Chapter 18

Ali joined Hiccup and Toothless as she gave Hiccup a hug. He responded by embracing her back. Hiccup pulled back from her, smiling fondly at Toothless, who was eagerly back to nuzzling his side. Ali bent down and coddled Toothless' face as she said, "Good boy." Ali said, "Here, dry with this." Ali gave Hiccup a tissue as he turned to Toothless, "Come on, bud," he said, quickly wiping the tears off his face with his tissue, "let's go back." Toothless warbled happily, sticking close as Hiccup led them back towards where they were seated.

They circled around the resting form of a Gronckle, and Stoick turned around from where he was seated at the footsteps, grinning when he saw the two approaching. Toothless, on the other hand, instantly faltered when he caught sight of the chief, a sad rumble emanating from the Night Fury. Hiccup turned around, quickly placing a hand on Toothless' head, scared he'd go running off again. "It's fine," he started quickly, gesturing towards where Stoick was silently watching, "he's not mad. I promise, Toothless."

At Hiccup's quiet assurances, Toothless slowly made his way towards the chief, his head ducked guiltily. Stoick's expression softened when Toothless was finally in front of him, reaching out a large hand and placing it where Hiccup's had just been. The Night Fury flinched, but cautiously let Stoick run a hand across his head. "You meant well. Keep watching over my boy. He can't go a second without landing himself in trouble." Stoick said gently, ignoring the indignant glare Hiccup shot at him for the last part. Ali snickered as he turned to her. Toothless relaxed, cooing quietly and pressing his head closer into Stoick's hand. Hiccup grinned, relieved that the two had reconciled, walking up and settling next to his dad once more. Toothless followed suit, curling around Hiccup, letting his tail sweep around both him and Stoick. Ali decided to cuddle with her dragon as she hopped on Adina and hugged her. Adina replied with a purr.


(Scene 2450 - Hiccup Vs. Toothless)

Torches burn in their braziers as Berk slumbers... until the Bewilderbeast approaches, STOMPING down on the monolithic Viking statues that guard the harbor.

Many of the Vikings winced at the crumbling form, pained expressions on their faces. The statues were important representations of Berk, symbols of protection and strength. It would be difficult to replace.


The sound of destruction rouses a flock of Terrible Terrors and Gothi, who was sleeping under the dragons. Their pupils turn to slits, and heeding the ultrasonic call, they fly off.

Gothi shuffles onto her deck, confused, then GASPS at horrifying sight.

A few Vikings exchanged nervous glances—had Drago and his army made his way to Berk already? There was no way they were prepared for an attack during the night.

In the back, the dragons began to shift restlessly, almost sensing the Bewilderbeast calling Berk's dragons on the screen. Watching them easily leave their owners was unnerving and worrisome. Humans on their own stood no chance against an alpha.


A Gronckle lounges peacefully by the fire, as his Viking owner lavishes him with scratches.

HOARK: Ah, that's a good boy!

In the audience, Hoark flushed at the onscreen display, growing more embarrassed when a few of his friends chuckled and threw him amused glances. "He likes getting his belly scratched!" He justified loudly, huffing and crossing his arms.

Fishlegs nodded from his seat, a grin on his face. "Meatlug loves that too. A full body scratch every night!" Snotlout shuddered at the notion, unwilling to picture such a sight.

"Can I get a full body scratch?" Tuffnut asked Ruffnut, elbowing her in anticipation. She threw him a dirty look, elbowing him back twice as hard.

"You can get a full body beat-down." She replied easily.

"That sounds good too." Tuffnut decided, settling back into his seat in satisfaction.

The Gronckle's eyes suddenly turn to slits and it, too, takes wing, knocking over a chair and table as it heads for the door.

HOARK (CONT'D): Watch the furniture! Where are you going?

It barrels out of the hut and into the night sky as the Viking rushes to the doorway, spotting the same arresting sight with a gasp.

Hiccup watched the screen silently, already knowing what the villagers had seen. He couldn't bring himself to relax, watching raptly and hoping Drago wouldn't hurt anyone. Although who was he kidding? Drago had already shown he couldn't be reasoned with. Someone needed to stop him before it was too late.


Vikings pour out of the Great Hall as all of Berk's dragons fill the night sky and join the ranks of Drago's growing DRAGON ARMY.

The Bewilderbeast rises out of the sea, bearing down on the people of Berk as Drago hovers on Toothless, leading the charge. The Vikings stare, aghast.

DRAGO: Your chief is dead.

Waves of shock and whispers of "Stoick?" spread through the crowd.

Stoick glared at the screen, hating how proudly Drago seemed to declare those words. The coward hadn't even taken him down with his own hands, just through the force of another dragon.

DRAGO (CONT'D): No one can protect you now.

He thrusts his bull-hook, commanding the Bewilderbeast to fire. The Vikings watch in horror as the Bewilderbeast opens its yawning jaws and BLASTS.

The crowd let out small bursts of alarmed yells, staring in terror. There was no way they could have survived that blast... could they? All they could do was pray to the Gods now.


Dragon roars grow louder as Hiccup & Co. approach through clouds, racing against time.

They collectively GASP at the sight of Drago's Bewilderbeast having now covered most of the village in explosions of ice. Berk's now commandeered dragons circle in a huddle behind him, joining Valka's flock, and corralled by Drago's armored dragons.

A wave of disbelief passed through the crowd, staring at what once had been their village now covered with shards and mountains of ice. It surely looked like Drago was winning this one.

"This doesn't really look like an even fight..." Snotlout started uncertainly, squinting at the crowd of dragons, trying in vain to locate Hookfang.

Astrid watched nervously, unsure of what to say either. They definitely were at a disadvantage. All they could hope was that Hiccup had a plan up his sleeve.


FISHLEGS: He took all the dragons!

HICCUP: (fuming) Distract the alpha. Try to keep his focus off of Toothless.

TUFFNUT: Uh... How?

ERET: Have you forgotten who you're riding with?

"Ugh, he's still with us?" Tuffnut sighed, exasperated.

"Of course he is! He's going to save us all." Ruffnut replied dreamily, eyes brightening to see the man on screen again.

