's out there right now risking his neck trying to gather as much information as he can without being caught. He doesn't have time to pull us out of danger like Cass does."

Dean frowned a bit, wondering how Sam could draw the assumption that Gabriel was looking out for them while he was being an absolute d**k by dumping them in this crazy world. Sam, seeing the look on Dean's face, sighed.

"Look," Sam began, "Gabriel's not like the other archangels. He's not condescending nor does he hate humans. He even gave us the information we needed to lock up Lucifer when the Apocalypse first came around. If he didn't care about us or anyone for that matter, he wouldn't have told us about the Four Horsemen Rings."

"Alright, I will give this world one chance to prove that it's not some sort of crappy hell hole." Dean stated, raising a single finger. "If it does anything that I don't like, then I'm getting on the next train out of Funky Town."

With that, Dean stood up completely and stretched a bit, popping a few joints. Then a mist began to settle in, making him feel a bit sleepy. He looked over to find that Sam looked ready to topple over.

"What the hell?" Dean asked as he rubbed his droopy eyes. "Where's this freakin' mist coming from?"

A thud sounded, causing Dean to jerk a bit. Sam had passed out from the gases in the mist and before Dean knew it, he had joined Sam into a dark, quiet slumber right next to a now empty can with a nozzle for releasing gas.


Castiel helped Yamato to his feet as what could have been the fifth house in succession to go up thanks to Yamato's wood style. Yamato looked drained and was on the verge of passing out from the overuse of his chakra.

"I think that's enough wood erection for now." Meg commented with a bit of a smirk. "I think Clarence and I can get the rest of this neighborhood."

Castiel gave a bit of a confused look. Rarely had he seen the demon being kind to a random person she barely knew. Sure, she had commented that she had a bit of good in her, but he had never considered it affecting her this much. It was weird, but in a good way. It meant that she was still a friend and a few other things that only Castiel himself knew.

Yamato nodded, and got back on his feet. He then walked off to find somewhere to rest and recover his chakra so he could continue help rebuild the village.

Meg picked up a large plank of wood from the cart that Yamato had created earlier and thrust it into one of the recently finished foundations with her demonic strength, startling some of the nearby civilians who were also working on rebuilding other sections of the village.

"Uh, miss?" one villager asked, eyeing the impaled foundation nervously, "Are you sure you know how to build a house?"

"As sure as I know how to be a good little demon for the good little villager." Meg said as she let her eyes flicker to black long enough for the villager to notice and walk away shivering.

About an hour or two later of attempting to build a house, Meg and Castiel had finished. Needless to say, it looked horrible; worse than what a first year construction student could pull off. It was basically a two meter high wooden box that had been thrusted into stone with very little features aside from square holes and a very, very simple looking door that only used hinges and a plank of wood.

When Yamato came by to check on the two, he was shocked at what he saw. He looked at Castiel and Meg, to which the former looked very confused and the latter who was just smiling.

Yamato sighed and said, "Why don't you two find something else to do?"

Meg shrugged and took Castiel's hand before taking off. Castiel now knew what Meg was doing and he was pretty sure that it had to do with their promise to "move furniture around" if the twinkle in Meg's eye was anything to go by. Too bad they couldn't exactly order pizza the way people did. Instead, they would have to make it, which might be even better. After all, making a pizza was easier than making a house.


Dean's vision slowly returned to him as he began to awaken from his gas induced sleep. Once his vision fully returned, he realized he was in a very dim, damp cell and was bound by iron shackles to the wall (which had meter long chains to allow some movement).

Dean tugged on the chains that bound his wrists, finding that they were mostly secure in the old wall.

"Sam?" Dean shouted as he squinted his eyes, trying to see in the poorly lit cell "Can you hear me?" No response. "Sammy! … Son of a b****!"

The sound of footsteps echoed from a distance away and steadily got closer and closer. Dean saw a silhouette of a person holding the unconscious body of his brother. The cell door opened and Dean tried to make a run for the figure to beat up who he was pretty sure the one who captured him and his brother. However, the chains were not long enough for him to complete his current wish. He wound up falling flat on his face instead, causing the figure to let out a rather creepy, psychotic, light chuckle, identifying the figure as a male. The figure walked over to a set of chains and began shackling Sam was carrying to them.

"You should rest," the figure said with a smooth, chilling voice that sent shivers down Dean's neck, "I don't want one of my test subjects lessening his chances of survival."

Dean gave a horrified look at the figure, wondering if someone slipped a mickey into his water earlier.

"Just who the hell are you, you sick b******?" Dean asked, his voice laced in disgust. "What did you do to Sam?!"

