Chapter 2

Atvar hadn't told the whole truth to the being Lin-Gar Mik.

Though he would have to dock him on his own ship, Atvar had never been given the orders to do it. In fact, it took almost an hour to get the Emperor to be convinced it would be a much easier time extracting information from the being if he was surrounded by overwhelming voice. It was once again quickly, or at least quickly for a member of The Race, to decide on it. However, it was also decided all other ships were to surround it in case the ship needed to be evacuated and destroyed because of the unknown being.

"Is the ship coming?" Atvar asked a Male who worked with radar. Fortunately the ship was detectable now.

"Yes Exalted Fleetlord" the Male said. "In fact..." The male went quiet after looking at the papers in hand, "What is it it?" Atvar asked a little impatiently. "Most Exalted Fleetlord, it appears to be going at a speeds faster than even our Starships can go" The radar Male stated, getting a scowl from Atvar.

"How much faster?" Atvar asked coolly.

"It appears to be going at least 16% faster than our engines" The Male said. Atvar thought over this. He did suppose if there was an sufficient enough engine, and considering how small the engine was, there could be ships that would go such speeds. Though The Race never considered making ships faster as there was no need to.

"Do you have any idea what this could possible be...?" Once again Atvar did not know the name of his subordinate.

"It's Teslof Exalted Fleetlord" The Male said. "Also to answer you other question, yes there are some theories to why it goes so fast. A group of Males suggest that thrust is caused by something called an Ion engine. Do you know what that is Exalted Fleetlord?" Teslof asked innocently.

Atvar did know what that was. It was something that had been theorized that would create more thrust through the use of Uranium, by throwing ions of the back of the rockets or whatever was used to push the Starship forward.

Though The Race had found no use of it as they had been able to master the Nuclear engine. Why a ship had an engine on par with Race knowledge was beyond him. He would have to be even more careful than he first thought.

"Get someone to prepare for the other Shiplords to dock soon. I want them fully guarded with the best soldiers" Atvar said, ordering Teslof out. Once again, Atvar was left only with himself. He really hoped this being, whatever it was, would be reasonable enough without a show of force. Though he was pretty sure a couple bursts of automatic fire near them would work, he would never know until he was there.

"Who do you work for Fleetlord?" A voice as clear as day said in his head, making him turn, confused when he saw no one there.

Atvar shook his head. He'd only heard of rumors of what prolonged long in space without cryogenic freezing could do to the head. He didn't think it could happen so fast. "I suppose I could do for a drink of water" Atvar said, pouring himself a cup of it. Things were about to get weird Atvar thought as he sipped, once again looking down at Home.

His home was down their. An apartment building just like any other, filled with pictures of his travels around Home, along with a few bits of furniture and a standard holographic projector.

"Exalted Fleetlord," A hologram appeared behind Atvar, making the Male turn around.

"I have prepared the arrangements for the Shiplords, and they have arrived. The being will arrive very shortly. I would say in less than 30 minutes" The messenger said, quickly leaving his station to care for the Shiplords. Atvar did a small pray, then a curse at the time having seemed to have passed so quickly.

He pulled out his body paint, coating himself in the traditional cover-up of his people.

He made his way to the meeting room, seeing the Shiplords in more ceremonial body paints than usual. When the Shiplords got seated, Straha was the first to talk. "I have heard they have the theorized Ion engine. Is this true?" Straha asked, getting couple looks from the others Shiplords.

"It is only a theory Shiplord Straha" The Fleetlord said, staring at him like he had grown two heads.

"It is just a question. I wish to evaluate this being as best as possible" Straha said in an almost defending tone. "Doesn't it have a name by the way?" Straha asked, getting the attention of the other Shiplords. "He says his name is Lin-Gar Mik" Atvar said in a matter-of-fact tone. "Such a weird name" Kirel said, getting a couple laughs from nearby Shiplords.

"It does not matter what name he has Shiplord Kirel" Atvar said.

"As long as he agrees to what the Emperor, and to an extent, The Race, wanted, we will gain another planet without as so much as losing a single Male!" The idea was appealing to the other members of The Race. To be able to gain two planets in one trip did sound appealing. Though it would take generations until it was actually decided what it would be used for.

