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It was a Good summer break here in Singletown. Everyone is have a Great day, except for this day?

[Danny was Walking while whistling straight to the smiths backyard and into the Clubhouse]

(Opens the door) Danny: Hey guys, any luck?

Chris: Nope.

Sam: Not a single sight. in fact, theres no Sight of aliens since that Virus incidence?

Danny: Yeah... in Fact, we do work together and split more often.

Chris: Yeah..

Chris & Danny: I wonder?

[A Portal appear out of nowhere with a quick BOOM]

Chris,Danny,Sam:WHAT WAS THAT!

[They ran outside and asked Cathy and John]

Sam:What's That!?

John: Tha-that's a Portal!

Chris: But what is it doing here in Singletown?

John & Cathy: We don't know?

[Everyone stop talking]

John: "gasp"

Chris: "gasp"

Danny: "gasp"

Sam: "gasp"

Cathy: "gasp"

[A Portal Sucks the MBC up]

Chris: This is it!

John, Chris, Danny, Sam & Cathy: "screams"

TBC In Chapter One.