Set: After Season 4, post-TFB&J

The Key

Beck sighs with frustration and rolls onto his side hoping that will induce sleep. Sleeping in his old tiny bed in his house while his RV gets fixed only reminds him of why he moved into the RV in the first place. He also doesn't love the fact that it still had all of his stuff from when he was a little kid.

After tossing and turning for five minutes, he gives up sleep and grabs his phone from the nightstand next to his bed, deciding to scroll through The Slap instead.

Robbie (8:00pm): "Anyone have any thigh cream? Asking for a friend."

Rex (8:01pm): "Robbie isn't asking for a friend."

Beck shakes his head and decides to skip over the rest of his feed to check out Jade's page.

Jade (2:45am): "No Berf, I can't roast cucumbers tonight. Maybe on Sunday at 2:30 but I'll check my daily planner when I'm home xoxo SVC"

Beck rubs his eyes, refreshes her page and looks at the top post again. That's strange...

He quietly gasps when realizes what's going on. Sitting up in bed, he dials Jade's number.

"Why?" Jade groans into the phone, answering after three rings.

"Hi babe, is your laptop in your room?"

"It's downstairs, why?" Jade asks, the more she wakes up, the more annoyed she gets.

Beck grimaces, "Okay, good. Stay in your room." Beck stands up, putting on sweatpants.

"And why would I do that?" Jade asks sarcastically. "Hmm, maybe because it's 3 in the morning? Gee Beck, what an idea." He could practically hear Jade's eye-roll.

"Just- just stay in your room…please?" Beck stops moving, hoping Jade will listen.

"Ugh," Jade huffs and hangs up the phone.

Grabbing his keys from the nightstand, as well as the only item in his room he could think of that could be used as a potential weapon, he jumps into his car to start it up.

The hum of the engine almost lulls Beck back to sleep but he wakes himself up when he remembers where he's going and what he's doing.

Beck moans as he drives along. His initial annoyance dissolves into anger. How insane can someone be to break into Jade West's house?

Beck grips the steering wheel tighter. His mind leaves the dark road and he drives in autopilot down the familiar route. He hates that there is a guy, other than him, at Hollywood Arts that isn't afraid of Jade. Granted it is harmless Sinjin, but still.

It's one thing to outwardly hit on his girlfriend in school, since it happens in front of Beck and it's also a public place where Jade can shut him down and harm him physically- but breaking into her house is a completely different story.

This kid has only gotten weirder and weirder, and even more intense in his stalking (this was the third time in the past 2 months he's trespassed). Plus, he and Jade just started dating again, they don't need Sinjin intervening.

Driving up to her house, Beck notices the only car in the driveway is Jade's. She's home alone!

He slams his car door shut with more force than necessary, then takes a deep breath as he walks up to her front door. He pauses before opening it, staring at the key Jade gave him when they first started dating. He remembers being surprised when she said yes to giving him a key. He knew she would never actually call or ask for help (she didn't need protection, she's Jade freakin' West), but if she ever did, he could be there.

For three and a half years he's never taken it off his keychain- and doesn't plan to.

He'd look at the key every now and then in those months where they were broken up, but couldn't get himself to tell Jade he kept it...out of concern she'd take it away. In case of an emergency, was his mantra. He can't help the smile that crosses his lips quickly as he uses the key for the first time in years.

Beck opens the door slowly. He freezes when the light turns on.

"Jade," Beck gasps, confused. "Where's Sinjin?!" The shock of the bright light waking him up fully.

He looks at Jade with wild eyes when he finds her sitting in an armchair in the corner of the room.

"I just kicked him out. You thought I would actually stay in my room when you told me to?" Jade scoffs with her arms crossed.

"He must have gotten in through the back door again," Jade explains, annoyed at the creepy nuisance. Standing up she walks across the room to Beck.

Beck suddenly feels self-conscious as he looks down at the one item he brought with him. Turning his attention back to Jade, he's met with smoldering eyes and a smirk. Despite waking up only twenty minutes earlier, she somehow still looks lovely.

"So, my boyfriend drove all the way to my house at 3am to," Jade glances at his hands, "save me from weak, harmless Sinjin using a mini souvenir baseball bat?"

Beck's mouth turns up slightly into a cheeky grin as she said "my boyfriend."

He humbly replies, "Yes."

He meets her in the middle of the room and puts his hands on her shoulders, kissing the top of her head.

Jade uncrosses her arms and wraps them around his waist.

The pair stand like that in her living room, holding each other. Despite his tiredness, Beck could stand like this for hours.

He didn't realize he had been holding his breath all through their breakup, until he finally wrapped his arms around Jade again for the first time in months, and felt like he could actually breathe. He didn't realize how much he truly missed her.

Jade sighs and lays her head against his chest. She starts to close her eyes when something occurs to her. She turns her head slightly, looking around the living room. She notices the front door unlocked and open. No locks broken. Everything fully intact.

While she thinks it's strange, since she knows she locked the door, she chooses not to ask Beck how he got in.

Instead, Jade looks up at him, gives him a small smile, and pulls him in tighter.


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