AN: Part 2 of my story ;)

„What do you mean ´you have a new smileyface for me`?" , your brother asks you after a little moment with worry in his eyes.

You gestured towards the coach and your brother nodded in understanding. You took a bottle of beer and followd him , catchin Kozik on the way. You now, Happy would tell him what you will say later. So he can hear it out of your own mouth.

You placed yourself on your brothers lap to face him and his best friend.

„So Mili. Tell us. You were always the last person who would say or ask things like that.", the blond asks you.

„What happend?", your brother asks concerned. One of his big hands comforting on your back.

„First things first. Please don´t be mad with me. Ok? And please don´t say anything to mom."

„We would never be angry with you. And if you do not want mom to know I will not say her a thing.", your brother answered you.

„ I have -had a boyfriend. Our relationship lasted about four month. Thats the reason you guys don´t now anything about him. I didn´t want him to be scared away by you. NOW I think that was an mistake.", you began quietly.

Kozik and your brother shared a anxiouse glance.

„What happend.", anger mirroring in his voice. He new your ex must have done something really bad, when you came and asks your brother for this kind of help.

In the corner of your eye you can see your brothers body tense.

You know he was thinking about what could have happened. During his time in the club he stumbled upon many things that could have happen to you and that knowledge made him sick.

This very moment he made an oath to himself , that if your ex had forced himself onto you or did something comparabel. He would show him, why he was called ´Killer´ and why he was in charge if the club were in need for information.

„ The first two month were like a dream. Always nice. He brought flowers. Took me out for dinner. And such romantic stuff. Everything was fine. But than in the third month he began to call every few minutes demanding to ´know where I was. First I ignored it. I thought he would be concerned about my safety. Just like you guys. But one day- about two weeks ago-, I met one of the Tacoman guys and hat a little chat about good old times and my mustang- he showed his real face.

He demanded to know who that was and what we talked about. I don´t need to say he didn´t believed me. He began to scream and called me names. And one moment he raised his hand-"

You don´t need to look into your brothers face, you can litterly feel his anger.

Your green eyes linked with Koziks and you now he thougth the same things as your brother.

„Did he-"

„-hit me? No. He would has. But you and Hulk taught me well brother. I blocked his swing and broke his nose. I told him it´s over and he should leave me alone, or I will castrate him. You two can not imagine the face he made. Priceless."

You can not surpress a little smile when you saw the proude look on your brothers and Koziks face, the moment you mentiones the broken nose.

„He left me alone. Until last week. One evening, he stood in front of my door and demanded entry. I said he can fuck himself and go. I almost slamed the door into his face. He left. The next day, he came back. Said I would belong to him and if I don´t listen I would pay. I answered him the same like the day bevore. He just laught. Then two days ago he send me pictures he made of me witheout my knowledge. I can show you these later. He said he will publish them when I do not come back to him. I said I don´t give a shit. Wanted to take the wind out of his´ sails. Well if it had worked I would not sit here. Yesterday some creep called me. Said he liked what he saw and knows where I would life. He had my adress Hap. . .Adress. Then shortly after another creep called , said he wand to make a contract with me for porn. I don´t now how or where or even what he exactly published. I do not now what to do. I need your help. I am afraid what will happen if nobody will do something. And the cops will do nothing, saying there were no evidence for my claim. I know I should had asked for help from the beginnig."

At the end you had starred at your hands on your lap, ashamed of what happened to you. You were the younger sister of Happy ´Killer` Lowman, the Tacoman charter had titled you his old lady. That means you must be a badass. But jet you were afraid because of something one man did.

You only looked up when you feel the embrace of Koziks arms.

„ You must not be ashamed that you came for help. What this asshole did is beyond normal or creepy. And trust me, I met a lot of creeps. You are save here. Tomorrow you can show us those pictures and we will see what we can do. Now enjoy yourself, have a few drinks and then you can stay here. Nobody can get to you. You now that."

„You will sleep in my dorm. You have a bag with things in your car?", your Brother said the moment you all stand up to get back towards the bar.

