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It's… Internet withdrawal… A really bad case… I haven't logged on in days…!
- Atsuro Kihara, self-proclaimed apprentice of [CAIN], Naoya Minegishi

Part 1

Even with the frosty and stand-offish attitude Naoya gives off to the public, he can be such a mush at times. Case in point, Naoya is and always be a fan of classical music and he can be bribed to do anything as long as someone threats his collection of Dmitri Shostakovich's orchestral works. However, Kazuya was the one and only person that went through with his threats of hiding Naoya's favorite albums and went away scoff-free.

Atsuro did it once. It ended with him being plagued for several days of having his laptop infected with a virus. A virus that constantly forces the computer to open web videos of people eating raw vegetables.

It confused Atsuro at first but he soon discovered that despite its innocent facade, it actually deletes his works of codes. Codes that were essential in his own project in making a brand new application for the Communication Player.

Kazuya thought it was funny but he kept silent about it. It would make Atsuro feel even worse if his best friend thought his ordeal was comical to him.

Still, Naoya can be vindictive in his actions but he hides his caring personality behind that nasty wall of his. So when Kazuya received an e-mail from his brother one day about meeting up with Atsuro and Yuzu at the front of Ichi-maru-kyu (109) in Shibuya, he jumped to the idea.

His Nii-sama, reaching out to hang out with his dear little brother and his friends, making attempts to socialize with people other than Gabe. All of those made Kazuya to adjust his plans before coming to Shibuya.

It was already summer break and he and Atsuro had plans already to visit Akihabara that afternoon. For Atsuro's part, he wanted to take a look at the sale of computer parts and other merchandise in Akihabara. For Kazuya, he wanted to visit the hidden magical shopping district in Akihabara and buy some stuff he might need for the trip.

Abenobashi was disguised as a lowly tea shop to the public but it was a 'portal' to the hidden magical shopping district of Japan. His Naoya-nii introduced him to the shopping district when he was 13, after he once complained of the heat he was suffering that summer.

Despite the weather predictions of that day stating the average temperature was around 23°C, Kazuya could feel it was actually 30°C. He was sweating like a he was in a sauna that he had to complain about it. His Nii-sama though, he always had that haori with him that Kazuya wondered if his Nii-sama ever got hot from it.

(he's always hot, a small part of his mind chirped in, so why complain?)

Their parents just attributed it to a quirk their family exhibited. A family tradition of sorts, according to their father.

Their father, Minegishi Takerou, always have a pendant of his childhood pet, a hamster, around his neck that he never took off. Ever. Even when they were in the public pool.

Meanwhile their mother, Minegishi Rose, had a collection of goblin figurines in their house, which was also one reason why his Nii-sama moved out, stating he got enough of the 'abominable critters that loved gold much more than leprechauns'. Kazuya thought it was cute, their mother having a fascination with the magical equivalent of bankers in Europe.

In Asia they went with shikigami, a semi-sentient construct made with magic and sustained by the ambient magic of the leylines. Contrary to popular belief, Akihabara used to be a well-used site for rituals and other offerings to the gods rather than a place for businesses and jobs. Hence the strength of the leyline in the location. But when the World Wars happened the Japanese magicians moved to different locations and built shrines away from what will become Akihabara.

Even their history classes nowadays barely remember nor mention the fact that Akihabara used to be a bustling district before it became what is known now as 'Otaku Meccah'. Thankfully with Akihabara regarded as a haven for otakus all over the world, any signs of magic in public could be dismissed as a gimick by the crowd of cosplayers and anime and manga enthusiasts. Not to mention the sheer number of fantasy and sci-fi enthusiasts as well.

It also doesn't hurt that nowadays people attribute anything 'strange' they witness to a quirk or something one would derive from individuality. Even businesses in modern times tend to become more… proactive and competitive that they resort to anything to attract their customers. Anything.

From the commonly seen sales to the disturbing bunny costume wearing attendants of an appliance store, it would make sense that the public will disregard a simple sight of a person wearing a yukata in broad daylight.

And speaking of broad daylight, Kazuya cannot complain of his family having weird quirks when he himself seldom take off the headphones his Naoya-nii gave to him as a gift. He wore them all day and all night. Not even sleep can get him to take them off. It was comfortable to his ears and it also functions as a sound muffler, hindering unnecessary noise. Not to mention he cast on it a personal charm that allows him to listen what he wanted to listen as long as he gave a mental nudge to it.

A subjective sound charm, Kazuya called it.

The headphones cords were encased in steel casing that loops around the back. It was strong to stop the wiring from damaging itself from constant use and flexible enough that it allows ease and comfort to the user.

It's also shaped as a pair of pointy cat ears, to which Kazuya thought a subtle jab at him from his Naoya-nii. He once called out Kazuya as a cat that constantly demands attention from him. Kazuya doesn't mind it, in fact he flaunts the cat ears most of the time after he received it, causing Naoya to regret dropping the comment.

(cause you really want Naoya to give you his utmost attention, the small part of his mind pointed out, to which he doesn't really reject but at the same time he doesn't want to admit)

Kazuya planned to visit the local magical tailoring shop to check whether Amagi-san had new wares for sale. She makes the best clothes that have the permanent charms of preventing one from too much heat and cold and self-repairs when it gets damage. It includes the wear and tear from excessive washings and damage from accidents.

Amagi-san also has the idea of incorporating modern fashion designs to her works, making the charms inconspicuous to those who have no idea of magic. Besides, it looks good on her patrons as well on her.

He also wanted to pick up some bits and bobs from the magical shopping district. Mainly snacks and a new bag that is practically weightless and can hold more than what it should hold. A space expansion charm, that is. His old bag was… old. Old enough that he should get a new one, despite his own want to recycle things.

And also get Atsuro and Yuzu trinkets that they would like. Maybe Naoya-nii as well. Since he would be meeting them as well.


He decided to travel to Akihabara before he met with Atsuro. Atsuro sent him an e-mail stating he had to do some chores before he could get out. The housekeeper his parents hired decided to come that morning, one who had spent time with Kihara Kagun and Kihara Nayuta before they went to Silicon Valley for their work. As such, he was closely watched by the housekeeper, who kept on sending constant notifications to his parents.

It annoyed Atsuro whenever the housekeeper was there but he knew that she always leave at 13:00. That meant he could get out at 13:00, making their meet up time at 13:00 at the earliest.

Kazuya knew this as well, so when Atsuro sent him that e-mail he immediately told Naoya-nii and Yuzu about the new development.

Yuzu replied with a simple 'okay' which was followed by a rant of 'Atsuro should have known that Yuriko-san would come that day. He told us yesterday about her schedule so I was surprised when he e-mailed me to meet up at 10:00. Stupid forgot about it, I guess.'

His brother, on the other hand, replied with a 'k' which was also followed by 'You should get prepared for a long trip.'

Which immediately made Kazuya to smile when he read it. His Naoya-nii once told him to get prepared for a long trip, which he disregarded only to regret later when his brother took him to Osaka and spent a week there with him. His Nii-sama thankfully readied his money for the scenario he disregarded his advise by buying him extra clothes and other necessities for a long trip.

Since it was summer break and apparently his Nii-sama already told their parents about the trip to Osaka, Kazuya had to deal with all of the trouble he obviously brought to himself.

(but you loved the time you spent with him; do not deny it)

Kazuya expected another trip, probably to Kyoto or Nagoya, from Naoya so he sent Yuzu and Atsuro another e-mail about packing clothes and other things for a trip. And also to leave a message to their parents/guardians about going out for an extended period of time. Both his best friends knew about the abrupt trip to Osaka so they knew what to expect from a comment of 'having a long trip' from Naoya.

He also would have to buy Atsuro and Yuzu a special bag for themselves just to help them with the luggage. Just in case. But Naoya would then supply them with the rest of the stuff, if push comes to shove. Which would usually happen most of the times.

A pack of 3 clothes and couple of toiletries would suffice anyway, since Naoya would purchase more for them if they have to. Or if they need to wash them at a coin laundry. Naoya will supply it. Or else.

Both his best friends were thankful for the heads-up he gave to them. So when he left their house at Shimokitazawa to Akihabara, he had a couple of yen his wallet and his essentials packed in his old special bag.

...He would trash it later after he got a new one. And maybe the new one would have an actual name on it. It was tiring to refer it as a special bag and he once made the mistake of calling it a Bag of Holding. His brother just laughed at him when mentioned it and he swore he wouldn't make the same mistake again.

(his laughter was the best thing he ever heard, if only he would laugh more with him)

On the way he met Gabe, that one friend of Naoya's who he met when he was 11. Gabriel Michaels - he's an American, what can he do - was a friend of Naoya who works as a male escort in Shinjuku. For some reason he and his brother got along and thus Kazuya as well.

"Hey! Hari~ Long time no see~"

Kazuya's reply was a kick to Gabe's legs, only to miss when Gabe evaded it.

"I told you not to call me by my 'first' name. You know I don't like it."

"But where's the fun in that? So hey, what are you doing here? Planning to go in a bar and pick up some girls? Oh how would your girlfriend react when she learned of your plans? Oh no~"

Gabe is that dramatic.

"Where do you even heard I had a girlfriend? I don't have one and do not imple Yuzu is my girlfriend. I have no idea if she even wants me to be her boyfriend. I don't even know if she even have feelings for me in the first place!"

(you don't even want her, you want somebody else)

"Tch. Take away all of my fun, Kazu. Take it all away. Say, you didn't even answered my question?"

He then took out a bar of Snickers and munched on it.

"I'm on my way here to Akihabara, I just felt on visiting you here. I knew that you would hang around here on your break. Not to mention, you aren't on the job right now yet you are wearing that tacky suit of yours."

"Hey, for your information this suit is charmed by the same person you bought your favorite t-shirts. It's comfortable and you must admit it. It's not that tacky. This suit has taste!"

"Yeah yeah, fool yourself. Maybe that's the reason why middle-aged women tend to pick you on your shift."

"...And how did you come to know that?"

"..." Oops.

"Unless you went to my workplace and hanged around to see me working."

Busted. He only went there with Naoya because he had something to buy from a store in Shinjuku. It's not his fault that he got lost and managed to find himself in the same bar Gabe worked in.

(Naoya sought you out and it felt great)

"A-Anyway, do you have any idea where would Naoya bring us this week? He e-mailed me to prepare for a long trip when he asked to meet with me and my friends."

"...So its that time huh?"

"Excuse me?"

"Huh? Oh, its nothing. Uh… I don't know what your brother planned for this trip of yours. If it was a secret that even I didn't knew about, it is sure bound to be special. Then again, this is Naoya we're talking about. Right?"

"...You're right. This is Naoya we're talking about. Go big or go home, right?"

"Yup. Say, since you're here… Mind buying me some of those snacks you bought for me last week?"

"...Pay me."

"Oh come on! I barely keep up with my rent this days."

"You don't even have a place to stay! You sleep at Naoya's place! At the couch!"

"...Please don't remind me. I still have back pains from this morning."

"Then why are you even here if you have back pains?"

"Well… Here's this woman who..."

Oh brother, it would take an hour before Gabe would finish his story. Kazuya had to get to Akihabara soon or else he would be late for the meet up.

"Fine. Fine. I'll get you three boxes of Pocky. And Chocolate Angels. Sheesh. You better pay me when I come here later."

There's a bootleg shop of sweets and candies at Akihabara that sells at very very very low prices. Surprisingly, the shop was available only to magicians by the seller. He won't complain about it. There's bound to be a black market for every type of merchandise.

Kazuya wouldn't be surprised if there's a black market for baby teeth of celebrities.

"Really? Thanks a lot!"

"Yeah yeah. Bye Gabe. If you see Naoya tell him he should ready his wallet as well!"

Kazuya left Shinjuku to Akihabara while Gabriel watched him walked towards the train station.

"Spero vincere, Abel," Gabriel muttered as he walked back towards the alleyways of Shinjuku.


It was nuts. Pure mayhem. Thankfully he had extra yen to spare for Atsuro's stuff. He e-mailed Kazuya if he could buy the stuff he needs because Yuriko-san fell down from the stairs and he had to bring her to the hospital. Needless to say, Atsuro could get out of the house earlier than he expected but he will miss the sale he wanted to join in.

Yuriko-san was vehement on going to a certain hospital she only knew of. Atsuro, the only person who was with her, could only nod and call the ambulance of the said hospital. It was outside the Yamanote Loop so it would take him a bit of time traveling back and forth.

As such, Kazuya had to endure the woes of being a customer in a sale. A sale where people were rabid to get the latest computer parts and drivers. He had an idea of the computer parts Atsuro sent him to buy but he didn't knew the rave of its availability.

It was a limited edition, only 100 of it are available and never will be sold in the future. He doesn't get it but he's willing to do it for Atsuro. His best friend wanted it for months.

Atsuro was talking about it for the past few weeks when they were having lunch in school. Even Yuzu got an idea on what the driver was for with the number of times he kept on talking about it. A miracle for Yuzu can understand a little of Atsuro's technical jargon and she must be repeatedly reminded of several functions of her COMP when she got herself one.

Only for her to break it the week after. Atsuro couldn't find the method Yuzu did to completely trash the COMP. Even the programming in it was completely destroyed.

