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Konoha's biggest mistake: Naruto the Kitsune Ryu

It was October 10th, Naruto's 7th birthday, and Naruto was running for his life again why is he running you might ask well he is the container of the Kyuubi no Yoko because of this everybody in the village of Konoha except for a small few hate him. Naruto had been running for a few hours and no matter how many turns he took he just can't escape the wrath of the villagers who hunted him down like a wild animal little does he know that tonight will be worse then the last two years. As Naruto makes another turn he is hit with multiple shuriken and kunai causing him to stumble and fall allowing the angry mob to catch up to him as they started to hit him with everything an anything they can get their hands on, all the while shouting different things some like give me back my son, daughter, brother, sister, husband or wife. Others where just calling for blood and the entire mob was shouting for his death. Naruto was doing his best to curle into as tight of a ball as he could trying in a useless effort to protect himself wondering. "Why, why do they hate me."

After what felt like hours to him of constant pain he passed out. One villager tied him to a stake while the rest built a fire stack placing Naruto upright in the middle they poured gasoline an oils all over him when this was done a pink haired woman spoke to the rest saying.

"Tonight we finally have our revenge and we avenge our fourth Hokage, now light the fire." As she was talking several shinobi in the crowd were going through handsigns at a fast rate they were Uchihas recognized by the clan symbol of a dual colored fans boldly embellished upon their backs and as the woman finished her little speech the shinobi finished their signs and called out together

"Fire style: Fireball technique" and launched several balls of fire at the unsuspecting blond who was beginning to wake up, right before they hit Naruto they collide with each other and became one large fireball he screamed as it hit and he continued to scream and struggle and thrash as the fire was burning all around him eating away at his clothes and body after a minute or two he went slack and stopped screaming.

(Naruto's mindscape)

Naruto woke up inside a dark corridor in ankle deep water thinking. "Great they threw me in the sewers again." He got up to his feet and looked around to see if he could find a way out. Wondering around taking different turns to avoid turning around Naruto took notice of the red,purple and blue pipes running along the walls. The blue pipe was on top and was roughly a fourth of the size of the red pipe on bottom and the purple pipe in the middle was only a fourth the size of the blue. After several minutes of walking he was getting frustrated and shouts.

"Where the hell am I?" Not expecting an answer he jumps when he hears a voice calling out to him to follow the red pipe not having any better ideas as to how to get out Naruto shrugs his shoulders and follows the instructions and walks further down the corridor taking several turns, a few minutes later he finds himself in a large chamber with rusted metal bars that extend to both sides of the room as well as up into the roof that is so high he can't see the top.

As he looks around the room he fails to notice two blood red eyes watching him from behind the bars when he feels a hot breath pass over him, he spins around and stares at the cage looking straight into the eyes of the Kyuubi and lets out a strangled and depressed cry before saying. "So you are the Kyuubi. Does that mean I really am a demon."

Hearing this the Kyuubi growls out. "You are not a demon little one, I am and yes I am the Kyuubi no Yoko and you are human but you are being burned at the stake and will die soon." Then seeing Naruto flinch, he said. "I have watched your life from day one. I am sorry for how they treat you kit."

Hearing the sadness the Kyuubi spoke with Naruto looks up at the Kyuubi he said. "Apology not accepted." Taken back by Naruto's hard tone the Kyuubi looks down and begins to explain why he attacked but was interrupted by Naruto continuing on. "It wasn't you who hurt me and I doubt you wanted to be sealed in me, no the villagers did this to me not you. It is them who should be sorry for treating me the way that they do, not you."

The Kyuubi was shocked and thought to himself. "This kit is much smarter than the villagers gave him credit for." He spoke up and said. "Listen kit you are dieing, but I can save us if you let me." Naruto thought about it but asked what he meant when he said us and not just himself. The Kyuubi then went on telling Naruto that if he died so did the Kyuubi. Naruto was starting to feel weird and said so. Which caused the Kyuubi to panic and said. "Damn it I thought we had more time, kit do you want to live because I can save you but it will hurt much more than what you've ever felt before." Naruto took no time in saying yes and with that the Kyuubi said. "Then prepare yourself for the worst pain you've ever felt before. I just hope you can survive the transformation." Quitly finishing to himself.

