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Even though it has been stated that the Akashic Records contains all information of the past, present and future in its pages, there's a situation that rarely happens. A variation. A splinter. A 'sentence' changed that it caused its 'chapter' to differ from its other 'chapters'. Thus, the Akashic Records will strive to archive the discrepancy.

It is the result of what we humans call free will.

Part 1

Rose Minegishi - a cousin of Lily and Petunia Evans in their father's side of the family - was visiting her cousin in England on that evening of October 31. She and her cousins had a fallout of sorts when Lily, her favorite cousin and a confidant of a secret of hers, went to a private school somewhere in Scotland while Petunia wasn't even given a chance to take a glance of it. It was way back when they were young, about 11 years old or 12.

Petunia laid down her anger and rage to Rose at that time, for Lily was already off to her private school. Rose came home an hour later to their home, tears in her eyes and hair frizzled as if she was electrocuted.

According to Petunia, she just wanted to see the school her dear and beautiful sister will attend to. Rose, on the other hand, knew clearly that Petunia just wanted to gain an upper-hand on Lily at her new school. Lily and Petunia's rivalry (though it was obviously one-sided since Lily had no bad feelings whatsoever to her sister) was so famous in their yearly family gatherings that everyone knew Petunia would do everything to spite her sister.

Nevertheless, Rose decided to visit her cousin after a very long time of no communication. Due to the fallout of theirs, Rose's family went to Japan (after her father got a job promotion to be a staff member of UK Embassy in Japan) to avoid another of Petunia's fits of anger and rage that caused tremendous emotional damage to Rose. Thankfully Rose wasn't traumatized of the incident.

Rose's decision to visit Petunia was primarily to inquire about Lily's whereabouts. Lily and Rose kept in contact with each other through snail mail, so she knew that Lily had graduated from her private school, which also included college degrees. Lily was so secretive of her school and her degree that Rose attributed it to Lily's mischievous attitude to her favorite cousin.

Secondarily was to check on Petunia if she had a good life. Despite the fact that Petunia and Rose had a fallout, Rose herself was a believer of the saying 'family sticks together'.

To her surprise, Petunia faced her greetings of peace with a bucketful of anger and rage. Not that she wasn't expecting it but it was still surprising to her that Petunia can hold on to grudges after a very long time. And to her astonishment, Petunia wasn't even a nurse! She was a housewife with a child already!

It's not that she hates the idea of women being housewives, Rose admires and honors housewives for they gave all their attention and love to the children and family they have. It's the notion of when one became a housewife, it automatically translates that you are a weak woman, both in spirit and mind, that you chose to stay at home and feed children than to find a job and work instead.

Rose decided to become a banker and in her job she met her love of her life, Takerou Minegishi. Needless to say, they both fell in love after a couple of months and years. They married and they already had a wonderful son who was too smart and intelligent for his age. Well, she couldn't complain. It seems that Naoya got the wits and charm of both his parents.

So she herself can understand why some women chose to become housewives instead of being working parents. Having a child can give the best of feelings to a parent, even if the child could make your hairs gray early on. Thankfully they were blessed to have Naoya as their son, for he is quite independent already despite his young age.

Obviously they didn't taught Naoya how to wash the dishes himself, even though both of them took turns in watching their son grow up until he can be enrolled in kindergarten.

Her husband was with her inside the Dursley Residence, she having a talk with Petunia and he watching over their fast asleep son while Vernon was watching his son Dudley in his nursery room. Rose and Petunia were deep in an argument on whether Petunia will give Rose the address of Lily's home or not when the lights of the neighborhood went out.

Petunia was astonished when the streetlights went out like they were having a blackout. Rose herself saw no problem about it. Power outages would happen sooner or later, for she saw some intense partying on the road when she and her husband went to the Dursley Residence.

For heaven's sake, the partying people were wearing bathrobes in very outlandish colors! Sooner or later, the drug-laced party goers would hit a power station and cause a wide-spread power outage in Little Whinging.

Takerou once went to a party with his friends and Rose had to fetch him at a police station after they managed to get inside a power station and caused a blackout to the entire city. So she knew it was possible.