"May I even ask why we must have this decision with the being? It must have seen our Starships were multiple times larger than its was. If I was an less advanced species, I would be terrified by it" Straha said in what seemed like honest words.

"They must know that it has no choice but to surround to the might of The Race, Straha. Even we would not know to surrender to each other unless shown" Atvar replied. Straha said nothing. "Most Exalted Fleetlord!" a subordinate ran in, panting heavily as he tried to catch his breath.

Atvar stared irritated, but also with curiosity.

Something big most have happened for him to interrupt the meeting of some of the most powerful members of The Race. "The being, Lin-Gar Mik..." The subordinate took a few seconds to catch his breath, "He is not what we expected." Just then, a being that every member of the Conquest and Colonization Fleet thought was supposed to stuck riding horses and wielding swords stood right in front of them, with a couple guards holding assault rifles pointed at its back.

"Apparently," It began, "I am something you call a Tosevite? Care to explain Fleetlord and Shiplords of The Race?"

As I got closer, I could see the primitive looking group of Starships, with the only visible weapons being their missiles. Though I knew where the Nuclear weapons and giant slugthrowers were.

As I passed the ships I presumed would be a barrier of some sort for the one I was going to, I could see a few vague shapes of the aliens peeking their head outs of the small windows. I shook my head. They were so primitive I almost wanted them to be absorbed by The new Empire so they could now what real technology Almost being the key word.

"This is 127th Emperor Hetto, you are cleared for landing, please prepare for airlock" A member of The Race said. I did as told, waiting for airlock to open. landing in a place filled with tied down equipment I couldn't identify, even after hacking them. I opened the top of my Starfighter, jumping out in my robes, thankful that and the gray, and unfortunately gained purple, lightsabers I had were on me. I was also happy both the blades and my face was hidden.

Two guards walked like a bipedal lizard would over to me. They were shorter than him, only going up to his chest, with paint covering their bodies.

The beings did carry the basic set an personnel in the Race's army would have. A set of night vision goggles with a camera on it, a automatic slugthrower (or an automatic rifle as they called it), and a Kevlar vest to be put on them for protection. The pair said something in unintelligible hisses and squeaks, pointing their weapons at me. Using The Force, I learned their language of The Race from them, knowing how to speak and hear it properly. "Can you repeat that, I did not understand that my good friends" I said, hoping to lower tension a little.

"We said to take your hood off" The leading Race member said.

I complied, nodding and I took my hood off, showing them my face. They appeared to seemed shocked by my appearance. I guess I shouldn't be surprised as the only other species they'd ever met were reptilian as well. I began to walk forward, but both pointed their weapons at me, and I could feel the confusion and fear inside them grow.

"How did you Tosevites gain space faring capabilities?" The leading guard ask, his claw on the trigger.

I stared at him in confusion. I did not know what he meant by Tosevite. Again, what a strange name they had thought of. "I am unfamiliar with this term you speak of. Do you mind explaining it?" I asked sincerely, using a little force to calm them. "You come from star system with the Star called Tosev. Your people were last seen wielding iron swords and riding horses. How do you gain the ability to travel in space in 1600 years?" Thee second guard asked me, his claws more so on the trigger than his companion.

So they had a species similar to what I looked like in the Galaxy? No wonder I felt something interesting in the Force.

"I am not from this star system you call Tosev. Though I might be related to them genetically" I replied back to the guards. "Impossible! You must be from the Tosev star system! There would be no way for you to look like each other so much!" The Male of the Race said, with both of them looking sure of the fact.

I sighed, not having time to deal with this.

Using the force, I use a mind trick. "I am not from the Tosev star system" I say to the guards. "You are not from the Tosev star system" They reply. "You will show me to the Fleetlord" I tell them. "We will show you to the Fleetlord" They both said, turning around to show me the way.

I was sure as hell happy my clothes help control my temperature, or I would be sweating like crazy. and having such small and crowded rooms didn't help. Though I guess The Race needed it due to being cold-blooded.

