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This story was inspired mainly by the song Cigarettes in the Theatre by Two Door Cinema Club. Set in Gothic Victorian Konoha, the ninja of the village are from elite aristocratic houses. In addition to their normal ninja training, they must make their way through society to collect intel and keep the public safe. Uchiha Sasuke, the handsome young heir to the Uchiha fortune, leaves the village to train, abandoning his team and leaving Sakura heartbroken. When he returns seven years later, he discovers the woman Sakura has transformed into, and begrudgingly finds himself becoming more and more attracted to her. Meanwhile, a threat to the world's safety creates tension and chaos within their normal world. Team Seven must work together to help save the land they love, and each other.

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On a sunny day in February, a fight broke out in Hatake Kakashi's parlor during tea time. After extensive training with his twelve year old students, the wealthy young gentleman had invited them in for a break. It was a routine for them, and that day shouldn't have been any different. Their sensei would always open a book upon entering the parlor, and promptly sit cozily in his favorite lounge chair. Uchiha Sasuke, the sole heir and head of the Uchiha family, would stand and gaze into the fireplace, only being roused from his own thoughts when directly spoken to. Uzumaki Naruto would spend his time teasing his best friend, playing with some toy or bauble, or chattering away to the pastel pink-haired girl of their team. Haruno Sakura, a lovely young lady, always insisted on pouring the tea, and would then either flip through a few books to increase her own knowledge or make light chatter with Naruto.

That day should have been a perfectly normal one for Team Seven. The young ninja came from very wealthy families, and were chosen to become secret shinobi in their upperclass society to protect the world around them. They had a lesson that day on disguises, one that Sakura had excelled at. She was feeling over the moon after her success that day. After receiving a small smirk from Sasuke, the girl's determination to become a shinobi that could make him proud had grown. Preparing the tea merrily, the girl made a cup for her sensei while Sasuke stared into the fire and Naruto chased after a small toy that zoomed around the room. It was a recent invention comprised of cogs and wheels that enabled it to move after being wound up. When the small toy almost caused Naruto to trip, she gave him a warning to be careful. After giving Kakashi his tea, Sakura moved towards Sasuke, an angelic smile on her face.

As she approached him, she felt the toy car rush by her, and surely enough, Naruto knocked directly into her, causing the tea to spill all over her delicate white and blue sleeve and all over Sasuke's handsome gray suit. With a look of pure horror on her face, Sakura felt tears spring into her eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Sasuke-kun!" She gasped, before turning to Naruto. "Naruto, you should be more careful! You could have hurt-"

The girl was cut off instantly by Sasuke, who was snarling at Naruto. "You clumsy oaf. There are other people in this room. Maybe you should spend less time acting like an idiot, and more time training. Dobe."

While Sakura gasped, Naruto turned red in the face. "Well maybe you should stop being such a cold, unfeeling creep!" Sasuke raised his hand and began performing ninjutsu hand signals while Naruto did the same.

"Naruto! Sasuke-kun!" Sakura almost cried. "Stop!"

In a flash, Kakashi appeared in front of them, grabbing both of their hands and pulling them around to look at him. "First of all, this is my house. Do not fight inside of here. Second, you two are comrades. You are on the same team, and you should support each other. Third, you're going to make your other teammate cry." At that, both boys looked at Sakura. Tears were indeed threatening to roll down her face, and they saw how her eyes plead with them to stop fighting.

"What does it matter?" Sasuke grumbled. "I won't be here much longer anyways." At that, the Uchiha stormed out of Kakashi's parlor, through the grand hall, and slammed the front door. When Sakura turned back around, astounded and utterly at a loss for words, her Sensei looked at her kindly.

"I'm sure he'll be back tomorrow," the silver-haired man said cheerfully. "Just give him some time to cool off."

Sakura gulped and nodded, still feeling in her heart that there was something wrong. She pretended to recover, however, and continued her tea time with her sensei and knuckleheaded best friend.

