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Prologue: What was and what is to be

The day your kids leave for school is usually a proud and sad day for parents all around. For Andrew and Natalie Turner this day was no exception as they watched their second child standing at attention during the ceremony. They too were standing erect and hands at their sides, their eyes were staring straight ahead. But they could still see him out of the corner of their eyes, their boy was overly tall and stood out amongst his peers. The fact that he was a leader in his training division put him ahead of most of the other Pilot applicants also helped identify his location.

Former Lt. Commander Natalie Turner felt her chest swell with pride as she heard the orator announce one other division along with her son's. The man listed several achievements that the two divisions had made, and how it would follow through their career. She knew how it really went and had tuned out the man three sentences in. Her husband was doing his best to stay at attention and corral the other two children they had brought with them. They were all adults, but just bored adults since they had been here for at least an hour and a half so far.

With her attention brought back to the graduation floor again she fought back a smile to see him in his dress uniform and how crisp it was. The very striking resemblance to his father was not lost on her, and she knew that the boy would make her proud.

After the three hours of heat in the god forsaken stands the families were allowed to go and greet their honored graduates. The new pilots were instructed to stay in parade rest until found by someone. Finding the new Ensign Turner was easy in this swarm of people, and with the size of Andrew it made it easy to plow a path to their son.

When they spotted him he snapped off a crisp salute, his polished shoes clicking together when the heels collided. Andrew and Natalie returned the salutes and broke it to bring him into a group hug that threatened to kill the younger man.

"I'm so proud of you, boy!" Andrew stated as he squeezed his son a bit tighter. "I knew you would do well." He seemed to pause as he looked at his wife. "Her though…"

He was cut off from a sharp elbow to the gut. He coughed and spluttered, but still managed to keep a smile on his face as he leaned on one of his daughters for support. The girl only rolled her eyes as she helped steady her dad.

"I only missed you, it's hard being away for so long you know?" She ran a hand over his shoulders. Flattening imaginary creases and brushing away fake dust. "Remember that you need to keep one set of these handy at all times."

"I know, mum."

"Keep your shoes polished at all times." She continued.

"I know, mum."

"Also always-"

"I think he understands, dear." Andrew interrupted with a hand on her shoulder. She snapped out of her thoughts and looked at her husband. Her eyes wandering over his uniform and stopping at the ribbon rack for a few moments.

"Right, well. Shall we head to dinner? We know a place that should be fit for an IMC Pilot." Her smile was large and toothy. David was slightly worried.


David stared across the small container of a dropship he was in. With one last sigh he looked down at the photo he was gripping tightly. It was the day he had graduated Pilot training and was with his family before he was sent to action. Eight months sure had rocketed by and had left a somewhat bitter taste in his mouth.

"Pilots! We would like to point out that this is the first operation for both Lieutenants Turner and Blythe." A gravelly voice shouted out as the man who owned it paced down the center of the dropship's interior. His comments were followed by a few chuckles and Turner felt his gear get jostled a little by the pilot next to him.

"But remember, we are now dropping into an active combat zone. The IMC Argonaut was the closest in system and we are the Heavy First Reaction team. Frontier Militia have been spotted here and they are requesting immediate assistance." The man, Captain Tapley, turned to look at the flight station. "While the other Pilots need to go and finish drying their nail polish, we of Hazard squad hit the dirt hard and fast. Destroying any resistance we find. So when the next wave of Pilots and troops hit planetside they will have a secure foothold."

A holo map generated behind him and he turned to highlight a few points.

"Satellite images put four Atlas class and two Stryder class Titans in this location, locking down an old IMC armory that was supposed to be decommissioned this year." He looked up at the pilots. "I do not need to explain why the M-Cor getting access to hundreds of weapons and thousands of rounds sounds like a bad idea, do I?" Silence greeted him so he nodded.

"This will be our insertion point." An orange spot blinked to life, two hundred feet above the armory. "You will use your kits to land and start to wreak havoc amongst the Titans and any other ground forces. Troop drop pods will supplement you with infantry support." Another spot blinked a few hundred feet away.

"This is their landing zone, sixteen Titans stand guard over what is left of the fighter and Titan weapons depot. They hit it first and they hit it hard." He turned off the map. "We will secure the first location and use that as a staging ground for the rest to enter unharmed. We will then follow Rail and Manhattan squads into action towards the vehicle depot. Any questions? No? Good."

"Dropping into atmo!" The dropship pilot called before the ship started rumbling rather roughly.