"Yeah, and I'm gonna grow a pair a wings and breathe fire." Tuffnut countered, rolling his eyes when Ruffnut promptly ignored him, still infatuated with Eret.

He brazenly aims his baby dragon toward the Bewilderbeast.

ERET (CONT'D): There isn't a dragon alive that I can't wrangle!

His baby dragon dives toward the sea instead.

ERET (CONT'D): Except for this one!

SNOTLOUT: Amateur.

"You said it." Tuffnut grinned, sharing a laugh with Snotlout. Ruffnut deflated, disappointed that the former trapper lost his chance to show his perfection to them. He'd get another chance soon.

The others shrug and follow. As they get closer, the Bewilderbeast looms bigger and BIGGER.

Berk's Vikings in hiding notice Hiccup and the others as they approach.

VIKING #1: Look, it's Hiccup!

The Vikings CHEER.

The cheering sent a surge of hope through the crowd, watching the screen in anticipation. They may be outnumbered, but Hiccup would figure out a way.

Hiccup shifted anxiously, still unsure of what he could do to stop Drago. He still had Toothless and every dragon except for the babies. What could he possibly do to turn things around?

ON DRAGO, surprised to see Hiccup and the others approaching.

DRAGO: What?

With an irate HUFF, the Bewilderbeast focuses on Hiccup, gaining ever closer to Toothless.

Suddenly, a SHEEP appears in its sight, rising and falling out of view. The Bewilderbeast blinks, confused.

"That's our plan? Throwing sheep?" Snotlout gaped in disbelief.

"What, you got a better idea?" Astrid snapped, to which Snotlout remained silent. She let out a long breath, watching the screen nervously. The Bewilderbeast wasn't dumb—it wouldn't get distracted by a sheep for long. What's important was that they distracted it enough for Hiccup to do whatever he needed to do.

It looks down to see Eret catching the falling sheep and reloading it into the game launcher, as Tuffnut cocks the mechanism and Ruffnut pulls the trigger.

RUFFNUT: Keep 'em coming!

Snotlout tosses the black sheep to Tuffnut.

SNOTLOUT: Black sheep, baby!

Exasperated, the alpha inhales, about to blast, when... HONK! The game horn blares, breaking his concentration.

He turns, finding the horn unmanned.

"Did... did the horn just blow by itself?" Fishlegs asked fearfully. Not only did they have a crazy madman that was taking all the dragons and trying to destroy Berk, they might have a ghost too? Things were not going their way at all.

"What, you think it's a ghost?" Snotlout grinned mischievously, waggling his fingers mysteriously in front of him. "Ooh, careful Fishlegs. It might just come for you. That is, if Drago and his dragon army doesn't get you first."

Fishlegs' eyes widened, voice squeaking as he yelled "That's not funny, Snotlout!". Snotlout started to cackle, his laughter breaking off when Astrid promptly punched him in the shoulder.

"Do you really think this is the time to be joking around?" She hissed, growing more and more irritated.

Snotlout held up his hands, all humor gone from his face. "Sorry. Just wanted to lighten the mood."

The Bewilderbeast then returns his focus to the sheep launcher, until the BLACK SHEEP LANDS on the his face, bouncing down his facial spines and becoming lodged.

SNOTLOUT (CONT'D): Ten points!

Hiccup grinned—he couldn't believe how calmly they seemed with the entire situation, acting like they were just playing around and nothing was going wrong. It was almost impressive.

The crowd couldn't help but let out a few laughs at the teens' antics as well. Leave it to them to make distracting a destructive Bewilderbeast into a fun activity.

The Bewilderbeast shakes the black sheep off and prepares to blast again.


HONK! The alpha whips around - still no one at the horn.

ON FISHLEGS, giggling and hiding behind the game horn.

Snotlout eyed Fishlegs with an impressed glint in his eyes. Fishlegs had gone pale, surprised that he had it in him to do such a thing. Seeing it was almost... comical and uplifting.

Astrid grinned, not having expected Fishlegs of all people to go rogue and take another route to distract the alpha.

The Bewilderbeast finally lets loose the ice blast, covering the entire horn in jagged spikes... as Fishlegs leaps from the platform.

FISHLEGS: I'm okay!

Fishlegs slumped in his seat, thanking all the Gods for surviving such a blast.

"Gotta say, Legs," Snotlout started, "that was pretty cool." Fishlegs managed a weak smile, glad someone had acknowledged his near-death experience. Ali snickered to herself.

BACK TO HICCUP as he reaches Drago, hovering directly in Toothless' sights.

DRAGO: You certainly are hard to get rid of. I'll say that.

Hiccup felt his dad stiffen next to him, knowing exactly what was going through his mind. Even he wasn't exactly confident in what his future self was doing. Toothless warbled worriedly next to him, fearing the worst. But there was no way he would go up against Toothless again if he didn't believe he could get him back. Hiccup opted to trust his instincts, hoping things wouldn't go as bad as they may.

Astrid tensed up, watching the screen in disbelief. Had Hiccup gone insane? He knew what happened last time he tried talking to Toothless when he was being controlled by that Bewilderbeast! Ali said, "I'm not worried. I know Toothless, he doesn't have the heart nor will to kill Hiccup."

Hiccup ignores him and focuses on Toothless' slitted pupils.

HICCUP: Toothless? It's me, bud. It's me. I'm right here. Come back to me.

TOOTHLESS' POV: Hiccup appears as an unfamiliar red blur, still firmly under the control of the Bewilderbeast.

Toothless grew increasingly restless, wishing he could send the Hiccup on screen away from him. He wasn't in the right mind, and it was going to put his rider in danger again.

Stoick put his hand back around Hiccup's shoulder, bringing him closer. "Hiccup..." He murmured worriedly, "you know this is—"

"Crazy? Reckless? I know." Hiccup finished with a sigh.

Ali said, "If he can befriend him as an enemy, then he can snap him out of any spell. After all, like I said Toothless doesn't have the heart to kill his Hiccup." Stoick looked at Ali as Hiccup blushed at the words, "His Hiccup."