Still, the sale was chaotic. He got the 8th to the last driver from the attendant and paid it with cold hard cash. He bolted immediately out from the store and rushed towards Abenobashi, which was a few blocks away from the store he just came from.

Strangely enough, the driver came with a free manual charger for a COMP. Given that the Communication Player [COMP] is a very useful gadget, combining a game system with the functions of a cellular phone, it makes sense that there would be a manual charger made for it. It was a common problem to COMP users to get their COMP's battery empty, with the huge amount of electricity it consumes for its games and telecommunication systems.

Add the fact that the COMP can get a signal even in places one's cellular phone cannot get one, having a charger for one's COMP is essential. It is literally a necessity for a COMP user. Especially when in places where electricity is rare.

Kazuya wasn't complaining though, as he went through the sliding screens leading to the magical shopping district in Akihabara. First things first, he must get his money for the things he will be buying.

After his Nii-sama formally taught him magic, he brought his little brother to the local magical community's bank to create an account for Kazuya. Although magic's existence in Japan is vague as a mist, the magical counterpart of Japan's government adhere to the international rules and regulations of all magicians. That is keeping the existence of magic worldwide as a secret.

To which his Naoya-nii gave an indifferent comment:

"Magic was given to people as a way to ease the burden of their work. Although it is human nature to be afraid of something new, our ancestors decided to counter the existence of magic with persecution and death. Thus making magic a secret to the rest of the world, only available to few and to those who are to upheld the laws of secrecy."

Kazuya somewhat agreed to his Naoya-nii's point of view on the subject of the International Statute of Secrecy. It was a good thing that in countries that had a major background with 'magic', like Greece and Japan where their history and religion were closely intertwined with 'magic', it is looser than the other countries. For example, countries that had creation myths, Izanami and Izanagi for Japan and the Olympians for Greece, and how things works around them, Amaterasu and Apollo for the existence of the sun, respectively, that had the idea of magic ingrained deep in its words.

These countries are given a bit of a leeway or an allowance in implementing the Statute of Secrecy, since they can invoke the Rite of Territorial Autonomy Clause in the Statute. Since their country was already deeply entrenched in magic, immediate obliviation of memories are subject to degree of importance. Their country already have a history of using some sort of 'magic' in front of the mundanes, Shintoism and the ever famous Oracle of Delphi, which even have its own website, that it was expected to have them in public.

However, it was stated in the Statute that they hide also from the mundanes. Thus creating a different and autonomous 'country', existing alongside the mundane society. Which then includes the implementation of their own currency and culture.

His brother evidently prepared to open an account for his little brother, readied a couple of yen to be exchanged into the necessary currency used in the magical shopping district, only to find out that there was already an account attached to the magical signature of Kazuya.

It wasn't a problem for Naoya to get access to his little brother's account, which was strangely under his first name before adoption, since he was the magical guardian of Kazuya. Magic itself proved to be the victor against the seals placed on the account.

Kazuya only stood in wonder as his Nii-sama laughed after he got his account unlocked and ready for buying magical merchandise.

Which brought back Kazuya to the bank for the 5th time that year. He seldom come to the magical shopping district, only to buy some of the snacks in bulk and get some clothes from Amagi no Kimono. He bought a couple of books and tomes from the shopping district once, only to find it lacking. His brother's teachings were much better and easier to understand than the stuff they wrote on it.

Not to mention his brother taught him in a manner tailored to their modern life. Magic was only to be used as a tool, a means to get by, not a way of life. Japan might have learned their lesson when the majority of the magical communities in it got blasted by the atomic bombs, just because they ignored the idea of science and technology matching to their wards and barriers, but there's still a large faction in the country with superiority ingrained in their minds.

It is also a reason why his Naoya-nii decided to have no ties with the Japanese Magical Community and be an outcast. To which Kazuya wholeheartedly followed. However it didn't meant the Minegishi brothers completely removed themselves from the Japanese Magical Community, they just don't interact frequently with it. Except when competitions occur.

That also doesn't mean he won't use it. Kazuya would use magic when he wants to or the situation requires him. Its just that he won't rely much on it.

After he withdrew a decent amount of what was the magical equivalent of yen, he went with a shopping spree with the money he had. He first have to get the bags. It would be stupid of him, walking around with a huge pile of stuff in his hands when he could stow them away in a magic bag.

Part 2

Given that her mother just got divorced a year ago, Yuzu couldn't blame Tanikawa Hitomi from being depressed most of the time. What annoyed her though was that she wouldn't make any effort on getting over their father, who went with another woman and apparently had already a child before he divorced with her.

So when Kazuya e-mailed her about having a potential trip outside the city with Atsuro and his brother/cousin Naoya, she jumped on the idea. Yuzu would get mad if she had to stay with her mother in that house.

But just to make sure her mother got the message right, she prepared a long letter detailing her out of the city trip with her friends and an adult for a week at most. She's 17, she can take care of herself. And with Kazu's brother/cousin with them, they would have an adult with them at most of the times.

After she packed a duffel bag with couple of clothes and a small pouch of toiletries in it, she made her way out of their house. Her mother, smashed on the sofa with cans of beer around her, was fast asleep. She already prepared a meal for her, stored at the refrigerator for her mother to eat when she woke up and got hungry. The letter she wrote was stuck at the refrigerator's door with magnets for her to see and read.

And if she somehow missed it, something Yuzu expected from her mother, she made several copies and placed at places her mother would see. One at her mother's room on her bed, one at her room at the mirror and the last one taped at the dining table. After that, she left her house.

Yuzu took the train from Nakano-ku towards Yoyogi Station and made her way to Ichi-maru-kyu, where Kazu and Atsuro would be waiting for her, passing Miyashita Park along the way. She needed to walk off the stress her mother dumped on her. It wasn't great to clean the mess left by a drunk person, especially when the said drunk is your own mother. As she walked through Miyashita Park, she met Naoya who had a sling bag with him. It looked out of place for the tall man, especially because the bag was pink and he had a dark green haori on him.

"Hmm.. Oh its you Tanikawa," Naoya greeted her. Yuzu replied with a simple bow and a greeting.

"Good afternoon, Minegishi-san." She haven't spent time with Kazu's brother/cousin so it would make sense she would be polite with him and all.

"Please, call me Naoya. You're friends with my brother, after all he considers you and Atsuro practically as family. So please, address me as a close friend."

Well, she couldn't find any fault on that. Kazu stuck with her ever since she had the chance to be his seatmate in Junior High. He used to be so distraught at that time, because he just lost his other best friend to a different Junior High. Yuzu made it her personal mission to cheer up his classmate at that time, which then evolved into a very close friendship.

...A friendship she wanted to be more than it was now. But it would a matter for another time. She had all the time of the world to build on it, when she decided to step up her game. For now, Kazu wasn't interested in relationships, which both pleased and annoyed her at the same time.

"S-Sure then, Naoya." And was that weird? Calling an older person informally just because you are friends with his brother/cousin. Despite them being cousins, they treat each other as brothers. The saying 'brothers in all but blood' can't apply to them because they are related through their aunts.

"Anyway, would you be kind and give these to your friends. Something came up and I can't let it stand by. I'm sorry but I may have to skip out on the trip," Naoya said as he handed the pink bag to Yuzu.

Yuzu was quite miffed by the recent turn of events, mainly because the trip she prepared for was canceled indefinitely and secondarily she used as a pack mule.

Kazu wasn't really lying when he said his brother can be a prick at times.

With a sigh, she accepted the bag from Naoya. "Is it a bad thing that I already packed for the trip? I already have my bag here with me." She pointed to the small bag she carried on her back. "Kazu and Atsuro would be so disappointed about it."

"Don't worry. The trip may resume later in the evening if I finish the emergency fast enough."

"Okay," Yuzu said. She was hoping it would happen but there's a saying about it. Keep you hopes high while your expectations low. She hopes but she wouldn't expect much from it.

"What is inside the bag though? It's quite heavy."


"COMPs? Well, if this is a way to ask for us to forgive you from skipping out the trip, you sure did a great job." Which was true, COMPs nowadays were expensive, only rivaling a brand new phone in price by a few hundred yen.

"Just give it to them. You three will need it later."

Sure they will. Next thing they will knew it was actually a pass for a concert.

"If you say so, well I think I must be going now. Kazu and Atsuro must be waiting for me at the Crossing."

"I will be going as well. Send my brother my regards."

"Sure thing."

And with that, Naoya walked away with one bag lesser on his person and Yuzu had a bag added to her collection.

It was heavy and it will be quite a pain to carry to the Crossing. The COMPs were light individually but when grouped together, they are heavy as an encyclopedia.

This better be worth it in the end.


"Yoohoo! Sodeko~"

Instead of greeting the cap wearing teenager, she pinched his cheeks instead. Hard.

"Ow ow ow."

"Will you keep on calling me Yoohoo then? Will you keep calling me Sodeko then?" Yuzu asked with a serene smile on her face.

If she get pissed off from Atsuro's words of endearment, she would use her duffel bag and smack the stars out Atsuro. He occasionally have stars in his eyes so maybe she could force those out from Atsuro.

"Will you two cut it out?"

And there goes Kazu, the mediator of the group. He used to be the one she watched in Junior High but when the three of them met together, he became the watcher. All because Atsuro manages to get on her nerves.

She adore Atsuro but sometime she gets the feeling to kick him until he can't walk anymore just because he's that annoying.

"He keeps on calling me names. Even the teachers thought it was my real name. All thanks to Otakuro here," Yuzu said as she pointed the teen with red cheeks.

"Where's Naoya? You just said a while ago you met him."

"Oh, he had to go somewhere. An emergency, which means the trip is officially postponed."

A groan can be heard behind her. Atsuro seemed to be groaning in the paper bag he stuffed his face with. Disbelief can be seen on his face when he came up for air.

"Wait! You said postponed. Not cancelled. Why?" Kazu asked her. Kazu caught her choice of words then.

"If he could finish the emergency as soon as possible, he would resume his plans for the trip," Yuzu replied with a smirk. She really wanted to be surprised on what place Kazu's brother picked for the surprise trip.

Kazu enthusiastically told them his experience on his Ambush Get-Away last year. She and Atsuro wanted to have that experience as well.

"Hm… Hey, Yuzu. What do you got there? Looks bulky," the green-eyed teenager spoke, since he saw the pink sling bag the redhead was carrying.

"Oh these? These are what Naoya sent me to give to you guys. Dibs on the pink."

"Pink? ...Oh! Nii-sama gave you these? For us? Wow!"

Seeing Kazu's shocked face, Yuzu continued. "Yeah, it was a pain to carry all the way from Miyashita Park. Did you know that these COMPs are way heavier when grouped together?"

"Really? Hey Atsuro! Take a look at these! Naoya-nii sent Yuzu these with her!" Kazu took the white colored COMP and gave Atsuro the blue colored one as Asturo made his way to the group.

"This was supposed to be my perfect summer camp under Naoya. So let's hope he gets that emergency solved soon," the cap wearing teen said before starting up the COMP he was given with. "Huh. The programming is different. Did Naoya homebrew this?"

Yuzu took the COMP she claimed to herself and adjusted the pink sling bag around her. Naoya must have thought of giving her the sling bag along with the COMP as a gift. Or payment for the parcel she brought along from Miyashita Park.

"What do you meant by homebrew? He made it by himself?" she asked. Homebrew was term she learned after she decided to make her own caffè latte. It didn't end well for her.

"Yeah. Well that's Naoya for you. He isn't the best programmer for nothing. Well the only best programmer I knew of," Atsuro trailed off as he hooked the COMP to his laptop. "My own COMP back at my house is nothing compared to this one Naoya made. And here I thought I could surprise him by making an application for COMP."

"Atsuro, this is my brother we're talking here. He's full of surprises. What else can you find from the COMP he gave to us?" Kazu said. Kazuya was currently checking out the COMP Naoya gave to him. "Oh. It seemed to be better than the COMPs out in public."

"Yeah, even its RAM are bigger than the commercial ones. Even the drivers are not what I'm familiar with. Naoya really gave it all for these."

Okay, Yuzu was confused. And Atsuro was typing something on his laptop while it was connected to the COMP. "Umm… Kazu? Atsuro? What are you two talking about?" She also noticed that Atsuro was already on the ground with his laptop on his lap. Probably sat down while she was adjusting the sling bag on her shoulders.

"Huh. Oh. Its these COMPs. They are much better than the commercial ones being sold in public. They are much faster and… Yep. They're much better in the energy saving department as well."

"So what you're saying is..."

"Don't buy a COMP anymore and take what Naoya-nii gave you. It's better."

Yuzu pointed to Atsuro. "Then what is Atsuro is doing?"

The green-eyed teen answered without even making glance at the other teen. "He's opening the system files Naoya made in the COMPs."

"Isn't that a bad idea?" She herself was a testament on how dangerous tinkering with the stuff inside a COMP or any electronic gadget.

"Nope, the two of them always do these back at Junior High School. The moment Atsuro discovered Naoya-nii was his online friend in the internet, he begged Naoya-nii to teach him in his… specializations. That is programming."

"Uhuh… Get to the point."

"Sheesh, can't you wait? I'm getting there. The thing is… Naoya-nii made these codes for Atsuro to break into. It's like a greeting for them whenever one gives a gadget or something over the internet. Something they programmers can get along with, right?" Kazu paused, thinking something and continued. "It's like this. Instead of Atsuro greeting you with calling your name, he calls you with a nickname. And you counter it with a nickname as well. You get it?"

