"What should I do now?" Barbara thought to herself. She was scared. She gathered all of her strenght and went toward the Great Hall. When she got there she saw Ramsay and that guard who saw her. They were quietly talking.
"Ah my dear sister" Ramsay turned to the guard "Leave us!" The guard quickly left the Hall. Ramsay got up and came to Barbara.
"I should feed you to the hounds, you know that?" He frowned and yelled:"How could you cheat on me!?" His hand flew in the air and hit Barbara so hard that she fell on ground.
"Wait Ramsay, nothing happend really!"
"You think I believe you!?" he shouted and hit Barbara few more times. Her face was bloody. He continued to hit her.
"You are MINE!"
"I never cheated on you, I love you .." Barbara said quietly and spit some blood on the floor. Ramsay hit Barbara few more times in the face and then he got up. He started to kick her. Barbara's screams echoed in the Hall. The blood was everywhere. Ramsay stopped hitting her. He got on his knees and held her in his arms.
"You know I didn't want to hurt you?" Ramsay smiled and whipped the blood of Barbara's lips. "I know.." Barbara could hardly speak.
"I love you, Ramsay.." she spoke quietly and spit some more blood.
"Don't you die on me Barbara!" Ramsay was struggling. "Fetch the maestar!" Ramsay shouted when he saw Elena on the door. Elena quickly ran to the maestar's chambers. Few moments later the maestar was next to Barbara. "Take her to her bed" he said and took some herbs, bandages and needles.
"I did my best" he said after some time "but she probably won't survive the night. She has internal bleeding." Ramsay looked devastated and so did Elena. They both entered Barbara's chambers and sat by her bed.
"I'm sorry Barbara.." Ramsay said and held her hand. Barbara said nothing. She stopped moving. "No!" Ramsay yelled. Barbara was dead.

Everyone gathered in the courtyard for the funeral. Barbara's body was burning. Ramsay was standing in front of it. The fire reflected in his blue eyes.

That a servant brought a meal to Ramsay's chambers. "He stood by the window and drank some wine.
"What happens to me now, m'lord?"
Elena asked from the door.
"I don't know" Ramsay seemed like he wasn't in the mood to talk.
"It's your fault, you killed her."
"You wish to die too?" Ramsay frowned.
Suddenly he started to choke. He fell on floor and tried to get some air.
"I poisoned your wine, m'lord" Elena grined.
"I should have done it years ago."
Elena said and kicked Ramsay few times. Soon he stopped moving. Elena closed the door of his chambers and went to the stables. She mounted a black steed and rode into the night.

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