There was a series of knocks on the door that caught the occupants' attention. Since Takerou was closer to the front door than the others, he went to check it out. They expect Rose's husband to come back after telling off a potential electrician that would then apologize for the inconvenience or something along those lines. What they didn't expect was him to bring in a child in a basket with a letter tucked with in the blanket the child was wrapped in.

Petunia's face went ashen when she read the letter accompanying the child.

"No way would I take in her child even if it was the last thing I would do in this world!" Petunia screamed. Rose missed hearing that beautiful shrill of her cousin. Even her husband seemed to agree with her, if the expression on his face was any indication. Naoya, on the other hand, wasn't even disturbed by the banshee-like quality of his aunt's voice.

"What is it, Petunia?" Rose asked. She suspected something triggered her cousin.

Her horse-faced cousin pointed at the child on the table with the letter she had on one hand and said, "That's the child of Lily. The letter said she was killed by those of her kind and there was no one else to take care of the child!"

Rose was then skeptical about it. Anything that was related to Lily or connected to Lily always cause Petunia to go into these fits of anger and rage that she can't be talked to properly anymore. And to bring up Lily and then force a child to her would lead to rather... dramatic results.

If this was a prank on Petunia, it wasn't funny. Someone in their family must have told a person about Petunia's trigger and used it along with a child. A young child. An innocent child.

"Give me Lily's address Petunia. I'll be taking the child with me too, just to see if it is Lily's child. We need to confirm what is written in that letter. After all, it may not be true," Rose said. She had to bring back Petunia before she went down in her insanity. It would take hours before she would calm down.

But there was an advantage whenever she went into this, ask anything and she would give it. As long as you don't include her trigger, Petunia would answer anything.

Petunia grabbed the pen Rose was handing to her and wrote down an address at the back of the letter. She then handed it to Rose and pushed the child in the basket. "Make sure you take this child away from me. I don't want to see anything about Lily. And I don't want another child, even if it wasn't Lily's. Dudley is all I need and always will be!"

Petunia can be such a chore to deal with. Accepting the letter, Rose stoop up and walked away from the table, carrying the child in her arms with her.

"Godric's Hollow... huh. Quite a distance, isn't it Takerou?"

Her husband, who prefer to keep silent unless needed to, spoke, "It is but we can go there tomorrow. It's getting late and the child looks like it needs some well-deserved rest."

Rose only nodded.

The couple, along with their fast asleep son who was with Takerou all the time they were with Petunia, exited the house and entered the car that was parked across the street. Rose was about to close the door of their rented car when Petunia slammed open the door of the building and threw the basket onto the streets.

Smashed into the pieces, the clutter of the basket was left on the road as the Minegishi Family drove off.

Part 2

"-and I keep telling you. The couple who lived there were here yesterday and now there aren't. If you say that their child is that kid you are holding, then check the village registry. I'm pretty sure they had the child fingerprints or something that may point that this is the couple's child."

"...Or you two can get a DNA test. You said you are the child's maternal aunt, right?"

"His mother is my cousin."

"Ah, so that makes you his first cousin once removed. Or the second aunt!"


"Anyway, you two looked well off to me, isn't that right? The fees for a DNA test would come easy to you two, especially since your husband there looks like a foreigner. Hey is he a foreigner? Wow, you really lucked out!"

"...Thank you for your help. May I be excused?"

"Huh? Oh, okay. Sure, sure. Come again, okay?!"

By the time the couple arrived at the village town hall, Rose had a headache of incredible proportions.

"This is why I hate talking to people, especially nosy ones," the red head complained to her husband. Takerou reached out to his wife and tightly hugged her, while avoiding not to crush the sleeping tyke in front of Rose.

"You can't really deny that you lucked out in marrying me though."

Rose lightly punched her husband on his shoulder in retaliation.

The village town hall was quite empty, with only a haggard looking young lady manning the desk. Rose approached the young woman and asked for the records of one Harry James Potter.

The tired young woman made no noise of complaint and went to the file cabinets. She came back 5 minutes later with three folders.

"I won't ask why you need them but these are the only copies we have here. Harry James E. Potter was born here in Godric's Hollow so there would be no records of his birth certificate anywhere else. His parents, James P. Potter and Lily Joan E. Potter, filed their birth certificates one time," the young woman spoke in a deadpan manner.