The rumbling cut off quickly and was replaced by the howling of the winds passing the dropship as the side hatch flew open. David made note that they were still amongst the clouds and if the rising feeling he was getting in his stomach and his boots automatically activating their magnetic clamps told him anything. It was that they were in a controlled freefall, right over a group of Titans. Where was the approval from the safety officer on this joyride to Hell? He refrained from asking the question out loud.

When they broke cloud cover he could here dull booms barely over the screaming wind. Had they passed through a thunder cloud?

Two fighter craft in a nose dive past them told him that no, those were sonic booms as their air support passed them. Well that was somewhat comforting to know that they weren't going to be the only targets on the M-Cor's to-do list.

Lifting up his arm to expand his wrist mounted tac-pad he gazed at the display through his visor. It filed through several settings before displaying their drop trajectory and the ground. Two extra blips were moving faster than they were and he was slightly worried. They banked up quickly and two larger red blips vanished as their EM signatures died in nuclear balls of fire.

"Our air support knocked out two of their Atlas class Titans! The rest are ours!" The Captain yelled into the comm unit, nearly deafening anyone who wasn't prepared for the loud man. Only David Turner and Bethany Blythe went to turn their audio dampeners up. "Who wants to be the first out? Lieutenant Turner is volunteering? Way to show some initiative out here!"

Turner was not ready to be nearly thrown out of the rapidly descending aircraft. As he tumbled out of the hatch he realized with some morbid satisfaction that at least the craft had stopped before he had been shoved. He knew who it was that shoved him, that stupid prick White. If he survived this he would get him back for it, that was his silent vow as he righted himself in his descent.

He prayed in thanks to whatever God his parents tried to teach him existed, because the moment he readjusted himself a 40mm shell whistled past him and into the side of the dropship. He could here the crew cursing over the team comms.

He watched as one of the last two Atlas Titans tried realigning it's weapon as it was going to take another shot at the tiny target. David activated his boost kit and in a more graceful flailing maneuver he avoided another slug. By this point with his head start with a shove and gravity working in his favor, he was easily in the safe zone as he tried to slow himself down enough where he wouldn't smear on either the Atlas or the ground.

His decision soon became the Atlas as it started to backpedal in order to sight him again and kill him. With a newfound battle cry he activated his booster again and lost all the air in his lungs as he slammed into the armored hull of the Atlas.

"Mother fucking… Ow!" David groaned as air returned and he could see more things than the black spots swimming in his eyes. Presence returned to him as he remembered he was currently mounted on a very agitated piloted Atlas. His helmet snapped up to see the burning red optics of the Titan glowing at him.

Thinking quickly he reached into his kit and produced the first thing he grabbed, his Ice-pick hack knife. Not even caring he jammed the weapon into the largest of the optics and felt the whole frame recoil in what he guessed was surprised. Not wasting this opportunity he scrambled to the top and over to the rear so he could look for a maintenance hatch.

His search was rewarded soon as he spotted the manual release that led to the core and with the bucking machine beneath him he managed to disengage it and tossed it away from his new ride. The Pilot by this point had enough of this IMC Pilot's shit and started to disembark.

"Shit… No time to shoot all the important bits… This should work." He paused in his ramblings to start cursing inaudibly and trying not to get thrown off the Titan as it moved about. "Fit in there damnit!" Turner was yelling to the satchel charge he was trying to jam into the maintenance port and eventually gave up as he linked it to the manual detonator.

With a final kick off of the machine he boosted and was away before the M-Cor Pilot could get a proper look at him.

"Chicken shit IMC."

That was when the Atlas exploded and killed the Pilot before he could climb back into the Titan, and the battle for that depot never got any less one sided from there.

The battle for the vehicle depot was rather pointless in the end, with the sheer numbers the IMC had plus the air superiority over the M-Cor. The IMC rolled in with their Titans and infantry and suffered few casualties.


"I have to give you credit, Lietuenant." Captain Tapley spoke in a hushed voice as he stood before David. "To make it to full two bar Lieutenant as a Pilot in this mess." He snorted slightly, his graying mustache moving slightly with the exhale.

"In the two years you have been with Hazard squad you have been pretty steadfast, and absolutely too stubborn to die." He continued as he finished pinning the new rank on both of ends of David's collar. He looked like he was going to say more, but David knew what wasn't said.

