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Chapter 1

Hiccup and Toothless were having a day off from teaching at the Dragon Academy as they were at their favorite spot on Berk: The Cove. Toothless was snoozing next to Hiccup, who was lying on the grassy area and looking at the sky. It has been weeks since Ali's arrival, the battle against the Red Death, and Berk changing. He wondered of Ali kept her word that they will meet again.

Hiccup got up as Toothless woke up too as they felt a strange feeling that something was happening, but before anyone could move, an almost blinding light overtook the cove. Nearby, he felt Toothless instantly by his side, pressing protectively against him. But there seemed to be no danger, as he felt the light fading away. Letting his arms fall away, he looked up and blinked a couple times to adjust to the lighting, eyes widening in surprise when he noticed that they weren't in the Cove anymore.

In fact, it was not just Hiccup and Toothless, the entire village was crowded around him, all glancing around in confusion and murmuring amongst themselves. It seemed strange, yet so familiar at the same time, "Relax, none of you all are in any danger."

The voice sent a shock of recognition flooding through Hiccup, and his mind flashed back to the events that had occurred just a few weeks ago, where the whole village had somehow witnessed the future through some screen. Different levels of realization and understanding dawned on the faces of the Vikings around him, and they all glanced up uncertainly at the silhouette of an old friend, waiting for an explanation. Even though his short stature prevented him from seeing past the sea of Vikings, he could hear the various roars and rumbles of the dragons of Berk somewhere on the other side of the crowd. From there they saw the person who brought them here, it was Ali! Ali was at the back with her amber Monstrous Nightmare Adina. Hiccup and Astrid waved at Ali as she smiled and waved back. Adina hoisted Ali on her head as she said, "I understand this was unexpected, but I do recall telling everyone last time that we would meet again.

A rumble of acknowledgment passed through the crowd, remembering their last interaction well. Ali said, "As some of you may realize, we will be watching something else again that involves everyone here. But first, please take a seat."

Hiccup's eyes followed the others as he glanced at the large rows of seats lined up near the front of the room, just as he'd remembered. Contrary to the last meeting, the Vikings quietly filed into the seats, no longer clamoring to stay as far away from the dragons as they could. Hiccup didn't bother following, waiting until the last Viking sat in a seat before eyeing the throng of dragons, looking for Toothless.

Almost instantly, he heard the familiar roar before Toothless bounded out from the bunch, nearly tackling Hiccup to the ground. He laughed, hugging the Night Fury tightly before settling to the ground, a familiar scene to the last time he'd been in this room.

"Can I sit with the dragons now, too?" Snotlout piped up eagerly from somewhere near the front of the room.

"No, lad. Just stay seated for now, best to keep organized and together." Hearing his dad's voice sent a sense of calm through Hiccup, knowing that things weren't as awkward and tense as they had been before dragons and Vikings had begun to peacefully coincide on Berk. Ali said, "Thank you, Stoick. Now today, I mean to show you another movie involving Berk and its inhabitants, but this will show events that will occur in five years. Now that the war between Man and Dragon is over, I hope there isn't anymore complaining." Stoick said, "Lass, believe me, no more war with the Dragons."

Hiccup straightened from where he sat, confused at the large time jump. The other Vikings were just as confused, a large wave of whispering filling the room. Ali said, "Now, It may seem like an odd time to show, but I think it is time to understand why I am showing these once you view this movie. Now as I've said once before, I'll stop talking and let the story begin!

Ali snapped her fingers as she sat next to Hiccup and Toothless with her dragon as she whispered to Adina, "I hope Hiccup and Stoick like my surprise."

Adina nodded at her rider.