I was then lead to some sort of desk, and behind that being some sort of door.

"What do you..." The Male began. "I am here to see Fleetlord Atvar" I told him, getting the the same stare from this Male as I did from the guards moments ago. "A Tosevite?" He said, saying it more to reassure himself than he was talking to me. "If that is what you think what star system I come from, I suppose I could be considered that, yes" I told him, but quickly corrected him by saying "However, I am not of that star system, or the portion of the galaxy we are in."

The Male just stared, making me ask "What is your name loyal Male of the Race." He shook his head, getting his nerves steady enough to say it. "My name is Wifar, one of the many attendants of his Exalted Fleetlord Atvar" the lizard creature said with some pride. "May I ask that we you or we may go Fetch Atvar and..." I could multiple presences near Atvar. If they were a threat to him, it would most likely increase my wait for leaving The Race.

The Male's eye widened with shock.

"The Fleetlord and Shiplords! Your presence distracted me!" He yelled as if it were my fault. I slowly followed behind the Male of The Race, with him barely ahead of me, along with the guards from before following behind me at a decent distance away.

I hid behind the door for a little, letting the Male of The Race speak.

The being, Lin-Gar Mik..." The subordinate took a few seconds to catch his breath, "He is not what we expected." Then, wanting to be a little dramatic, I walked from the behind the doorway, showing myself

"Apparently," I began, "I am something you call a Tosevite? Care to explain Fleetlord and Shiplords of The Race?"

The Conquest Fleet's member's sat before me with confusion, and a couple with the fear that the guards had possessed. Their body paint was much more elaborate than the guards or attendants own. My side that leaned to the dark side enjoyed their discomfort. I was thankful to have learned in the way of The Force, not just the light or dark teachings, splitting its true power. "How have you managed to get advanced as you have Tosevite?" Atvar, the leading Fleetlord asked me with a voice that tried to sound one with authority and anger, and while it didn't move in the least, the Shiplords before him seemed surprised by the outburst.

"I am not from the Tosev star system leaders of the Conquest Fleet. In fact, if you believe it or not, I am not of this galaxy at all" I told them. Their feelings of discomfort went away, with them making a boiling noise.

"That would be impossible. Everyone in The Race knows it's impossible for two of the same species two evolve on different planets!" A Male with body paint almost as ornate as the Fleetlord said, his boiling a little bit more apparent than the other Shiplords.

"Maybe not genetically exact, but evolution can be strange in its way Straha" I said, making the others stop laughing.

The Shiplords first looked at me, then at Atvar.

"You told him my name Exalted Fleetlord?" Straha asked, seeming irritated.

"No, he did not. I learned when I got in to the hangar. One of the guards told me" I stated, lying right through my teeth. I was fortunate that they weren't that smart and couldn't use the force to detect my trickery. The Fleetlord and Shiplord look at the guards behind me, and I back away a bit. "Is this true?" The Shiplord farthest away from Atvar asked both the guards. I stare at them, slightly nodding my head up and down so none of the Conquest Fleet's leaders notice my doings.

The guard that was to the left of me nodded vigorously, as if he had just put something in his body that made him really hyper.

"Put him in a jail cell for a few days for possible treason" Fleetlord Atvar said, staring at the other guard. "Yes Exalted Fleetlord" The guard that used to be to my right said, pointing his slugthrower at his former comrade, making him pull off his weapon and vest.

The door closed behind them, leaving me with the most powerful Males in The Races Military.

"Okay Lin-Gar Mik," Atvar said, stopping his boiling noise and making a tone of a professional business negotiator, "Let us say what you are saying is true. What planet do you come from, and to be exact, what section of the galaxy?" I could only smile at him, showing off my teeth. "Did you not have a clue of what I meant Fleetlord Atvar?" I asked him. "I told you that I was chased by a Galactic sized Empire. So, if you would mind thinking a little bit your Exalted, you may understand where I come from" I say to him in a tone that made it seem like I was talking to a child.

It took a moment to understand what I meant, along with the rest of the Shiplords.