Later that night, when she was putting on her nightgown for bed, Sakura thought the matter over. No matter how many times Sasuke and Naruto had fought, neither had ever stormed out, and none of them had ever expressed that they wouldn't be returning. Their fights had been incredibly volatile as of late, and it seemed as though the smallest things could put Sasuke in a foul mood. She had felt there was something changing within their team, and it wasn't something she liked.

She knew there was something wrong. Sasuke, no matter how mysterious he may be, was predictable in his habits. He was a man who liked things to be in a specific order, and he would never say something so decisive unless he really meant it. The past few months, Sasuke had been more testy and angry than normal, however. After an encounter with his brother, the boy had fallen deeper into the dark recesses of his mind. She knew that lately, he had been secretly apprenticing under Orochimaru, one of the legendary sannin, in addition to his normal Team 7 training. Orochimaru was rumored to be traveling to another country for an extended excursion, mainly because he wasn't altogether welcome in Konoha. When Sakura thought about Sasuke's words, she was able to come to a conclusion very quickly. He would be joining Orochimaru in his travels, and he had no intention of informing them. Sasuke was going to leave without consulting Konoha's elite ninja, which was typical of Orochimaru.

After discovering what Sasuke intended, Sakura's heart dropped. She had to reason with him. If Sasuke left, Team 7 would be short one member. If he left, nothing would be the same. If Sasuke left, there was no telling what would happen. If Sasuke left, he wouldn't be the same person. Who knew if he would even return?

She knew Sasuke, however. When he decided something, he would not change his mind. Something inside her told her that if she didn't go see him tonight, she wouldn't get the opportunity again. Sneaking out of her window, Sakura quietly made her way to the Uchiha mansion, a beautiful black and brick building that was topped with lightly falling snow. Seeing a candle on in his room, Sakura leapt to the roof, her heart pounding.

After hearing a quick knock on his window, Sasuke opened it to see Sakura waiting. After motioning for her to come in, the boy hid his blush at the sight of his friend in her modest, frilly nightgown by turning away pack a few remaining items into one of his bags.

"What are you doing here, Sakura?" He mumbled quietly.

"I…I suppose…" Sakura sighed, feeling resigned. "I suppose I came to see you off."

Sasuke whirled around at that, his onyx eyes piercing through her. "How did you know I would be leaving tonight?"

"I felt it." She told him quietly. "I don't know how, but I did. And I couldn't let you go without trying to stop you."

"Not even you can stop me, Sakura." Sasuke told her. Orochimaru could offer training and power that Kakashi could not. As head of the Uchiha fortune, Sasuke had no choice. He had to be prepared to protect Konoha, and to one day avenge his clan against his elder brother, who had massacred their family. There was no other option available to him.

"I can try. I have to try." She responded fiercely, her green eyes blinking back tears. "I have to make you stay."

"Well, it's too late. The carriage will be here soon." Sasuke seethed. How dare she try and stop him. This little girl didn't know who she was dealing with.

"No, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura breathed, quickly closing the distance between them so that she wasn't more than a feet away from him. "Please stay! I know you want power, but we can offer you so much more!"

"Like what?" He scoffed.

"Naruto's friendship! Kakashi's guidance! Warmth! Gratitude! Pride!" She breathed excitedly. There was a pregnant pause for a few moments before Sasuke spoke again.

"And from you?" He asked, his face hidden from her view.

"And from me…" she inhaled sharply, trying to decide what to say. "I can offer you my love. I can offer you happiness. I can offer you a life where there is always someone to help you. Let me be by your side, Sasuke-kun. Because I know that without you, I would be so lonely. I have friends and family, but without you, I would be alone. I love you so much, Sasuke. Please stay." Sakura was crying by the end of her confession to Sasuke.

"You're…still annoying," Sasuke told her for the second time, turning to smirk, before heading for his bedroom door.

"Don't leave Sasuke!" She told him. "I'll get Kakashi-sensei, and then you won't be able to leave because he won't let you!" As soon as she finished speaking, she realized that Sasuke was directly behind her.

"Sakura…" He whispered, his breath hot on her back. "Thank you."

Her heart swelled with a bittersweet love, and then with a definite thud, everything went black.