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Prologue: (1,1K)

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Multi PoV

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Jace was sitting at a bar in Roma with his friends when he caught someone staring at him. He looked around until his eyes fell on a small redheaded girl smiling at him. He smirked at her before moving from the bar to join her. He saw her eyes widen when she understood what he was doing and noticed that they were bright green.

Once he was at her level, he gave her a big bright smile to which she responded eagerly and he took her whole body in. She must be really small because he still had to look down at her despite the fact that she was wearing heels. Her red vibrant hair was slightly curled and a few strings were stuck against the skin of her face and neck. She was wearing a short black skirt and a white tank top.

"Ciao," He tried, hoping that the girl would speak at least a little English since he did not know ant other Italian words (pasta did not count as such)

"I'm not Italian either, it's okay," The girl said with a little chuckle and a very American English

She brightly smiled to him and he grinned even wider. She was alone and he wondered for a second if she came here on her own or if her friends were somewhere else in the club.

"I can offer you a drink maybe..."

"I don't take drinks for strangers, no matter how gorgeous they are."

He looked a little bit disappointed, even though Clary saw that he appreciated the compliment in the rejection. She closed the little distance between them and whispered in his ear:

"But I don't have a problem with dancing with them."

His smirked grew up on his face, and he led her to the dance floor before she turned her back to him and he wrapped his hands around her waist. They swayed to the rhythm of the music, sensually getting closer at each beat. At some point, their bodies only formed one, and Jace became obsessed with the skin of her collarbone, so close to him and calling him to kiss and suck it.

Slowly, he leaned forward, and his lips entered in contact with her soft and delicate milky skin. He felt her gasp of pleasure, and that alone made him twitch as he started nibbling her collarbone. Clary wasn't aware of anything else but the man's lips on her, those lips who would have make her moan if she hadn't taken a grip on herself.

And suddenly, she became aware of something else than his lips, and she leaned even more against him, moving her ass against his obvious hard on pressed behind her. His hands held her even tighter before dangerously moving up to her breast. She quickly stepped forward before allowing herself reckless things like having sex with a total stranger on the freaking dance floor!

"I ... I need fresh air."

She glanced at him, hoping he would catch her drift, and without so much of a warning, he leaned and kissed her. And fuck, his lips on hers were even better than on her neck. Way better! She clang into him, bringing his face closer and moaning against his mouth as his hands were holding her waist tightly against him.

She could taste the alcohol he had taken earlier, the salty sweat that her skin had left on his mouth, but she couldn't care less because she was seeing stars. If kissing him turned her on like that, what would it be to actually have sex with him. As soon as this idea crossed her mind, she wished she didn't share a hotel room with her best friend, because she would have so taken him there otherwise.

Jace left the girl's lips when he felt that keeping on kissing her could easily get out of control, but he didn't let go of her, resting his forehead on hers, his eyes closed, concentrated to tame his erection. Never yet he had been so turned on by just kissing a girl. He wanted to take her to his room right away to make incredible and passionate things to her body all night long.



It had been barely a murmur, it was a miracle that Jace actually heard her name as she whispered it, but still he did. He smiled and slowly, his right hand fell to take hers. Once he had her fingers locked with his, he led her outside the club, she said that she wanted fresh air.

Once outside, Clary took a long breath of fresh air and gathered her hair up to let the wind tickle her neck and back. Now that she was thinking clear and seeing clear, she couldn't take her eyes off of him. Jace. She had thought he was gorgeous, but now that she was seeing him without the dimming light of the club, she was revisiting her judgement, he was freaking hot.

Why on earth did he end up with her? Guys like him didn't look at her! Guys like that were interested in long legged blond and curvy girls. Guys like that weren't supposed to kiss her passionately like he was doing right now. Wait, was he kissing her? He was! Kissing her senseless and pinning her against the wall. Well, that was one fantasy to cross from her bucket list.

It took all of Jace's willpower not to lift her small skirt right away to feel her in her most intimate parts, especially when she was pressing herself like that against him, as if she wanted more right now. He opened her mouth with his tongue, tracing her lips, and she eagerly complied, battling for power once he was in her.

When she moaned again, he broke the kiss, resting once again his forehead on hers, his eyes closed, his mind picturing all he could conjure to calm down his hard on.

"Why did you stop?"

He opened back his eyes, looking straight into her verdant green eyes and he swore he saw disappointment in them. Maybe it was his lucky day and he should enjoy it instead of being such a pussy.

"Maybe we should take things somewhere a little bit more private."

She smiled, biting her lips before nodding, her eyes sparkling of anticipation and lust.




When Jace woke up the next morning, Clary was gone. He took his head in his hands, wondering how he could have not wake up at her getting up, he was such a light sleeper.

He stayed for half an hour like that before shrugging and thinking that he should be used to it. He was a pro of one night stands after all. So why did it bother him so much that she left without so much of a goodbye?

He got up to take a shower when he saw a note on his nightstand.

Thank you for the night,

It was ... more than great.

I didn't want to wake you up,

but I had a train to catch.

I wish I could say 'See you soon',

but I think we both know that it would be ridiculous.

So farewell


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