Jane looked around. Where was she? Empty blackness. She didn't know what to do. "Mom?" She called. "Mom? Guys?"

She wrapped her arms around herself. "C'mon guys, turn on the lights this isn't funny." She felt tremors underneath her. The blackness was cracking under her, to something even darker. She got out of the way and put her hand over her heart. It was beating out of her chest. Scratching was now coming from the hole. Along with wailing.

Pale, sickly paws came out showing 5 white, long, sharp claws. It pulled out a Demon posing as a rabbit. It's bones and spine were visible. A golden collar was haging from it's neck with a watch swaying as if it was using typical hypnosis tactics with it. It was as pale as bone and had Dark Red eyes. It's teeth were bared, with some of the mulars showing. The ears were shredded and Jane didn't want to find out what did that. The strangest thing was the forehead symbol.

It was like a T, but stood up straight like a cross. It had blunted endsexcept for the bottom, which reminded Jane like an Anchor. The rabbit let out a low distress call and lifted its forepaw, standing on its hindpaws, to try to shred Jane a part. Jane began to run.

She just wanted to get away. She looked down to try to discourage looking back. When did she wear flats? And an apron along with it?

Jane didn't care. She just wanted to be away from that thing. But the thumps were coming closer. Louder. A paw raised up. Jane let out a scream.

The symbol on the rabbit is the Nobody symbol. Sorry if I couldn't really describe it…