"… Why can't they just say hi like any normal person?"

"You seem to forget that Naoya-nii and Atsuro aren't normal people."

Yuzu ignored the last statement and gestured towards Atsuro. Atsuro, at that moment, looked up and called the two of them to him. "Guys, give me your COMPs for a moment. I think I unlocked a new function of the COMPs."

Kazuya and Yuzu gave Atsuro the COMPs they claimed to Atsuro and a moment later it was returned to them.

"Hm… Oh! There was a messaging application installed already here?" Kazu exclaimed. "So that's what Naoya-nii hid for you to find out."

"Hehe. There's more for me to find out. I'm gonna move to the park and try to crack it. You guys go around for a while. I'm pretty sure Naoya will e-mail us if he ever finished that emergency of his."

"What about you? You okay with us leaving for a while?"

"Its okay. I want to find out all of the secrets he hid for me before we meet with him. He challenged me last time if I can crack the codes with 30 minutes or less."

"...I'll bring you a soda when we came back."

"Thanks. Now go, go find somewhere to entertain Yuzu. She seemed to be restless from here. Yuzu needs to cool down before she explodes!"

"I heard that Atsuro!"

"Let's go Yuzu, Atsuro's 'challenge' will take a while. Let's go to Shinjuku. We have time to spare anyway so let me introduce you to Gabe."

Atsuro then called out at the same time the COMPs chimed. They received an e-mail.

Strange since they haven't registered anyone to the COMPs.

"Check out the e-mail first! Something arrived through the e-mail."

From: The Observer

Subject: Laplace Mail

Good Morning. Here is today's NEWS.

1. At around 16:00, a man will be killed in a Shibuya-ku Aoyama apartment.

2. The wounds on the corpse are consistent with an attack by a large carnivorous beast.

3. A large explosion will occur in Minato-ku Aoyama at 19:00. The cause is unknown.

4. At 21:00, a blackout will affect the entire Tokyo metropolitan area.

Have a nice day.


"At around 16:00 in Shibuya-ku Aoyama, a man... will be killed?! He'll be attacked by some carnivorous beast...?! What kind of news is this? That's so creepy..." And it was worded like the writer wasn't affected by the things in the e-mail.

"The text is strange," Kazuya pointed out.

"That's not the point!"

"What do you meant it's not the point? I mean, look at the tense of the verbs. They are in future tense, meaning it was supposed to happen," Kazuya reasoned out.

"Only you could find a fault in it when the entire e-mail talks about somebody being killed."

"Yuzu, its written in future tense. I'm sure someone just sent us a chain message or something. What about you Atsuro? Any ideas?"

Atsuro looked up from his COMP and said, "You're probably right. It said it's today's news… But none of this has happened today."

"I bet Naoya knew you would tinker with the COMPs and prepared a trick for us. See? It just spooked us out," Yuzu called out. Both of the guys with her gave her strange looks. "Okay, maybe its just me that is spooked out... But you know what I meant, right?"

Kazuya then joined in. "You guys should also remember that Naoya-nii had an apartment in Aoyama. Why would he write something that could imply him being caught in an accident or worse being killed?"

"Hmm… I can't figure it out from just this. I'll try to look into the rest of the files."

"Okay, Atsuro. You do that. Yuzu and I will be going to Shinjuku and maybe visit Nii-sama at Aoyama. Just to check up on him."


"-through the power of the internet, we will overcome the ordeal God has given to us!"

A cult was making a ruckus by the time they made their way to Shinjuku. People were stopping by to see what the cult was spreading and moved on after hearing what spiel they prepared for the masses.

Yuzu was quite intrigued by the cult's vision though. Using the internet to connect people around the world. It sounds so similar to the campaign motto of the COMPs, "Play with people around the world!" She gazed around the area she was in.

People were looking at the shops in the area and some were coming out from the Train Station in Shinjuku. Though there seems to be some problem there. Meanwhile, Kazuya was talking to man at the corner of the street they entered. He left afterwards and Kazuya went back to her.

"I gave Gabe his treats but he had to leave. He just went out when he received the e-mail I sent to him so he had to get back to his job. Too bad I couldn't introduce you two formally." Kazu was genuinely saddened by the situation.

"It's okay. Besides, he may have considered it wasn't the best place and time to do the introductions. Especially with the cult here." Yuzu then gestured to the crowd of orange wearing people. She couldn't identify if they were wearing a jacket, a parka, a hoodie, a robe, or a combination of the four.

"Probably. They are the Shomonkai. Naoya-nii had some dealings with them these past years but nothing too serious. Good thing Nii-sama stopped contacting them last week."

"How come you knew about that?"

"Well, I was at his apartment last week and he was talking someone on the phone. To me it sounded like he was quitting a job. He mentioned Shomonkai and I quote 'at least wear something not orange, you guys look like that one ninja on television'."

"Now that you said it, they look like cosplaying to me."

Kazuya laughed at the horrible joke. Yuzu laughed as well, since it also seemed to be funny to her.

"Anyway, Atsuro e-mailed me a moment ago that he's still in the middle of decoding the encrypted files on his COMP. Maybe we should go somewhere else?"

"Yeah, let's go. Hmm.. let's go to Omotesando!"

"-we'll be in Tokyo for the next three days-" "Sure."


"You used to go to Harajuku when classes end back at Junior High, right Yuzu?"

Yuzu turned back to Kazuya from her position. She was admiring at a displayed dress at one of the stores in Omotesando. Kazuya was looking at the cars rushing down the road.

"Yep. But I always wanted to fit in at Omotesando."

"Huh. You would fit in, in my opinion."

"No way, really?!"

"Yes way, Omotesando for me is quite mature while Harajuku is something that would fit right in a Hello Kitty poster. Look at what you are wearing now, Yuzu."

"Huh?" Yuzu looked down on her clothes as Kazuya pointed to it.

"You aren't wearing something that would fit right in a Hello Kitty poster, right?"

"Of course not!"

"There's your answer then!" Kazuya finished with a smirk on his face.

Yuzu then realized she was played by her best friend. "You could have said I would fit in without the unnecessary things."

"And where's the fun in that?" Kazu's smirk seemed to grow even larger.

"I swear that's your reason to the number of pranks you kept on doing from Junior High up to now."

"You should search the internet who's my patron deity is and you would know why I always do pranks."

Yuzu paused for a moment and tried to recall who Kazuya was referring to.

"L-Loki? Was it Loki? Or was it-"

Before Kazu can answer, three police cars ran down the road towards the direction of Aoyama Residential Buildings.

"H-Hey, Kazu. What time is it?" She adjusted the sling bag on her shoulder as she tries to shake off her fear. Yuzu had an idea on what the police cars are for.

"...16:30. You think that was?"

"Yes. There's no way it could be true, right?"

Yuzu's question was answered by silence. She couldn't stand it. Good thing Kazuya spoke what she as about to say.

"Let's go to Naoya's apartment. Just to be sure." Yuzu agreed and the two of them ran towards the Apartment Buildings with Kazuya leading the way.

By the time they arrived there, policemen were already laying down police lines around the entire apartment buildings. And Naoya was there at the front of the building, looking quite perplexed by the events.

Kazuya took a lunge at Naoya and gave him a hug. Yuzu had to hid her laughter as Naoya had the strangest expression when he registered the body clinging at him.

"I'm glad you're safe. We were worried!" Kazuya said while his face was still at the back of Naoya.

"Th-That's right! We thought something might have happened to you, Naoya! The e-mail we received said something about a man being attacked by a beast. We thought it could be you!"

"I see… You're right… Sorry about that. I didn't mean to frighten you."

"You better meant it or I'm gonna kick you so hard you'll be using a crutch for the entire week!" Kazuya chirped in as he removed himself from Naoya and moved back beside Yuzu.

He then continued, "So what happened here? Did something really happened or it was just a coincidence?"

Naoya answered quickly, "No, the person who lived next door to me was eaten. His corpse is still at the room."

"He was eaten… No way?! The e-mail really came true? But we got the e-mail before it all happened!" Yuzu exclaimed.

"It's telling the future, Yuzu. Remember what I said about it written in future tense."

"...Your thought process never ceases to amaze me. Usually, one would suspect the one who allowed a said prediction to arrive would be the murderer."

More like he's spacing out and disassociating things. Or maybe she's really thinking it the other way.

"Please, you couldn't be the one who sent the e-mail, even though you wrote the program of the homebre COMPs, Naoya-nii. For starters, the sender was called as The Observer. I entered your personal COMP ID and it didn't registered as The Observer and The Observer had no COMP ID registered in it."

"So you did noticed it."

"Of course I did. The Observer is practically a bot. Which meant the entire e-mail was an automated e-mail instead of it being written word by word."

"Uhh… Kazu. What did you meant by the sender of the e-mail was a bot?" She had to intrude in their conversation. The things they were talking about was too fast for her to catch up and only thing she caught was that there was a bot.

"Tanikawa, what Kazu was referring to was the one who sent the e-mail. It would be akin to a system notification of a phone, stating you ran out of credits or you received an e-mail detailing about how your internet service expired."

So that's what Kazu was talking about. The sender wasn't even a person, it was a computer!

"Anyway, I understand why the two of you came here. But, our meeting here is an accident. We shouldn't be talking like this."

"Of course we shouldn't. The policemen are looking at us with funny looks, we should move from here. How about to Shibuya?" Kazuya interjected. "Atsuro is currently cracking the COMP's system files at Miyashita Park so you could go with us to him."

Yuzu's phone then rang and she answered it. It was Atsuro.

"Yo! Yuzu! I think I knew how to crack the COMPs! Meet me in front of the Electric Museum in Shibuya!"

"Hey! Don't forget our bags! Also, we have Naoya here with us so maybe he could explain it all to you later."

"Cool! Anyway, bring your COMPs! And the bags! They're all here with me, I'll bring it with me!"

Atsuro then ended the call.

"Hey Kazu! Naoya! Atsuro just called. He wanted to meet us up at the Electric Museum. He said something about cracking the COMPs."

"Hm… You two go ahead. I have to take some of my belongings up stairs."

The teen with headphones frowned and said, "Okay, fine. We'll wait for you at the Electric Museum. Be fast, okay? The policemen are still around here and I don't want you to get arrested just because you look and act suspicious."

"Thanks for the advise Kazuya, in fact I have an advise for the three of you. Do not turn away from what is about to happen soon. Do not be afraid to stand up against it."

Now even Yuzu got annoyed at Kazu's brother. "Of course we won't turn away from the idea of spending a week outside Tokyo!"

"Suit yourselves. Now go. Shoo."

"Let's go Yuzu, Atsuro is waiting for us," her best friend said. He then turned back and shouted, "You better be there or I'll come back and definitely kick you."

Part 3

Atsuro was sitting on a bench as he waited for his two best friends to come. The encryption Naoya made on the COMP's system files were unique, making it quite a challenge for the budding programmer. As such, he was deep in thought when Yuzu and Kazuya arrived.

Without his mentor with them.

"Naoya had to take some stuff of his at his apartment before meeting up with us… So what is with the COMPs? Found something?" Kazu spoke as we immediately went to the pile of bags beside him. "So why did you move from Miyashit to the front of the Electric Museum?"

Atsuro had to stand up and stretch his legs. "You two really came from Aoyama huh? Some grandmas were pissed at the sight of me 'not enjoying my youth' and practically chased me out of the park. And I was thirsty so I went to the konbini over there." He prepared the USB cords for the COMPs and laid them down beside him on the bench. "So what happened there? I heard police car sirens from the phone."

"Atsuro, there was… the e-mail came true. Naoya's neighbor was… eaten." Yuzu replied. "It really did predict the future."

Kazuya handed Atsuro an opened soda can as he handed over the white COMP to the teen. "Are you sure you didn't fall for one of Naoya's pranks? There's no way an e-mail can predict the future."

"Naoya wouldn't go for something as low as this just to prank us, Atsuro. There are police men at Aoyama, invalidating the assumption Naoya's the one who killed the man," Kazu said. "And besides, he didn't sent the e-mail. It was a bot."

"A bot? That… makes sense. So Naoya had no idea who or were this 'The Observer' came from? Oh, Yuzu, your COMP please." Yuzu handed her COMP as well. "Thank you. Then that e-mail wasn't a warning then. I'm pretty sure its just coincidence that something that was written in an e-mail happened as well in reality. Unless someone really did predict the future."

"There's more in the e-mail. An explosion followed by a city-wide blackout. If those will happen later..." Kazu shook his head.

"If it was really predicting the future… It would be off if those didn't happen. Still, they seem pretty unlikely."

"What?! But the attack at Aoyama?" Yuzu cried out as she rummaged through her duffel bag and pulled out a towel to wipe away her sweat. "It's almost duskfall and the explosion may happen later!"

"As I said, it seems to be pretty unlikely. Anyway, maybe the encrypted files in the COMPs can shed some light on it. I think I can crack it but I need your COMPs as well."

"Why?" Kazu asked as he pulled out a bottle of water and drank from it. "Was there a condition on cracking those files?"

"Yep, you see the COMPs has this always on wireless feature that constantly streams out data through the airwaves. Our COMPs have this thing where they keep track of one another, acting as one single folder divided into three COMPs."