You gave your brother your keys wich he gave a prospect who had to get your things and bring them into your new residence.

You thanked him, regardless it is his duty to do everything a fullmenber tells him to do.

The moment you was back at the bar Scar gives you your favorite drink, Gingerale with wiskey .

The moment you held the glas in your hand, Tig put his arms around your shoulder and started to drink with you in silence.

You know every biker in the clubhouse know something was up. They all had seen Haps and Koziks faces and bodylanguage during your conversation, but they remaind silent.

Happy would tell them if they need to now and so they just want to party and some of them made it their buisness to distract their brothers little sister from what ever made her to come over.

In the edge of your eye you can see your brother speaking to the VP. You now, he needed to now. He was responsible for everyones savety. He looked over and nodded.

You are looking at the clock the moment you wake up. 13:34 h. You can not remeber the last time you slept in this much. The lastest was 10 o´clock.

The good thing is, you never became a hangover. So you decided to take a shower first. You already slept this long so half an hour more would do nothing.

Your eyes searched for the bag the prospect had brought in the night bevor. Then you realised that you had no shirt to change , so you went through your brothers things, until you found an old samcro t-shirt.

After an reviving shower you dressed in the shirt and in loose trousers and makes your way back into the main room of the clubhouse to find your brother and something to eat and a tea to drink.

„Good moring Mili! Slept well?", Scar asks from behind the bar,she currently was cleaning.

„Like an angel. But why did nobody wake me? I could´ve help cleaning up."

„ Na. You needed your sleep. Besides Happy, Kozik, Tig AND Gemma would have my head if I did this. Sorry, but I like my life.", she answered with a grin. „I will make you a cup of tea and your brother is currently on his way to get you something to eat. The others are outside. Kozik said he wants to check your car. You can go out and sit at one of the picknicktables in the sun, I will bring you your tea outside as soon as it is ready."

„That would be awsome. But can you make a pot out of the cup?"

„Sure. Still only sugar?"

With a nodd and a smile on your lips you made your way outside and places yourself at one of the tables.

Some of the guys were checking on their bikes. You can see Kozik bent over the engine of your car. Tig right by his side. Your brother seemed to fogot to mention, that those two had made peace. Some minutes later Scar put your tea in front of you and went back inside.

The hot liquid makes the last to wake you up.

A tingle in your backe makes you aware of someone approching you from behind.

For her own sake, I hope it is not this bitch Ima.

„Good morning sunshine. How was you night?", you hear a young male voice asks from behind.

„Long and recreative. Thank you." , you answer the biker with the mohawk.

„May I allowed to join your little teaparty?"

„As long as you do not steal my drink."

„I would not dare. I now at least two persons who would have my head , besides I believe you can kick my ass as well if I would do that.", he answeres with hands raised as a defence. „I am Juice. I am responsible for everything that uses computers.."

„Mili", you intoduce yourself and chake his hand.

You have to admit, he was kind of handsome.

Just in this moment you can hear your brothers bike arive and about two minutes later he made his way towards your place .

„Morning Girl. How was your night. Slept well? I hope none woke you or needles you." , last was directed towards Juice.

„ Na, I am fine. I have my tea and I hope you have something to eat for me in this back of yours."

With a little laugh, he hands you three of your favorite sandwitches.

„I have to do something for the club, can´t take long. After that we will have the talk you promised Kozik and me yesterday."

With this words he disapperd in the clubhouse.

You had just finished your breakefast, whenn Gemma approached you.

„Juice Jax is looking for you. Sounded urgend you better hurry."

When she didn´t left you looked her in the eyes with a questional look on your face.

„I can´t believe Happy got a younger sister. How old are you exactly?"

„ Hap isn´t my brother by blood, but adoption. I used to live two houses appard from his mothers. One evening some asshole broke in and killed my parents. I was at a sleepover. Haps mother was so kind to take me in. She and my Mother were good friends. And Hap had allways looked after me befor. ", you shrugged your shoulders. „I was seven when that befor you ask: I think the reason,why only the Tacoman guys know about me is, to protect me. It´s a hell of a ride home. To far for lockdown and if some of your ´friends´ would know about me, there would be no chance to reach me in time. But, if it had been necessary he would have told you everything.. Like he told me about you."

