This is based off of a magic thing in Midsummer's Night Dream, where basically if you get this magic stuff put on your eyelids when you're asleep then the first person you see when you wake up you fall madly in love with. Anyway, let's get on with the story!

Roxy woke up with a yawn and a stretch, looking around at the sleeping kids beside her. They'd had a sleepover which had ended up with everyone staying up until way after midnight, and Roxy wouldn't be surprised if she'd woken up way after midday. Dirk, Dave and Rose were all missing from the room, their sleeping bags empty, so Roxy had to assume that they'd gone downstairs to have some breakfast or at least not wake up the others, which was a good idea seeing how grumpy some people could get in the morning. She glared at Jane's sleeping form as she got up, too late to stop herself from slipping on Rose's sleeping bag.

"Ow! Fuck that hurt." Roxy swore as she rubbed her head where she'd hit it. Luckily, she wasn't bleeding. Unluckily, Jane and John were both stirring.

"Shit, sorry. Go back to sleep." Roxy whispered in hopes she'd be saved from the wrath of a sleep-deprived Jane. Instead, she got something totally different as both Jane and John locked eyes with her.

"Oh. My. God. Roxy don't apologise! I couldn't dream of anything better than waking up to your beautiful face! I wish we lived together so I could wake up to it every day. We should. That would be the best. Please, can I?" Jane practically got on one knee right there in front of her.

"What the-" Roxy was interrupted by John, who seemed like he'd caught whatever Jane had.

"Roxy, you are so beautiful. I could spend my whole lifetime just admiring your beautiful eyes and I would die so very happy. Oh! Have you hurt your head! I am so very, very sorry for not noticing! How could anyone do such a thing to you! Oh, how has this happened to someone as beautiful as you!"

"John, I just tripped on Rose's-"

"Rose! Come on Jane, let's go! We must talk some sense into Rose before anything else happens to dear, sweet Roxy!" John grabbed Jane's arm as they both ran out of the room, Roxy quickly following behind, hearing the two start to have a go at Rose.

"How dare you. How dare you. I can't believe you injured dear, sweet Roxy, Roxy, the most lovely girl there is. You don't even compare to her brilliance, you, you-!" Roxy cut Jane off before she could continue.

"Guys, I have no idea what's gotten into you but stop! Stop whatever this is that you're doing right now and say sorry to Rose, right away!" Roxy felt herself on the verge of tears as she yelled at the two idiots insulting poor, old, innocent Rose.

"Roxy! Don't cry! We're only doing this for you! We don't enjoy yelling at people! We only want your happiness!" At this, Roxy couldn't take it anymore and, sobbing, ran right at Rose, giving her a huge hug and crying all over her shoulder. Rose rubbed circles on her back as the two walked away, looking hugely guilty over what they'd done.

"It's alright, Roxy. It's alright. I didn't care about what they said to me. It's alright." Roxy buried her face further into Rose's shoulder.

"But I cared. I care about what they say to you, about you. You're amazing, they have no right to say that stuff about you." Roxy's words were slightly muffled by Rose's pyjamas. She sniffed and took her head off of Rose's shoulder. "I'm sorry, I've made your jammies all wet and snotty and stuff."

"I don't care." The two hugged again before finally separating. "Let's just go get changed out of our jammies." The two went off upstairs, leaving the Strider brothers alone in the kitchen together. There was a silence.

"That was weird." Dirk glanced over at Dave across the table, a gesture lost through the shades.

"Yeah. I hope whatever they've got isn't contagious." Dave looked straight at his bro, a gesture that he thought was lost in his shades but wasn't, as Dirk secretly, without moving his head, stared straight back.

"That really would suck." Both boys looked back at their food simultaneously as silence settled over them again. After a while of the two silently sitting there and eating, John cautiously poked his head around the door.

"If you're looking for Roxy, she's upstairs getting changed with Rose. I'd suggest apologising to the both of them when they come back down." Dirk didn't look away from his rainbow-coloured cereal as he spoke to the lovesick boy. John stepped through the door and stepped forwards so Jane could come in too. They stood in silence for a moment before Jane spoke up in a loud whisper.

"It wasn't really Rose's fault for leaving the sleeping bag there, I guess." John mumbled an agreement.

"I think we were a little harsh on her." John whispered.

"So does this mean you two have stopped fawning over Roxy yet or are you both still 'deeply in love with her' or whatever it was that you said earlier." Dave glanced over at the two but only Dirk was paying attention to the gesture.

"What? We still love her, isn't that right John." John nodded along. "I hope to win her heart some day." John gave her the deadliest of glances.

"Actually Jane, I think that I will be the only one Roxy will love. You just aren't a consideration at all. Although I do understand why you dream about loving her. She is the most beautiful, most divine woman I ever did see."

"Excuse me! I-" Jane's comeback, and the beginning to what could have been a huge argument was cut off by Jake and Jade coming down the stairs.

"Dirk! Dave! John! Jane! We have amazing news!" Jake was very excited, although Dirk had to narrow his eyes behind his shades seeing the way he was holding hands with Jade. He really hoped that the news wasn't what he deeply feared it would be.

"When we woke up this morning and our eyes met, we knew that there was only one person who we could ever love, isn't that right Jake?" Jake nodded along, grinning from ear to ear. "Me and Jake are now together! Isn't that amazing!"

Dirk didn't even care as his shades slipped off his face and fell with a plop into his cereal.