"Ah. So its like a bluetooth headphones. The COMPs must be within a certain range before they can exchange data with one another," Kazu spoke. He also handed Yuzu a box of Pocky.

"Thanks Kazu. You spared me from the headache," Yuzu said.

"Gee, thanks for the support Yoohoo!" "Hey!" "Anyway, here. Turn on your COMPs while I crack mine. It will automatically open when I cracked mine."

Atsuro then stowed away his laptop and other cords after he used them into his laptop bag. "Is it on guys? I'm starting it up."

He then started the encryption software he made on his COMP and a series of text flew by on the screen before it restarted.

"Huh. Nothing new," Kazu said as his COMP started up. "Wait. What is this feeling? A Bounded Field?"

"What did you said Kazu?" Yuzu spoke as she tinkered with her own COMP. Atsuro was curious as well about his best friend's comment.

"Something felt wrong. Wait, where are the people? They were people here a while ago."

The entire street was empty. Even the nearby konbini was empty, even with the lights and all the refrigerators in it are running.

"Now that you said it, people stopped coming here a few minutes ago. I thought it was normal," Atsuro said. "Is it not normal?"

"It isn't normal, Atsuro. This is the Electric Museum in Shibuya. We're in a street were people are supposed to pass by," Yuzu remarked.

"...I think I saw Naoya across the street but he wasn't there. My eyes seem to play tricks on me. And..." Kazu stopped. "The COMP restarted, again."


Kazu was right. The COMP restarted again and another set of text flew by the screen.

[Decryption confirmed.]

[Booting program.]

[Condition: green]



"W-What? What is this Atsuro?!" Yuzu screamed as she tried to shake off the COMP of her hand. The COMP seemed to be attached to her hand while her feet was stuck on the floor.

"Th-This is magic! What the-?!"

[Peaceful days have died.]

[Let's SURVIVE.]

The COMPs flashed a bright light and something appeared in front of them. Their feet, now unstuck from the ground, scrambled them away from the distortion.

A floating cat monster, a bipedal dog monster and a fairy about the size of a stuffed teddy bear appeared from the distortion in the air.

"M-Monsters came out?!" "What the?!"

Atsuro was stunned by the turn of events. His mind can comprehend the situation until the winged fairy spoke.

"So this is the human world? Hmm… Then these humans must have been the ones that summoned me. Part of the contract demands something in return. But you don't have an offering for me~"

The three of them were silent as the fairy continued.

"I guess I'll have to kill you then, your deaths would be enough to make the contract permanent. For me, that is~"

Then the fairy flew in and tried to tackle Yuzu but a transparent barrier appeared in front of her, causing the winged fairy to hit the invisible wall.

"What the… A human with magic? This is interesting~"

"Yuzu, Atsuro let's move away from the street! The monsters will be rushing at us, we must lead them away from others."

He and Yuzu could only follow Kazu's words as they ran towards the other side of the street. Both of his best friends climbed up the stairs of the overpass and back to Miyashita Park. The cat and dog monsters were striking the invisible wall a few meters away from them with hits and 'magic'.

The magicagic in a way the cat monster seemed to be causing fire to burst out of thin air and lightning strikes to hit from thunderclouds that also appeared out of thin air.

"What is with them? They aren't the creatures I read in books and- Ooof!"

Kazu seemed to hit an invisible wall as well. Yuzu felt the wall his best friend has stumbled upon and exclaimed, "Something is here! We can't run!"

"T-Then we're trapped!"

"I won't let myself die in here! I'm gonna fight!" His best friend voiced out as he waved his hand and a series of thunderclouds appeared, striking the three monsters with lightning.

The monsters screamed in pain but it didn't stopped the bipedal dog to rush Kazu with the wooden club it had at the instant Kazu stopped the lightning strikes. Kazu must have been the one responsible for the invisible walls because the moment Kazu got stunned, the cat monster and the winged fairy entered the fray.

Atsuro had to guard himself while Yuzu also tried to block the winged fairy's tackle. He expected the attack to hurt much but it didn't.

The winged fairy expressed her confusion as well. "W-Wow! You're pretty tough… for a human, anyway~"

"Wh-What the?! That should have hurt me way more than it did!" Atsuro exclaimed.

"This is weird. Human are supposed to be soft and chewy. Not hard!" The cat monster spoke, as it released another type of magic that made wind to swirl around him and caused him to feel pain. As if the wind was a physical attack on him.

"Yuzu! Atsuro! Fight back!" Kazu stood up as he evaded an attack from the bipedal dog. "Look at the COMPs, something came up when those arrived."

Atsuro took a look at the COMP he was clutching with his hand, surprised to see it received no damage from the stray hits of the cat monster. "It-It shows information on the monsters! The one I'm facing is called a Kabuso!"

"Mine is a Pixie!" Yuzu shouted as she ducked to miss a fire burst from hitting her. "And it has a number here. A 7 over 30?! What is this?"

"...Aha! It's an HP bar!"

"A what?!" Yuzu got enough of the Pixie and punched it in the face after it missed tackling her. The Pixie was dazed and disappeared after it shattered to particles. "Oh! I think I got what you meant Atsuro!"

Seeing Yuzu defeating her opponent, Atsuro aimed to punch the Kabuso in front of him. In the same manner Yuzu did, he waited for the Kabuso to miss its attack and strike. He evaded the swirling green wind, now recognizing it as an attack from the Kabuso, and sucker punched the cat.

It shattered to particles after the punch connected.

Atsuro then looked back to where Kazu was and he witnessed Kazu released a series of purple balls to the bipedal dog monster. It also shattered to particles after the barrage of purple balls.

"And stay down you rabid mutt!" His best friend then sank down on the ground. "Wow. I never thought I would have to use that attack. But that Kobold was stronger than the Kabuso and Pixie."

The trees and the ground on their area of the park was wrecked, to say the least. Burned out patches of grass and barks of wood. There's even a crater where the club of the Kobold missed. There was even a small flame igniting at one patch of grass, only to be snuffed out by the wind later.

He then remembered seeing a number beside the name of the monster on his COMP. "What number did the Kobold have on your COMP?"


Atsuro released a choke. "Mine was only 3. I doubt Yuzu saw what number hers was but I would guess it was the same as mine."

"Kazu! Atsuro! You guys are fine?" Yuzu shouted as she ran towards them.

Her clothes were a bit singed and ruffled but at the very least she was okay.

"We're fine Yuzu. You?"

"I think I'm okay. But I want to know what in the world were those monsters?!"

Kazu released a cough. "How about we go back to the bags? The Bounded Field is still up so there would be privacy at least."


"I should have recognized the Bounded Field's purpose. It redirects everyone except us three to stay away from the area. Come on. Let's go." Kazu stood up while he gestured towards the street.


"So to summarize things, you are a magician. Just like in those fictional stories? Magic is real?"

"If what happened earlier wasn't proof, then I think nothing will."

"Sorry, sorry. It's just that… It's surprising."

"But not that surprising when those demons appeared."

"Yeah… I guess the Demon Summoning Program really justifies its name."

"How come you two are calm about this? Demons appeared out of no where and just attacked us!"

"Yuzu, calm down. Didn't we just talked about this a while ago? Atsuro read the new files that got unlocked after the battle. It only happened once, only when the Demon Summoning Program starts up for the first time."

He got to hand it over to Kazuya. Kazu is calm and collected as ever. Maybe because he had to deal with Naoya ever since he was little. Or maybe because he had a background on supernatural things for years.

"Run it with me again. My nerves are still rattled and the drinks you gave to me can only calm me down for a while."

"Here, have some Melon Bread. There's more where it came from."

"I still can't believe magic exists, especially when its that useful. That storage bag you have there can store more than it should. You practically hid away all of our bags in it." He was impressed to see magic in action. But he has to more serious stuff to discuss. "Anyway, the encrypted files started up a series of programs in our COMPs."

"The first is the Demon Summoning Program. You have three tries to guess what it does and the first two doesn't count."

Kazu and Yuzu gave him a look and rolled their eyes.

"Okay, okay. The second one is the Harmonizer. I don't really understand much of the mechanics of the Harmonizer but it uses the radio waves our COMPs to 'sync' our 'wavelengths' with the demons, making us stand on equal ground with them."

Kazu then added his own comment. "Since they are demons, our attacks are supposed to be useless against them. But with the Harmonizer, our attacks get to be on their level that they can be affected. It also affects their attacks by weakening it to a level we could tolerate. However it doesn't mean it will be that weak, since I got myself hurt by the club strike of that Kobold."

"But how is that possible? And how could these demons be here in the first place?" Yuzu asked.

"Its all because of the Demon Summoning Program. I guess Naoya made this program," Atsuro replied. "He is a genius programmer after all, and with Kazu admitting Naoya as a magic user, it would make sense that he potentially tried to convert spells and rituals into a program."

"...Naoya-nii once made a comment on how his normal day job could bring him trouble if the other magicians knew about it. Maybe this is why. He combined magic and technology together," his best friend spoke. "Remember how the demons shattered into particles? The program used magic to make the body for the demon but the rest must be done by the 'summoner", which is us."

"...And that's where the 'kill them or die' part comes in, huh?" Yuzu made a deep sigh. "I really don't get all of this. Why would your brother make this in the first place? We should go home before the explosion happens, it would be followed by a blackout right?"

Atsuro then remembered the e-mail. "Wow! Yuzu you solved it!"

"W-What? What did I do?"

"You answered why Naoya made this program! Remember the e-mail where his neighbor got killed or eaten?"

"Yeah… It still gives me the chills when I think about it… Wait… You don't mean its…?"

"Yeah it is. What if Naoya made this program to counter those? Look, the e-mail said the man will be killed by an animal attack, right? What if that wasn't an animal at all? What if that was a demon?"

"…! W-What the? Are you serious?"

"I'm serious. We, and it includes Naoya since he also made a comment about it according to Kazu, received an e-mail predicting the future. We would then have an idea where and when and attack was due to occur before it happen. It is also given that magic exists and there are rituals to summon creatures and stuff, it is possible that there would be rituals to summon demons. Then Naoya made a program for COMPs to summon demons and allow us to fight against them. So, what conclusions can we draw from this?"

"...We could prevent them. By using the demons to counter the demons that were summoned to do harm," Kazu spoke as he collected the stray cans of soda the three of them drank from. "There are news about freak accidents lately, strange events, people missing… Not that is a new thing but lately there are lots of them being reported."

"And people are ignoring them, seeing that they couldn't help it anyway. But what if they were caused by demons?"

"Yeah… That is, if the demons are really the cause of these things," Atsuro remarked.

"I'm so not doing that! Why don't we just give these back to Naoya or somebody else?" Yuzu exclaimed.

"Yuzu, would you rather have someone have access to the Demon Summoning Program? I think the program locks on the magical signature of the user and if it isn't the user it was 'registered' with, the program with start the initialization sequence. Meaning another bunch of demons being summoned to deal with the 'contract'," Kazu replied. "And please trust Naoya-nii on this, Yuzu. He won't do this without a reason."

"You must also remember that the COMPs have the Harmonizer function, which weakens any attack done by a demon to us. It would keep us safe, at the very least, from the attacks and it also functions as an ID scanner for any demon we could encounter," Atsuro spoke. "If we give it back or to the police, we couldn't protect ourselves when a demon appears in front of us."

"Ah! The Bounded Field is gone…. Huh?"

Atsuro saw people now coming down the street and the konbini attendant enter the establishment. Yuzu was at the bench fumbling on her phone, probably texting her mother. And Kazuya…

"Hey… Kazu. What are you staring at my head? Is there something wrong?"

His best friend then turned around and made a startled gasp when he looked at Yuzu. He then looked at himself and the other people that were coming down the street.

"Hey, Yuzu. Kazu is acting strange."

Yuzu then stood up and shook his best friend. "Hey, what's the matter?"

"Th-There's a number up on our heads, we have a 1 but the other people have a 7. It's a strong illusion that isn't dangerous, from what I can tell."

"I can't see anything, you Atsuro?"

"Nope, nothing."

With a sigh, Yuzu sat down back on the bench. "You really have to explain all this magic stuff to me later. You spoke about magical signatures and all but I have no idea what it is. And I really want to ask Naoya about all of this."

"...Naoya-nii was here a while ago. I saw him across the street before the demons appeared. He may have been the one who made the Bounded Field."

"Yeah, me too Kazu. You must explain things to us now since everything is done and all."

Kazu looked around and thought for a minute. He then spoke something in a low voice and Atsuro can feel something moved. He looked around and people seem to avoid coming near their bench, even though they do it subconsciously.

"A privacy ward. Nothing can be heard nor seen beyond the Bounded Field. It's a small one but it would suffice at the moment," Kazu said. "Okay, from what I checked on the files Atsuro gave me from the cracked system folder, the program seemed to be using a weird ritual to initialize the starting sequence. That is to say, before it can start it checks the user of the program through the radio waves the COMP constantly sends and receives."

"One is whether the user is a magic user or not. If so, then the program will summon a demon that will match with the user in terms of magical strength. The files show other requirements that could be used as well but I may have to explain it later. If not, then a second ritual will then be performed to give the user the ability to use magic. After that the check on the user's magical strength will then be activated and a demon will be summoned."

