My dear little broccolis💚💚💚

💚 First of all, I want to say I am so sorry for the scare you all had. I had no idea people would freak so quickly in just a few hours. I started deleting everything at 2-3 am and figured I would try that legendary beauty sleep before explaining everything.

💚 Now, yes, I have removed all of my stories and I don't plan on putting them back on. I guess you can say the reviews have gotten to me, but the truth is, I have been meaning to do so for a while, but I was too comfortable in the habits the website had given me. But though the anonymous abuse didn't bother me that much, it got to me when people got abusive against other readers/writers, my culture/editing, and when they threatened to report me. Honestly, I got scared because I know FF can pull stories without warning and I didn't want to lose my years of writing.

💚 BUT don't fret my dears (yeah, I'm twirling my imaginary moustache) the stories are not long gone. They will all come back soon on my own website 😁💚😁. I have been putting off doing so for a while, so thank you to all the guest reviewers for getting me out of my comfort zone and finally pushing me into doing this.

💚 So, no, this is not a temper tantrum, or a cry for attention, or whatever people will think it is. This is me protecting my mental health (I know, what a crazy concept) and using the occasion to revamp myself. Just know I will no longer address the ridiculousness of those hiding behind anonymity. Especially when they complain about things they've been warned about or when they accuse without knowing about me, my background or even my other stories.

💚 If you want to know things ahead of time, you can still follow my Facebook group (Mina's Fanfictions), otherwise, just know that I will leave the prologues/first chapters here. I started here, and I can't turn my back on that. Fanfic gave me back my love for writing and reading, but now, like any other birds, I must fly away from the nest 😁💚😁.

💚 All I can hope is that you will follow me into this endeavour and be patient with me as o put back all the stories on my website (remember, I have this thing called a life). But see it on the positive side, me reposting will make me dive back into some stories I had forgotten about and needed to finish ^^

💚 Also, if you want to support me as an artist and help my dreams of grandeur to be a full-time writer (haha), just know that I am published on Amazon and Kindle (so paperback and ebook). So far, I have only put there the Hearts Series, but there is definitely more to come ^^. Go read it, ask for it as your TBR and this time I will straight up ask for it, leave a review so other people read it too ^^. Amazon & Kindle are these weird places where books are not promoted if they are not ranked and reviewed.

💚"She is fire, and I am the ice to cool her down."

When Krys O'Bryan arrives in New York, it is lust at first sight for Dylan. But the more he tries to get to know her, the more she pushes him away, refusing to let him show her that there could be more than lust between them. And the more he tries to understand her, the more Dylan ends up questioning her upbringing and who she and her twin brother, Liam, are ...

The O'Bryan twins, on the other hand, are doing their best to stay as inconspicuous as possible, and to keep their dark childhood to themselves, without raising too many questions. The fragility of their families depends on it.💚

Love, Mina 💚💚💚

(You thought I forgot? Here is how you can find the new website:

minasfanfictions. wixsite. (com/) website - 1

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