BGC4 - New York Promo #4





Kacey is shown in her interview. Kacey is a medium cool skin of white. She has green eyes and her dirty blonde hair was in a pixie cut. She was standing at 5'6".

Kacey- "I am not no weak link, I'm not leaving like no weak bitch"

{Sneak Peek}

"I'm not going to argue with you" Kacey exclaimed as she waved her hand in Brittany's face.

"Don't Kay" Brittany exclaimed as she pushed Kacey's hand down.

"You don't know when to stop" Kacey shouted.

Kacey- "Britt doesn't get that I'm not comfortable in the situation either agree with me or don't but it's my decision"

"Just shut the fuck up and leave me alone" Kacey yelled.

(Flashes to the beauty room)

"Kay, you're taking it the wrong way" Brittany stated.

"I'm not" Kacey exclaimed, "I don't like when a dumb bitch keeps arguing with me"

"So I'm a dumb bitch now?" Brittany asked as she stepped into Kacey's personal space.

"Britt back up" Kacey warned.

"DO SOMETHING!" Brittany taunted.

Kacey threw two punches to Brittany's face.