I hope you like this chapter. I know it´s short and it doesn´t happened to much. I see this as a filler between the previous chapter and the next.

You were out of the door and in the main room, before your brother could react to your last comment.

"Remind me not to piss you off doll. You´re as frightening in the ring as your brother." Tig greeted you from his seat at the bar.

"Don´t worry, I don´t punch or kick people who pisses me off-" You answered and he looked a bit puzzled.

"- I shoot them. Or send my brother."

Earning a little smile.

"Your ex is an phsychic idiot. Would the situation be different-"

"- he would be counting carrots from beneath the surface. But he needed to make it complicated."

You sighted earning yourself some laughs , but also frowns.

"So Chibs, hows the prospect?"

"Aye. But you got him good. Nose cracked and a black eye. His stomach is bruised as well, from your legs. Won´t be able to do hard work for a day or two without pain." The medic answered you.

"Serves him right." Gemma commented from behind you. "Should have kept his cake hole shut the other day."

She was still pissed.

"What did he say that makes you so angry?" You asked her interested.

"Bullshit. Said he don´t understand, why he has to listen to the Old ladys and the girlfriends. It should be the other way around. Because we only need protection and can´t do shit on our own. Did a good job on him, could had last longer."

Her comment made you frown deeply.


"Yeah. But I saw Hap coming outside. Didn´t want to be responsible for a dead prospect. His ego must be pretty shattered now." You laughed a bit at you last comment.

The Queen and you had wandered outside during your little conversation.

"I would have done it myself, but I´m having heart problems." Gemma answered you honestly.

She gestured towards the pickniktables in a silent question to sit down.

"So what is it with Juicy-Boy and you?" She asked you in a neutral tone making your eyes roll on their own.

"No disrespect, but you are the third person asking me this today. Why does everybody ask me that today? Seriously."

She cocked an eyebrow at you.

"I assume Happy just asked you the same back in little Loverboys room?"

"Yeah. How do you know?"

"Well, he looked pretty pissed because of your little fight there. But when you said you would use his room to take your shower, he nearly lost it. Stormed at him and stared him down, befor he went after you. He ignored the prospect- for once. And now you´re givin´me a look I usualy would kick asses for."

"Sorry Gemma. It´s just a bit much. Not only the bullshit with my ex, but now I have be carefull around my brother and Juice, because a wrong look could cause in later death."

"I know what you mean. So what will you do , when your ex is fertilizer?"

"Don´t know. Maybe staying here. Maybe I will return back to Tacoma. Or joining the military. Who knows? It all depends on when this is over, what happened until then and what my dear brother is thinking."

Her look told you, she wouldn´t let you of the leach this easily and you sighted.

Told it Hap and Hulk already, can tell her this as well.

"He´s cute. A bit easy to scare for my liking, but thats my brothers doing."

"Just cute?"

"Don´t know. I feel save around him. Don´t get me wrong. Hap and the others let me feel save as well, but he doesn´t make me feel smothered. "

"He´s one of the fiew good. Would never ever treat a woman the wrong way. But he´s still a kid in his head. I saw the way he looks at you. I swear, the first day, when you were wearing your brothers shirt as a dress he was in a different world."

You couldn´t suppress a smile.

"Do they have any traces of the bastard?" she asked you with worry in her voice.

"No. But I feel like I am still watched. I´m not allowed outside the parkinglot. I feel like I am drowning in here."

"I know your feeling. I hate Lockdowns more than hell. Why don´t we go inside and you help me make some sandwiches with the leftovers of yesterday night."

"Yeah. Have nothing else to do. So let´s go. Whats left?"

"Got some steak, pulled-pork and chicken."

You nodded in understanding.

When you entered the kitchen. Gemma told you , where to find the leftovers and you started to gather the rest.

"Honey. I forgott I need to take care of some stuff. You think you can manage this on your own? "

"Sure Gemma. I will just grab Chucky or one of the prospects if I need help."

"Thank you honey. Will be back soon."

And with that, you were alone in the kitchen.

Well, lets get food and music started.

You were almost finished , when the matriarch returned.

"I am back sweetheart. Wow, you´ve been buisy. Why don´t we get these to the boys?"

"Sure. Let me just wash my hands."

Milli was sitting on top of the bar when Dounut came to her.

"Hulk said you are feeling watched?"

You just nodded in return.

"I know SamCrow has a cabin in the woods they use to hide in or get a breake. I know you, you don´t like to be held captive. I wanted to ask them if you could hide there, but I wanted to speak with you first."

"That would be awesome. I need to see something else. But how do you want to get me there without them knowing?"

"We will find a way. Let me speak to them."

Your eyes followed him and eyed him speaking with Jax. He nodded and you nearly jumped.

Freedom I am coming!

Donut saw your beaming smile and came back for you.

"Seem you watched us. He said that will be no problem staying at the cabin. We will speak in todays church about it. You can go pack your things. Any püreferences on your watch dog?"

You groaned.

"I don´t care but not my brother. Please. "

Donut laughed.

"Don´t worry, we need him as a bloodhound not a guard dog."

"Church is in 30?"


"Then I will start to pack."


You was just finished packing, when Juice entered your brothers dorm room.

"We will get you to the cabin tonight. There will be a BBQ as an disguise. No one will see you leave."

"Is it already decided who will join me in exile?"

Your Question making him blush a bit.

You, really?

"Yeah. They decided to send me with you. I can do my research from there as well. I made sure to get internet and everything there in the best possible way. So don´t worry, you can watch movies there or play games."

"Sounds good. But you are really the only one to keep me company up there?"

"Yeah, but don´t worry. We have an excellent security system up there."

"Don´t get me wrong. It´s not that I don´t trust you to keep me save, I am just wondering that Hap and the others were ok with that."

"Was surprised myself." He admitted. " We will go as soon as the BBQ get´s really started. I will leave you to pack the rest of your things now. See you later then"

Is he uncomfortable?

Some minutes later Hulk entered, followed by your brother.

"Mohawk-boy talked to you? Good. In Case you need them." Hulk handed you a pack of condoms with a little grin.

Happy growled in respond.

"We will be there in under 20 minutes if anything goes wrong. As soon as we have the bastard, you can come back. Don´t do anything I have to kill him for."

You rolled your eyes and packed Hulks gift on top in a challenging manor.