DRAGO: He is not yours anymore. He belongs to the alpha!

Toothless snarled menacingly towards Drago, half-rising as if to attack the screen. Hiccup and Stoick scrambled to calm the Night Fury down, waiting until Toothless had settled back to the ground with a miserable rumble.

Drago smugly sits back in the saddle, his arms open in invitation.

DRAGO (CONT'D): But, please, oh great dragon master, try to take him. He will not miss a second time.

A spark of annoyance ran through Hiccup at Drago's words, hating how tauntingly he was leading him on. Drago knew nothing about how to treat dragons right, and hid behind mind control for his power.

Hiccup holds strong, maintaining eye contact with Toothless. He reaches out to touch him.

HICCUP: It wasn't your fault, bud. They made you do it.

The words were painfully familiar to Hiccup. He put a hand back on Toothless', more as a way to distract him from worrying too much.

HICCUP (CONT'D): You'd never hurt him. (beat) You'd never hurt me.

Drago watches, amazed, as Toothless fights the control.

DRAGO: How are you doing that?

"I think it's actually working..." Snotlout whispered in awe, gazing wide-eyed at the screen. The whole crowd was almost holding a collective breath, hoping and praying for Hiccup's sake.

Hiccup holds the stare, tears in his eyes.

HICCUP: Please. You are my best friend, bud.

Bewilderbeast ROARS a forceful command, forcing Toothless' slightly dilated pupils to shrink back to slits.

Hiccup sucked in a breath worriedly, ignoring the iron grip his dad now had on his shoulder. Stoick was going through the same process of fear and concern, still holding onto that small sliver of hope at seeing Toothless struggling against the Bewilderbeast's control.

HICCUP (CONT'D): My best friend.

Toothless' pupils jitter, then DILATE fully. He stares at Hiccup joyfully, grinning in excitement.

The crowd roared triumphantly, many throwing their fists in the air as they cheered for Hiccup and Toothless.

Snotlout and the twins led the charge, high-fiving and yelling exuberantly. Astrid finally burst into a grin, eyes shining with tears. The amount of relief that had washed through her was almost overwhelming.

Ali smiled and closed her eyes to cover her tears of joy.

Hiccup slumped in relief against his dad, thanking the Gods under his breath. He grinned when Toothless excitedly nuzzled his arm, as relieved as he was.

Stoick ruffled Hiccup's hair, smiling broadly. "I am so proud of you, son." He said proudly, turning towards Toothless and rubbing the Night Fury's head fondly. "I'm proud of you too." Toothless cooed happily.

Even the dragons had let out their share of approving roars, proud that the Night Fury had broken free of the alpha's control. Many were surprised to see that such a thing was even possible.

Ali wiped her eye as she murmured a thanks to God.

TOOTHLESS' POV: His vision clears to show Hiccup fully, the worried expression on the Viking's face clearing up to show relief and happiness.

HICCUP (CONT'D): Thatta boy! That's it! I'm here!

DRAGO: Enough!

Drago STRIKES Toothless with the bull hook in a vain attempt to regain control.

The crowd jeered at Drago, watching the screen in contempt. They'd had nearly enough of this man and his crazed ideals.

Toothless huffed warningly at the screen, eyes narrowing in anger. Hiccup couldn't keep the irritated look off his face either when he saw Drago strike Toothless. That definitely wasn't something he would stand by and watch. Ali said, "Hey! No one hurts Toothless!" Adina roared in agreement.

Toothless ROARS defiantly, snatches the bull hook in his jaws, and PULLS... yanking Drago off of his back and sending him PLUMMETING to the sea.


The crowd roared in approval, many clapping at the result. Maybe things would finally go their way!

Hiccup smirked at the turn of events, sharing a grin with Toothless, who rumbled happily. All he needed to do now was get to Toothless as soon as he could.

Ali quipped, "Hold on, I thought Toothless can't fly." All eyes turned back to view Ali's point.

But without a rider, Toothless drops out of the sky as well. Hiccup leaps from the baby dragon, diving after him.

HICCUP (CONT'D): Hang on!

Drago breaks his fall, landing heavily upon the Bewilderbeast's tusk...

As Hiccup tucks in his arms, trying to close the gap between he and Toothless before they both make impact with the ocean.

The villagers had quieted down, silently urging Hiccup on so that he would reach Toothless in time.

"Ha, looks like I'm diving after you this time, bud." Hiccup mused. Stoick glanced at him worriedly, but had enough faith that Hiccup would make it in time.

HICCUP (CONT'D): Almost there, buddy. Almost there!

Toothless eyes Hiccup, turning around so that the saddle is facing up so Hiccup can grab it easily. In one swift motion, Hiccup reaches the saddle and hooks in his prosthetic, opening the tailfin. They swoop back towards the sky, just barely grazing the water surface and skyrocket past Drago as he hobbles to the top of the alpha's head.

A collective sigh escaped the audience, some bursting into cheers at the sight.

"That was intense." Tuffnut grinned, almost captivated by the action that was occurring before him. Ruffnut nodded in awe.

"That was some good teamwork, bud." Hiccup grinned, scratching Toothless' head fondly. Toothless purred happily, relishing the moment. Stoick grinned at the interaction, although he still glanced warily at the screen, knowing Drago and his Bewilderbeast were still a threat.


(Scene 2500 - One True Alpha)

Hiccup looks back at Drago, now issuing commands from the top of the Bewilderbeast's head.

DRAGO: Do something!

HICCUP: We need to get those two apart.

Hiccup flies Toothless past a flag pole and tears a strip of the flag.

"How is a piece of cloth gonna get those two apart?" Snotlout started, backing down when Astrid shot him a deadly glare.

Hiccup was a bit thrown too, unsure of what his angle was. At least he seemed to have an idea.

The Bewilderbeast BLASTS in their direction, barely missing them as they disappear around the back of a mountain.

HICCUP (CONT'D): We gotta block him out, Toothless. Do you trust me, bud?

Toothless coos, allowing Hiccup to BLINDFOLD him with the flag.