"Why are you giving us theirs too?" her husband asked, who was confused as well.

"Just before you came here, Rick came by and told me the Potters were gone. He's the newspaper boy around these parts, if you are interested. No one was responding to his calls so he went inside. The entire house was trashed. He feared he will see dead bodies, but there wasn't any. So I'll file a missing persons report to the police if they will ever come across those two."

The young woman then grabbed her glass of water and gulped it down before continuing.

"That kid you have there is indeed Harry James E. Potter. I would know since I was there when he was given birth to. My mother was the mid-wife and was her assistant. Anyways, I gave you their papers because I had a feeling you will need them soon. You're gonna adopt the kid, no?"

Rose had no answer for that. She and her husband had no plans for another child nor adopting one. But if this was her cousin's child, then she wouldn't want to have him stay at Petunia. Speaking of Petunia and relatives...

"May I ask where are the relatives of James Potter? If we are going to adopt his son, they would claim in the future that I stole him from them."

"Check the papers, he filed his parents as dead and had no other living relatives. Well except for a cousin but I doubt he even too is alive, based on the implications of his history. He's practically an orphan. A recent orphan, based on what he filed. I recall they died just a few year ago? Yeah, probably. Then again, they must be too old to live since they had a grandchild..."

Takerou then finished the conversation for Rose. "Thank you very much. We need to be going."

"Oh. Okay. See you again soon." The tired young woman then went to a nearby bench and laid down. A minute later, she was fast asleep on the bench.

As Takerou was entertaining his son while they were walking back to their rented car, Rose pondered on the mystery her favorite cousin got into.

"Something must have happened last night. The people in the village kept saying Lily and her husband was alive and well yesterday and now they couldn't find a trace of them. Their house was trashed, with signs of a very bad robbery and conflict, and their son was found in front of Petunia's doorstep. Miles away from Godric's Hollow." Rose exclaimed. She couldn't understand what was happening. It was all too confusing to her.

Takerou calmed her down by patting her back and making circular shapes with his fingers. "Calm down Rose. We first must confirm that this kid right here is Lily's son. We can discuss things later."

With a huff, Rose nodded. She and her husband must prioritize things. It all boils down to whether or not this kid she was carrying was indeed her cousin's son.

By the time the Minegishi was far away from Godric's Hollow, a weirdly dressed old man came to the town. A day after, the residents of Godric's Hollow had no recollection of having a couple with Potter surname living in the village nor was there a house in a certain lot.

To them, it's just an abandoned lot owned by a very private person. They also have a monument for World War 2 soldiers in the center of the village, to which they would claim it was already there before they even settled down.

A certain tired young lady wouldn't remember seeing the birth of a baby boy nor filing a birth certificate for the child. Not that she would have any documents to refer to in the first place.

Part 3

Naoya Minegishi watched quietly as his parents kept on moving from place to place. He also went with them for he was only 6 years old. Who would leave a six year old alone home even though the said six year old is mature enough to take care of himself? No one. Especially when the child is not even a child in mind but only in body.

Still, it was nice to have parents that actually adores you. Even if he experienced it countless of times due to his punishment. Naoya wasn't even expecting much in the trip he and his parents were in. For all that he knew, his family was visiting a relative of his mother.

But the moment he woke up the day after, he never would have expected to find his brother at a very young age. And his brother was actually his cousin twice removed. Or second cousin. Whatever.

The fact remains that in this new phase of his life, his brother is actually a blood relative of his. And he even has the same condition as his previous life's condition.

From what he can gather from his parents conversation, they are related from his aunt's side. Sadly Harry's parents, his brother's current name, vanished the day before he was found on the doorstep of his aunt.

Since his other aunt - whose face resemble a horse - cannot be trusted with the son of her sister due to several reasons, his parents decided that they will take care of Harry.

Of course, he jumped immediately to the idea. He went through several reincarnations before and never he had encountered with his brother being a baby when they met. Perhaps he can truly show his brother this time the truth without him running away or being indifferent to him. It was usually due to his brother having a different mindset or perspective than him. Except for that one time they almost succeeded but they failed and both of them died.

When his parents arrived from where they examined his brother's blood, they all went to a department store and bought clothes needed for travel. Naoya and his parents weren't poor but they can afford to buy things when they need too. So clothes for his soon-to-be brother wouldn't hurt their wallets. Not to mention, they all were hungry for it was noon already.

