"Goin' dancin'!" I sang brightly causing the boys to gape at me. "Going dancing?!" they asked. "At a fancy ball or minuet/ Goin' dancin', You'll impress her with your etiquette." I replied. "You mean men are learning how to dance?" Frank asked. "Yes, it came direct from Paris, France/ It'll help your romancin' goin' dancin'." I replied. "Now, watch me, place your hand here and here and go like this." I instructed, showing Frank how to dance. "Alright, the rest of you pair up, Benjamin, you too." I told the male as I pulled him up from his seat. We spent the next few minutes messing around as the boys got the hang of the dance. "There we go! You got it!" I praised the boys a few minutes later. "Keep your dancin'!" Gideon exclaimed. "And Huntin'!" "And shootin'!" "And fightin!" "And trappin'!" the boys exclaimed as they gathered around us with large smiles. "Cause we're going courtin!" we all sang with a laugh. After the excitement I quietly headed back out to the barn to check on my other dyes. I quietly slipped my apron back on along with my mask before stirring one of the pots, lifting the shirt out of it to check the color. "What you doin' now, Kitty?" a voice asked. I turned to see Daniel walk into the barn. "I'm checking the dye. Some colors take within a few minutes while others, like this one, have to sit over night." I replied. "Oh. That's kinda cool. But why are you making and dying shirts?" he asked as I showed him the once starch white shirt that was now a light green. "I'm making them for you boys so you have something nice and new to wear to the barn raisin'." I replied with a smile as I explained the process to the curious man.

The next moth was spent teaching the boys the skills they would need to pick up girls of their own at the barn raising. I smiled as I stood in the living room with the boys as Milly checked their hands, each of the boys sporting a brightly colored new shirt. Adam wore a light green that Milly had picked out to match her favorite blue dress, Benjamin wore orange, Caleb wore yellow, Daniel wore the pretty mauve, Ephraim wore a dark green that went surprisingly well with his eyes, Frank wore a pretty red shirt and Gideon sported a sky-blue that made his hair seem brighter than it was. "I've never seen such clean fingernails. What happened to your thumb Gideon?" Milly asked, looking at Gideon's hand. "Oh, I soaked it in lye, took the dirt off but almost took the nail off too." she joked. "Well you all look very nice, Kitty you did well with the shirts, they all look so handsome!" Milly praised me as I pulled my hair up and twisted it into a bun. "Thanks Milly, it was fun, even if the boys decided to throw one of the cats in the dye to see if she would turn blue." I replied, eyeing Daniel and Ephraim as they grinned back. "She turned blue didn't she?" they asked, laughing. "You two better be glad that my dyes are harmless. Poor kitty." I scolded, seeing a blue cat walk into the house. "I thought we were all going to a barn raising? What's the hold up?" Adam asked as he stuck his head in the door. "Nothing, come on boys, lets go!" Milly exclaimed, ushering the boys out of the house and to the wagon as I dusted off my new midnight blue before following them, Gideon and Caleb helping me into the wagon before we headed off, the boys singing 'Going Courtin' as we did.

When we finally reached the barn half the town was already there. I saw everyone's eyes turn to us as the boys got out of the wagon and helped me down. "Now, you boys behave. I'm going to go greet some of the people I know." I ordered them playfully before heading off toward where I saw Mr. Cade sitting. "Good morning Mr. Cade." I greeted. "Well Kitty! Good morning to you as well darling, we was wondering if you would show up. Haven't heard from you in a while, people been asking about you." the man told me as he gave me a welcoming hug. "Oh really? Like who?" I asked with a smile as I sat down next to him. "Well let's see here, a couple days ago a group of kids and a black man came into town with a cattle herd, one was asking if you still lived here, a handsome boy by the name of, Slim I think it was. We convinced him and one of the other boys to stay and see if you'd come out today." Mr. Carter replied. I blinked at him before smiling. "Tall kid? Dirty blonde hair, looks like its never been combed in his life?" I asked. "Yep, there he and his friend are now." Mr. Carter replied, motioning toward the house. I turned and a large smile broke across my face when I spotted two teens, one very familiar. "Slim!" I called, waving when he looked over curiously, seeing a large smile break across his face as he nudged his friend and they headed over.