I glared hatefully at the men that sat in the barroom making a loud ruckus, ducking when a glass flew past my head, shattering on the wall behind me. "Alright that's enough!" I yelled, throwing a glass at the men, sending it shattering against the wall, quieting everyone down as my older sister, Milly entered the room from the back yard. Every eye turned to me as I stepped up onto the bar. "If any of you men want to eat then you all better keep your mouths shut, thank the cook when she serves you, and speak only when spoken to or you can get out! I'm talking to you, Gatlin boys! You can all git!" I yelled, glaring at the brothers who continued to laugh boisterously as I got off the bar and grabbed a thick, wooden spoon, waving it at the three as they backed toward the door, looking a bit frightened as I began smacking at them with it.

"Git! Git, git, git!" I yelled, feeling the spoon connect with their bodies as they all yelped in pain, scrambling out into the street, tripping over each other as I followed them out the door. I nodded once before turning, my nose in the air, and stalking back into the barroom as Milly grabbed the giant bowl her lunch was simmering in, beginning to dish it out as I dished out some drinks, each of the men thanking us softly. I glanced up when I heard a yelp and saw Milly had spilled some of the hot vittles on one of the men. I shook my head with a small smile and finished filling drinks before moving back behind the bar.

After a few minutes one of the men, a stranger to me, stood and walked after my sister, all smiles. I narrowed my eyes slightly but stayed at my post at the bar, only moving when my sister trailed back inside. "Kitty! Oh, Kitty, I have the most wonderful news! I'm getting married!" she cried. I felt my eyes grow wide and my jaw grew slack as she skipped form the room without my noticing, too shell-shocked to care as she skipped away.

"Patron! Who was that man?" I asked as the shock started wearing off. "That was Adam, Adam Pontipee. He and his seven brothers live way up in the mountains." the man replied, glowering at the door. "Seven brothers? And my Milly's going to marry that man and live alone with him and six brothers? Not if I have anything to say about it!" I growled, lifting my dress above my feet and stalking from the barroom. Everyone on the sidewalk all scrambled to get out of my way as I stalked down to the Preacher's place.

"Milly! You are not to marry this man!" I yelled, storming into the house just as my sister opened the door with the tall stranger, about to leave. "Kitty, you're a bit late darling, I've already announced them man and wife. There isn't anything I can do." the preacher told me. "Oh really? Don't the vows say 'til death do you part'?" I asked innocently. "Well, yes-" "Then I'll take care of it right now!" I replied lunging for the sharp fire poker near the parson's wife "You're not going to do a thing to him Kitty! He is now your brother-in-law, Kitty!" Milly yelled, glaring at me as I grabbed a fire poker. "I'm not letting you move into the wilderness where I might never see you again!" I growled, my glare fixed on the man.

"Kitty...oh Adam! I can't just leave my baby sister here! She'll kill half the town within the week!" Milly exclaimed, turning to her new husband. "Well, providing she doesn't kill me, she's welcome to live with us." the man replied, eyeing the poker still in my hands. I narrowed my eyes and nodded when Milly turned to look at me, slowly letting the Preacher take the poker from me. "Let me get Moonshine tacked up and I'll be ready." I grumbled, straightening. "Yes! Thank you Kitty! I'll go grab my things! We'll meet you out front of the livery, Kitty!" Milly exclaimed before running up the stairs. I sighed and rolled my eyes, giving the man a look before moving from the house and out toward the livery stables.