The airplane ride back to Japan couldn't take them faster causing Naoya's impatience to grate on his nerves. He had to convince both of his parents to make the adoption official before they left. It would be weird to see a six year old filing adoption papers when an adult can be called in instead.

By the time they arrived at their home at Shimokitazawa, Kitazawa Area in Setagaya-ku of Tokyo, his soon-to-be adopted brother had fallen asleep and both of his parents were dead tired from the trip. Not to mention he was tired as well. Given that the personnel at the airport gave them a bit of trouble when they tried to implicate them of kidnapping.

The papers given to them by that lady at the village were useful for it was recognized by the people at the General Register Office at England, although they had to replace it with a much newer and updated version of the certificate. Necessity required them to file for adoption papers at the GRO so that the Japanese Government won't hassle them if they tried to adopt Harry there.

A couple of discreet donations to the staff changed their minds in denying their papers. It works every-time.

After his parents carried a tired Naoya and Harry to his own bed and a brand new crib, respectively, in Naoya's room, Takerou and Rose went to their own room to get some rest.

Naoya, on the other hand, didn't went to sleep immediately but watched over his brother until he was fast asleep.

"I will show you the truth Abel and hopefully you will understand the reason why I did such a thing."

Part 4

Minegishi Kazuya was having the best time in his life. He was just given a pair of brand new headphones from his Naoya-nii. It was a special one, a personalized pair of headphones made specially for him by the best brother in the world.

Well, they aren't really brothers. More like cousins, since he was adopted into his brother's family after his own parents went missing after a year he was born. They also had a distant cousin from their father's side of the family who often comes to their place because his parents frequently leave him there.

To be honest, Mr and Mrs. Kuze could leave Hibiki with them permanently if they want to. Naoya and their parents agreed with him one time he spoke about adopting his older cousin into their family. They adopted Harry and gave him a new start by giving him a name, they could also do the same for Hibiki.

But they can't since Hibiki's parents seem to want Hibiki suffer. One day, Kazuya will get his cousin out of there and move in with them. Or with Naoya. His brother rambled to him an hour ago about getting a place for himself in Aoyama-ku.

Which was quite far from Setagaya-ku. But Naoya was rambling, maybe he won't do it. He is, of course, not allowed to move out from their home, despite Naoya acting older and more mature than his age. Seriously, Naoya is only 13 years old. Why would he want to move out?

Did he doesn't want to be with them anymore? Does he want to get away from his little brother?

Lately, Naoya was being discreet to him and his parents. Off somewhere doing whatever he wants nowadays. Last time they caught Naoya sneaking out, Kazuya had to drag his big brother away from the petting zoo. Only his brother would sneak in a petting zoo in the middle of the night just to feed them.

He asked why he did that when they could do it in daylight. Naoya's answer was a quiet, "I want to try why you liked doing it."

It confused Kazuya's mind until he had remembered feeding a bunch of ducks in the middle of the park. The ducks nearly drowned him with their feathers when he accidentally tore the bag of duck pellets.

"I didn't liked it, you know. The ducks drowned me with their feathers. I did it because I was told so." His parents want him to experience feeding the birds, since they did so moments ago.

He expected his Naoya-nii to laugh at him but instead of the laugh, he got an expression of confusion and shock. Kazuya heard then after-wards Naoya mumbling about "ordered" and "didn't wanted to".

Clearly his brother misunderstood his words but then again, this was his brother. He was a pain to deal with and it will take some time to melt that frosty wall he kept in front of him but when you got pass through it, Naoya is the best person anyone could have.

His affections for his brother may have affected his judgment, but who cares anyway. This was his brother.

And Naoya just gave him the best headphones in the world. He was apparently building the headphones for the past few weeks for his birthday. The epic quality of the headphones were the best gift for his 7th birthday.

Not to mention his other gift from his brother. He will be personally tutoring him on his skills. His magical skills.

Ever since he can remember, he could always turn people's hair into a different color or make things float when he can't reach it. Kazuya also remembered that he once wished he could be at the top of the roof so he could take the baseball stuck at the shingles and then he was there.