"My name is Orochimaru," the figure said, getting close enough to Dean to show what he looked like completely, followed by stroking Dean's chin, causing great discomfort in the older Winchester, "You two are one of the greats anomalies I have ever seen. To live with no chakra running through your bodies and have no side effects; it is something that should be impossible."

Orochimaru then licked his own face with his freakishly long tongue, causing Dean to gag a bit on his own vomit.

"Go burn in Hell, sicko." Dean spat with a highly disgusted cringe on his visage. "And take that freaky, long ass tongue with you!"

"And not learn more about your conditions?" Orochimaru asked. "You two could open doors to new territory; techniques that are unheard of. Well, that is if you survive."

"Tell me what you did to Sam, now!" Dean shouted.

"Oh and ruin the surprise?" Orochimaru asked with a twisted smirk. "You'll find out soon; after all, you will be getting the same tests right now."

With that, Dean found a sedative needle in his arm. He began fighting to stay awake, but the drug was too strong and he fell into a deep sleep.


After days of running, Karen, Suigetsu, and Jugo came into viewing range of Uree-Mura. It was a good sign for Sasuke's well being. It meant that the Hidden Leaf Village was not too far away now. While the group had initially fought over if it was a good idea to take Sasuke's back to the village he had defected from, it became apparent that they would be risking Sasuke's deteriorating health as none of the villages could claim they had someone in the same caliber as Tsunade, the one who could dare to do delicate life saving procedures.

At that moment, a little girl ran up to the group. She then spotted Sasuke's limp form and said, "You can lay him down in our home."

"Sorry, kid, but Sasuke needs a doctor not a bed." Suigetsu said.

"But I can pray for someone to come and make him better." the girl said.

Karin made a face while Suigetsu barked out a laugh. Jugo remained silent, not really sure how to respond to such optimism.

"That's cute." Suigetsu remarked, wiping a faux tear from his eye. "Now get out of our way."

The girl refused. Instead she spoke to seemingly no one, "Castiel, there's a boy who needs you. He won't wake up and will die if no one helps him."

Suigetsu was pretty much getting at the end of his rope. Before he could even grasp his Executioner's Blade, the sound of feathers ruffling tickled everyone's ears. The girl smiled and greeted the new arrival with the name Castiel. He looked at Sasuke and approached him, causing Karin to become very defensive and protective of her unconscious crush.

"Don't come any closer towards Sasuke." Karin said as she stepped back with Sasuke's body, taking the sudden and impossible appearance of a strange, trench-coat-wearing man as a situation requiring caution.

"I don't intend to harm him." Castiel spoke as he followed Karin.

Suigetsu, thinking that Castiel was some sort of threat as well, pulled out the Executioner's Blade and swung it at Castiel. The blade made contact with his left shoulder blade, cutting a huge chunk of it off. Instead of making him suffer from the pain, Castiel just stopped and turned his head at Suigetsu with a look similar to the one Sasuke gave him when he was told not to kill. Suigetsu, Karin, and Jugo watch speechlessly as Castiel's shoulder and trench coat mended themselves at inhuman (relative to this world) speed; way faster than a Jinchuriki's regeneration with clothes mending as an added bonus.

Castiel then raised his left hand and sent the Executioner's Blade flying. Suigetsu was not amused while Karin was dumbfounded. She had not felt chakra present in the ability Castiel had used. She felt something else; a pure energy that was laced in sadness and self-loathing and the desire for redemption that moved like waves of all kinds. It most certainly did not feel sexy like Sasuke's chakra or disgusting like Suigetsu's chakra; it just felt like it was just there and misplaced.

Karin then felt her body become stiff, along with Suigetsu. Jugo was spared from this due to being shy and still in control of himself. Suigetsu struggled against the stiffness to realize it was not coming from himself, but the newcomer.

"He's not going to hurt your friend." the girl said, "He's going to heal him, just like he did for me and the other villagers."

Castiel placed two fingers on Sasuke's unconscious head, despite the death glare Karin was giving him. A small burst of white light emanated from Castiel's fingertips, causing Sasuke to wake up instantly with a bit of shock on his face as if someone actually managed to startle him awake. He also fell out of Karin's arms due to jolting up in the process of awakening, which Suigetsu would have snickered at, but was currently awed by the fact some random stranger that a girl prayed for healed his teammate. Karin was also a bit surprised by this but was more focused on the fact Sasuke fell to the ground and was checking to make sure no funny business was going on with him.

"Sasuke, are you alright?!" Karin asked as she squatted on the ground the moment the invisible hold on her was released.

"I'm fine." Sasuke said coldly, "Where am I?"

