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Amity Park was finally peaceful for once. No ghost wandered around looking for a fight. No ghost obsessed parents ran through the streets to shoot at a specific white haired half-ghost. Strangely, no homework was given on that day and even better, it was Friday.

Danny yawned as he floated backwards in his ghost form. He'd say nothing could possible go wrong today but that would just be asking for trouble.

Anytime he pasted over someone they'd wave, snap a picture, frown and mumble under their breath about 'kids these days', or ignore him. He didn't care today, they were leaving him alone and that was good enough for him.

Landing on the ground between two buildings, Danny changed back into his human persona. Walking around the corner and down the street, he opened his front door and walked in.

Jazz sat at the dining table reading a book on 'How to Understand and Communicate with Teenagers'. Danny chuckled lightly as he walked by and grabbed a can of pop from the fridge, wasn't she a teenager? Couldn't she just figure out how?

Sure some people who thought she was a bit suffocating and stuck-up didn't like her but she had plenty of talkative and students to 'discuss important matters' with. He was positive Jazz even had her own club of friends.

Jazz looked up at him and grinned widely. Since when did she-?

"Oh, Danny. Mom and Dad aren't here, they went to a convention for botanical ectoplasmic creations."

Her grin was starting to look sinister and she had a gleam in her eyes. Danny was starting to feel more than a little nervous and uncomfortable. Placing his drink on the counter across the table from her, he wiped his hands on his pants and prepared for the worst.


"And I found a book."

Danny licked his lips and his eyes darted to the nearest exit before looking back at his sister, unable to look into her eyes again. Was this a prank? Was she put up to this by Sam and or Tucker or was s ge trying to unnerve him on accident? Maybe he was seeing things.

Looking back into her eyes filled with nearly maniacal glee he couldn't help but feel like a prey caught in a trap it didn't see.

"R-really? About what?"

"Ghost." Danny froze and couldn't stop the shiver of dread from going up his spine.

"That's great, I think I'll be taking my leave now," Danny said as he slowly crept backwards toward the stairs. No way was he turning his back on her. She wasn't possessed or overshadowed, his ghost sense hadn't gone off.

"No, wait!" She said while standing up, sounding more like herself since he came in.

Slowly she pulled at her book cover until it came off revealing the real title beneath.

Eyes widening in horror, Danny turned and ran for it. Taking the steps three at a time, he ran into his room and slammed the door behind him.

He put a chair under the handle just in time for something large to slam into the door.

"Come on, Danny, it'll be fuuuun."

Yeah, maybe fun for her.

"No way, Jazz!"

"I've already read through it four times, it's completely safe."




"Okay Danny. I won't unless you ask. It just made me so curious and I have an opportunity to test it out and all but sorry, I guess I was just a little too eager."

Her solemn and her, dare he say, dejected tone cut through the door and through his head like paper. He didn't want to stop her from finding out if the tests did anything or not but he just didn't want to be treated as a test subject. It'd be too similar to his nightmares.

Nightmares of his family catching him. Of them torturing him to see his limits, giving him a living autopsy to check out his organs, to see how long he could go without air, without food, without…human interaction. If he transformed back from exhaustion or otherwise they would think he was trying to trick them and make it worse.

He'd always wake up in a cold sweat, muscles shaking in fear, cheeks puffing to allow the warm air in and frigid air out, salty tears streaking down his raw face, blankets strangling him. He'd claw his way out of his fever induced rat nest and ran to the bathroom.

Splashing water on his face, he sank to the floor and told himself any lie to make himself feel better.


Jazz was sitting back in her previous seat. The 'Ghost Reactions to Specific Triggers' book lay with the false cover on next to her elbow that propped her head up. She absently flipped through a college-level math exam prep book but she wasn't really focused on it.

She understood why he didn't want to go. Being half-ghost wasn't easy and pointing out that difference must've hurt his feelings. She tried to gently lower him into it but as soon as she saw him drinking soda in front of her she couldn't help but feel thrilled and excited at the prospect of seeing she was right.

Plus, she had found many methods to soothe and relax Danny. He looked tense most days. Today he seemed less stressed and their parents weren't there so she struck. And missed, yeah bad.

A voice interrupted her inner monologue.

"Uh, Jazz."

Jazz sat up in her seat and turned to the kitchen entrance. Danny sheepishly rubbed his neck and looked down.

"If-if I can read what you're going to do beforehand then uh…you uh you can do your experiment." He flinched at the last word like it burned him.

I'd rather you not be uncomfortable about this. It's just, a few methods in here could really help your health. I compared to our gathered knowledge about ghosts and none of it seems harmful."

"I insist. I'd be the one to get you the most feedback. Who knows, it might not work. I'm only half-ghost."


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