And every-time he did those things, his Naoya-nii would be there to help him get through. Either by just being there for him, acting as the brick wall for Kazuya to rant at, or there to explain how he did those things and help him understand it. It was their secret. A secret between brothers.

His Nii-sama also had magic like him. Naoya-nii also knew how to help him whenever he got trouble with it. Kazuya was ever so thankful to his brother when he found Kazuya accidentally finding himself on Kazuya's school's rooftop 2 years ago.

Ever since that event, his Naoya-nii help him control it. Undoing the color changing tricks and the floating tricks which he frequently do in secret were the things his Nii-sama help him on.

Naoya did his tutor sessions at the park near BST in Shibuya-ku, even though he had to travel from his Junior High School in Minato-ku just so he could tutor him. He told Kazuya that the tutor sessions he gave to him were just to help him ease his way in his magical education.

Once he reaches 4th Grade, the Ministry of Education will soon scout students who can do magic and enroll them in a special class. Their parents were aware of this already, for he too was once a student in one of those special classes. But he was given a premature graduation because he was too smart already.

Kazuya wasn't even surprised that even in magical education, his dear brother would excel in it that they were forced to make him leave because he was too smart.

Still, his Naoya-nii was the best brother he could ever ask for. Even if he does some weird stuff every once in a while.

Kazuya was sitting on the bench at the park, waiting for his brother to come back. Naoya had to buy some snacks from a konbini so Kazuya was alone for a while. Normally no one would allow a 7 year old to be alone in the middle of the park but he wasn't a normal kid. Like his Nii-sama, he had magic to defend himself.

So when he heard a bump which was followed by a groan, he immediately readied himself.

But instead of encountering a bad man, he found himself staring at kid around his age. The boy stumbled on his feet and caused a noise that startled Kazuya.

Kazuya helped the boy get up on his feet and lead him to his bench. The boy was wearing the same uniform as his so he must be from a different class.

"You okay?"

"Uh-uh, I'm okay. Sorry for the trouble."

"It's alright. I'm waiting for my brother to return from the store so I had nothing to do. You?"

"I... I need to go back home now."

"Oh..." Which was kinda sad. They only met and he had to leave. They haven't exchanged names yet!

"Minegishi Kazuya, nice to meet you.

"...Is it written as 'becoming peace and harmony' or 'single exclamation'?"

Oh boy. Sometimes he doesn't understand why his parents gave him a name that can be written as an exclamation.

"The one with the exclamation. I want the 'peace and harmony' but my parents decided to give me a name with the number one."

"Heh." Hey, he laughed.

"Kihara Atsuro, nice to meet you too. It is spelled as 'sincere youth'."

"Cool, at least it suits you." It's true. Kazuya can feel it. Atsuro is a truly a sincere person.

"Thanks. Hey, you have the same uniform as I do? Same school?"

"Yep! Different class though. Too bad, right?"

"Nah, we can still meet tomorrow. Right?"

Oh yeah, Atsuro must go home soon. "Yep! Hey, aren't you going home now? Let's meet tomorrow at school!"

With that, Atsuro jumped from the bench and ran again towards the direction he was running towards before he stumbled. "Yeah! See ya!"

After Atsuro yelled his farewell, his brother decided to make his presence available to Kazuya. Which startled Kazuya again.

"Naoya-nii, you're late! And I just made a new friend! He's from my school too! Too bad you missed him."

"Hm... Well you could introduce him to me next time. We have to go home now. It's getting late. And here, here's your pudding." The bag of snacks was then thrown towards Kazuya, to which he caught and rummaged through immediately.

"Eat it on the way. The station is quite a walk."

"Thanks Naoya-nii. Love you."

"...Love you too."

Kazuya then stuffed the empty plastic bag into his backpack and placed the special headphones around his neck. His Naoya-nii was already way ahead of him so he sprinted towards his dear brother with his lanky legs.

Naoya walked a bit slower so that Abel could catch up to him.

Part 5

Although Atsuro's parents decided to transfer him to another Junior High School after they graduated from Elementary School, Atsuro managed to persuade his parents to enroll him in Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku Yamabuki High School. The same High School where Kazuya enrolled in.

