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Set: Jade Gets Crushed, day after Andre's 365 Days performance

Andre's Crush

Beck looked from Andre to Jade as he and Tori sang above the Asphalt cafe.

Was he singing to Jade?

Finally Andre looked away from the pair and gave his attention to the rest of the crowd. That was weird.

Shrugging it off, Beck kissed the top of Jade's head, causing her to smile at him. Without saying a word, they started clapping to the beat and enjoyed their friend(s) on stage.

Beck's eyes pop open. Looking at his phone he sees it's 7am. He shut his eyes to try and will himself back to sleep. With no such luck, he opted for staring at the ceiling.

Beck let his mind wander to how strange Andre had been acting around him and Jade this past week.

The day after Andre emailed Jade the song, they went to his locker. When Jade asked if he wanted to meet up after school to work on the notes she made, he told her he spoke to Tori and that she would help fix the song instead. Which was harsh in itself given that everyone in their friend group knows how Jade feels about Tori. As her boyfriend, this particularly hurt. Beck's seen her breakdown more than a few times when Tori one-ups her for the lead role that Jade knows (and he knows) she should have gotten.

Aside from Tori, he remembers Andre questioning if Jade was even right for the song to begin with, despite knowing how talented she is. She also offered to help him. Something so unlike Jade. He should have been grateful that she spent the time to help him. Especially considering she stayed at school until 2am on a weeknight.

Continuing to think about this past week, his mind went back to Jade telling him that Andre even abruptly shut her down when she asked if he wanted to go to Nozu for lunch.

What was that about?

Beck didn't show it, but he was pretty insulted by how Andre was treating his girlfriend. She didn't seem fazed by it, but he noticed. Andre was supposed to be one of Jade's actual friends in the group, in addition to being Beck's best friend.

This pent up anger was getting to him. Not one to be confrontational, or really show any emotion at all, he suddenly found himself making a rash decision to visit Andre. They haven't spoken in awhile anyway, and he knows his grandma is getting worse and worse, which might be taking a toll on his attitude. Granted he and Jade shouldn't be his punching bags.

Content with this plan, he kisses Jade on her temple and carefully got out of bed, making sure he didn't wake her up, although it's highly unlikely given she sleeps like the dead.

Before getting dressed, Beck filled the coffee machine with water, and poured coffee grinds into a coffee filter cup to put in the machine- this way it's all ready for when she woke up. The last time he made her coffee and left, he got an angry text in all caps complaining that it was cold and tasteless by the time she woke up. This time he'll let her handle it.

Pulling on jeans, a t-shirt and one of his flannels, he grabbed his keys to head out the door. Once in the car he glanced at the dash and notices it's 8am. It's a Saturday so Andre's probably asleep, but maybe he can wake him up and they could get pancakes.

Beck only had to knock twice before Andre's grandma opened the door and gasped.

"Good morning Mrs. Harris, do you know if Andre is awake?"

Her eyes bug out, but luckily she recognized him.

"Beck!" Andre's grandma shouted, then made a move to shut the door. Beck stopped it with his hand.

"I'm just here to see Andre."

With that, she ran away screaming Andre's name. Beck walked through the open door, then paused to see if Andre would come downstairs. Not hearing any footsteps, he sat down on the couch in the living room. Pulling his phone out, he shot out a quick text to Andre, then put it away.

Beck looked at the coffee table in front of him. Andre's keyboard and a bunch of loose papers took up the whole table. Curious, he decided to take a peek- he's always loved Andre's songs.

He spots one that has 365 Days scribbled at the top, above a previous song title that was messily crossed out. With cross outs and small notes written along the side, it's by far the sloppiest page compared to all of the other neatly written lyric sheets.

He looked over the sheet and noticed the word "baby" squeezed in over a word marked out with a Sharpie marker on almost every line.

Huh, interesting, Beck thought. Examining it carefully, he started tilting the sheet at different angles to catch the light and see the redacted word under the marker.

Finally, he found the right spot and made out the word. Or in this case, the name. Jade.

He scanned down the rest of the page to see that every Sharpie mark covered his girlfriend's name.

