"A Hero's not afraid to give his life."

Heroes were something everyone grew up with. There was the prince that went up against the dragon alone, that fought to save the princess. There was the orphan that got powers and fought to save a city or a nation. There was the soldier that threw himself on the grenade, that went first into the breach. There was the law officer or the firefighter that went first into the fray to save civilians - these were the heroes most were familiar with.

Heroes were something kids played at being, that they looked up to. They were examples of good - the winners in the battle of life. They were brave, doing anything to protect the innocents. They never seemed to have second thoughts - always seem to find the strength to do the right think in the end.

Heroes stood alone for a long time, often even to the end. Some had friends or family to stand by them, to support them - but what hero never put those they held dear in danger? If not in physical danger, than perhaps emotional or financial danger. What hero did not have to choose between friends and family, or a job, or comfort, and his principles?

He wasn't a soldier. He wasn't trained in weapons or hand to hand combat or anything like that. He was barely an agent - just recruited to work the computers, to input codes and commands. He didn't have any powers, or anything to keep himself safe. In the end, he wasn't even going to be saving anyone. It didn't matter whether or not he obeyed - they'd just shoot him and get another to take his place. The ships would be launched regardless of his cooperation.

But if a teenage kid could be a hero standing up to a shooter in a schoolroom, or a window washer could be a hero leading people through a burning building, or a retired paramedic could go back into a collapsing building to find one more person - then maybe he could stand up alone in a room. Maybe he could do what no one else in this room seemed likely to do.

He wasn't a hero. He never was and he couldn't be. But he couldn't launch those ships. It wouldn't make a difference - someone else would just launch the ships when he was dead - but he would probably die either way. Either this man would execute him, or the Captain would win and he would die in the crossfire when Captain Rogers won.

Because he would win. He was a hero. He was outnumbered now, certainly - but he wouldn't be forever. He would win this fight, and he would take down Hydra again. And he would die either way, so he might as well stick with his principles and not launch the ships: Captain's Orders.

"A Hero's gonna save me just in time."

AN: Inspired by the Captain's Orders scene in Winter Soldier. The window washer is from the World Trade Centre, as is the paramedic; and the girl was shot in a school shooting. I can't recall the specifics... Kind of ironic about the timing of the closing lyrics – because she would better fit the role as a hero. But a window washer, or a technician? Can be just as much or greater given the circumstances. 11-14-2015