"You are in Uree-mura," the girl said.

Sasuke looked at the girl and then Castiel, who was still standing over him. That was when he rose an eyebrow. He saw a pair of feathered, golden wings that faded to white towards the tips. It was odd. Sure, he had seen people who looked really weird before, but this was the first instance he had seen someone with giant dove-esque wings, wearing a strange looking trench coat.

"Who are you?" Sasuke asked, narrowing his eyes.

"I am Castiel." Castiel said. "I healed you from your severe dehydration and internal damages that were located around your shoulder area."

"Hold on," Karin butted in as she adjusted her glasses. "How you know that there was internal damages? From what I saw there was no bleeding, bruising, or broken bones."

"Your senses are too dull to detect them." Castiel stated simply.

"Excuse me?!" Karin asked, sounding highly offended. "I am a sensor type and I know my senses are sharp!"

"I don't mean chakra sensing." Castiel replied, getting what she meant by "sensor type". "I meant sensing changes and damages on the molecular level."

Karin's left eye twitched with anger. She threw her fist at Castiel, aiming to strike him right in the head. However, that did not happen. Instead, Castiel caught her fist and with his telekinesis, threw the redhead girl back several feet. Suigetsu and Jugo were about to move in to protect Karin and Sasuke when Castiel grabbed Sasuke's wrist and disappeared with the sound of flapping wings. Suigetsu, Karin, and Jugo gave astonished looks at the spot were the two were mere seconds ago.

Karin rushed up to the little girl and grabbed her by the collar of her clothes.

"Where did he take Sasuke?" Karin asked.

"I don't know." the girl said. "Castiel disappears a lot. He could be anywhere."

"Karin, hurting the little girl won't help us." Jugo said. "We need to find Sasuke ourselves."

Karin's eyes went back to the little girl. She really wanted to beat the girl for summoning Castiel but at the same time, Jugo had a point. So, she dropped the little girl and ran off with the remaining members of Team Hebi.


Dean's eyes once more reopened. Instead of being in the cell, he was strapped to a makeshift operating table. He yanked on his restraints, trying to get them to budge, but they were too strong. He looked around and saw jars of floating eyeballs, jars of blood, test tubes that were filled with disgusting white goop, a mass of tissue that was pulsing ever so often, and so many other gross things that screamed "this is a crappy, low budget lab".

The eldest Winchester then looked down at his own body and found that he was still wearing his clothes and not some stupid scrubs. Despite that relief, he did find wires going from underneath his clothes all the way to some monitors that displayed his vitals. He tried to read what they said, but immediately groaned when he realized it was written in Japanese. While Gabriel gave him and Sam understanding of the language, he just could not help, but be reminded of that stupid game show the jerky archangel threw them into.

After minutes of examining what crazy thing that Fate decided it was a good idea to through the Winchesters into, Orochimaru entered the room with some needles, a clipboard, and miscellaneous tools that doctors would use like stethoscopes.

"What are you going to do?" Dean asked flatly, "Play a psychopathic version of Dr. Sexy?"

"Oh I intend to play a bit." Orochimaru said, invading Dean's personal space in a disturbing manner, not the awkward manner that Castiel pulled off every now and again. "Now tell me, where do you want to start?"

"I would like you to start by letting Sam and I go, bast***!" Dean exclaimed.

"Oh, sorry. No can do." Orochimaru nearly purred. "But what I can do is collect some samples."

Orochimaru plunged a needle into Dean's thigh and began extracting blood from him. Once the needle was full, he removed the needle and set it down on a lab tray that was next to him. Orochimaru then picked up a knife and sliced open the right leg of Dean's jeans. Then came the painful part. The snake themed man then sliced off a swath of skin that included all three layers and was about two inches by three inches. Needless to say, Dean was biting down on his lip to stop himself from screaming like a little girl. And much to Dean's surprise, Orochimaru then applied what looked like alcohol to the wound and wrapped it up with a piece of cloth that was lying around.

"If you did this to my brother, I swear I will kick your ass!" Dean spat.

"Big talk for someone who can't even kick." Orochimaru commented with a chuckle. "Oh don't worry, I made sure I gave him the same treatments I am giving you now, only he was still sleeping."

Orochimaru then walked over to a pile of small sheets of paper. He picked one up and began focusing on it. Dean just stared at the man, wondering what he was doing. Orochimaru noticed this and looked very intrigued.

"Interesting." Orochimaru stated. "This tag was supposed to put you into a genjutsu, but apparently, your lack of chakra gives you immunity as well."