"He's not serious... is he?"Snotlout gaped in disbelief. Even Astrid was stunned silent, unable to fathom even riding a dragon that wasn't able to see in that kind of situation. That took an insane amount of trust and communication.

The dragons in the back let out a wave of rumbling, taken aback. A dragon trusting a human to guide it through the skies without his sight? Such a thing was never heard of.

Toothless perked up in interest, never having expected to fly blind. He trusted Hiccup enough to make sure they didn't crash, but he still didn't like the fact that he wouldn't be able to watch for a blind attack. What if one hit them? How would he be able to reach Hiccup?

Even for Hiccup, he felt a rush of doubt run through him when he saw what he was doing on screen. There was so many things that could go wrong. And knowing him, he'd be amazed if something didn't go wrong.

Hiccup calms him with a touch.

HICCUP (CONT'D): We can do this. You and me. As one.

Hiccup SPLAYS Toothless' mechanical tail. Toothless responds, MATCHING the move with the natural half.

Stoick watched silently, half-amazed and half-terrified. He knew Toothless would do everything in his power to keep Hiccup safe, but now that he was blinded... And just when he thought he'd seen enough of Hiccup putting himself in danger.

HICCUP (CONT'D): That's it. Now let's try this one more time!

They PEEL around the other side of the mountain, heading back toward Drago and Bewilderbeast, passing Astrid and the cheering Vikings on the ground.

ASTRID: Take em down, babe!

Astrid felt her face burning and she ducked her head, ignoring the light laughter passing through the crowd. Even so, a small smile grew on her face at her comment, glad she was still showing support for him in any way.

Hiccup blushed at Astrid's words; he'd never heard her call him something like "babe" before, and it was surprising to say the least.

The Viking roar in support as Hiccup and Toothless race past.

Valka watches with pride as her son hurtles towards Drago and the alpha.

VALKA: Go get 'em.

Stoick managed a small smile when he saw Valka on screen again. At least they'd found each other in time, so Hiccup would still have a parent afterwards.

DRAGO: Take control of it!

The Bewilderbeast's HISS becomes a furious ROAR, but to no avail. Hiccup clamps his hands over Toothless' ear plates, muffling the alpha's commands.

HICCUP: Shut it out, Toothless!

Hiccup could feel the tense way Toothless was holding himself, feeling as worried as he was. If Toothless got controlled again, there was definitely no way Berk would get out of this unscathed.

The whole crowd was buzzing with nervous energy again, knowing this was the moment that would determine which side would come out on top.



Hiccup pulls the lever that locks the tailfin in place just as the Bewilderbeast blasts at the pair. Toothless suddenly PULLS UP, ARCING over Drago's head! Drago LAUGHS, victorious, then pauses in shock.

DRAGO'S POV: as Toothless climbs inverted through the sky, the blindfold falls free, revealing an EMPTY SADDLE.

Confused whispers rapidly spread through the audience, many unsure of what they just witnessed. Hiccup had just... disappeared?

Astrid blinked, shaking her head in disbelief. Had Hiccup jumped off? Why?

Toothless rumbled in confusion and alarm, whipping his head towards where Hiccup was seated before glancing back at the screen. Hiccup looked as stumped as everyone else did, unable to grasp what exactly his plan was.

Drago WHIRLS around, wide-eyed, to see...

HICCUP ZOOMING TOWARD HIM, his wing-suit deployed, and his Dragon Blade trailing Zippleback gas. Drago SWIPES but misses him. Hiccup clicks the lighter and ignites the gas, blasting Drago off his Bewilderbeast with a SCREAM.

"Okay, that was pretty cool." Snotlout admitted, joining in the roaring applause that had overtaken the group. Astrid grinned, a burst of pride of Hiccup swelling up inside of her.

Hiccup relaxed, grinning at way the tides turned. Who would've thought he would be able to pull something like that off? He felt Stoick proudly patting him on the back, watching the screen as the cheering died down.

Drago PLUMMETS, BREAKING HIS FALL against the massive dragon's spines and landing hard on the ground, his bullhook landing just out of reach.

"And stay down!" Tuffnut yelled tauntingly, earning a few more shouts of agreement from others around him.

The Bewilderbeast WHIPS its tail, trying to SWAT down Hiccup in a familiar move.

"This looks uncomfortably familiar..." Hiccup mumbled, instinctively feeling himself moving backwards against Toothless' side. Toothless rumbled in agreement, looking slightly worried. The last time he tried catching his rider with that tail, he'd crashed. And right now they had no way to crash safely.

HICCUP: Not again.


Toothless pops open his dorsal blades, arcs skyward, and rejoins Hiccup just before colliding with the alpha's tail.

Hiccup's eyes widened in wonder at the dorsal blades, amazed at how Toothless' flying seemed that much smoother with them.

Fishlegs had gone giddy with excitement, quietly clapping his hands together as he bounced in his seat. "Look at Toothless! The blades seem to help him execute sharper and cleaner turns when flying!" He rambled, mostly to himself.

HICCUP (CONT'D): Come on, bud!

Together again, they speed along the length of the thrashing tail...

HICCUP (CONT'D): Hold on!

And shoot past the tip of the tail, narrowly making it!

Hiccup sighed in relief, feeling Toothless relax just as much behind him. That had been way too close.

Stoick finally let himself grin, glancing down at Hiccup with an impressed glint in his eyes. The pair had definitely improved their flying in the future, and he couldn't be more thankful for it.

HICCUP (CONT'D): Yeah! We did it!

They arc through the sky and LAND a few paces from Drago, kicking up a trail of dust.

Battered and weary, Drago reaches for his bullhook. Hiccup extends and fires up his Dragon Blade, hurling it like a javelin, and sticking it in the ground between Drago and his weapon, singeing his outstretched hand.

Hiccup's eyebrows rose in slight surprise, amazed that he could even throw that accurately. In fact, it was impressive that he could even lift a sword like that so easily!

Stoick watched warily, hating that Hiccup and Toothless were facing Drago alone again. It was a scene that he didn't want repeated.

DRAGO: Agghh!

HICCUP: Hold him there, Toothless!

Toothless SNARLS a warning, ready to blast.

