BGC4 - New York Promo #7





Iggy is shown in her interview. Iggy is a medium cool skin of white. She has dark brown eyes and her blonde hair was put into a high ponytail. She was standing at 5'10".

Iggy- "I can handle anything thrown my way"

{Sneak Peek}

"All I'm saying is that we respect one another" Rossy exclaimed.

"Fuck you and your respect" Iggy told her.

"Honestly, if you always been the one to run your mouth" Rossy sassed.

"You've been talking out of your ass since you've been here honey" Iggy taunted back.

Iggy- "These replacements are getting on my last nerve and they most definitely can get the boot like the girls they replaced"

"If you don't like the way that I talk then raise at me" Rossy exclaimed as she did a come here motion with her hands.

Iggy flipped the table over and lunged at Rossy.