"Lies! No one could build such a device to travel galaxy to galaxy!" the Male right next to Atvar said. I could only stare at all of them. For being so old, they were not at all readily able to admit they could have betters. "I never said I could do such a thing" I told them. "Though the engine that allowed me to travel extremely long distances in short times was supercharged by a weapon that far surpasses any autocannon, or slugthrower as I have learned to call them, you have."

They hissed even more at my claims. "We do not believe in your tellings Tosevite. Now tell me you can guarantee the submission of your planet's people or I will turn them all to dust through our Explosive-metal bombs" Atvar threatened, but I could feel the grief and lie in him after saying that. I almost smiled at the fact that they were primitive compared to most species I knew, if not all, they had figured out a peace that had evaded by all planets with intelligent life in the Galaxy for what seemed like forever.

"I know that you would never do that though Fleetlord. We both know this" I tell him.

"You're species is too peaceful to do such a thing. Well," I searched the feelings of Straha, who seemed not as reluctant with this idea "most of your species is not okay with such a thing." Then, with a tone that seemed to frighten The Fleetlord and Shiplord, I said: "If you ever did try to enact such a terrible act of killing million, if not billion, of innocent lives, I would kill everyone where they stood."

The tone in my voice and the look in my eyes agreed with me.

"What could you do? You are but one Tosevite! We are many, on a ship filled with highly trained soldiers, armed with the best The Race could make for them" A Shiplord that went by the name of Horrep stated. That only made me grin. "If only you knew the ways Horrep. Then you would see no need for weapons" I said to him. "In fact, the only reason any of you still stand is because I need you to let me have a place to fix my ship" I stated.

I wouldn't have stated those things, but the dark side was having a stronger hold on me here. For once I cursed the true balance of this galaxy.

"You threaten The Race?! A species that willing let you on their ships? I could have you killed!" Atvar said, with me knowing if he was contemplating the idea. "I am sorry Exalted Fleetlord and Shiplords" I said, bowing to them. "My emotions got the better of me. I just wish to leave you as soon as possible. My burdens from the past are heavy." The Fleetlord and Shiplords talked to each other, arguing whether if they should keep me on the ship or send me out into space to die of suffocation.

Manipulating the argument in my favor a little, it was decided I could stay. Though only if I behaved and if I answered questions truthfully.

I bowed to them once again, thanking them for being such kind beings, smiling on the inside at how easily manipulated they could be. If I was a good politician, I bet I could manipulate them without using any of The Force. By two different guards in basically the same exact body paint, I was taken and put into what I would think of as their version of a prison cell or holding room, with the only things in their being fixed-in ceiling lights, a shower of sorts, and a mat I would presume that is attached to the floor.

"We will be back when food is given to you. Do not do anything stupid" The leading guard ordered.

I smiled. At least now I could get some meditation done.

Fleet Commander Thikair sat in the chair, next to some of his most of his most trusted adviser of the Invasion force.

"Have the ships been prepared?" Thikair asked Shairez, who looked at him with glee, as if she had just gotten first pickings at the prey. "Yes they have. All weapons are at max charge, Hyperdrives are ready to go, and cryogenic chambers are started up.

"What about the soldiers?" Thikair asked Ground Force Commander Thairys. "They are to be armed and protected with the best the Shongairi could offer. Our Heavy armored vehicle and GEVs are fully prepped for who knows what This 'Race' has to throw at us" Thairys said. Though everyone knew what they had.

Their best weapon was a Nuclear bomb!

Not bad considering its power, though not as clean as a Kinetic Bombardment Weapon, which had the same amount of power. They had primitive weapons to arm their armed armored vehicles. In fact, everything stated before them sounded that of a Type 2 Civilization. Though through unbelievable and an unheard amount of patience, they achieved a multi-planetary empire, with only species before them being able to achieve that through Faster-Than-Light capabilities.

Their fighting vehicles had armor made of a metal made of Titanium for both their Heavy Armored Vehicles (a machine they called a Landcruiser) and GEVs, (something they called a Troopcarrier (which for the HAV they didn't even have Anti-Grav, and their GEVs had a half their wheels replaced with the weird tracks that pushed their HAVs. Their rifles were propelled by an explosion charged by a hammer in the gun. Same went for the giant versions on their HAVs and GEVs.