"…! Then that means..."

Before Yuzu could finish what she was about to say, Kazu continued. "The Ministry will certainly want Naoya-nii's head if they knew about this. This is practically a very obscure ritual, which ironically I only learned of from Nii-sama. The Ritual of Conversion was said to be a very ancient ritual, made back in ancient times where God was said to given it to mankind in hopes it will ease their hardships. Used to give mankind a so-called 'edge' to do more things and a testament to God's power, it was then removed from history when fellow humans grew afraid of the magic-users and persecuted them to death."

A sigh was released and Kazu tinkered with his COMP as he finished his explanation. "I don't know how or where Naoya-nii found it but I will ask him about it later. Anyway, the ritual is undetectable and really unnoticeable. You wouldn't even knew you gained the ability to use magic until you did it. Right now, you guys are now magic-users because of the demons our COMPs summoned for us. Just as I said earlier, the user must have magic before a demon could be summoned. So if a demon was summoned then that means you have magic now. I knew you two never had it, since you guys never noticed this thing right here."

Kazu pulled out a cape from his his backpack and wore it over his back. It was a dark blue on one side and red on the other. "I wore this last week, to test out its durability, at school. It has the charms that only a magic user can see it and the one who don't won't. Judging by the stares you are giving to me right now, you guys can see it now. Am I right?"

"What the? Why do you have a cape?" Yuzu asked as she inspected the cape his best friend was wearing. "It's so smooth, wow."

"Yep, it is even charmed to cool me down when it gets too hot and the reverse when it gets too cold. It also self-repairs as well."

Man was he jealous. "I want one. A jacket that has the same functions and that can self-repair."

At his statement, Kazu laughed and remarked, "Atsuro, I bought a jacket just like yours with the same charms. You too, Yuzu. It's in my backpack. I bought one when I was in Akihabara this morning. Amagi-san was so enthusiastic when she saw what I wanted for her to make."

"...Give it to me."


And with that, Kazu stood up and made a wave of his hand. Atsuro can feel something collapse. Suddenly, all of COMPs' e-mail alerts went off.

"What the?"


Subject: Congratulations

It seemed you've used the COMP. Well done.

I figured that the general confusion would be dying down by now.

I gave you three the COMPs because you will need the power of the demons. If you want to survive, you'll have to learn how to use them.

I don't have much time right now. Head to Aoyama Cemetery. You'll meet a person who will affect your future activities there.

From: DS Admin

Subject: READ ME

Attached: instmanual(pdf)


You have earned the qualifications to become a demon tamer.

You can now summon a demon at any time as an ally and command it.

Please note that "contracting" with the demons only occurs during the initial booting of this program. Defeating demons summoned via other COMPs does not apply, either.

Also, a tutorial document has been attached to with this e-mail. Please make use of it.

Have a safe and pleasant experience in your new life as a demon tamer.


"Well that was informative."

A pair of groans were heard later by the passing people in front of the Electric Museum from a group of teenagers. The three then walked away towards the direction of Miyashita Park.

Part 4

"So you chose to enact your plans along with the Shomonkai's?"

"This would be the perfect time to do it. They already destabilized the barrier between the two worlds, making my summoning program to run much smoother and caused less strain on server."

A sigh was made by the suit wearing man. "I know that this isn't the world I came from and I'm familiar with but I still can't made heads and tails about all of this."

"Neither am I, Gabriel. Neither am I. From the things you said before, I would have thought you would be the one who will oppose my plans."

"Father would be so angry if he knew about the things this world had went through. The reason I left Heaven was because I don't want to get between Lucy and Mike's quarrel about humanity. I personally want to watch humanity to grow, just like what our Father wanted us to do."

Gabriel the stood up from the bar he and Cain had been on and went to the window. It was already past the point of calling it 'afternoon' and things would get more problematic as time pass by.

"Your plans is pretty much straightforward. You wanted to get even and get back your brother from being incomplete. Father can't even do a thing about it because everyone has been given free will. Yes, even us Angels."

At these times, not even a gallon load of chocolate would suffice to the headache he figuratively was suffering from.

"It is human nature to get revenge. Balance and equality and all that rot, right? And I can testify that you certainly regret the death of your brother. Oh don't get your panties in a knot. You genuinely care for Abel. You just don't regret killing him, only the part where his soul is blasted to bits by Met-chan."

"I can always bring him back, you know. We were given by God these powers to help our people in supplying food. He was the one who have the ability to 'unite' while I was the one with the ability to 'perseverance'."

Cain took another sip of his sake and continued, "Because of 'unity' he can get along with almost every sentient being, which lead to him being the animal care taker. Me, on the other hand, with 'perseverance' that is best at plans and things that can take a long time to prosper. So I went to tending the plants, for they take time to grow. Right?"

"Yeah yeah. But thanks to good old Met-chan, you accidentally killed Abel when you thought it was the one who kept on killing his animals... Dammit, sorry my bad. It didn't went that way right? Oh don't be surprised. Even though I am not the Gabriel this Heaven is familiar with, my Grace is still recognized up there. You must check out the archives up there. They really kept everything in there."

"Sure I was jealous of Abel because his offerings were the ones being accepted by God-" "Father already left and left things with Met-chan, so you were offering it to Met-chan." "-okay, by Metatron, but it didn't got to the point that I despised him enough to kill. Because of my jealousy, I strove to grow better crops than before. But..."

"Met-chan decided to shake things up. Back at my world, Lucy tried dragging Abel to Hell by tricking him. Since Lucy already fell down to Hell, he can turn anyone to a demon as long he was allowed to do so by the victim. So Cain, the first big brother in the world, made a deal to be the one who will be dragged to Hell instead of Abel. But he have to kill Abel so Abel could go to Heaven immediately."

"...That's the first time I heard about my alternates." He took a sip from his glass and drank it down.

"I...I killed with my scythe, Gabriel. I… I don't know what happened but the last thought I remembered before I found myself on my brother's dead body was that I don't like he got his offerings being accepted."

"This may be a cliché or something... but that would be what I called 'got entered by the Holy Ghost'. You got used by Met-chan or one of his lackeys to kill Abel. Of course, in the end Met-chan would deny it cause technically you killed your brother. I'd say they deliberately did it so that they could test their projects. Especially on souls."

"If they were planning on experimenting a human's soul at that time, well they sure did got what they wanted. Reincarnation with complete protection from premature death and cursed with true memory recollection."

"Met-chan was the most ambitious of all angels in Heaven. Just because he was chosen by Father to be His personal scribe/secretary, he got a big head. But to see him as the leader of Heaven in this world, I fear for my old world. He ran away from Heaven, I think he left after I left so I have no idea where is now."

The two men in the bar fell into silence for a couple of minutes before Naoya rose up.

"I have to go now. I still have to check whether the Shomonkai changed their plans and if they did so, I could adjust mine immediately."

"I'll be right here then. Go."

Naoya the left the bar, leaving his bottle of sake on the counter. Gabriel scoffed at the idea of Cain not finishing the rice wine. Taking a sip from the bottle, Gabriel was surprised by the sweet taste.

"Cain, you bastard."

Gabriel carried off the used cup and bottle of amazake to the kitchen area of the bar and stored the bottle at the refrigerator while throwing the used cup to the sink. He took a pouch of Chocolate Angels from the refrigerator before he left.

As he walked out of the bar he owned under the name of Manny Sullivans, Gabriel pondered on his circumstances for the past 6 years.


After he was summoned by a rather crude circle he recognized as a summoning circle, he questioned Cain on how he was a human and the presence of Abel in the room, despite having an incomplete soul which shouldn't be possible in the first place, instead of being at Heaven.

To his surprise he discovered he wasn't in the world he came from. Given that his Father probably did something to save His youngest Archangel from permanently dying, he wasn't expecting to be in a world where his Father absconded Heaven.

He can feel his Father's Grace whenever he went, which caused so much trouble to the Angels in Heaven since they can feel their Father was somewhere but He wasn't at Heaven. But here in the world Gabriel was summoned, his Father wasn't there.

Gabriel hypothesized this was a world his Father created along with the other worlds. He and his brothers were there when their Father created worlds to watch over but their… aunt recklessly destroyed those she came across in a fit of anger. Thankfully they managed to… pacify their aunt before she could do more damage.

As such, Gabriel had an idea he was in a world where his Father forgot to take care of. Or was able to evade from being destroyed by their aunt. Given that they only thought the only world left from their Father's creations was the one they inhabited, they wouldn't think there was even left of the... prototypes. If he could compare it to something simple, he would say this world would be a xerox copy of the world he came from. Only to find out it had been overwritten as time passed by.

Sure the world he found himself in contains humans, angels and demons. But the absence of his Father's presence and the power of his Father's words of 'go forth and multiply' caused a massive shift in the world's order and rules.

After he interrogated Cain, he went off to Heaven. Just to check if things were the same as in his old world.

Boy was he surprised when he arrived there. Things went so different. Dear old Lucy still fell, but its because he wanted nothing to do with the way that ambitious Metatron lead Heaven. Michael became a lackey of Metatron, one who will follow anything their Father wanted to do, even if it was only implied by Metatron. Raphael went somewhere, clearly disgusted but doesn't want to leave the halls of Heaven.

Rumors imply he went the Cupids and became a Patron Angel of Love and Healing. That was weird, even for his standards.

And Lucifer. Oh boy, in this world he had the name Helel before falling. He was so disgusted by Metatron's usurpation that he willingly fell so that he could protect humanity in his own way. By countering Metatron's, which became entire Heaven's Will, idea of complete loyalty.

Which Gabriel found in the end involved 'debriefing' in a way Naomi would be proud of. In fact, maybe this world's Naomi must be the one who would prepare the 'debriefing' materials in case Heaven's Will occur. Also another reason why he left Heaven, their Father wanted them to watch over humanity.

Not subjugating them like cattle.

Helel, who calls himself as Lucifer nowadays, wanted the bring the world to chaos so that humanity can show their innate nature of being aggressive and wild. And then leave them alone. He have no love for humanity but he will help them, in accordance to their Father's words of 'watching over them'.

He'll just let them rot in their own machinations while at the same time sabotaging Heaven's actions in subjugating them.

Lately though, from what Gabriel managed to collect from Heaven's rumor mill, Lucifer is bored from the lack of actions from Heaven so he may do something drastic in Hell. Most likely he'll trick a high ranking demon in Hell to kill themselves in the human world.

That was also a thing. The world he came into was divided into two, the human world and the demon world, or what the inhabitants there call as the Expanse. Humanity lived in the human world while the rest of the supernatural beings exist in the demon world.

Since their Father gave the words of 'go forth and multiply', it had an effect in this world. It caused the power of belief by humans to evolved, causing deities and mythical beings to exist in the demon world. Or maybe the fact that only Humans can create their own Heavens back in his world has something to do with the influx of deities and mythical beings in the Expanse in this new world.

As long as humanity believed at one point in time about something, it will form over at the demon world. Which Gabriel soon discovered, when he transported himself to it one time, was a massive dimension divided into pantheons of several religions and myths.

Needless to say, the world Gabriel found himself in was sustained by the power of humanity's belief.

When he returned to Cain and Abel, he found Cain to be distraught over something. But Cain hid it from him. He won't pursue on investigating it until a few years later.

Somehow the summoning circle Cain made was a binding summoning circle, a prototype for a massive summoning sequence Cain was making. It involved summoning demons and binding them to the summoner using a catalyst and an offering or payment.

When Gabriel inquired on how he successfully summoned him when the needed 'payment' of the summon was a soul. Not even their Father can fight against the Law of Equal Exchange to which He too must adhere as well.

Cain, instead of answering him directly, rather told him a story of how his brother's soul got corrupted by the machinations of God, which Gabriel instantly corrects him by replacing it with Metatron, and became a Bel demon.

It seemed that Metatron had a thing against the first sons of Adam. He caused the elder brother to be cursed (punished) and the younger one to be turned into a demon, a special demon in fact.

Abel's soul became a Bel demon - Gabriel inwardly laughed at the lack of creativity because the entire title was a big pun - and got blasted to pieces by Metatron. The shards then got absorbed by other demons who then gained a 'Bel' in their name as an identifying mark of absorbing a part of Abel's soul.

The only consolation Cain had was that a small shard of Abel's soul went back to the human world and constantly being reincarnated along with Naoya. However, he discovered later on that Metatron tinkered with the human shard of Abel's soul.

It would only resurface completely when Abel's reincarnation would receive a murder attempt and survived to live the tale. And it should be done within a 14 months after he was given birth. Or else Abel's human soul would then move on to another mortal vessel and wait for another 14 months.

Metatron really loved to play god, even though he was only their Father's secretary.

Cain then revealed that due to certain circumstances, his brother resurfaced for the second time. The first time his brother resurfaced was during the time the Tower of Babel was being constructed. Both of them reconciled and managed to get a stage to get even against God (Metatron). They gathered all of Abel's soul shards using the magic they were blessed with from the demons who absorbed it.

But just like in the myths, the tower was struck down and Abel was scattered again.

Thankfully, the curse on Cain was effective in removing the speech confusion God (Metatron) that he was still able to recall the ancient common tongue throughout his reincarnations.

Still, Abel, reincarnated as his cousin, which was as close as they were in the past, was still incomplete. So Cain was planning to summon forth several Bel demons to retrieve the shards of his brother.