Throughout the years between Elementary and High School, Kazuya gained a friend in Atsuro. A best friend. A title Atsuro kept on gloating to every person they came across. Which was a reason why his parents decided to enroll in a different Junior High School than what Kazuya's parents decided on.

Kazuya and Atsuro kept in contact with each other through the internet and other mobile communication methods, like texting and calling. They even hanged out once in a while when Atsuro's parents weren't in Japan.

In Elementary, Kazuya noticed that Atsuro's parents weren't there when the school had a meeting with the students' parents. It lead to Atsuro admitting his parents were working abroad and he only had a nanny to watch over him at his house. Due to this admittance, Kazuya roped Atsuro in spending time at his home instead at his home at Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

It was already dangerous for Atsuro to travel from Akasaka to Shibuya so with a bit of persuading of Kazuya to his parents, Rose and Takerou Minegishi prepared an extra bed for Atsuro in Kazuya's room. Atsuro was glad enough to spend some time with Kazuya, though he had to go back time to time at his house at Akasaka when his parents came back.

Until 6th Grade, Atsuro had a reason to stick with Kazuya and spend nights with the Minegishi Family. But after that, Nayuta and Kagun Kihara decided that Atsuro be enrolled in a Junior High School away in Akasaka, just to dissuade their son in not leaving their house for a long period of time.

That didn't broke their son's friendship with Kazuya though. In fact it was even tempered by their distance, especially when they can meet up when Atsuro's parents went back overseas for work.

Atsuro also spent time on the internet and various forums when he had to spend time at his house or whenever he had spare time. Given the number of times he had to spend time alone, it was no wonder Atsuro picked up things on the internet, ranging from simple, like how to make pancakes, to obscure, like government conspiracies.

There he discovered a genius computer programmer on a certain forum with a handle of [CAIN] to which he followed closely. At first [CAIN] was suspicious on Atsuro's attempts in having conversation with him, given that Atsuro himself was only an elementary student at that point. But Atsuro was tenacious in his attempts to learn from the mysterious [CAIN].

Atsuro was mystified by technology and the terminologies related to it, with his background of having technology as a common sight ever since he was five. Add the fact that he seldom spend time with his parents after they can affirm Atsuro can 'take care of himself'.

Meanwhile, Kazuya had been introduced to the magical community of Japan when he was approached by a teacher on his first day in 4th Grade. His mother, Rose Minegishi, vehemently denied any attempts to enroll Kazuya in the special classes, with her having experience when Naoya enrolled once. Once was enough especially when Naoya was forced to leave after-wards and pursue private tutoring.

Apparently it wasn't good that there was a genius in their special classes. Rose wouldn't have made a big deal about it except for the fact that the Japanese Ministry of Uniformed Magical Education had the gall to fine them for having a genius child.

Rose hadn't understood much of their words of wisdom but she understood enough that she wouldn't want her other son to experience it again. Besides, Kazuya had Naoya with him and Naoya had more than enough to teach Kazuya what he needed to learn.

Suffice to say, Kazuya and Naoya were glad. Kazuya for he will be continuing his tutor sessions with Naoya, permanently, and Naoya for the same reason, albeit he planned on tutoring Abel on the truth along with the magical lessons.

In Junior High School, Atsuro met Keisuke. Keisuke was a kind person especially when he defended other students from bullies. He became friends with Keisuke when he joined in defending the bullied students. Keisuke was a breathe of fresh air in Takamatsu Junior High School for Atsuro, since only Keisuke can keep up with Atsuro in terms of wit.

Not that it meant Atsuro was the smartest in his entire class, it only meant that Keisuke was the only one who can get along with Atsuro when he slipped into speaking 'otaku' stuff. Other students were put off by his 'otaku' attitude, for they don't share Atsuro's fascination. In fact, they pushed Atsuro to indulge himself on the internet through their actions.

By the time Atsuro finished Junior High, Atsuro was expecting to have some sort of contact with Keisuke. Since before they left, he had shared his contact details with Keisuke. But Keisuke never contacted him in his new high school.

At Kazuya's side, he met a certain girl in Harajukugaien Junior High School who caught his interest. Tanikawa Yuzu was a bubbly girl who got lucky or unlucky to be seated next to him. Both of them got along that she became his best friend in the school.