Beck's gaze went back to the top of the page. Trying to see the original title crossed out in pen, he realizes there were actually a few different titles, all stacked up from top line of the lined paper. He starts with the first title written under 365 Days and goes down from there. He makes out: Closer to Me, Way to West, The Week of Wonk.

His eyes widened when he finds his personal favorite. Short and sweet and right to the punch. The one written on the top line of the paper. The original title:

Jade's Song

He stared at the page. Holding the paper in the light so he could see Jade's name as he looked over the lyrics.

Monday, well, Jade, I fell for you.

Tuesday I wrote you this song.

He felt his stomach drop and then tighten as he continued to read.

...Even though I know it's wrong…

...I shouldn't feel this way but I gotta say, Jade I gotta let you know…

He gripped the paper, causing the sides to crinkle.

I will try everything to make you come closer to me…Jade, till you believe it's not just a phase.

Beck bit his lip. He doesn't want to keep reading. It's tortuous enough to read an unsolicited love song for his girlfriend written by his best friend, but something compels him to press on.

...I want you all to myself..

...I just can't help myself...

…Feeling kinda guilty... but girl I can't stop.

That line made him pause. Did he make a move on Jade? Surely she would have told him if he did. Also, Jade would kill him if she knew about this song.

Is he planning on making a move? This thought is the one that gets him. He crumpled up the paper, but stops when he hears footsteps. Realizing this is now a piece of evidence, he smooths it out to hold behind his back as he stood up to face the stairs.

Jade let her anger out by screaming. Beck handled something like this a little differently.

"Oh, uh, hey Beck," Andre said nervously, tentatively making his way down the stairs and to the kitchen. "My grandma said there was someone downstairs but I thought she just mistook the cat for a person again."

Beck's mouth turned up into a devious grin.

"Good morning, Andre," Beck spoke slowly, in a creepy tone Andre has never heard before.

"Sup Beck. What brings you to this neck of the woods," Andre let out a strange, unnaturally loud laugh.

"You seemed really wonky this week. Wanted to check in." Beck's hands shook, still holding the paper behind his back.

"Yeah, nah, everything's good-

Suddenly Andre's eyes bug out, almost as far as his grandma's, when he looks from Beck's creepy grin to the papers and keyboard on the coffee table.

Beck's grin turned stoney before it morphed into a glare that was somehow scarier than any glare he's ever seen from Jade. His glare had a particularly dangerous edge to it.

"I, I swear, I didn't do anything." As Beck took a step closer to him, Andre began to stumble back towards the stairs.

Neither of them move or speak until Beck finally breaks the tense silence.

"What the actual FUCK," Beck's voice gained volume as he spoke. Andre blanched.

"You wrote a freaking love song about my girlfriend, after acting like a massive dick to her all week," Beck growled. "I was coming over here to tell you off for being obnoxious, and frankly insulting, to Jade, but this is so much worse."

"I, I, I-

Beck mocks Andre's stutter, "I, I, what, Andre? What can you possibly say right now that would stop me from punching you in the face." His anger building by the second.

"You freaking replaced her with Tori, even though Jade wrote the whole damn song for your project. And then you have the audacity to write a LOVE SONG about her?"

Beck took another step towards him. Andre gulped in terror when he realized he has no excuse.

"Listen Beck-

Beck stops him."You can't even look me in the eye to tell me your excuse? Dude, fuck you."

Andre bit his lip and finally looked up in time to see Beck's fist. Rather than go for his face, Beck made a last minute decision and hit him in the gut.

"I swear to god, if you ever try making a move on my girlfriend, something much worse will be coming your way," Beck crouched down to meet Andre's eyes as he doubled over holding his stomach. "If you think Jade enjoys torturing people, you don't even know what I can do."

"...got it?" Andre mumbled in understanding.

"Good," Beck stood up to rip up the song.

With a humorless laugh he turned around and headed for the front door.

"See ya Monday, asshole." Beck threw Andre the finger before closing the door.

Once in the car, he took some deep breaths. Noticing it's 9:30 now, he decided to give Jade a call.

She answered on the fourth ring with a groan, "What do you want?"