Dean seethed. He had enough of this crazy man. Deciding it was now or never due to Orochimaru's arsenal of drugs and medical torture stuff, he hastily said out loud "Cass, a sicko named Orochimaru-".

Before Dean could finish his version of a prayer, another needle plunged into him. This time it was in the chest and it was filled with a substance that had a very faint glow to it. As the strange stuff got pushed into him, Dean could feel a burning sensation in the area as it spread underneath his skin. It became so much that he passed out. The last thing he saw was the insane look on Orochimaru's face.

'Screw you, Oroch...' was Dean's last thought before falling into a dreamless slumber.



Sasuke came a to stumble after landing next to Castiel. That pseudo-flight, teleportation thing that Castiel had done caught him completely off guard, which just does not happen, especially after training under Orochimaru for three years. He glared at Castiel and was ready to strike him when he heard a familiar voice that sent cold, dark vibes through Sasuke's heart.

"Castiel, Sasuke I did not expect to see you."

It was Itachi (without his Akatsuki cloak, but the boy didn't care about that). Sasuke's soul broiled with rage. Castiel had brought him to his brother without any hint or notice while he was still weak from Orochimaru's escape through the curse mark.

Seeing Sasuke's rage, Itachi gave a sad look, confusing the younger Uchiha. Something was wrong, and he could feel it. He had anticipated that every time he crossed paths with his older brother, they would fight until one of them was covered in blood and sweat that held the taste of hatred whenever a drop soiled their tongues.

"Why did you bring me here?" Sasuke spat at Castiel.

"When I heard that your name was Sasuke, I wanted to help you." Castiel stated.

Sasuke spoke no words, but rather conveyed his thoughts with a glare. Castiel sighed, this was not going to be easy for anyone.

"I don't want what happened between me and my siblings to happen to you." Castiel added on, "You need your brother."

Sasuke continued to glare. He didn't give two craps about what happened to Castiel and his family. He only wanted to see Itachi dead at his feet. He wanted to avenge his clan. He wanted whatever would bring him peace of mind and guarantee that his suffering would stop.

"No, I don't." Sasuke said with his voice sounding colder than ice laced in venom. "And I will prove it by killing him!"

Sasuke, with shuriken in hand, lunged for his older brother, rage and fury burning behind his pupils as if they were the windows to Hell. Itachi bowed his head, closing his eyes, waiting for the hit. Sasuke released the hand-held weapons at his brother's jugular vein with all of his strength behind them. The shuriken embedded themselves in the intended body part, but Sasuke was not happy. No, he was irritated. Castiel had taken the hit instead of Itachi by teleporting in front of the older Uchiha.

"Why are you defending him?" Sasuke demanded. "He murdered my clan! He hates me!"

Castiel cast a look at Itachi. The two held a silent conversation with their eyes. The angel nodded eventually, and Itachi sighed.

"Sasuke, it's time you learned the truth…" Itachi began, confusing his younger brother.

"Truth?" Sasuke asked, "The only thing that is true here is that you're a monster!"

Itachi closed his eyes, holding back the tears that had wanted to come out for several years. It was hard, but he managed. Despite this, his voice did not waver, "That was a cover…"

Sasuke made a face that Castiel could consider the cousin of Sam's b***h face. Well if the face Sam occasionally made was a b***h face. Only in this case, it was angrier and more expressive.

"Sixteen years ago, after the Nine Tailed Fox attacked the village," Itachi began, making Sasuke raise an irritated eyebrow, "People realized that the tailed beast was controlled by an Uchiha after seeing a Mangekyo Sharingan in its eyes. They started to fear us and our Sharingan and placed the entire clan in one place for monitoring purposes."

At this point, Sasuke's curiosity was perked. Sure, he was positive that most of the stuff his brother was saying was bullcrap, but he wanted to see how far this would go. In Castiel's case, the angel was listening as this was an event he had not heard of yet.

"Many of our clan grew restless and desired change. Our father began planning a coup and wanted me to be within the ANBU ranks to gather sensitive information." Itachi continued, "It wasn't before long that Danzo picked up on everything and attacked Shisui for his ability to alter the mind of multiple people at once. Shisui then entrusted his left eye to me for protection and killed himself. Days later, I was presented with two options from Danzo..."

Sasuke listened to the two options that had been given to his brother and felt a bit of something deep in his heart. He wasn't sure what it was as most of his feelings had revolved around hating his brother for majority of his life. One thing for certain was he did not approve of the two options as both meant death for his entire family either way.

"Please understand what I did was to protect you and motivate you." Itachi spoke after finishing the truth. "It was necessary."