HICCUP (CONT'D): It's all over now.

"Well finally. Can we get our dragons back?" Snotlout started, relaxing into his seat with his hands tucked behind his head. Astrid rolled her eyes, watching the screen nervously. Drago definitely wouldn't go down without a fight. Did they really win?

But the cloud of dust settles, revealing the Bewilderbeast, rising behind Hiccup as he tucks his flight suit back in, ready to blast him instead.

DRAGO (grinning knowingly): Or is it?

Hiccup spins around, alarmed, as a RUSH of water THUNDERS up the Bewilderbeast's throat.

HICCUP: Oh, no!

It BLASTS, but Toothless leaps into the way, shielding Hiccup beneath him. The freezing explosion envelops them both.

The stunned silence enveloped the room, followed by a wave of disbelief. Hiccup wasn't... dead was he?

Hiccup froze, almost not having processed what had just happened. He turned towards Toothless, who had bristled with worry, staring back at Hiccup with fear. But what Hiccup was worried about wasn't himself, but the fact that Toothless had jumped into the fray as well.

Stoick felt like he'd forgotten how to breathe, staring in shock at the screen. This couldn't be happening. Hiccup couldn't be gone... Not like that.

Drago laughs to himself as Valka lands her baby dragon and rushes to the icy explosion, hammering away at it desperately.

VALKA: No! No... Hiccup...

"Hiccup's fine," Tuffnut managed half-heartily as he glanced at the muted teens around him. "... Right?" He added weakly, expression growing more worried and dismal at the silence that greeted him.

Ali said, "Fate works in many ways, so what do you think?"

ON ASTRID and GOBBER, watching from a distance, horrified. As Valka POUNDS at the ice, a GLOWS forms from deep within. She realizes what is about to happen and backs away.

A BLAST thunders from inside the ice, SHATTERING it. Toothless emerges from the debris, glowing blue, revealing Hiccup curled safely under his wings.

Toothless perked up, purring in relief as he nuzzled Hiccup happily. His rider was alive!

Hiccup wasn't even focused on his near death experience, already straightening up and staring at the screen with wide eyes. Was Toothless... glowing? Was that even possible?

Even Stoick could barely register the immense relief that ran through him, attention captivated by Toothless' state. He'd never seen the Night Fury do something like that before, or any dragon.

Ali said, "When someone sees the one they love hurt, Fate plays a part to give them a power of protection."

Toothless is steaming, his black skin glowing blue with rage, his split dorsal blades searing with blue heat, a glow emanating from his flared nostrils.

"This is amazing, this is incredible!" Fishlegs was gushing, eyes as big as they could go. Astrid was slumped against the chair in relief, eyes bright with tears. Even Snotlout and the twins looked emotional, grinning widely at the screen.

He turns back to Hiccup, to check if he's unharmed. Hiccup nods, slightly breathless as he backs out of the way as Toothless then turns his full attention back to the Bewilderbeast. He leaps out of the crater and lands upon an ice spire, roaring ferociously.

The Bewilderbeast bellows back at this affront.

HICCUP: He's challenging the alpha!

VALKA: To protect you!

His mom's words tugged at Hiccup's chest, and he glanced down at where Toothless was resting his head next to him. Toothless met his eyes and purred questioningly. With a grin, Hiccup scratched the Night Fury's head, eliciting another purr.

Ali said, "Like I said, Toothless sees you as his most precious thing of all."

"Thanks, bud." He whispered, his grin growing a bit wider when Toothless nuzzled closer against his side.

Toothless unleashes a salvo of plasma into the Bewilderbeast's face, not letting up.

The Bewilderbeast ROARS at this act of insubordination. Toothless fires back, time and again, fully in control.

The alpha thrashes his tusks through the ice, trying to smash Toothless, but he deftly spring from spire to spire, continuing his unrelenting attack.

"Toothless has some guts... Look at the size of that thing compared to him!" Snotlout commented in awe.

Stoick watched carefully, feeling eternally grateful towards the Night Fury. Toothless would be what turned the tides of this battle. But would he be able to survive such a reckless frontward attack?

In the midst of the mayhem, the horde of commandeered dragons - both Berk's and Valka's - break free from the control to witness Toothless' retaliation.

Toothless lands protectively by Hiccup and Valka, commanding the dragons to shift sides. They follow, amassing behind Toothless.

"Woah..." Hiccup mumbled, amazed at how quickly the tides were turning. And all because of Toothless!

"I think the glowing make Toothless' plasma blasts more powerful!" Fishlegs whispered in reverence, doing whatever he could to comprehend what he was watching.

"Can Hookfang do that too?" Snotlout piped up hopefully, leaning forward eagerly. Ali said, "Only if they are given inspiration or a reason."

Seeing this, Drago panics and rushes toward the Bewilderbeast.

DRAGO: No, no, no, no! Fight back! Fight! BACK!

Drago clambers up the Bewilderbeast's tusk, totally unhinged.

DRAGO (CONT'D): (to the defecting dragons) What's the matter with you?

Stoick grinned, feeling a bit smug to see Drago so panicked. The madman was getting what he deserved.

The Berkians swell in to show their unified support. Drago fumes as Hiccup and Toothless fly up together onto an ice spire.

HICCUP: Now do you get it? This is what it is to earn a dragon's loyalty. (beat) Let this end now.

The crowd was besides themselves, cheering pridefully. Hiccup couldn't keep the grin off his face, glad to see the dragons were finally back in their right minds. Maybe Drago would finally realize that his ways were flawed, and end this.

Watching the Berkians join on the screen to oppose Drago sent a burst of pride through Stoick. All he'd wanted was a unified and prosperous village, and he'd seen an example of just that now.

DRAGO: Never! Come on!

He raises his bullhook defiantly, spurring the Bewilderbeast into a charge.

Toothless calls over his shoulder, commanding the dragons to ready themselves. He then BLASTS the Bewilderbeast, mid- charge. Suddenly, Skullcrusher fires. Followed by another, and another.

Hiccup looks around, amazed to see the flock of dragons opening fire on Drago and his Bewilderbeast. They've started a rebellion.