Forty eight pilots had been counted as KIA with another twelve as MIA in Hazard squad since he had first joined with Blythe. The poor girl had died in the first mission they had, crushed by a Titan's fist. That was the lifestyle of the heavy first response teams. Enter into combat zones where they were drastically outnumbered and succeed in their missions first, survive second.

Communication between the Core and Frontier was always slow, even in the IMC. So dealing with things like promotions, especially in this "territory dispute" the Core was calling this, would take time. The IMC had more pressing matters to attend to, like refilling the ranks and getting supplies to the troops already in the Frontier.

The Core could call it what they wanted, but everyone knew it was a full scale war. Hundreds or more died every day on several planets in this system. A lot of IMC since this Militia favored small unit tactics with hit and runs. But when the IMC managed to sniff them out, it was a bloodbath. The M-Cor just couldn't compete with the sheer size and even the training the infantry the IMC had on it's side.

People with hopes and dreams backed by instinct could only get them so far. Training is how the IMC was pushing these ungrateful dogs back into their caves and their stolen bunkers full of stolen equipment.

David closed his eyes and mentally shook those thoughts from him. Two years of him fighting these "Freedom Fighters" had turned him sour and would lead him into dark tangents. One of his sisters had actually joined the IMC to continue the family service and was a medical officer stationed on the planet Agrippa. A nice and secure colony world that was pretty far from most of the fighting.

David's mind returned to the moment and he waited for the last of the promotions to be awarded before he turned sharply on his heel to the right to face the others in line with him. They all marched as one off the stage and made their way to their respective units to watch the rest of the men and women get promoted.


Alarms blared across all the decks of the IMC Argonaut and startled most of the crew into a panicked alertness. The lack of flashing lights told many that it wasn't a ship to ship action, but a call to battle stations for ground engagement.

"General quarters! General quarters! All hands man your battle stations! Response squadrons Hazard and Nickel to your Titans!" The message began repeating itself as the crew seemed to flow around one another in a practiced, if not tense, ease. Daily drills allowed the Pilots from both squadrons to make it to the drop bay with little to no incident.

"All Pilots accounted for, Sir!" Captain Tapley nodded to his squadron as the woman, a Lieutenant Commander, reported to him. She briskly turned and climbed into her Titan as several maintenance personnel were finishing the last of the checks for her.

David slid into the cockpit and looked over the displays with the hatch open. One man with a green vest and helmet was still fiddling with one of the side panels. The man was grumbling as he tried to rush and get it done at the same time.

"Anything I can get done for you?" David asked, hoping to be helpful. The quiet sigh told him otherwise.

"Just need to secure this panel and the damned screws won't stay locked in." The man grunted as the spring loaded screw popped back out and hung in place.

"Don't worry about it, I'll get it." David reassured the man. He was already reaching into one of his pockets for his multitool and was trying to get the man out so the Titan's could drop.

With a resigned huff the technician secured his tools and clambered down the front of the Ogre. When he waved up at David and salute did the Pilot salute back and close the main hatch. When the compartment finished it's auto pressurization a voice came over the small speakers announcing that he had control of the Titan now.

"Danke, Hannah." David replied to the German OS as he toggled a few switches before getting comfortable. After a few moments he keyed his mic and spoke into the series of callouts when his turn came.

"Hazard one, Hazard 7, radio check."

"Lima Charlie Hazard 7, how me?"

"Loud and clear." David half heartedly responded as his projectors came online and gave him an unobscured view of the drop bay in front of him.

An ordinance dolly passed in front of him, stopping long enough to transfer the primary load of slaved warheads to the feeder belt beside him before trundling onwards. He could feel the thunks as each rocket was slotted into position on the shoulder mount. No vehicle approached but he could feel the massive magnetic clamps attach his Titan's primary weapon to the back, tucked away nicely for the impending low orbit drop.

The rest of the weapons and spare ammunition was quickly slotted into their appropriate places and several maintenance personnel were rapidly clearing the deck for safety. Yellow siren lights started swirling as shoulder racks gripped the Titan's before the decks opened up beneath the twelve war machines.

"This is the designated operator for IMC forces, Spyglass speaking. Mission parameters are as follows." There was a brief pause and all David could hear was him cinching his straps a little more tightly.

"Secure any and all assets the Frontier Militia may have stolen and eliminate the threat. Secondary objective is to locate and secure possible remains of first reaction recon team Goblin. All transmissions have been lost at approximately 1426 hours."

There was a chorus of "Aye ayes" and "Yes sir" from the Pilots.

"Understood Pilots. Standby for Titanfall."

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