It had been at least a week since Marco's death and Jean still could not manage to recover from it. After all the two had secretly been in love with each other. "Marco why'd you have to go? You... you promised me that you'd always be their by right their by my side!" He said starting to sob uncontrollably. No one heard though due to the fact that he was sitting on the roof on top of the barracks. He thought back to the time Marco has saved him from a Titan. How was it that he couldn't save Marco? Marco hadn't done a thing to deserve this! The most baddest thing Marco had ever done was most likely...well nothing! He had to die alone and didn't even get a proper burial! That infuriated Jean. "I couldn't even save him their was no one! Now he's gone!" Jean thought sobbing again. "No that's not true I'm still here." A voice said. "Marco?!" Jean said looking up shocked. "Yes?" Marco asked cocking his head. "Is this real? Is your being here real?" Jean asked. "Yes its all real." Marco said moving to sit down next to Jean. "How?" Jean asked. "Well I promised I'll always be by your side and I can't just go breaking promises can I?" Marco said. "True you always were a bit of a goody two shoes." Jean said smirking. "But I'm your goody two shoe's!" Marco said smiling playfully. Jean then moved to kiss Marco but fell right through him. "Remember I'm a ghost you can't kiss me." Marco said a pained look on his face. "Oh yeah." Jean said a little choked up by the thought of that and he looked like he was going to cry. "Hey it's ok I can also visit you in your dreams as well and speaking of dreams and sleep you should get some you have a long day tomorrow." Marco said. "Hey what's wrong?" He noticed Jeans hesitation to leave. "What?" Marco asked. "When I leave you'll leave!" Jean said quietly. "Oh Jean I always be here." He said softly. "Like I said I can visit you anytime." Marco reminded him. "Oh yeah." Jean said. "Now go get some sleep." Marco said softly. "Ok. Love you Marco." Jean said yawning and climbed down the building. And for the first time since Marco died Jean had a peaceful sleep.

Hey I hope you guys liked it! They are my favorite Attack on Titan ship! Ok bye!