Boltons were one of the families in the North. Roose Bolton, the lord of the house, had a son Demeric who died in a battle. He also had a twelve year old daughter Barbara. After Demeric died, Roose gave more attention to his bastard eighteen year old son Ramsay. Ramsay was a sadist. He used to torture both his enemies and innocent people in his room down in the basement.
One day Barbara was reading in her room when Roose came in. "You were supposed to be in the main Hall half an hour ago!" he screamed at her and came closer. You disobeyed me for the last time, Barbara!" his hand flew in the air and hit her face hard leaving a big red mark on it. Barbara screamed in pain and the tears ran over her face. It wasn't the first time that lord Bolton hit Barbara. She tried to hide tears in front of her father. When her father left the room Barbara got up and looked herself in the mirrow. "This will be a huge bruise" she sighed. Suddenly she heard strange noices and screams coming form down the hallway. Hesitately, she left her room and went down the hallway. The screams were coming behind the great wooden door. Barbara noticed that they were slightly opened so she opened them a little more and came in. She was on top of the stairs which were leading to the basement. The screams were even louder. Barbara quietly came closer and saw Ramsay in front of a man who was hanged upside down on the large wooden x like boards. "Just like on our house banner!" Barbara thought to herself. "I hope you've learned your lesson" Ramsay said to the hanged man who was barely alive. When Ramsay moved a little bit, Barbara could have seen that the man's face was skinned alive. Ramsay kept on skinning the man with his knife when he accidentaly hit the artery on the neck. The man's blood started to spurt. "But we only started to have some fun!" Ramsay yelled angrily. The man was soon dead. Barbara was both grosed and fascinated. When Ramsay started to turn around, Barbara quickly and quietly ran to the door.
Later that night Barbara was laying in her bed. Her face was bruised. She was expecting to see Ramsay at any moment now. She thought he will come and punish her for watching him. She thought he will be angry just like her father. But Ramsay didn't come.

Next day Barbara was in the courtyard and she was practicing with the bow. She coudn't hit the target straight in the middle. Ramsay was watching her from a distance. He came closer and said "You aren't holding your bow right, let me show you" He adjusted the bow in her hand. Barbara shot an arrow closely to the middle of the target. "Thank you, Ramsay" Barbara smiled. He whispered to Barbara :"By the way, I know you were watching me yesterday" Ramsay grined and walked away. Barbara was standing there shocked.

Later that night she was laying in her bed when the door opened. Ramsay came in the room and said "Do you want to go and have some fun with me?" he smiled.
"I should be sleeping, father will be mad.."
"Oh don't you worry about father, he won't know"
Barbara hasitately got up fron the bed and put on lether trousers. she was still in her night shirt. "OK, lets go." Ramsay took Barbara to his torture room. There was a man hanged on boards. "We are going to flay him" Ramsay laughed. "Please m'lord, please let me go" The man begged.
"Now, take this knife"
Ramsay put a knife in Barbara's hand.
"Now remove his skin like this" The man screamed in pain. After some time the man was flayed. Barbara felt like she will throw up but she couldn't show weakness.
"You were very good Barbara" Ramsay pat her shoulder. "Now go to sleep" Barbara nod her head and went back to her bedroom. She felt terrible. She tried to fall asleep but she just couldn't. The picture of a flayed man was stuck in her head.