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"Aunt Cass, please," Tadashi begged, covering his blushing face.

"What are you saying, it's the first time that I see you bringing someone else that isn't your friends of the Institute." She continued fussing around the kitchen.

Tadashi decided to take them to the Cafe his aunt owned. As they were on his way he started talking about his family; about his little brother and his aunt. One could easily see how much his family meant to him.

As soon as they entered the Lucky Cat Cafe they were ambushed by Tadashi's aunt. Miss Cass surely was a beautiful woman.

"Tadashi. You are a bit early, Hiro hasn't come home from school yet and-" She stopped herself as her gaze zeroed on me. "Who is this young man?"

"Umm, Aunt Cass, he is-" Tadashi was cut off as Miss Cass' face brightened with a look of recognition.

"Oh, a boyfriend!" She clapped her hand together in glee. "I knew you had to have someone out there. It's okay, you are young and love is all around. It's a wonderful thing, really! Why didn't you told me, I thought we told each other everything." She rambled quickly.

"I think I like her already." Haru said grinning up to Tadashi who was currently looking very red.

I wheeled in front of him to try to save him from the mortification. It was amusing, true, but I didn't want to make him feel embarrassed.

"Nice to meet you miss. You have a wonderful place." Haru said offering his hand as a greeting. "My name is Haru Black. Sorry to inform you, but we aren't a couple. We just meet."

"Oh, it's a pleasure. Call me Cass." She said taking my hand. "It's a shame really, Tadashi could use someone other than me, taking care of him."

"Aunt Cass!" 'As I said, amusing.'

"Well, I guess you have come here to eat. So, what can I serve you?" She changed the theme, guiding them to a table and giving them a couple of menus.

He could feel that Tadashi was grateful for the change of the theme. He glanced at the menu trying to decide what he wanted.

"Tadashi?" Haru looked at him and asked.

"Yeah?" He was a little hunched over and wearing a cute pout. 'What? Cute? Really?' 'Well, it looks cute. Don't judge me.'

"You know this place much better than I, what do you recommend? I think maybe the cappuccino or the mocha. I don't really like sour things."

"I think you would like the mocha. Aunt Cass' recipe it's great."

"Then the Caffé Mocha, please," He said looking at Miss Cass.

"I will take the Americano, Aunt Cass."

"So... she seems great," Haru grinned when he started to get flustered.

"Yeah, she is."

"You're lucky. Your family seems amazing..." Haru trailed off. 'Better change the theme of conversation.' Clearing his throat he says "Well, so your brother is at school?" It always seemed to be the best topic to talk with him.

"Yes, but he is a genius, he could finish school next year." He has that warm look that he always had when he spoke of his little brother.

Haru lost himself watching him. 'I kinda love that look.' 'Woah, woah there. Take it easy.' He could feel his face warming when he could bring himself to look away, luckily it seems Tadashi didn't notice him staring.

"You look very proud of him." Haru smiled warmly at him.

'I think I saw him blush, but it could be a trick of my eyes.'

'Wow, you are long gone, dude.' Tadashi cleared his throat that suddenly feel dry "O-of course I am, he is my little brother."

"Here are your drinks!"

"Gah!" Haru didn't see Miss Cass and almost jumped out of his skin when she appeared seemingly out of nowhere. 'Is it something in their genes, or what? Surprising unsuspecting people?'

"Oh dear, are you okay?" Haru looks up at her and gives her a wobbly smile. "Yeah, you just surprised me, that's all."

"Oh, alright. I'm so sorry honey." Miss Cass looked apologetic. 'Yep, it seems it is on their genes. It's the same look that Tadashi had earlier.' Haru thought drily.

She put the coffee cups on the table. "I hope you enjoy it!" She said smiling.

"Thank you, it looks amazing." Haru smiled.

"Thank you,Aunt Cass." Tadashi looked up at her and saw the grin and the thumbs up that she gave him as she left for the kitchen. 'Oh God, no'

Tadashi looked quickly at Haru who was taking a sip of his coffee 'Sigh, thankfully Haru didn't see that' he cleared his throat and asked "S-so you just moved here? Are you going to study?"

"Mmh- Oh its great!" Haru exclaimed in glee at the taste of the chocolate and blushed deeply at his outburst."Oh, s-sorry, yes I just moved here recently, I got accepted at the Songbird Institute."

"I heard its a great school. Do you play an instrument?" Tadashi asked.

"Well, I like the piano and I like to sing, but I'm going to study for songwriting."

"I-I think that music has healing properties; for example meditation for stressed people or with a mental illness and I want to make a change. I want to change the world with my lyrics." Haru stuttered a little but soon gained confidence talking with enthusiasm, having a glint in his eyes when talking about the things he loved.

"It's amazing." Tadashi breathed in awe. 'We're doomed.'