One morning, Ramsay was walking down the hallway. He was going to Barbara's chambers. When he entered he saw Elena sitting by the desk and writing.
"A wildling who can write?" Ramsay laughed.
"What are you writing?"
Elena tried to hide what she was writing.
"That's none of your business m'lord!"
"I should have flayed you when I found you" Ramsay frowned and pushed Elena away from the table. He took the paper and read. He raised his look to Elena.
"You have something about me beating Barbara?"
"My lord, that is not..." Ramsay looked very angry.
"Would you like to take a beating for her?"
Ramsay yelled. "Well, would you!?"
He came closer and hit Elena in the stomach. He threw her on floor and started to kick her.
Barbara came in. "What are you doing!?" Barbara asked shocked.
"Your servant wrote a letter to someone that I'm beating you!" Ramsay was still angry.
"It's my duty to punish her, not your." Barbara said and went to help Elena to get up.
"Fine, but keep her in check in the future, or I'll deal with it" Ramsay said and left the room.
"My Lady you deserve better than this! You are no doll nor a hawk trained to do his bidding! You can be so much more without him!"
"I need no saving, Elena" Barbara made Elena sit down. "Are you ok?"
"I will be fine, m'lady"
"Please consider my words m'lady, he crossed the boundaries."
Barbara ignored Elena. "I will call someone to look at your wounds."

Next day Barbara was practicing with bow. She hit straight into a target.
"Nice shot!" a man behind her said.
"Who are you?" Barbara turned to the man.
"The name is Aldwin, m'lady, I'm a sellsword in you brother's army."
"Well Aldwin, care to join me? How about we make a small competition?"
"I can't say no to a lady!" He smiled.
"If I win you have to clean the kennel." Barbara laughed. "And if I win I get to kiss you." Aldwin grined.
"Deal!" Barbara said and readied an arrow. She hit the target straight in the middle. Aldwin readied his arrow and strucked Barbara's arrow in half. "I guess I won!" He smiled. He lean forward and kissed Barbara. Barbara was shocked. "You jerk, you cannot win after only one shot!"
"Well look at it. I splintered your arrow in half. Such skill should be rewarded."
Barbara said nothing and went back to her chambers. The whole night she thought about what happend in the courtyard.

Barbara woke up in the morning, got dresses and went outside. She was in stables by her horse when Aldwin came to her.
"For you m'lady." he smiled. Barbara looked at his hand. He was holding a bundle of half dead herbs.
"That's a medicinal herb not a flower." she couldn't hide the smile.
"Well I think it's pretty" he grined and added
"Can I ride with you m'lady?"
Barbara hesitated. "Well alright" Barbara said and mounted the black horse. They rode the whole day and came back in the evening. Barbara realised she had fun and that she slightly likes this sellsword.

That night she was in her room polishing her dagger when the door slightly opened.
"Ramsay, I'm not in the mood today." Barbara said without looking at the door.
"So I guess the rumors about you are true." Aldwin laughed and closed the doors behind him. "What are you doing here!?" she was suprised to see him here. "You can get cought!" she added.
"It's a risk I'm willing to take" he smiled and came closer to Barbara. "Nice dagger you have there."
"And I will stick it in your belly if you don't leave!" Barbara frowned.
"Oh will you?" he smiled and kissed Barbara.
Barbara pushed him of. "I can't do this!"
"Why not?" Aldwin smiled and gently grabbed her hand.
"Because I love Ramsay." she said and freed her hand. "You must go now." Barbara pushed him from her room. "Alright, alright; I'm going!" he smiled and left the room. Barbara watched him leave as she realised they weren't alone. A guard has seen everything. He quickly ran to the Great Hall. "Oh fuck.." Barbara thought to herself.