Those words were ones that Sasuke wanted to refuse believing. He shook his head as he backed away a bit, his perception of everything turning upside down. He wanted to believe this was a trap with the sole purpose of giving him a sense of false security.

"Sasuke, are you alright?" Itachi asked as he approached his younger brother, reaching towards him.

"Stay away from me!" Sasuke shouted, trying to cope with the inner turmoil as he covered his eyes to protect them.

"Sasuke, I am not going to take your eyes." Itachi stated.

Sasuke's hands moved a bit down, but were still close enough to his eyes to move them back into their previous position should the need arise. Instead of what he expected, he found two fingertips being nudged into his forehead a bit roughly. They were Itachi's. Memories of times Itachi poking his forehead flooded his mind. The gesture had been used playfully by his older brother to show his love for his little brother. It had been so long since his brother had done this that he had forgot what had happened that very last time he poked his forehead.

Itachi removed his fingers from Sasuke's forehead, and said, "If you need time to process this, I understand."

Before Sasuke could respond, Castiel had went from what could be considered "calmer than any human could ever hope to pull off" to a bit of worry spreading across his visage. Itachi noticed this and gave a nearly invisible questioning look.

"Dean just prayed and sounded very distressed." Castiel spoke.

"Why don't you just go to him?" Sasuke asked a bit rudely, still trying to keep some distance from Itachi.

"It's not as simple as the little girl who prayed for me to heal you." Castiel replied, ignoring Sasuke's bad attitude. "I put sigils on Dean to keep angels from sensing him years ago. Not only that, his prayer was cut off too quickly for him to give the location. All I got was the name of what I presume is his captor."

"Who was it?" Itachi asked.

"He said, and I quote "a sicko named Orochimaru"." Castiel said. "I fail to understand how someone who is sick was able to capture him, though."

"Orochimaru?" Itachi asked and glanced at Sasuke, "Didn't you kill him?"

"Yes, but he somehow managed to revive himself while inside me." Sasuke said with a straight face.

Itachi understood what Sasuke meant and felt that Orochimaru had crossed the line. He turned to Castiel and said, "I have a list of bases he has. I am not sure which one he is likely to be in."

"I know of one. It is the one near the Village Hidden in the Grass." Sasuke spoke, being surprisingly helpful considering his bad attitude, "We had abandoned it after my former teammates caused heavy damages. He probably went back, assuming no one would look for him there now."

"Do you have a map of where it is located?" Castiel asked.

Instead of saying yes or no, Sasuke pulled out a map and pointed to the area of the base, which had been marked. Without warning, Castiel grabbed the map and teleported away, leaving the two Uchiha brothers behind. The Seraph could only hope that they could talk things out without weapons at this point.


Chatter echoed off the dark, torch lit walls. Voices speaking of what was to happen next. Gabriel gripped his blade as he pressed himself against the backside of one of the walls, hiding himself from the ones speaking. His brows were furrowed with curiosity, wondering what little "ingenious" plan was being cooked up now.

"I assure you that all will go as smooth as possible." one voice said, "Sure there maybe one or two minor things such as a cosmic temper tantrum, but I promise that you won't even get a scratch in the process."

"I better not die." another spoke, "I have already had to deal with two of your kind and I do not wish to add another threat towards my village to the list."

"As long as you're compatible, you'll be just fine." a third voice said, obviously sounding a bit irritated, "Now let's get on with what we came here to do so I never have to work with either of you again. Especially, you."

Gabriel tried to keep silent as he moved closer and closer to the edge of the wall to get a better look of the situation. He already knew who was talking and was a bit surprised that two of the voices were ones he was sure he left in his funhouse dimension. He turned his head a bit and saw the owner of the first voice painting sigils on a cage with blood. Gabriel became alarmed, an occurrence that rarely happened. The three dumbasses were trying to release someone who should never be released again. He wanted to crash the idiot trio's idea of a party, but stopped himself. He wasn't suicidal this time. He was needed to help fix the damages that had been caused, after all, that was why he was brought back. Sure, he still stood by the fact that not many should know he was alive and kicking again, but he was sure that was not going to last for much longer.

'I need to get this back to little Cassie, the Winchesters, and their pet demons.' Gabriel thought.

Just as Gabriel was about to tip toe his way out of the tomb-esque segment of Hell, he was forced against a wall. He winced as he heard the wall behind him nearly shatter from the impact. When he opened his eyes, he came face to face with the ugliest demon he had ever seen. He would point it out, but he didn't have a death wish at the moment.

"Looks like we got a fly on the wall that needs to be squashed." the owner of the third voice said as Gabriel eye's met the eyes of a powerful black-eyed demon.