She was perky and always had the best interest of others that it was hard to get angry or stay mad at her. Yuzu was that nice. Although she's a bit naive at times, she has the well being of her friends in her head. And Kazuya is included in those she claim as friends.

Kazuya too claimed her as a friend, the female counterpart to Atsuro. If Atsuro was his right-hand man then Yuzu was his left-hand woman... Which sounded wrong now that he thought about it. It was an insult to both of his friends if he slot them in predefined archetypes.

Both are his best friends. And with Atsuro meeting Kazuya and Yuzu whenever he got the time to get out from his house, they too became friends. Well, with Atsuro mangling Yuzu's name into Sodeko or sometimes mangling the pronunciation into Yoohoo, their friendship was starting off with a great start. Yuzu even start calling Atsuro as Atsu-wrong and Otakuro in retaliation.

Both of their banters were made with nothing but pure fun. Since flinging playful insults seem to be their way of greeting one another when they decide to meet up. Kazuya soon became the designated mediator of the group, to which he always moan about and complain.

He used to be the one that was to be watched out, not the one who does the watching. Still, he won't replace his friends for anything.

Kazuya also introduced them to his brother. Atsuro met Naoya before when they were in Elementary and occasionally during Junior High when Atsuro came over to Kazuya. Yuzu's introduction to Naoya was worth mentioning, because anyone who met Naoya for the first time would be given shivers with how his eyes seem to judge your very soul. Yuzu wasn't exempted to it, neither was Atsuro when he met his Nii-sama.

And speaking of Naoya, he took his tutor sessions with him seriously. Now that Kazuya was registered as a home-schooled magic practitioner to the Japanese Ministry of Magic, thanks to the actions of his Naoya-nii, Kazuya was taught more of his brother's knowledge in magic.

According to his brother, magicians like them were given a gift to help other people. Studies say that their magical abilities were an evolution of their genes, making magic as an ability exclusive to humanity. Also, spirits and other mythical beings exist.

But they are secluded by several barriers of magic created by several magicians. Especially in a country that was deep in myths and spiritual belief, these spirits and mythical beings are also powered by humanity's belief.

Since humanity gained the ability to have magic, forcing one's will into the world, their beliefs affected the world around them. Which then produced the said spirits and mythical beings. It was like the magic of humans power the existence of those spirits, magical creatures and mythical beings.

However, Naoya told him that this was only applicable in Japan. He haven't confirmed it if it was the case at places outside Japan. Since he was an outcast in the Japanese magical communities, he haven't got the chance to travel outside its borders yet. He may be classified as an outcast, but the Japanese Ministry of Magic is a very possessive community. They won't allow anyone not yet of age to travel outside their borders, even if they are outcasts or hermits.

They're that obedient to the laws.

But he has a plan to test his theory and he needed Kazuya's help.

So on his 11th birthday, Kazuya went to the new apartment his Nii-sama moved in. Their parents agreed to Naoya moving out as long as he kept in contact with them. It also helped that Naoya decided to announce his moving because a week after their cousin came to them and asked if he could stay with them for an indefinite time. Kazuya felt that at last Hibiki made his decision to leave from his family.

It was obviously blatant to people that Kenbi and Yuiitsu Kuze don't care for their son, even Takerou plead his half-brother to give attention to Hibiki. But apparently both of Hibiki's parents don't see the way they treat their child.

His brother prepared some sort of ritual in the middle of a room. Kazuya stood in a middle of a circle with candles and some items he didn't knew a thing about. His Nii-sama then spoke in a strange but familiar language and soon he blanked out.

Kazuya trusted Naoya on this. He had his absolute trust and permission on this ritual. Naoya wouldn't do anything that would hurt him and he too wouldn't do anything that would do the same to his brother.

By the time he regained consciousness, he was on a bed and his brother was talking with a man on the table beside his bed.

Part 6

Gabriel's last memory before he was summoned was dying by his brother's hand. His own blade was used to kill him. At any rate he left a video for the two brothers to follow in case he died, which happened to him in the end.

Still, he died. The end. Let the credits roll. Gabriel knew that his Father made them without any backup of sorts, which he thought sucked hard and brilliant at the same time. It sucked because he died and he can't be resurrected, just like how they can resurrect humans as long as they file the necessary paperwork beforehand, and brilliant for the reason if, not when, the brothers managed to off dear Lucy then Lucy won't be coming back.