Cain then revealed that he used a soul shard that was embedded on his brother's forehead, to which he then used on the prototype summoning circle he made. Since it was a soul, in spite of its splintered state, it is completely viable as a reagent for the summoning.

Initially he wanted to summon Loki, a Norse god who was said to bring forth Ragnarok, since the god was said to be a trickster and loved to cause mayhem. It would be also a test run if his prototype summoning could do handle a binding contract system at its core. The Trickster god would be a great asset in fighting against the forces of Heaven.

Well, Cain did summoned Loki. However, not the Loki he wanted to. Gabriel, in order to escape from being roped into Michael and Lucifer's dispute, asked for his Father a disguise to hide from his brothers. Since in his old world, the original Loki was already smitten… permanently by the pagan god Odin, his Father decided to give him the guise of Loki, using the leftover pagan equivalent of their Grace.

Thus, he is - no, was - both the Archangel Gabriel and the Trickster god Loki. However, he doesn't know if his titles could still be applied here in the new world.

Gabriel knew that he wouldn't be entirely safe since he has two… maybe three conflicting personas in the new world. He doesn't know what happened to the Gabriel of this world, since the last thing he heard in this world's Heaven was that Gabriel was tired of following Metatron and Michael's orders and went somewhere she could do her own duties.

Yes, she. Apparently this world's Gabriel was a female Archangel, and she was the equivalent of the Greek god Hermes. Or the Roman god Mercury. He swings both way, either way.

Tired of Metatron and Michael's demands of submitting to their way, she left Heaven and went to do her duties as the Patron Angel of Communication and Aspirations. Apparently, before their Father left this world, He left duties for their counterparts here to do. Like Castiel's counterpart here, Cassiel, who was the Patron Angel of Peace, Serenity, Solitude, Harmony and Tears.

He had so much duties to attend to that he didn't caught neither a glimpse of his brother's counterpart here. His last duty though. Gabriel found it strange that their Father gave Cassiel the duty of taking care of people who need assistance in the area of Tears. It also makes him wonder why he often see his brother back in his world following the Winchester brothers like a lost puppy. Was it that bad that even Castiel, who was demoted to being a foot soldier despite his true station is above it, find himself more comfortable among the humans?

Still, it somehow makes sense since if you are already leaking tears, it would mostly lead to a clear mind which translates to gaining harmony. Man, Cassiel sure does have lots of things to do here.

Nevertheless, Gabriel wasn't safe, even though his vessel was transported also in the new world he found himself in. For the following months that followed, he and Cain determined that Gabriel's vessel was completely synchronized with his Grace. Meaning the body was alive in lieu of being dead.

They realized it when Cain decided to incorporate several requirements on his project. Cain added a spell matrix on his summoning sequence that would terminate itself when it detected its user to be dead. It would also reboot and proceed to restart the sequence if it detected a new and alive user.

So when Gabriel tried to test Cain's summoning sequence, it booted up for him. Which then they realized Gabriel is technically a human with Angelic Grace in his soul. He was now akin to Cain and Naoya in terms of existence since both of them are technically humans in body yet aren't fully human in spirit.

That lead to Cain helping Gabriel get him a legitimate documents validating his identity, in both the magical and mundane societies. Although Cain had to pull some strings for Gabriel to have a valid background, even Gabriel had to use his angelic abilities to ease the trouble, they could only accomplish on giving Gabriel a gaitosho or an ARC [Alien Registration Card]. He prefer calling it as a gaijin card, much to Cain's embarrasment.

Gabriel liked being an American citizen, thank you very much. Even with the falsified American documents, which don't exist in America, he had legit identity documents in Japan. Confusing, but that was the point.

And speaking of America, he wondered if the Winchester brothers exist here as well. He saved them from being used by the other Pagan gods which led him to being killed by his brother. Yeah, he was killed but he didn't die. Irony.

But he can't leave Japan, or at least within a certain range from his summoner. Which was a surprise to both Cain and Gabriel.

The contract in the binding summoning he was summoned with had glitched , so to say, that it instead of Cain it went to Abel. Probably because Abel supplied the offering for the summoning and was used to heal his lethal wounds. And because it was a prototype of the summoning program, he have the privileges to act on his own and have his own autonomy.

But he still have to adhere to the orders of Abel, when he realized that he was his contractor. Good thing he doesn't have any idea of him being his summoner and contractor.


Unless circumstances required him to reveal the fact to Kazuya, he will keep silent on the matter. It also doesn't hurt that Kazuya was a good teenager that can get along with almost everyone. Gabriel swore Abel's personal magic specialization of 'unity', according to Naoya, affects Kazuya into becoming a very a popular teenager.

He liked to kid that he sometimes think he was summoned just to be Kazuya's guardian angel. Even if the contact wasn't there in the first place, he will still aim to guide him to his safety and well being and help him have a nice life.

But he's Abel. And with how the Shomonkai threatened Naoya once they discovered Naoya have a method to summon their 'god', Kazuya will be caught in the chaos that is looming over the city.

Gabriel found himself on the train station at Shinjuku, waiting for the train to arrive. Since Naoya left already for Father knows what, he had to entertain himself in other ways. He might as well go to Omotesando and try to check up the new stuff his favorite chocolate confectionery there.

Just as he was about to get out at Shibuya Station, something got hold of him and pulled him into an alley.

"My fellow Angel, may I inquire on your business here down on Earth?"

Oh boy. He should have tightened the suppressor of his Grace that day. An Angel of this world found him.

"Hehe. Nice to meet you then..? Uh… who are you again?" Gabriel replied. He was so uncomfortable by the way the teenager in front of him. The stare the teenager was giving him was so intense. His/Her Grace is even affecting the entire area around them, with how the hair decorations of the girl was swaying in the windless alley and how her clothes were floating at the sleeves and edges of her short dress.

This Angel couldn't be more inconspicuous. The Grace around them would attract any demon around the vicinity.

If this was his old world, there seemed to be a lack of demons here in Japan. Maybe they are at America since the Asian countries were more religious and prefer to keep their purity intact. And he meant that in the vaguest way as possible.

Gabriel couldn't guess on the identity of the Angel in front of him. Angels like himself prefer to have vessels that match their preferences but sometimes they would have to settle on having a vessel of a different gender when the situation demands it.

"I'm the Thunder of God, fellow Angel. I ask of you again, what is your business here?" the girl spoke again in a very distorted voice.

"I'm just a lowly Angel. I have been tasked to watch over a child and I'm on my way to him." Gabriel replied. He couldn't let Ramiel know who he is.

"Ah. Tasked with being a Guardian Angel. You have been blessed to take upon the task you have been given. However..."

Did he noticed he was lying? Wait, maybe its…

"I would inquire why you decided to posses a lowly human in your task? It is an impediment to one's duty when one is restricted only to human actions."

Gabriel quickly replied, "It is part of my task, the soul of the human whose body I posses is already being judged for his erroneous ways." He hoped Remiel would take it.

"Ah. I see. Well then, I must be on my way. My vessel has work to do. I shall be resuming to my duty and you too shall be. May our Father's Will be with you."

"And so to you too."

Remiel walked away from the alley a few meters and the Grace his vessel was exuding instantly disappeared. It left a slightly disoriented young woman who then walked towards the direction of a group of similarly colored people.

"Huh. An Angel working with a Shomonkai member. Didn't Naoya said they were worshipping Belberith? Why would an Angel, especially the likes of Remiel, would work with in tandem with a cult of a demon?" he said out loud while tearing a pack of Chocolate Angels.

Gabriel munched on the Chocolate Angels and continued towards the confectionery. "Is this another of your schemes Metatron?"

He just hopes that it nothing but he will expect a tragic scenario the next couple of days.

Part 5

"And… There! You're all healed up!"

"Ah! Wow! Thank you Mochizuki-sensei!~"

"You're welcome Midori. Now don't go far away from your parents, okay?"

"Yes Sensei!~"

"You promise?"

"I promise!"

"Now then, go now. Shoo~ Your parents are waiting for you."

The small girl then rushed out of the small clinic. The clinic was quite small, with only a sink, a small table and a couple of chairs in it. It also had a small bed fit enough for a child to get some rest if he or she got tired or injured.

Mochizuki Mari tidied up the extra bandages and band-aids on the table. She also cleaned up the used cotton balls filled with iodine and alcohol, which were used to disinfect the wound of the small girl earlier.

It was a selfless duty to the public, being an elementary school nurse with her very own personal clinic in Kanda, Chiyoda-ku. Although it is small, it is quite popular with the residents of the neighborhood she was living in. She is nice to children that they are calm enough for her to give them vaccine and booster shots, which is why their parents frequently go to her.

Despite being a licensed nurse, she is not really allowed to own a clinic. Since she's not a doctor and all but that didn't stopped her from trying. Her boyfriend… late boyfriend helped her establish the clinic she currently spends her time at whenever school closes at weekends, holidays and vacations.

The government can make a bid deal about it but as a nurse, she is first and foremost a servant to the people. Her job may be a selfless one, one that usually doesn't attract much recognition and thanks, but the feeling of helping a fellow person get over his/her sickness is enough for her.

...Well, aside from the significant salary she gets from being a nurse, she is happy with it.

As Mari went out the door and closed up her small clinic, which the people will protect from being demolished if the higher-ups discovered she had an illegal clinic, the parents of one Hirano Midori immediately bowed to her when she turned around.

"Thank you for taking care of our daughter!" the couple exclaimed. The two were quite enthusiastic.

"Its nothing. It was only a scratch," Mari replied, smiling.

"No, it is not nothing. We are brand new parents so we fear for her safety. After all, she will be the only one in our family,"the husband said while making a smile frown on his face. His wife frowned as well.

"Oh dear. My condolences. Well, all's well that has ended well, right? We must be going now. The trains will be jam packed at this hour, you know?" Mari said. "You two better get your daughter some rest. She's practically drooping beside you."

The said girl almost fell over, clearly tired from her all day excursion around the city. She was then scooped by her father while the mother resumed in thanking Mari.

The couple then went to an eastern direction, leaving Mari alone on the street with her bag on her shoulders. She removed the medical coat she had on herself and rolled it.

Mari stuffed in her small bag and clutched on the small keychain her late boyfriend gave to her. A bat-designed keychain with red and black color scheme, it was the last gift her boyfriend gave to Mari before he died the next day.

Passing by a shrine, she went inside and prayed for her boyfriend's safety in the afterlife and her own. Might as well as include Tadashi while she was doing it. Kenuichio was a hero to her and his brother's eyes while he was reviled by the police for his good deeds and affiliations.

He wanted the world to be a better place so he started the Shibuya Daemons, a gang he and his brother made to be a vigilante group in Shibuya-ku. Unfortunately he died the year before, leaving Tadashi to lead the Daemons.

Oh how Ken-kun would be saddened if he saw what happened to the Daemons. She met Ken-kun when she joined the Daemons back at her high school days. Mari used to think she was weak because she wanted to be nurse, so she decided to join a gang to show others she can be strong and not weak.

Despite of her innocent and meek image in her teenage years, she packed quite a punch whenever they went to protect the streets of Shibuya-ku. Due to this, she met the leader Nikaido Kenuicho and the rest were history.

Unofficially, she was the second-in-command of the Daemons while she was in it but she quit when Mari entered college. She was good at doing her part in the gang and add the fact that she can patch up anyone's injuries when they got banged up, Mari was looked up by the member of the Daemons.

The other members still adhere to her whenever they managed to see her in public but most of them respected her decision to move on. Especially when their former leader died from the "bloodless murders".

Oh how she went amok on that day she got received the call of the hospital where her boyfriend's body got delivered. Needless to say, she was feared by the resident doctors of that hospital and made a very good lesson on the sorrow of a woman scorned by fate.

The investigations done by the police and the Daemons showed no concrete reason on how her boyfriend died nor got connected to the "bloodless murders".

The last person Ken-kun met was also found with his corpse, drained of his blood, leading to the case of deaths called as "bloodless murders". The previous victims also had a connection to the person Ken-kun met, so everything somehow collapsed when her boyfriend died.

Several speculations and hypotheses of the police collapsed when her boyfriend died because they had the gall to think her boyfriend was the murderer. They ruled it as a murder-suicide just so they could close the case immediately.

Mari never liked the police. It was one reason why she joined the Daemons when she was in high school. They were a useless bunch of people who only cared for themselves and hid behind the facade of being helpful and benevolent servants of the people.

What a joke.

Mari finished up her prayers and went outside of the temple. She just then noticed the group of people outside who were making a lot of noise with their arguments. They soon noticed her and left the shrine, leaving their clutter and a tall piles of trash behind.

Sighing, Mari didn't bothered to chastise the group. Clearly they thought they were better than others and it wasn't their business to clean up their own mess.

As she was throwing the clutter to the garbage bins, she noticed a pile of papers stacked on a bench. A bunch of symbols were printed on the papers but only one was in acceptable condition. The rest were smudged by a knocked over can of soda.

It looked to be a warding sigil or something, maybe from the West? Mari had no idea. To her, it appears to be some sort of charms that the shrine keepers were supposed to be giving away when the festival came.

Maybe the group was the replacement for the old shrine keeper of the shrine in their place. But for some reason they backed out? She had no idea.

