"Carter, I'm taking Moonshine and heading out." I called to the owner as he took a long swig from his bottle and nodded to me before falling into the hay, passed out. I rolled my eyes and simply led my large quarter horse mare, Moonshine from her stall, quickly saddling her up and heading from the livery as Milly and her husband pulled up outside in a cart. I gave Milly a nod as she smiled happily at me. "Ready to go, girls?" the man, Adam asked. "I suppose, you got everything, Milly?" I asked, seeing my sister nod.

As we rode out of town I kept a glare on the man, seeing some of the men pointing and smirking. "Looks like Adam's gonna have his hands full with both those girls, especially that Kitty, she's a regular lil' spitfire." I heard one say as we left town, causing me to smirk slightly. I rode near them in silence as I watched the two talk, Milly speaking about what our mother and father left us and about all she wished for and dreamed of in her life. I rolled my eyes when we stopped, giving the man a look as he coughed awkwardly when she said something about having her own house. I narrowed my eyes as I dismounted Moonshine and let her drink from the cool pool with the other horses, listening to my sister sing.

When we finally got back on our way and reached the house I looked around with a keen eye, nodding. "Well, this is the house. Oh, this is my brother, Caleb." Adam told Milly as I stayed mounted on Moonshine, not feeling like dismounting just yet incase I needed to beat a hasty retreat. "Who's this Adam?" the man asked. "This is my wife, Milly." Adam replied. "I don't believe it. Daniel! Ephraim! He actually did it! He went and got married!" the man yelled, his voice booming and loud, causing me to jump before two men rushed past me from behind, startling Moonshine. The mare nickered fearfully, hopping to the side, almost knocking me from her back, and rearing.

"Whoa! Whoa girl!" I exclaimed, grabbing her mane and the reigns as she began to rear and buck, the chickens scurrying and clucking around her feet scaring her even more. I let out a yelp as she launched herself straight up in the air, not noticing the other men that came running from inside the house as Moonshine took off back up the trail. I heard yelling behind me at the house as I clung to Moonshine, my mind numbing, not telling me to grab the reigns and pull back as I hung on for dear life, hearing more hoof beats pulling up from behind before Moonshine slowed.

"Whoa, whoa girl, whoa!" a voice called as Moonshine was pulled to a stop. I gasped for breath softly, my whole body shaking as someone pulled me from the saddle gently. "It's alright, its okay, are you hurt?" someone asked as I kept my eyes clamped shut, shaking my head as I continued to tremble. I felt two hands grasp my arms gently, rubbing up and down, trying to calm me. I let my eyes open for a moment, meeting two pretty blue eyes before I fell into darkness. I groaned softly when I opened my eyes, seeing a finely done roof over my head.

"Kitty? Kitty, are you alright?" Milly asked as she rushed over to my side, helping me sit up. "Milly? What happened?" I asked, putting a hand to my head. "You had a panic attack when Moonshine took off and fainted after Gideon got you down." Milly replied. I stared at her for a moment before groaning. "I must have looked a fool in front of these men! That's just great!" I groaned, covering my face with my hands.

"Its alright Kitty. You'll be able to help me beat these men into shape. You should have seen the house, it's an utter mess. And they act like hogs!" Milly exclaimed. "Well, we'll have to fix that, won't we?" I asked softly, slipping from the bed. "We'll fix it this morning, mind helping me with getting breakfast on the table?" Milly asked. "This morning? How long have I been out?" I asked, following her out of the room and downstairs, rubbing at my eyes. "All afternoon and throughout the night, Gideon had to carry you back to the house after he fetched you and Moonshine. Here, set this on the table." she told me as she handed me a steaming bowl of biscuits. I nodded and did as told before she moved with me, sitting two more bowls down.