"Yeah! That's my dragon... somewhere over there!" Tuffnut rallied, sharing a headbutt with Ruffnut. The crowd grew even more pumped up to see their dragons returning fire, the cheering reaching an even louder tone.

Even the dragons looked a bit satisfied to be fighting back against the alpha. They'd had enough of being forcefully controlled by an alpha or queen dragon.

Drago is forced to hide from the fiery barrage by taking cover in the tall spines of the giant's crown.


His prosthetic arm is blasted clean off by one of his own armored dragons.

Without realizing, Hiccup flinched when he saw Drago lose his arm... again. He knew the pain of losing a limb, and he felt sympathetic to whoever went through the same thing, even if it was someone like Drago. Unlike him, Drago let his loss consume him, and that was what brought him to this point.

The Bewilderbeast rears back to cover them all in ice, but Toothless lets loose a powerful shot. The Bewilderbeast's head is KNOCKED backward by a blue-flame fireball.

As the smoke clears, one of its massive TUSKS FALLS to the ground, sheared clean off.

The crowd quieted down, mumbling in amazement at the sheer power Toothless had used to cut off such a large tusk like that.

Toothless' ears perked up, watching the screen with more interest. Hiccup felt the movement and stared at Toothless in awe. "That was... amazing." He managed, laughing when Toothless purred and lifted his head to lick his cheek.

Ali said, "When defending the one you love, they prevail in the end." Adina roared in agreement.

Toothless ROARS commandingly, calling an end to the fight.

HICCUP: The alpha protects them all.

Overwhelmed and overpowered, the Bewilderbeast yields to the new alpha and heeds Toothless' command, retreating into the sea in an explosive splash.

The Berkians CHEER in victory!

The room swelled up with cheering again, many sharing high-fives and patting each other on the back. The teens joined in, whooping and hollering and pumping their fists, all caught up in the moment.

Stoick and Hiccup shared a look of relief, glad that it was finally over.

"You did well, son." Stoick managed, trying to be heard over the crazy yelling.

Hiccup grinned, the sad tone back in his expression. "Thanks, dad."

As the smoke clears, Hiccup and Toothless see nothing but bubbles on the waves to mark their disappearance. No sign of the Bewilderbeast... or Drago.

Stoick's expression melded back into a serious one, watching the empty waters. Drago and his dragon left... or more escaped. There was no telling if he would come back again. But then again, the madman held grudges... so Hiccup would need to prepare just in case.

The same thoughts were running through Hiccup's mind as he stared at the screen thoughtfully. Drago wasn't dead, and neither was that Bewilderbeast. There was always the chance they'll be coming back even more in the future.

Toothless hops down from the spire, cooling off, as people celebrate all around them.

All of the dragons - Berk's, Valka's, even Drago's - land around Toothless. Cloudjumper bows to Toothless, starting a wave of bows, acknowledging their new alpha.

Toothless looks around, surprised, then lets out a majestic ROAR. The assembled dragons join in, roaring in tribute.

"Wait, Toothless is an alpha now?" Snotlout asked incredulously, looking at the others.

Astrid crossed her arms and grinned, shrugging lightly. "Seems pretty fitting for a Night Fury that just saved our entire village."

Toothless turns to Hiccup as he approaches.

HICCUP (CONT'D): You never cease to amaze me, bud. Thank you.

Toothless GURGLES and licks Hiccup's face. Hiccups squeals, trying to get away.

HICCUP (CONT'D): Toothless! You know that doesn't wash out.

"Ugh, Toothless!" Hiccup groaned, cringing back from the screen. Toothless rumbled with laughter, reveling in the moment.

The crowd laughs. All around them, Berk's dragons reunite with their Vikings.

ASTRID: Stormfly!

Stormfly bounds into Astrid. Astrid laughs happily, hugging her dragon.

Astrid grinned, watching the reunion. Stormfly was definitely getting more hugs and fish later on after this.

GOBBER: Oh, give me a cuddle, Grumpy!

Grump lands ON TOP of Gobber, flattening him.

"Well, that's just lovely." Gobber grumbled, although a smile was still plastered on his face. The crowd chuckled at the dragon's antics, able to catch the close relationship it had with the blacksmith.

Relieved to the point of tears, Snotlout and Fishlegs race towards the expectant Ruffnut...

FISHLEGS: Who's my little princess?

... and then right PAST her to embrace their dragons.

FISHLEGS (CONT'D): I missed you so much!

SNOTLOUT: Don't you ever leave again, Hookfang!

"Does that mean you're both done being creepy towards me? Cause I'm down for that." Ruffnut added in relief. Fishlegs and Snotlout sputtered excuses about how they were never being creepy, their words falling on deaf ears.

Ruffnut GRUMBLES, dejected. Barf dips his head in to console her.

RUFFNUT: Oh, Barf!

She hugs him. Belch looms in for some affection, but Ruffnut pushes him away...

RUFFNUT (CONT'D): Not you.

And into Tuffnut who glowers back at her.

"Hey, hands off my dragon!" Tuffnut snapped, elbowing Ruffnut.

Ruffnut glared back at him, pushing his shoulder roughly. "Belch started it!"

Hiccup smiles, taking in the happy reunions. Skullcrusher approaches him, without an owner to reunite with. Hiccup pets him, as Eret approaches.

Stoick deflated slightly to see what would be his dragon on the screen again. To think he left his family, his tribe, and his dragon so abruptly was a bit unsettling. But there was nothing he could do about it.

Hiccup frowned, watching the dragon on-screen sadly. He would need to find Skullcrusher a new owner, and just the thought of it was painful. No one would be able to completely replace his dad.

ERET: That was some pretty fine dragon wrangling back there. You'd make a good trapper.

Before Hiccup can respond, Skullcrusher nuzzles Eret affectionately. Eret chuckles and gently strokes him.

HICCUP: Y'know, Skullcrusher's gonna need somebody to look after him now.


"Him?" Snotlout added in disbelief.

Hiccup nods reassuringly. Eret looks at Skullcrusher, pausing to consider it.

