I flew a Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor, trying to get the hell out of dodge from Clone fighter pilots. The thing had once been owned by a Jedi I had met while travelling the galaxy and hunting for good places to hopefully stay hidden from first the Republic, and now the Empire, but they were killed during a purge on Deutaru, a planet with multiple environments, that we'd stayed on

Then, in what felt like less than a day, they found us.

I would've stayed and help to fight. In fact I had for a while, killing off as many clones as possible along with defending the people, but when I felt something far larger than me and the Jedi could handle, I ran.

I heard a few citizens and the Jedi yell at me to come back, but I didn't listen. Something far powerful than anything I had ever felt before in the force was there, and if I was right, they would've killed me in a heart beat if they got the chance.

I dart for my ship, a fast and pretty good ship, though not good enough to take rapid fire from laser cannons and plasma. So I grabbed his ship and ran like hell off the planet. Though, the Empire was not going to take it easy on me. They blocked the Jedi's ship as well, making me have to fight my way through them. I pushed them back into the mountain and hillsides of the planet, or sliced their heads off with a lightsaber, killing them instantly.

Though, even then they wouldn't let up.

They followed me out, going into space as they fired their cannons at me, with my barely being able to maneuver the ship to not get hit. I fought back, firing a couple of my missiles and laser cannons with almost trained precision, taking the ones I could out of action. Though, even with this, I had to leave, as the Emperor's army began to swarm the planet, bombarding it from orbit with their capital ships, destroying not only the installations down below, but the Jedi that had once lived down there, being formerly one of the remaining few.

"Damned Empire" I muttered in my head, about to set up my engines from Hyper-drive.

A jolt from the back of my ship made me curse . The TIE fighters were still right behind me; and from the looks of it, gaining ground. "Okay R2 droid, prepare for Hyper-drive, because I think things will about to become bumpy" I said to the fighters R2 droid. The machine gave a few beeps in different pitches as a response.

I pressed and flipped and few buttons and knobs, sending the damaged fighter into Hyper-space.

However, a suddenly jolt sent my ship at speeds it couldn't calculate, knocking my out from the uncalled for amount of G-force.