"Good morning sunshine," Beck smiled and set his phone on speaker to start driving back.

"Yeah, yeah. Where are you? I want my coffee."

"I'm taking us to get pancakes. Get dressed."

After a pause he heard Jade grumble, "I'm only getting up because I want to."

Beck chuckled, "Will it help that I'm stopping off at jetbrew to get you a coffee first?"

"Yes," Jade said with enthusiasm, "Black with tw-

"Two sugars," With a smile he adds, "I know, babe."

Jade let out a humph, but he can sense her smile. "Good."

"Pulling up now- get some clothes on. Buying a large since we didn't get to sleep until 1am," Beck said, parking his car in the lot and waiting for Jade to reply.

"Why don't you get the coffee and come back, and we'll finish what we started last night, and then get pancakes?" She knows she gets what she wants anytime she uses her seductive voice.

"In that case, don't get dressed. I'll be running in and out," Beck jumped out of his truck in excitement and practically ran inside the coffee shop.

Jade giggled, something she's only ever done around Beck. "Babe, what makes you think I ever got out of bed? I'll just be waiting for you here…"

Her voice trails off and Beck practically shouted into his phone.

"See you soon, bye!"

Picking up the coffee, he got back into his truck and sped to his RV.

Jade heard Beck pull up. She has her pajamas on but expects them to be on the floor in no time.

The door swung open, and Jade can't help her smile as she dreamily stares at the coffee in his hand. She reached for the cup, but Beck caught her lips in a kiss instead, gently biting her bottom lip before handing her the cup.

He felt his heart squeeze when she looked up at him with her big blue eyes and a small, mischievous smile on her face. He kissed the top of her head and, after a few sips, Jade gently placed the coffee on the ground. In a swift motion, Jade grabbed Beck's shirt to pull him onto the bed to hover over her.

His mouth went straight to her neck the second he's on top, making sure to leave a mark.

Jade ran her fingers up and down his back. With a smile Beck raised his head to look her dead in the eye, while one hand went to gently cup her face.

"You're gorgeous."

In response, Jade ran her fingers up from his back and to his hair to give it a pull, making Beck's smile turn into a devious smirk.

"You're mine," he practically growled, going back to her neck to make sure it would last until Monday.

"I'm yours," Jade whispered back.

Pausing briefly, he whispered, "I love you, Jade West," into her neck. He kissed down her neck to her collarbone, then back up to her lips.

He left a kiss on her cheek.

"Fucking sap." With a laugh, Jade pushed him off of her.

Beck raised an eyebrow and his hands reached for her sides.

"Beck, don't you dare-

A tickle and noogie fight began- a game which Beck always wins.

Eventually their laughter turns to moaning, and Beck couldn't be happier.

The gang stood by Tori's locker, as they did every morning.

"Where's Andre?" Cat asked, looking at the group.

"I don't know. I'll text him," Tori said, taking her phone out.

"Oh! There he is," Beck turned to the door. His mouth formed into a tight grin when Andre put his hand to his still-sore stomach as he walked towards the group. He did him a favor with the stomach punch, this way Andre doesn't have to make up a reason as to why his face got messed up. Plus, he cracks under pressure and no one needs to know Beck got so jealous he hit his friend. In fact, no one needs to know Beck got jealous at all.

"Hey man," Beck casually put his arm around Jade's shoulders, moving her hair in the process and giving Andre full view of the hickey on her neck. "How was your weekend?"

Andre let out a strained laugh as he answered, "You know, pretty uneventful. How about you, little red?"

A good tactic on his part, knowing Cat would rant on about her weekend until class started.

"I'm bored," Jade fixed her hair to cover the mark. Something she'll be doing all day unfortunately- she couldn't find her cover up in the RV this morning.

"See you guys in class." Beck and Jade started walking towards Jade's locker. Seeing Andre still watching them, he moved his hand down her back and lightly slapped her butt before grabbing her hand.

"Beck!" Jade cried. He glanced down at her but knew she liked it when he caught her smiling. Beck threw Andre a genuine smile and Andre gave him a quick wave goodbye before turning back to the group.

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