ERET (CONT'D): I'd be honored.

Hiccup watched in surprise, not having expected the trapper to integrate with dragons so easily. Not that it was any problem; if anything, it was great to have another dragon rider on Berk.

Stoick let out a small grin, finding himself approving of the new owner. That Eret man had done his role in saving his fellow Vikings, so he would accept him.

Valka walks up to her son, bursting with pride.

VALKA: Your father... he'd be every bit as proud as I am.

HICCUP: Thank you. I'm really glad you're here, Mom.

VALKA: And here I'll stay.

Hiccup felt his heart lift to hear his mom wouldn't be leaving again, and he caught the wide grin on his dad's face too. Ali smiled at the reunion.

Toothless arrives, purring at Valka's touch as Astrid strides toward Hiccup, beaming proudly.

ASTRID: See? I told you it was in here.

She places her hand upon his chest, then quickly pokes the dorsal fin button, popping it open. She GIGGLES.

Astrid cracked a grin, the other around her bursting into laughter as well. Even Hiccup couldn't keep the smile off his face, know she meant it in good humor.

HICCUP: Ha, ha. Still doing that one? That's hilarious. (then) Come here, you.

He scoops Astrid close and pulls her into a kiss. Gobber covers a gawking boy's eyes.

Astrid definitely felt her face heat up this time, ducking her head to avoid the gawking stares the teens were most likely sending her. This caught her off guard, to see Hiccup pulling such a thing.

"Ugh, public affection." Tuffnut gagged dramatically, moving to cover Ruffnut's eyes. Ruffnut swiped his hands away, too busy snickering at Astrid's expression more than anything.

Hiccup grinned weakly when his dad pridefully patted him on the back, trying his best to keep his composure. Did he really just... He sure changed during those five years.

Gothi, the elder, taps Hiccup's shoulder, interrupting the romantic moment. She gestures for Hiccup to kneel. He does so, respectfully.

Using ash from a heap of burnt wreckage, Gothi traces a Viking symbol onto Hiccup's forehead. She bows.

"Wait a minute," Snotlout started warily, "is she doing what I think she's doing?"

Fishlegs clapped his hands gleefully. "She is!" He whispered, eyes gleaming with anticipation.

Hiccup shifted uneasily, knowing what was going on, yet the realization left a burdensome weight on his chest. He definitely didn't think he was ready, even if it was five years in the future. Everything suddenly seemed like it was moving too quickly. He glanced up at where his dad was staring silently, a smile on his face.

"Uh dad," he started, gaining his dad's attention. "I don't know, this is all just... I don't think I can handle becoming the chie-"

"You'll be fine," Stoick interrupted firmly, grabbing Hiccup by both shoulders. "Trust me, I've been there." He caught the doubtful expression on Hiccup's face and shrugged. "No one's born to become a chief. I had my worries when I started too. But you're strong, and brave, and capable of accomplishing anything if you put your mind to it."

Ali said, "He's right, Hiccup. Remember, this is the future, but I know you will be ready. Me and Adina have faith in you. We all do." Everyone even the dragons agreed with Ali.

"Are you sure we're thinking about the same person?" Hiccup added wryly, although the tension in his shoulders seemed to be melting away already. "Thanks, dad."

Stoick grinned, ruffling Hiccup's head before turning back towards the screen.

Ali said, "You may have started like a boy, but in the end you have become a man."

Hiccup stands, meeting Gobber's proud, smiling eyes. Gobber turns to the silent crowd and throws up his arms.

GOBBER (CONT'D): The chief has come home!

The Berkians erupt with cheers and applause as Hiccup takes in the moment, acknowledging the weight of responsibility now upon him.

The audience was just as enthusiastic, pumping their fists in the air and chanting Hiccup's name.

"I can't believe he actually becomes chief!" Snotlout shouted over the yelling, although he was joining in the fist pumping and clapping alongside the other teens. Astrid was grinning as wide as she could, clapping pridefully as she watched the clamor around her. She knew Hiccup was capable enough to become chief, and she'd be there with the others to help him on the way.

Toothless throws back his head and BLASTS in celebration, spurring all other dragons to follow suit, lighting up the sky in a spectacular display.


(Scene 2700 - A New Beginning)

A sheep grazes lazily on the grass as a Terrible Terror struggles in vain to carry him off. Suddenly, both are snatched up by a passing dragon.


Ruffnut and Tuffnut wrestle over the sheep atop Barf & Belch. Ruffnut sends the sheep flying toward Fishlegs. Snotlout nabs it instead, blowing a kiss mockingly.

"Ha! Snotlout always wins!" Snotlout taunted, ignoring the annoyed glares the twins shot at him. He crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair proudly, a prideful grin on his face.

HICCUP (V.O.): This... is Berk. A bit trampled and busted and covered in ice, but it's home. It's our home.

They swoop past a gathered crowd on the battered bleachers as Snotlout dunks the sheep in his basket. Eret joins the race atop Skullcrusher.

They fly past Hiccup and Toothless, who are steadily hoisting a palette of timber and supplies onto a rooftop where workers are rebuilding the damaged houses.

Hiccup grinned at the construction, glad that they were working and making progress on repairs. Things would definitely go faster with dragons lending a hand, too. Mostly, he was just grateful the Bewilderbeast didn't do so much damage that they had to relocate, which would have been a disaster.

Hiccup then turns his attention to a massive statue of Stoick, presently under construction. He grins with pride.

Seeing the statue brought back the tugging in Hiccup's stomach, and the smile almost completely disappeared. Right now, it was just a painful reminder of what had happened. He felt Stoick rub his shoulder, and glanced up to see his dad's reassuring smile. He managed a small grin back, knowing his dad would wanted to be remembered in a happy light.

HICCUP (V.O.): Those who attacked us are relentless and crazy. But those who stopped them? Oh, even more so!

"That's true, I'm insane!" Tuffnut cried out excitedly, earning a few more cheers from Vikings around him.

"Oh yeah, well I'm insaner!" Ruffnut countered, eliciting even more cheering.

He looks to the horizon, scanning it from east to west to ensure that no trouble is approaching.

