I don't really know where I'm going to go with this story, so bear with me. Other than that, enjoy!

Roxy looked worriedly over at the girl walking beside her, not liking the hurt expression she saw there. After getting dressed out of pyjamas, Rose decided to check up on Kanaya, as the Alternians had a sleepover too, and whatever John and Jane had might've gotten there too. Kanaya hadn't answered the phone, and Rose insisted on going over, although Roxy could tell that she wasn't in the type of mood where she should be left alone to do this sort of thing, so she came along too.

"I just love the way the wind tousles your hair in just the right way, Roxy." John and Jane insisted on coming with them, and Roxy was trying to ignore the compliments being blindly thrown at her.

"I agree, John. Also, the way the sunlight falls on it at just the right angle to make her look simply angelic. It's perfect. She's perfect. Roxy, you're just so perfect that I simply can't understand why anyone would ever want to hurt you."

"Maybe they're jealous of her beauty, like the queen in Snow White. Except Roxy is far more beautiful than any fictional character, because, unlike us, the people who created Snow White never got to meet Roxy."

"I bet that if they can see us now they'd wish that they could've seen Roxy when they were alive, so they could at least try and represent her pure radiance." Roxy drowned out the compliments as they neared where the Alternian sleepover took place.

"Here it is." Rose walked up to the door and rung the doorbell, tapping her foot impatiently as she waited, all bad signs as far as Roxy was concerned. It was a good thing she'd come with her, because Rose really looked like she was ready to hit something or someone.

The door opened revealing Feferi, still in her pyjamas. Sollux was a little behind her, looking out at the four.

") (i guys! Water you ) (ere for?" Feferi grinned at her own fish pun.

"Well, John and Jane have been acting weird, and I was worried about Kanaya, so I rug her up but she didn't answer, and I just really had to come over and check if everything was okay. Where is she anyway?" Rose now looked more like she was about to cry than she was about to throw a punch, and all Roxy wanted to do was hug her close.

"I bet she's just asleep. Come on in, ) (ave a seat while I go check." Feferi moved out of the doorway and went upstairs, letting the four come in, where Sollux and Eridan were having pancakes.

"I hope we're not disturbing you at all. I'm just a little worried, that's all." Rose looked down at her feet and Roxy rubbed comforting circles into her back. Sollux gazed over to the stairs, not seeming to have heard them, Eridan glaring at his back like he was trying to figure something out. Neither one of them replied, and the kitchen fell into silence, the only sound being from Feferi opening the door upstairs and saying something that they couldn't quite hear. Aradia walked into the room just as Feferi came back down the stairs.

"Um, I think I know why Kanaya didn't return your call." She glanced back up the stairs.

"Why?" Rose took a step forwards and Roxy went with her.

"U) (, I think it would just be easier if you went and looked for yourself." Feferi quickly moved from the stairwell to the breakfast table as Rose rushed up the stairs, Roxy running after her with her little entourage of two following them as well. Rose flung open the door and all four of them looked in, just to find the weirdest situation ever.

"Kanaya?" The troll in question was sat in a corner, tearstains on her face as she glared at where Karkat and Terezi were making out. Vriska was sitting in another corner with the same look as Kanaya on her face as she ignored Tavros, who was showering her with compliments similar to the ones John and Jane were spouting the whole way there. Gamzee sat looking upset next to them, gazing at Tavros like he was the most precious thing in the universe. Nepeta and Equius were sat in the middle of the floor on top of some sleeping bags, looking extremely confused.

"Kanaya? Are you okay?" Rose went over to the jade blood, who only just seemed to have noticed her.

"Not Now Rose, I'm Busy." Kanaya glared back at the couple.

"No you're not. What's wrong?" Kanaya looked at Rose, seemingly deciding to open up to her.

"This Morning I Realised That I Love Karkat Dearly. I Couldn't Envision My Life Without Him In It Somewhere, But When He Woke Up, He Decided That He Loves Terezi! And What's Worse, Terezi Loves Him Back, Obviously! I Can't Believe It! I Just Can't Live Without Him! I Hate Terezi For Stealing My Love Away, I Really Do! Rose, What Should I Do? You're The Therapist, You Should Know!" Rose looked shocked at this, with good reason.

"But Kanaya, I thought you loved me!" Rose's voice wavered with her words, but Kanaya just seemed insulted.

"Love You? Rose I Could Never Love Anyone But Karkat! Look At Him! He's The Most Perfect Person To Ever Live! How Can You Not See This? I Could Never Love You Rose, Not Since I Have Seen This Utter Perfection." Kanaya spat the words out at Rose and Roxy could tell it was like a slap in the face.

"Kanaya, what are you saying? I thought-I thought-" Rose cut herself off as she burst into tears, Roxy turning her away from Kanaya and patting her back.

"Please Go Cry Somewhere Else If You're Not Going To Be Useful And Help Me With My Current Situation. Your Blubbering Is Annoying At Best." Rose cried louder, and Roxy lead her out of the room and took her into the bathroom to clean her up, telling John and Jane to wait outside for them.

Dave looked up at the ceiling, ignoring the TV he and Dirk had been watching ever since the Lalondes and their admirers left.

"I wonder if Jake and Jade are up yet?" He thought aloud.

"I dunno, maybe. Jake says he usually wakes up early, but then again you never know, the sleepover might've really taken it out of him." Dirk looked up as well, the TV well and truly ignored.

"So should we go check on them then?" Dave asked the question, not wanting to dodge around it like they usually did with stuff like this.

"Sure." They both got up from the couch and ascended the stairs, making sure they held onto the banisters to make sure they didn't slip. They'd been warned about the stairs bro, and they didn't want to chance a fall. When they reached the top, coming out of the danger zone without even slipping once, they opened the bedroom door, and what they were presented with horrified them.

"Uh, guys?" Dave asked, but both of them ignored him, for one big reason that nobody could ignore.

Jake and Jade were making out.