Still, she won't waste a perfect charm or talisman. She heard the old shrine keeper would be handing out charms and talismans of safety and protection to the townsfolk that upcoming festival.

The rest were already destroyed so it wouldn't hurt anyone if she kept the acceptable one for herself. The others won't know it anyway.

Putting the paper sigil in her pocket, she made her way to her small apartment. It was already dusk. She's getting hungry anyways.


She never would understand why Tadashi still kept on visiting her. Everyday. Every single day.

It gets annoying when it reached past the limit of 10 times.

Tadashi might meant well in his visits but it gets annoying when he questions on how her life had been after a year.

Mari had to push Tadashi out of her small apartment just so that she could get some well-earned rest. She lost her appetite that evening.

Her foul mood only got worse when the lights went out after a distant explosion can be heard from a distance. Thankfully her clothes were already dry and out of the dryer.

But the water… The water got cut-off. She had to bring out the candles and light them up so that she could see in the darkness but the water…

Mari couldn't get a shower after that. Good thing that she made plans for this situation. Uncovering the water container she kept in storage, she used the water in it to have a bath. Sometimes her ingenuity comes through.

Hopefully the power and water will come back in the morning. Mari and the other residents of her apartment complex were lucky that their emergency generators went alive an hour after the black out.

But the telephone lines and even the internet were all down. Even the television broadcasts were empty. The radios were even useless.

Somehow Mari felt that these things were just the start as she tried to fall asleep that night. Her air conditioner was the only thing running in her apartment to save electricity.

Their generators could only provide electricity up to a certain point. Until they could get their hands on gasoline, they would have to settle on using as little electricity as they could.

Part 6

The explosion and the blackout that followed were troublesome to one Komaki Midori. Good thing that her hotel had emergency generators to keep the lights going but it couldn't bring back the internet and telephone lines. Nor it could bring back the water that somehow got cut off during the blackout.

And here she was already up and ready to make a video blog of the excitement she went through that day at Akihabara. Despite the event being a small scale one compared to the other events she went to before, Midori enjoyed it. She got herself new merchandise to use, met some awesome cosplayers and got to meet her fans there.

She also managed to snag a brand new costume idea for her to make and wear the next event. Her daddy called and arranged for her a hotel room because the trains going in and out of the Yamanote Line went down at 17:00. So he sent money to her account and Midori used to pay for her hotel room.

Her daddy really was the best. Since her mother died, his daddy tried to fill in the roles of being her daddy and mommy. It was funny for some times since he can't understand some of the body functions of a woman, tomuch less of a girl, but he loved his daddy for his attempts.

Still, it was annoying. Midori would have met with his daddy at Toda Station at Toda-shi, Saitama-ken and would have a great night having a dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. Her daddy worked overseas ever since her mother died, to find a job that would give him the salary he needed for his family.

So his visits are moments Midori cherished whenever he got the time to do so.

"We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience..."

The intercom of the hotel repeated the message Midori heard ever since 21:00. She changed already for her night clothes and was ready to sleep but that irritating intercom can be heard even inside the bathroom.

She just had to endure it. That's all.


Chaos. Pure chaos. That was the sight Midori found when she went to the lobby of her hotel. People were complaining left and right. The staff were like headless chickens running around to meet with their guests' needs.

Well, her needs were already done since the hotel prepared her a nice breakfast composed of waffles, pancakes and hot chocolate. Quite a rarity in Japan to see the kind of breakfast being served. But then again, she was in a hotel. They obviously had to cater foreigners.

The people at the lobby looked tired. Like they didn't got much sleep or got a good night's rest. And their clothes appear to be stained by sweat. The one where sweat dried over and made crater-like stains.

Midori was thankful that she managed to take a shower before it got mysteriously cut off at 20:00. And she also had some extra clothes to wear, although the one she was now wearing was a spare one of her yesterday's costume.

Just in case she managed to damage her costume, she could replace it with a brand new one. She also planned to sell it online to others to get some money after she used the other one. After all, money is something all cosplayers must learn to manage.

"The stations are all closed down and even the roads are closed off! Why are the SDF even there in the first place?!"

That's new. The SDF closing down the roads? Well maybe its just a rumor or something. Midori still have to move.

Her daddy must be waiting for her at the Station. She overslept by an hour so she only had about… an hour to travel. She must hurry to the Ikebukuro Station and ride a train on the Saikyo Line to the Toda Station.

"I swear something was stalking me at the shadows this morning! It looked like a dog but a dog that tall couln't exist, right?

"...I think I saw a floating cat today."

"Well, I definitely saw a horned monster last night at the Shinjuku Station! It was this tall!"

Midori passed through the three men in front of the hotel doors and carried her bag towards the direction of the nearest Train Station.

There's no way the Trains are down at this hour. They had all night to fix them.

Part 7

Kazuya was certain that the person he saw at Electric Museum was his Naoya-nii. Only his brother could make that Bounded Field of that quality. Still, his Nii-sama was so… annoying with his e-mails.

He could have told them in a straightforward manner but he had to speak in very vague ways. His brother could have just went and said to him that there would be trouble and he may have to do some very dangerous stuff to counter it.

Such like fighting demons, for a start.

After they left the Electric Museum and made their way to Aoyama Cemetery, Kazuya discovered a brand new application to his COMP. He called out Atsuro and Yuzu on this and to his astonishment, they too have the same application on their COMPs.

Under the name of [Teams], it looked like something he would expect from a video game's preparations screen. A block with his COMP handle and his avatar, which he added during the wait for Atsuro to finish cracking the COMPs a while ago, with 2 extra spaces beside him.

Selecting his block, the top screen of the COMP showed his supposed 'stats' and 'skills' he have. Which were all somewhat creepy when it showed the type of spells he can use.

Megido, Zionga, Mazionga, Mediarama, Amrita, Dekunda, Masukukaja, Tetrakarn and Makarakarn for his 'Magic' Spells.

Navas Nebula and Agneyastra for his 'Physical' Spells.

They were all listed in it.

And his so called 'stats'. Well he had a higher Magic stat than his Vitality and Strength but his Strength is much better compared to his Vitality. His Agility though, it was only a single digit to reach the level of his Magic stat.

This application is absolutely creepy. It shows their magical and physical parameters in terms of numerical values and it actually shows the known skills of the user.

...And some more. He doesn't know what is Cool Breeze, Holy Blessing, and Anti-Almighty but he doubt he won't be left in the dark about those soon.

There was also a 'bench', so to say, where an image of the Kobold he defeated earlier was displayed.

...If he could 'assign' the said Kobold to his team, then his Naoya-nii would really get his butt kicked. Hard. Kazuya now regretted persuading his Naoya-nii to join and play video games with him.

He certainly had fun while making the Demon Summoning Program if he incorporated an RPG preparation screen. And he even added a… leader column?

Now that he made a closer look, he could see a page 2 and page 3 of the preparation screen. Kazuya selected the second page and a block with Yuzu's avatar and handle on it appeared with a Pixie beside her.

"Hey guys. Yuzu. Atsuro. Are you in a video game preparations screen?" Kazuya asked as he selected the third page. Atsuro's avatar and handle replaced Yuzu's and a Kabuso beside his block replaced the Pixie.

"I can see my 'stats' and I have the Kabuso I punched ago as a team member," Atsuro replied. "How about you Yuzu?"

"...Your real name is Harry James E. Potter…? And your from England?! Is this true Kazuya?" Yuzu exclaimed.

Kazuya had to look up from his COMP fast that his neck almost hurt. "Wh-Where did you heard of that?"

Yuzu made a face of embarrassment and looked away from Kazuya's surprised stare. "I… I read it… in the COMP… Its at the [PROFILES] app."

Kazuya and Atsuro immediately exited the [TEAMS] app and searched for the [PROFILES]. And sure did Kazuya found the application.

He opened it and found 5 'profiles' for him to read. His profile, Naoya, Atsuro, Yuzu, and Gabriel's profiles were all in there for him to read.

Kazuya opened his profile to check and what he found really concerned him a lot.

"Name: Minegishi, Kazuya. Age: 17. Handle: SOULSRVR. The adopted brother/cousin of Naoya Minegishi from his mother's side of the family. He looks up to his brother Naoya as the best brother in the world and would trust him with his life. He liked to have fun with people by playing pranks but he is actually a nice person and very friendly. He cares for his best friends, Atsuro Kihara and Yuzu Tanikawa. No. 3 at the Most Popular People in his school. His real name before adoption was Harry James E. Potter and he was born in England," Atsuro said. "And look, they even had your picture here. Looks like someone took a picture of you on the street."

"Atsuro! Nobody knew what my real name is! Except for my parents and Naoya-nii. Well maybe Gabe as well, but he only knew my nickname when Naoya introduced me to him with it," Kazuya retorted with a wince. It physically hurt to hear that name being called out loud in public.

He hate it with a passion. It sounded so wrong to his ears. In fact, it felt like it wasn't even his name but someone else. Hearing it again just makes his chest tighten and his heart hurt like he was having a heart attack or something.

"… Kazu..," Yuzu said as she walked closer to Kazuya and gave him a hug. "That's okay. That's okay. Surely you have a reason not to hear it, right?"

"..." Yuzu released Kazuya and pulled Kazuya towards a bench along the streets. She made him sit down on it and she took the place beside him.

"We will respect it, okay? But you have to tell us why someday. It isn't right to keep it all in."

"I… I feel like it isn't really my name, Yuzu." Atsuro walked closer and stood beside Yuzu. "I felt wrong. Its like I'm being forced to be this… this person when I know who I am."

"Mom told me one time that my real parents disappeared a year after I was born. Someone placed me on a basket and left me on the doorstep of my other aunt in England," Kazuya sadly told them. "Good thing Mom was there for a visit, she took me along with them. If she wasn't there, Aunt Petunia would have thrown me somewhere. Most likely a ditch."

"Why?" Atsuro asked. "Why would she do that?"

Kazuya laughed and smiled sadly. "She hated my real mother. She hated her so much that it got transferred to me. Anyway, recently Mom and Dad went to England for their job and they discovered something terrifying."

"What is it?" Yuzu questioned Kazuya as she took his hand and made slow circles on his palm. It was calming to a point.

"A convict escaped from a prison and began terrorizing England with explosives and other things that scared the people of England. He was reported to kill people and leave their bodies with a message 'Where is HARRY POTTER?'," Kazuya replied with a smile that looked way off on his face. "Now you know that I am popular at England too."

"That's crazy! Why would that convict want you?" the teen with a white cap said. "You have no connections with England ever since you were a year old, right?"

"I have no idea as well, Atsuro. I have no idea. That's also one reason why I hate that name. It reminds me that people died because of that name," the green-eyed teen answered. "It… It gets to me… That's why I make people laugh with my pranks."

Atsuro thought for a moment and had an epiphany. "Because when they enjoyed your pranks, it makes you happy, right?"

"Along those lines… Mostly because I want to them laugh for the people who didn't got to chance to laugh anymore. Live the life that they didn't got to live, you know? Live for those died?"

Atsuro and Yuzu spent a moment of silence with Kazuya as he tried to calm himself down. Throughout their entire conversation, his entire body was shaking and he had sweat rolling off his face. Good thing that he at the very least calmed down after talking it with his best friends.

"...Yuzu. Atsuro. Thank you."

"What for?" "Yeah, what for."

"For being there with me?"

"Stupid, that's what friends are for. Right Atsuro?" "Yeah, you're completely right… Yoohoo~"


Kazuya had to stifle the chuckle from his best friends' teasings. Releasing a gulp of breathe, he stood up and made to move towards Aoyama.

"Let's go guys. We have somebody to meet at Aoyama. Just like what my Profile said, I trust Naoya with my life. We could ask him later about these new apps that came out from our COMPs when we meet him."

"And oh yeah, Yuzu. We have to teach you about the other app. The [TEAMS]? The demons we defeated earlier said about a 'contract' and the other e-mail said about us being 'demon tamers'. It has something to do with it."


By the time they arrived at Aoyama Cemetery, they managed to understand the function of the [TEAMS] app. It was essentially the Demon Summoning Program functioning as a party member screen in video games.

They could assign demons they 'contracted' as their 'party members' and they will follow their orders to the last word. Yuzu tried summoning the Pixie she 'contracted' and it did appear.

What they didn't expected for it to be a chatterbox so they immediately 'returned' it.

They also learned how to assign skills, just like in an RPG game. Because the Demon Summoning Program incorporated the Ritual of Conversion, it gave Atsuro and Yuzu the ability to use magic. And the said magic skills were registered as 'skills' in the app.

Atsuro confessed the feeling of 'registering' a 'skill' was akin to remembering a thing he used to do before. Just like how he used to ride a bike but because he don't ride a bike nowadays, he forgot how to do now. It was like that.

Testing out if Atsuro can still do the skill after it was 'unassigned' to him, Atsuro can still do it. But he have to speak the spell vocally and the resulting spell was significantly weaker if it was assigned. Still, they will want to stack the odds in their favor.

Especially that they believe they will have to fight the demons that will attack people the next day when the e-mail predicting future comes.

Kazuya's… unique spells can't be registered with the COMPs, which greatly disappointed Atsuro and slightly for Yuzu. Kazuya trained for several years as a magician under his brother, making his spell repertoire a special one since it was all natural unlike the one given by the COMPs.

