A/N: So I'm really not sure about this fandom. Me writing in it, that is. Really, this whole thing came about because I really wanted that display. I have very strong feelings about Civil War, and have read too many post CW fics where Tony is a bit of a pussy, but I don't see that. If anyone wants to use anyone wants to use any of this, go for it!


It was a good thing that HYDRA left so much in this base, including the generator. After he finally managed to wrangle himself out of his suit, it was relatively easy to get a message to FRIDAY for extraction. It was a bit of a shock that his rescuer was the previously-thought-dead Agent Agent, but it was also a bit of a balm to see the horrified look on the face of Cap's biggest fan. Tony still watched over his suit parts with an eagle eye as they were loaded into what Coulson called the Bus. He had plans for it.

New York

When he got back to the Tower, because he couldn't stomach going to the compound just yet, not while Rhodey was still in the hospital and reminders of his old team were everywhere, he set to work on creating legs for his friend. One of three. His broken suit was discarded by the door to his lab, abandoned for now, but not forgotten.

Eight Months Later

The Compound was filled with life again. The Avengers had returned. Even Tony Stark. He was there to greet the others, and he was everything that was polite and professional. And cold. There was no welcoming ramble, no warm smiles.

The most glaring change, though, was only seen once the others stepped into the workshop. There, in a lit display case, was the chest plate of the Iron Man armor Tony wore in Siberia. And laying on the bottom of the case, the vibranium shield that placed the gouges on the wrecked piece of armor. A reminder. Steve never went in there again.