After Hikaru spoke of how he just wanted to be friends Naruto apologized for his earlier words and offered his own hand in friendship surprisingly enough Lee, Tenten and Guy joined in before Champa got up and placed a paw into the mix the sudden weight would have had them on the floor if not for Guy. The rest of the trip was smooth sailing and it didn't take long to berth the ship to the wharf before they disembarked. Prince Michiru's carriage being the first thing unloaded the circus caravan would follow later as they had a lot more to get off the ship. With both princes safe in the carriage three of the shinobi of Uzu with Naruto out on top they made their way deeper into the island heading towards the center of the island.

" Are we sure that this is the right island sensei? It seems awfully quite around here." Lee said in a stage shout as he watched out the window ever vigilant.

" Oh yes this is Crescent moon island but you are right I wonder where all the people are." Michiru said in response.

" Hmmm most troubling news, maybe they are further in land my most youthful student." Guy all but shouted earning several loud knocks on the top of the carriage.

" Keep it down in there Guy even up here your shouts can be heard easily." Naruto said as he rubbed his ringing ears while thinking to himself." Man I need some ear plugs or something if I ever have another mission with Guy sensei. "

As the carriage finally pulled up to the Palace a somewhat fat man stepped out on the balcony.

" Shabadaba where is everyone, where is my father?" A confused Michiru asked.

Shabadaba sneered at the fat prince. " Hello Michiru it is with no great pleasure I am here to inform you the king, your father is dead and now I run this kingdom. Kill him!" Shabadaba said in glee despite the mournful look on his face which by the end of his words had morphed into a sinister glare as he ordered the Nuke nin beside him. As Naruto jumped to both dodge as well as to confront the descending shinobi the carriage was pelted with many sharp and pointy objects of death that unfortunately the driver was not quick enough to get away from the rain of metal and fell to the ground before he moved no more. As this was happening team nine quickly exited the carriage and was defending it to the best of their abilities with Guy and Lee deflecting every shuriken and kunai they could with their own kunai as Neji simply swatted them away like annoying insects. Tenten wasn't idle as she released her own rain of metal fly knocking the enemy's out of the air. As the five Shinobi from Uzu protected the carriage and therefore the two princes more people flooded the courtyard and started to defend their princes, Naruto jumped into the driver seat and took the reigns pulling on one side he directed the horses to turn to the exit before snapping the reigns and spurring them forward at full speed. As they rode away they got to know their helpers.

( random forest on crescent moon island)

" Please follow me my prince and thank you shinobi of Uzu for protecting the princes, I am Captain Korega of the royal guard. " Korega said with a bow.

" We were just doing our duty captain." Naruto kindly replied as they got off the carriage as Michiru and his son exited it.

" Princes if you'll follow me there is someone who wishes to speak with you." Captain Korega said and without waiting for a response he walked into a cave that wasn't far from them while explaining the situation to the group. Inside the cave were several other men standing around a make shift bed that was occupied by the reigning king of the land. He was laying motionless except for the labored and rhythmic rise and fall of his chest indicating he was sleeping. Michiru quickly took a spot near the bed looking at the sleeping form of his father, Hikaru was quick to join his own father beside the bed.


In the dead of the night Naruto, his temporary team along with a few of the still loyal to the true king could be seen escorting Michiru and his son to the coast where they would follow the beach to a dock but as they left the cover of the forest several kunai came sailing through the air at the new king and his son. Thinking quickly Tenten threw several of her own knives while Naruto put himself in front of the two rivals and spread his wings to fully cover Michiru and shooting a few fire balls to distract the enemy but something unexpected happened when they passed in between the combatants, as the fire balls reached about half way they blew up shocking all around.

" What the hell Uzumaki you could have warned us first, you nearly blew us all up. And you nearly blinded me." Neji exclaimed while rubbing his eyes.

" Truly Naruto kun you could have harmed the king and prince with that most un youthfull of attacks." Lee shouted.

" What the hell indeed that wasn't me, as I've never made my fireballs explode like that." Naruto shouted back pointing in the direction he had sent the fireballs flying. As everyone prepared for battle none of our heroes were aware of the small dose of poison the had inhaled though the amount was smaller than what was intended it was still enough to effect the human Uzu shinobi.

" Damn they didn't fall." Said the only kunoichi in the enemy's team.

(Later at the crescent moon Castle)

King Michiru is seen standing at the end of a plank with a noose around his neck as his gaze falls upon the land his father loved so dearly he finally sees what truly matters and it hardens his resolve to stay standing. While the new king was being forced to do that the horrible usurper watched on in anticipation of the fat mans fall, never once looking to the ground. Suddenly the gates to the inner courtyard opened and a traveling circus made it's way into the center. While all eyes were on the ringleader and his acrobats Naruto was in his dragon form getting ready to catch the now King Michiru as Hikari prepared to sever the rope around his father's neck and with one final breath to steady his hand he released both his breath and the arrow at the same time and watched as it sailed true. Naruto hear the soft twing of the bow string as he launched himself toward to catch the now falling fatass and mumbled softly to himself." This isn't going to feel anygood." Increasing his size until he was roughly twice the size of his large horse Naruto flew at high speeds passing under the now screaming Michiru and kept going making a wide turn he gave a roar of animalistic triumph which was the signal for the rest of his team to come out a grab Shabadaba and his main shinobi. They had used the distraction of the circus to sneak in and take out the small fries. Ishidate was furious as he watched a dragon of all things caught the King and his anger only kept rising as he listened to Shabadaba berating him and his team but when the dragon gave a triumphant roar he couldn't take it anymore and lashed out at the nearest person and with a wordless shout turned Shabadaba into stone before rocketing at Naruto his arm out stretched and a maniacal grin on his face.

" I'm going to turn you into my ultimate art!" Is I date shouted as he jumped prepared to do just that but before he even got three feet into his jump a mechanical three point claw wrapped around his ankle, the next thing Ishidate knew he was being violently yanked t words the ground at tremendous speeds. Barely having the time to brace himself for impact Ishidate pumped Charles into his bones, muscle and internal organs to toughen the needed Ares to withstand the forces about to be applied to his everything. As Ishidate was falling Michiru jumped from Nature's back and was now plummeting after Ishidate who was now slowly and painfully getting up to his hands and knees when he saw a Shadow that was getting bigger. As Michiru he screamed for all to hear. "I won't let you pettrify anyone ever again like you did my poppa. BONZAI." And with that declaration Man church's body was covered in a bright blue aura of chakra that sped up his decent. When Michiru made impact he drove Ishidate into not the ground like a fatass meteor and killing It storage in a very gruesome way.

" Did he just use enhance his cannonball." Naruto asked unsure of weather he should laugh or be impressed.

" He did I saw it with the byakugan. " Neji answered just as stunned as Tenten.

Lee and Guy were both shouting about the youthful display

(Back in Uzu)

"And that my Uzukage is how we successfully completed our mission." Guy said finishing the report. Throughout the entire time I grams was pinning Naruto with an unknown expression on his face.

" Why I wonder, can't any mission you go on kit be what is expected." Kurama finally asked no-one in particular.

" Hey don't blame me Kurama-kun I didn't have anything to do with it." Naruto said as he crossed his arms in a pout.