But he wasn't dead. He was alive. Maybe after he lost consciousness when his Grace leaked out of him and dissipated into nothing or during his half-delusional state while dying, he was summoned somewhere.

Gabriel felt something powerful summoning him and it gave him a boost of power to heal his wounds. But there was something else that came with the boost.

A seal. A contract. Maybe the Fates were playing him or this was his Father's work but apparently giving him a boost of power to heal his wounds equated to him being in a binding contract with the summoner.

Boy was it a strong contract! The feeling he can get from the contract was like a metal chain around his neck with a series of Archangel Blades pointed at him on the neck. He must do anything the summoner wants him to do or else he won't like it.

Given the fact that if he don't, then he would be then stripped off of that power that allowed him to heal in the first place. CTRL + Z in an instant.

So when he opened his eyes, it was a surprise when he recognized the soul in front of him. It was surprising since as far as he knew, Cain was supposed to be a demon in hell, forever punished by his act of murdering his own brother.

...Funny that he also tried to kill his brother, only Cain succeeded. When he glanced behind him, Gabriel needed an industrial strength aspirin when he left the place. It was Abel, but he wasn't completely Abel. Some parts of Abel's soul isn't there.

And something was taken out from Abel. From the looks of it, it was centered on around his head for it Abel's forehead was bleeding. Gabriel then knelt down and healed the wound on Abel's head.

The wound was healed easily, given that it was only a shallow wound. Gabriel then turned back towards Cain and spoke.

"Why are you here Cain and why is Abel with you? What have you done that you brought me here and Abel from Heaven?"

Cain's expression was indescribable.

"Y-You! You aren't Loki! Gabriel! How are you here? I would know that aura of holiness from an Archangel. And what do you meant by bringing Abel from Heaven? I would know if Abel went to Heaven if his soul wasn't blasted to pieces by my actions!"

This... This doesn't make any sense. Cain was looking like a Japanese teenager while Abel's soul is incomplete. Not to mention the strange feeling he felt from the air around him.

As if he wasn't in the right place.


He only heard it once when he was up in Heaven. It was a rumor amongst Angels and Powers that his Father created more than one world and left them alone. Since his Father decided to give his attention to a single world, everyone regarded it as the main world and ignored the others.

But it was the truth. His Father made several worlds.

It would make sense that his Father would throw him into a different world. He was dying and his Father wouldn't allow him to die if He could do something about it.

Throwing him into a different world wouldn't break the Law of Non-Interference his Father made for Himself when He left instructions to love humanity and proceeded to leave Heaven. Since he was already considered as dead in that world, it wouldn't hurt to have him survive in a different world.

One where everything seemed to be different. Oh so different.

But first, he needed to know who summoned him here. He can feel the contract forming to one of the brothers in the room. His Grace seemed to be swirling around, making it difficult to pinpoint which brother made the contract with him.

Lifting up Abel and bridal carrying him, Gabriel intoned.

"Let's find somewhere to lay down Abel, Cain. And then we'll talk. We have much to discuss."

Part 7

Something went wrong. The Hogwarts Quill malfunctioned when it was writing the acceptance letters. It stopped writing for an hour before it skipped a letter and resumed writing.

Professor McGonagall had to check the letter the Hogwarts Quill was writing to see if it can shed some light on the reason it malfunctioned, despite it stopped only for an hour.

The writing abruptly stopped writing when it reached the letter H in 'Dear Mr. H-'. She checked the finished letters in the 'Sending' Pile and searched the last surname of the accepted student. Parvati.

Parvati. That means the student it stopped writing was a Mr. H with a surname that starts with P.

Minerva McGonagall went to the Book of Students, a book where all the students that had and will attend Hogwarts. It was connected to the Hogwarts Quill since it was responsible for the names of the students the Quill had to send a letter of acceptance.

She checked the list and saw where Parvati ended. The next name it followed was...


This doesn't make sense.


Simply Stupidity in action.

Why would the Hogwarts Quill would stop sending the son of her favorite student an acceptance letter unless...

Unless he doesn't qualify anymore in attending Hogwarts.

Albus had to know about this. Surely he has some sort of explanation about this.