They are powerful, especially Megido and Navas Nebula, but the three of them agreed it won't do much against the demons since the Harmonizer will 'normalize' the attacks of both parties to an extent.

So when the they arrived at the Cemetery, they reached it around 19:00. They spent a long time studying the apps and the COMPs functions, even Yuzu joined it. Begrudgingly.

The boys promised to Yuzu though that if they somehow found themselves in serious trouble, they'll run away. At least it pacified Yuzu's worries, for now.


"So… Who are we going to meet up here again?" Atsuro asked. The entire cemetery was empty, as it was almost dark by the time their group arrived.

"Naoya-nii said it was person, so its someone he knew or maybe he himself. I won't deny that Naoya-nii would do that. He did surprised me by kidnapping me to Osaka," Kazuya replied. "What about you Yuzu? Did you see someone over there?"

Yuzu only shook her head. "Nope, no one is here. Why would Naoya send us here? Is he trying to spook us?" She let out a sigh before continuing. "I mean, its already evening. I better get home soon if your brother doesn't come. Mother might read my notes or not, I still want to get home."

"Sheesh, Yuzu. You're safe with us and you have the COMP with you, right? You can call out that Pixie to blast a stalker if one comes to you," the green-eyed teen remarked. "I mean, you can. Besides, you did said one day that you are one independent-"


A large explosion was heard from the distance, startling the three from what they were talking about in the first place.

"Oh… What was that? An explosion?"

"...The e-mail! It came true!"

"What? So that was what the e-mail predicted?"

"Shhh! Quiet you guys! Someone's coming!"

With that warning, the three hid behind some tombstones and saw a man wearing an orange robe being thrown across the cemetery. He hit a tombstone and slowly descended down the floor.

"I… I'm so… sorry Lady… Amane. I cou-couldn't do a thing..," the orange robed man sputtered before gasping his last breathe. Kazuya could see the number above his head, which was a zero, slowly disappear and becoming fully transparent to his eyes as if it wasn't there anymore.

Maybe it really did disappear.

Suddenly a chilly blast of air can be felt from the direction where the man came flying through and ice shards instantly formed in mid-air. The ice shards continued forming until it reached the body of the man and encased it in a single ice block. It then shattered to pieces, causing the man's body to turn blue from the frost.

A otherwordly laugh can be heard from where the ice shards came from. Something that looked like what one could imagine a yeti looked like except having a pair of horns and dark fun on its underside. It was roaring so loud that the three of them had to cover their ears for a while.

"Wh-What is that things? Is that a demon?"

"Most likely Yuzu. Let's check the COMPs if it shows any information on it."

"Yeah. Do it you guys while I'll check if the coast is clear."

The three of them began to do their assigned work as fast as they could. Kazuya could see that the Wendigo, the name of the demon the COMP identified.

"Wow, its a level 16 Wendigo. Mabufudyne is the only skill it had but the stats are a different matter. His HP are quite high, much higher than ours and his Vitality and Agility are also higher. We can't beat that demon now," Atsuro said. "Don't tell me you're planning to fight it?"

"Of course not! We made a promise to Yuzu to keep ourselves safe if the situation is something we can't handle… And this is a situation we can't handle," Kazuya replied. "Did you see how that Wendigo used its Mabufudyne? It caused an entire lane to be temporarily be in frost that it didn't knew we -"

"Atsuro! Kazu! Look!" Yuzu exclaimed, pointing at someone at the distance. The figure was running towards the Wendigo.

"Stop this now Wendigo! You can't run away from me!" the orange robed young lady declared before releasing a stream of fire at the demon. The Wendigo countered with using its ice abilities to create a wall of ice as a shield.

The resulting steam came from the collision covered the cemetery for a moment but it was enough for the Wendigo to escape and gained some ground away from the young woman with a lotus headband.

"Hm…? What's this? Interlopers? This is fun! Come on out you dumbasses! There are more people in here for you to enjoy yourselves!"

The Wendigo roared as it return to face the one who summoned pillars of fire. Meanwhile, a group of demons began to appear from the shadows after the Wendigo beckoned them.

"No wonder people were not here. They may have fallen already to the demons. And speaking of demons, how did these came out?" Kazuya uttered as he opened his COMP and proceeded to summon his own Kobold.

Yuzu and Atsuro were successful in summoning them, since they appeared immediately while Kazuya's took 5 minutes.

Kazuya would have turned to ask what would Atsuro should do when the stray demons found their hiding place. But the crowd of Pixies, Kobolds and Kabusos found it and began throwing several elemental spells.

He cast a series of Tetrakarn and Makarakarn to block the incoming barrage of attacks but he could only sustain a few before some of them managed to pass through his shields. A blast of fire in front of his face caused him to stumble and fall back on his back.

Yuzu then proceeded to use her new magic skills to attack the stray demons. Using the Zio and Agi spells, she knocked several of the demons while Atsuro used his own Zan spells against some.

A couple of burns, signed parts of their clothes and a few aches from the unblocked and unavoided attacks were the only things they got from the battle. Kazuya had to punch a strong Kobold, with a level of 13, using Navas Nebula channeled through his fist.

Suddenly a wave of energy can be felt, that healed their small burns and let them recover some of their injuries.

"Hey, it isn't me. That wave of energy was stronger than my Mediarama. It was a Mediarahan or something higher!" Kazuya defended himself, as he was scrutinized by his best friends.

The three of them then glanced at the other end of the cemetery and saw the teenager with a lotus headband looking at them. She bowed and moved back a couple of spaces before a pillar of ice manifested where she was standing a while ago.

"I guess we have to help her?" Atsuro asked. "Looks to me she helped us by healing our injuries after the barrage of attacks from the other demons."

"Sounds fine to me. You Yuzu?" Yuzu nodded as she readied her COMP. Yuzu made an order to her Pixie to distract the Wendigo with weak Agi spells while Atsuro ordered his Kabuso to do the same with Zan spells.

Kazuya's Kobold was ordered then to be a physical distraction to the Wendigo. The three humans then used their own magic to attack the Wendigo, assisting the teenager that helped them.

The Wendigo showed to have a weakness against fire or Agi spells, according to the 'status screen' their COMPs were showing, so Yuzu spent her magic to cast Agi on the Wendigo. Atsuro was the one who kept distracting the Wendigo by casting Zan at the area surrounding the Wendigo, ensuring its position. Kazuya spent throwing Ziongas at the demon, avoiding using Megido, Mazionga and Agneyastra since those spells could hit his friends and the teenager who was wearing a priestess style version of the Shomonkai uniform.

Kazuya remembered seeing a version of her clothes that afternoon at Shinjuku. Shaking his head, he cast Masukukaja before he resumed on aiming Ziongas at the Wendigo. Masukukaja would boost their Agilty, by giving their bodies a boost in adrenaline which would help them in moving and evading attacks.

The Wendigo was already winded, given by the sluggish movement it made when it tried to counter. However, when the Priestess moved to deal the final blow, the COMP showed it was on its last HP digit, the Wendigo cast Mabufudyne around itself, making a rather thick ice wall that blocked their sight from whatever it was doing overseas.

After the ice wall was destroyed by Kazuya's Megido, the Wendigo wasn't there. Discovering the Wendigo escaped, she excused herself from the three and went somwhere else.

"T-That was exhausting..," Yuzu said gasping as she wiped her sweat with her towel. "I never knew that fighting demons would be that tiring."

"Yeah me too," Atsuro said. "But that Priestess was something else, she handled herself well against the Wendigo."

Before Kazuya could reply, the entire cemetery went dark. The entire city also went dark, only to illuminated by the countless generators the people had in their garages and storages.

"This… is a blackout… right?"

"...It came true! The e-mail really did came true!"

"Shhh! Someone's there!"

From the darkness, a figure appeared. Kazuya readied himself for another skirmish but the moonlight shone on the figure revealing the Priestess underneath the shadow.


"Hmm… You three were a great help on my mission on subjugating Wendigo, but he has escaped."

"It's nothing, we were there and well… We had the ability to help, so help we did!" Kazuya answered quickly with a fake smile on his face. Yuzu just gave him a weird look while Atsuro gave him a glare. He honestly felt he pulled out those words from thin air.

(because you did)

"A noble idea, it is. May I then ask for your names? It would be impolite for us to refer one another as that person, right?" the girl stated as if she wasn't talking to three unknown strangers.

Kazuya hesitated for a moment, to which Yuzu took the reigns of the figurative chariot.

"He's Minegishi Kazuya, The one in blue is Kihara Atsuro and I'm Tanikawa Yuzu. Nice to meet you."

"Minegishi, Kihara, Tanikawa. I sure will then remember those names in the future. Kuzuryu Amane. Nice to meet you too."

"It's our pleasure."

"Anyway, Wendigo released a couple of his minions around the cemetery. I erected a barrier to prevent them from approaching you so please… Stay here for the night," Amane said.


"I meant what I said. Stay here for the night and move when the morning comes. Demons are now roaming the cemetery under the orders of Wendigo so it is for your own safety." Amane closed her eyes and then opened them a minute later. "I must be going now. I have to chase down Wendigo. However, I can tell that we will be meeting each other in the next few days. No farewells."

And with that, Amane left the cemetery in the direction she came from. Kazuya was annoyed that for the second time that day, he didn't felt the Bounded Field go up.

"She must have raised it up during the blackout since we three were confused about the sudden darkness," the teen with headphones remarked as he cautiously tried to sense magic being used in the area.

"Yes… Yes, there is one. A concealment barrier, designed to hide the ones inside from the outside. A weak one but it would suffice for the night."

"Th-This is creepy, guys. We have to spend the night here at the cemetery!"

"At least we know that we are safe amongst the dead."

"Stop joking around! Ugh!"

Yuzu slid herself on the ground and opened her phone. "Huh? That's weird. I have no signal."

"The cellular site towers are powered by generators so it would be so weird if the phones lost contact in Yamanote Line."

"But Kazu, it did. I can't text my mom."

Kazuya released another sigh and continued. "Well, we couldn't be anywhere more safer than inside a Concealing Bounded Field. Besides, you guys forgot I'm a magician and you two can do magic now. Let's use our magic to make our night here in the cemetery an acceptable one."

"You guys don't want to lie down on the cement right?"


Thanks to the expanded bag he had with him, the extra clothes he and his friends packed for that day were fine for them to use. And using the Agi and Bufu spells, they managed to have at least fresh water to use. Both for drinking and washing up.

Amane's words of the barrier keeping them safe were true as the demons outside the transparent barrier can't get in. This allowed Yuzu to have peace on her mind and had a peaceful sleep.

Kazuya had at least packed some blankets and pillows in his expanded bag in case they need to. Initially if the inn they will stay at had a shortage in supplies, but the situation they have found himself in proved to be enough for her to sympathize with him.

Just as he was about to go to sleep, his COMP chimed in. Checking it, he found his brother sent an e-mail to him. Atsuro too sent him an e-mail.

But there's one weird e-mail he received that was different from the rest.


From: WhteRbt

Subject: Future Set on Stone?

Today I received a death clip of mine and my friends. It was too real. Too real that it became real as well. Tokyo got wasted by an freak earthquake. Also demons exist since the death clip application became something that summons demons for us to control.

Against what? Against alien life forms. We got ourselves recruited to a group dedicated to save the world, mainly Japan, from supernatural forces.

We battled an ice-cream shaped alien that explodes on stuff. Daichi made him to lose its parts, causing it to temporarily lose its ability to be immune against everything.

We won and given a room under the Diet Building.

I still wonder on the people we saved from the first alien attack.

Would there be more of the alien life forms coming after us tomorrow.


Author's Note:Here's the thing. Back at May 9 when The Distorted Shadow decided to discontinue his SMT/HP Crossover, I messaged him and asked permission of I could write something out of his work.

Although I originally said I was gonna write a spin-off, it became something less of a spin-off and more of an [adoption].

I fear TDS will get angry but he hasn't replied to my follow up PMs. So until he can reply to my PMs, I'm still going to add a note at every chapter I will post pointing towards his work.

Anyway, why did I posted this instead of Number Zeros and Brother of the Azure. Blame my cousin. She reminded me of having a tablet. Which then reminded me of a NDS emulator in it, which then lead me to my first NDS game I played, which then lead me to TWEWY and finally Devil Survivor.

Devil Survivor was the first game I played in the series and on the NDS. I played this back when I was in 1st year High School (around 2009), and boy did I loved every time I spent on it. 1/2 Visual Novel 1/2 RPG

Not to mention it was a Strategic RPG, which then lead me to the Fire Emblem Series and so on and on and on...

Also I have to mention sakurademonalchemist for her SPN/HP fics since I went into a reading spree of her fics, especially the SPN ones. Most of her SPN fics have Gabriel in it surviving or at least avoiding being killed, as it was in Canon.

It also lead to me thinking of how the angels in the DeSu universe acted.

So to make long things short, this is a self-indulgence fic of mine that will span the entire 7 days of the game and *spoiler* includes the ever famous TriWizard Tournament.

Oh boy, do I want to write it all down in one go, but I'm burned out.


It is 2 am here and man...

I still have dishes to wash.

See you guys next time then.

7-31-2016: Fixed some errors and added some things to 'balance' what I have written in First Day.