Astrid and Stormfly buzz past him playfully, coaxing him to join the game. He smiles.

HICCUP (V.O.): We may be small in numbers, but we stand for something bigger than anything the world can pit against us.

Astrid soars past the blacksmith stall, waving to Valka and Gobber as they remove the armor from Drago's freed battle dragons.

Seeing the trapped dragons get released from their armor confinements was more of a relief to Hiccup than he realized. Deep down, he knew he'd been worried at how Drago had been treating the dragons, and now they were finally free from those restraints.

Many of the dragons in the back of the room rumbled approvingly to see fellow dragons being released from those uncomfortable looking metal things.

HICCUP (V.O.): We are the voice of peace. And bit by bit, we will change this world.

Realizing that he's late, Gobber hurries over to the sheep launcher and pulls the trigger, sending the black sheep hurtling into the air.

Astrid and Stormfly close in on the black sheep, about to snatch it out of the air, when suddenly, Hiccup and Toothless dart past, beating them to it. Toothless looks back with a gummy smile.

Astrid didn't feel any bitterness when she saw Hiccup take the sheep, only feeling proud and happy. It was good to see things finally going back to normal after all they'd seen.

Toothless rumbled with laughter, purring when Hiccup scratched the Night Fury underneath the chin.

HICCUP (V.O.): You see, we have something they don't. Oh sure, they have armies and they have armadas...

Toothless and Hiccup dive toward the line of baskets. As they approach, Toothless bounces Hiccup into the air, allowing him to dunk the black sheep into Astrid's basket. They reunite on the other side. The crowd cheers!

"No fair, how are we supposed to catch up to a Night Fury?" Snotlout complained, throwing up his hands.

"It's not like you were gonna win anyway." Astrid teased, grinning when Snotlout shot her a dirty look.

HICCUP (V.O.): But we... we have...

Hiccup and Toothless land upon the chief's dais, joined by Astrid, Stormfly, and the other dragon riders.


Toothless lets out a proud roar as Hiccup look out over Berk, gleaming with pride.

Screen fades to black.

"YEAH! DRAGONS!" Tuffnut started the cheer, throwing his hands up in the air and whooping. The others quickly joined, cheering for the dragons and celebrating the bright ending they'd gotten.

Hiccup leaned back, a wide grin on his face. They definitely had their dragons. Drago wouldn't stand a chance if he tried coming back again, Bewilderbeast or not. Ali shouted, "If everyone could just settle down now, please."

The voice had everyone instantly quieting down, straining to hear what it was saying. They glanced up uneasily at the ceiling, unsure of what happened next.

Ali said, "I apologize again for bringing everyone here so abruptly, but I'll be sending everyone back very soon. Unfortunately, the details of these future events will not be remembered by anyone when you all return to Berk."

A unanimous grumbling spread through the crowd, many sharing displeased looks.

"Wait, then what was the point of all this if we were gonna forget?" Snotlout piped up angrily, crossing his arms in defiance.

Ali said, "Why Snotlout, I thought you'd like surprises." Said teen turned red as Ali said, "I understand this many seem confusing, but please bear with me. Knowledge of the future will only complicate what would occur. People might try to work around it, try to change fate, and I cannot allow that. Once these do occur, however, you will remember this encounter when the time comes."

Stoick let out a sigh, glancing at the ground sadly. It seemed like he was fated to die, then. Guess he couldn't really control that. Hiccup looked conflicted Ali's words, biting his lip uncertainly. He didn't want to forget any of it, even if it was painful. He wasn't sure if he could live through losing his dad and nearly losing Toothless again.

An awkward silence had overtaken the room, the Vikings subjected to reluctant agreement. Ali said to Hiccup softly, "I know this hurts and when you turn twenty, losing him will happen, but now, focus on having fun with your father. After all, you deserve to bond with him again." Hiccup agreed with Ali as he hugged her. Hiccup let go as Ali said, "Thank you again for allowing me to show you this, and I hope to possibly see everyone again in the future."

The teens perked up at the last few words, eyes widening in surprise.

"Wait, we're gonna see you again?" Tuffnut asked incredulously.

"It's most likely that we will cross paths again", Ali teased.

"Oh." Tuffnut said blankly. "That's cool." He added, earning slow nods of agreement from the others. In the lull that followed, the crowd slowly revived the little whispers that passed between each other, talking about what they'd seen one last time.

Stoick glanced at the ceiling for a bit longer, waiting to see if the voice would come back. After a few seconds, he turned his attention back towards where Hiccup was watching him anxiously, Toothless nuzzling the boy's side comfortingly.

"Are you okay with all this?" Hiccup started cautiously, not taking his eyes off his dad as he reached out to pet Toothless.

"I should be asking you that." Stoick said with a laugh, straightening up.

Hiccup pursed his lips, his gaze falling to the floor. Stoick's expression softened as he put his hand back on Hiccup's shoulder.

"What happens will happen. Don't worry about it just yet. Right now, just focus on today." Stoick said firmly, waiting till Hiccup finally brought his eyes back up to his.

Hiccup let out a long breath before nodding, reaching forward to hug his dad again. Stoick grinned, reveling in the gesture. Before this, it had been ages since Hiccup had actually gone to hug him. Not since the lad had been a child.

Staring over Hiccup, Stoick caught Toothless' eyes, who had been watching the pair thoughtfully. "You take care of him, you hear me?" He whispered lightly. Toothless' ears perked up and he purred reassuringly, leaning forward and licking one of Stoick's hands.

"I love you, dad." With his face buried in the fabric of his clothes, Stoick had barely missed Hiccup's muffled words. It took a bit for it to register in him, but he grinned and only hugged his son tighter.

"And I love you." He answered, and the bright light overtook the room, taking everyone back to where they once came.

Ali and Adina stood there as a lone shadow came behind Ali. Without turning, Ali said, "You must be ready, they will find you in five years time...Valka." Ali turned to see a woman with hair like Hiccup and green eyes as she said, "Thank you, lass. For everything." Valka vanished as Ali and Adina left to go home. Ali was thinking as she said, "I can't wait for the third movie