Their fastest flying vehicles, a machine called a Killercraft, could fly at the lower end of the supersonic range, armed with Heat-seeking and Radar-guided weapons. There was nothing to help it propel itself up vertically, seeing as anti-grav systems were not produced there. However, though lacking in speed, they did have a machine called a Helicopter that could get up vertically. In fact, unlike the Shongairi's dropships, they could stay in place for as long as they had a fuel to run on.

They were armed with the same giant explosive propelled automatic rifles as the HAVs and GEVs.

They appeared to have no Energy Weapons of any sort, with the only mention of light used in their military being used in missiles for targeting. Artillery, Biological, and Chemical weapons were nonexistent, seemingly unheard of in the Races history. They had no water Navy, and Their Defense Fleet, if they could even consider it that at all, was just a group of freighters armed with their Killercrafts giant rifles for attack protection, a point-defense missile system for close range, and a few Nuclear weapons.

Their soldiers weapons consisted of regular sized explosive propelled rifles, night vision goggles with a camera connected to it, and a vest made of a material called Kevlar, which was produced from plastic.

"This will be an interesting conquest for the Shongairi Empire, will it not?" Thikair asked the others in the rooms, getting a tail stomp and wag in agreement.

No matter how advanced the Shongairi were compared to The Race, it was still the first time any species in the Galactic Hegemony would fight an industrialized civilization. No one knew what would happen.

"How can we be sure we will defeat them Fleet Commander? We have never fought such an advanced species before. No one in the Galactic Hegemony has ever done it either" A young captain in the fleet stated, saying the obvious thing on everyone's mind. "Do not worry, we will defeat them through superior technology. I don't care how advanced they have become. They are still a Type 2 Civilization, and we are a Type 1" The Fleet Commander stated, getting a reassuring look from his lower ranked captain.

"Well prepare for your chambers soldiers" Thikair said, giving a serious look, "It will be one week until we get to the Races home system and pacify it into Shongairi territory. Good luck and may Dainthar be with you all."

Sorry if I messed up anything from the Second Contact sequels, and Homeward Bound. I haven't read anything of that sort, and I might get things wrong. Also, I'm only going off the movies for the most part, save some slang and maybe other things in Star Wars. Put down a comment if you want me to do something or if you have constructive comments. Though in all honesty idc, I'm just wanting someone else to do this as well. Also,I may keep calling the Delta-7 Aethersprite class light interceptor a Starfighter because it's easier for me to say that than the whole entire name of the damned thing. Though I will probably say it a few more times due to certain points in the story. Also, for anyone that recognizes these names at the end, I think you're know where I'm going for the end of this.

P.S.: I don't know (and I don't think if anyone does really) what are on the Invasion forces ships, so I'm gonna put what I think they have.

P.S.S: I'm making the Invasion similar in reason for why the Shongairi wanted Humans to be sub-servant beings (with the race being instead the guys that need to do things that require absolute patience), but instead being afraid of Humanity achieving a Type 1 civilization, therefore being a threat to the Hegemony, it's the Race's tendencies of taking over worlds (and the Hegemony's racist outlook on carnivores) that make them send the Shongairi to destroy the enemy at the source, i.e. Home. However, the Shongairi expect an easy victory not because of the the extremely fast development of technology humanity would have, but the gap in thousands of years (in terms of how fast The Race and Shongairi advance) between each other technologies are. I think it will be an interesting battle to see.

P.S.S.: I forget somethings about how the Shongairi talk to each other, so don't be too critical on how bad it might be. I haven't read it in a while. Also, for how Thikair managed to get the message so fast, I'll just leave it to communication devices travel a lot faster than actual machines to travel in space. As in, compare how fast radio waves go compared to a F-22 Raptor. I'm talking that that major a difference. Also, for the sake of things, I've put everything conveniently in place for the story to work (i.e, The Invasion Fleet and the people the Major people that were supposed to be their being there. How the star systems (The one the Shongairi and The Race are in) are about 64 light years from each other, etc.)