(in the council chamber)

Sarutobi Hiruzen was not having a good day it had started out good as he took Naruto to get some ramen at his favorite stand Icharaku's after a few bowls an anbu had showed up in the standard leaf shuushin and bowed to him saying. "Sir the council requested your presence."

Hiruzen turned to the young boy and apologized that he would have to leave for the meeting this had saddened Naruto and the Hokage saw this so before he left he told the owner to send him the bill and told Naruto to have all he wants. Naruto smiled a large and fake smile and thanked him loudly after that the Hokage left saying he would make it up to the blonde and shuushined to the council chamber to get it over with as fast as possible.

Hiruzen was sitting impatiently listening to a civilian councilman rambling on about trivial things about the chain of restaurants he owned, by the time he was done the Hokage was pissed and said. "Why are you wasting my time with this you could easily decide whether or not you want to rearrange your stores, why was I called for this I have more important things that I would rather be doing." Pinning the civilians with a hard stare. At this time the whole civilian council started to sweat as he looked at them with a stern and calculating look and then everyone felt an ominous and dark aura wash over them which doubled as the hokage released such a potent killing intent that some of them were having trouble breathing and asked with such fury that chilled all in the room to the bone.

"What have you done?" The question was asked in such a deathly wisper that many civilians started shuddering like an arctic wind had blown down their backs as if the Shinigami was in the room.

One of the council members gathered themselves and with a bit of a stutter said. "We have done what you refused to do and you will thank us when your mind is clear of the demon's influence Hokage-sama." Gathering enough courage as he spoke to finish the last half of his sentence with out stuttering.

That was the last thing that councilman ever said as at the very moment he finished he was killed by a shuriken to the eye thrown by none other than the Hokage he then called for Anbu and said. "Make sure they don't leave I will be back shortly, as for you civilians, you better pray to Kami that Naruto lives through this because if he doesn't I'll kill you all in such a way the Shinigami will cringe and pity you." With that he was off to save the hero of Konoha. The civilian council sat there and shivered at what was said while the shinobi council watched, waiting and glaring at the civilian council. They loved the boy and his pranks kept them on their toe, he just kept finding holes to exploit.

(back with Naruto)

Naruto felt like his body was reforming itself, bones snapped then healed growing denser, muscle ripped apart just to knit back together and his hair grew out and changed color looking like a wall of fire this all happened in just a couple minutes and it was agonizing for Naruto who was awake during the entire process but that was only half the process as wings and tails began to grow first was the wings then the tails one by one till he had five tails and four wings then his ears changed becoming longer and moving to the top of his head. The entire time that he was going through his transformation a deep red energy kept flowing up into the air from his body and condensing into a large and frightening shape.

It was at this time the Hokage and several Anbu landed and trapped as many villagers that they could though most of them where dead (Their hearts exploded from the fright) the Hokage caught a very familiar pink haired woman trying to sneak away, he jumped down in front of her and asked sarcastically. "Where do you think you're going? Did you think that you could get away with this? Now stand there and watch what you have done." And then he grabbed her twisting her painfully around and held her down while the Kyuubi reformed right in front of them.

Once the Kyuubi was free and completely out, he let out a deafening howl which had many people running in fright then with a deep growling voice he said. "People of Konoha for your cruelty and hatred towards my container you have broken the fourth Hokage's seal releasing me and turned this innocent child into a demon." Sarutobi Hiruzen was shocked and furious at what he heard and shouted.

"Do you see now what you idiots have done? You have released the Kyuubi and spit in the fourth Hokage's face." The Kyuubi laid down curling around Naruto and said to Hiruzen. "You didn't help by hiding me from the kit Hokage and that hurt him more than anything these humans did physically, Hiruzen it hurt him to know that his Jiji had lied to him since he can remember I will be taking him to Makai where he will grow and learn how to control his new power so he doesn't kill someone by accident. After all it would devastate this poor kit if he did so."

Hiruzen then asked. "Will you bring him back someday so he can become a ninja, I know he wanted to become one." Before he could say another word he was interrupted by laughter. "Hahaha haha you fool he only wanted to be a ninja because he saw how everyone respected them and you that is why he wanted to be Hokage. But if he wishes to return I will bring him back."

Anbu had gathered around him while he spoke and they were not happy, not happy at all at the disrespect this beast was showing the Hokage. Hiruzen saw them getting ready to launch attacks at the fox and said. "Stand down Anbu, he is curled around Naruto and you might hit the boy instead."

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