Her face had an `what do you mean´ -expression and bevor she could ask you answered the unspoken question.

„ Nothing hot. Kozik and he showed me pictures of you guys. So I can recognise someone he would send to get me safe. And Kozik made sure I know very much about Tragger . You know just to be sure."

Gemma could not surpress a smile at the last part.

„And the first person you meet is Tragger in flirting mode. He can be lucky Kozik did not see that."

After a short silence you began to stand up.

„ If I can help you with anything just call. I think I will stay a little while in the Clubhose, Hap will not leave me out of eyesight and I don´t like others to work for me or things like that. I can cook, bake, clean and even take care of an engine. But I think the guys are much better at that."

„I know. Hap told me the same thing. I came to ask if you want to help me grocerie-shopping. There will be BBQ tomorrow. You can help me with that as well."

„ Sure. I will just change and tell Hap. Trust me you do not want to meet an overprotective Happy."

With that you made you way towards your brothers dorm.

He stood in the room the bikers called church.


The moment he heard your voice he looked up and nodded in approval and understanding.

When you reached his dorm you changend in jeans shorts and black boots.

The shirt almost coverd the shorts. So it seems like you wear a samcro-dress.

You took your phone and wallet and made your way back to Gemma.

On your way back you past your brother who know stood with Juice at the bar.

„Have fun. And call -" „-when something is wrong. I know Hap, I know. See you later.", with that you reached the door.

The last thing you heard was a whistle and a smack followed by an disapproval growl.

„Lets go Sweatheart."

„Gemma, can I put my wallet in your bag? I had to leave fast and seem to forgotten some things, like a bag and t-shirts." , You sighted.

„Here you go."

The clock striked six o´clock in the evening when Gemma pulled the SUV back into the parking lot And the first thing you noticed was the scowling face of your brother who sat at the pickniktables.

„I told you he wouldn´t be happy that we took so long.", you said to Gemma.

„And I already told you, that I don´t care. I will handle him."

The next second your brother had reached the car.

„Shut it Hap.", Gemma said bevor a sound could left his mouth. „Prospect. Bring the groceries inside. Mili. You can bring your bag into Happys dorm and then meet me in the kitchen. "

You did as you were told and put your new belongings into a basket to wash them later.

Five minutes later you joined Gemma in the kitchen.

You smiled at your brother

„For someone who is called Happy you don´t look very happy. And I told you where I went."

„I know. I was just took you so long?"

„I made the mistake to tell Gemma, that I forgot to bring things like shirts to change and a bag. So she made it her mission to buy me a whole new closet. And just for the record. I told her we have to hurry."

„I hope the clothes are ok. I do not want to kill a brother."

The only answer he got was a raised eyebrow.

„Kitchen is closed for the rest of the evening! We have to prepare things for tomorrows BBQ and do not need interruptions!", Gemma called out of the kitchen.

After two hours of hard work and fun Gemma and you were finished. The moment you opened the door, a wall of faces greeted you.

„Do I smell what I think I smell?", Kozik asked with hope in his eyes.

„I don´t know. What do you think you smell?", you answered sheepish.

„I think I smell your famouse apple cup-cakes."

You grinnes and closed door. „Later first they have too cool down! And don´t you dare to go in that kitchen. Gemma and I will have your head."

The sweet smell of frish baked cup cakes and caramelized apples filled the air and elizited almoust every Son towards the bar across the kitchendoor.

„My my my. Some could think Santa came early this year and you guys are waiting for your presents."

„Shut up Scar and open the kitchendoor!"

„No I will not Tig. I once took on with Mili. And I see the outcome every time I look into a mirror.!"

„Scar come here. Help me with the they raid the kitchen.", you called from the doorway.

10 minutes later every Son was happy and you went to bed.

I think I have to show the pictures tomorrow.