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(Third person)

A second chance?

"I can give you a second chance. In exchange, you must do something for me," the voice spoke.

Anything. A chance to save Remnant. A chance to save her friends. What do you need from me?

"Simple. I need you to succeed. To bring ensure that light prevails. As an observer, my ability to interfere with your world is... limited. While I can do things impossible to someone living in your world, I am also unable to do many things that anyone living in your world can. Any interaction with the physical world beyond the creation of some sound or light is beyond me.

Even the ability to communicate with someone from your world is limited. If I send you back, there will be no third chance and no one else will get a second one. I can send one person back and that is the extent of my ability to interfere."

I can do that. I accept.

"Then go."

The whiteness turned to black, but it felt as if it was simply because her eyes were close. She felt a horrible headache, was extremely tired to the point where she could barely stand, and had no Aura.

Opening her eyes, she looks around. I'm... in the middle of Vale.

Taking out her scroll, she checks the date. Sure enough, it was 11 years earlier than the last time she'd checked. Sleep was the thing that interested her most. When she once more checked her scroll in order to see the time, she finds that it's 4AM. Well, at least she had a plausible reason as for why she was so tired. Using her scroll to find the nearest motel, she walks to it and pays for a room, not really paying attention to the price. It was a terrible motel and she had tons of money from her jobs, she could afford it.

The motel had an automated check-in system, which made it all the less painful because she didn't need to explain anything to anyone. She walks into the room she just payed for and plops onto the bed, having forgotten entirely the luxury of being able to sleep without your weapon and shoes at the ready.

The moment she hits the bed, she falls asleep.

She wakes up unusually slowly, though given that she had unusually exerted her body and used a ridiculous amount of her Argent abilities, it was surprising she woke up after just one night at all. Well really, one night and one day, waking up in the afternoon and still feeling somewhat tired.

If I payed for a day that means that I should probably get going. Switching her cloak to white purely on instinct, she walks out of the motel, still tired and with a godawful headache but having recovered her Aura to an extent.

Coffee. Coffee would be really nice. She set out in pursuit of coffee, not really bothering to think of why she would instantly jump to coffee when the last time she'd had it was probably a year or two ago. No wait, she'd had some just a day ago, the time before that was a year ago. She'd kinda forgotten as a side effect of the headache.

She walks into a coffee shop and buys some coffee, not bothering with her favorite because she couldn't even remember what it was at the moment and just grabbing whatever had the most caffeine in it.

Gah, bitter. Still, it made her feel better almost immediately and she continued to drink it. With her raging headache subsided, she thinks what to do next. Well first, I'm really hungry for some reason, even though I ate a considerable amount fairly recently... that was a day ago, wasn't it. Deciding that she was in fact hungry and did in fact have the money to pay for food, she orders a large sandwich, hoping not to be interrupted by armed forces this time.

Just as she's about to finish her sandwich, a group of police walks in. Not again. She then realizes that she was not in fact wanted in this time and the police were just here for coffee. Still, any law enforcement made her uncomfortable out of habit and she finished quickly and left maybe a little too hurriedly. Attracting some attention from the officers. Shit. My identification is all... wrong. If I still have it, that is. It would make me 15 for example. And I don't think I should use the name 'Ruby Rose' since there's already one of those running around.

Thankfully, they mistook is for her not feeling well. "Are you alright miss?" one asks.

"I'm fine," she answers in the least harsh tone she can. The policeman looks at her skeptically and then shrugs, returning to his friends. Ruby breathes a silent sigh of relief and walks away. Now what?

She could continue to be a Huntress and just make sure to be there a bit before the Vytal Festival. She could go hunt Cinder, Adam, and Salem. Or she could get in contact with Ozpin or Uncle Qrow. Or any combination of those 3.

It depends on how long till the Vytal Festival. She takes out the scroll and finds that it is currently 2 months away from the festival. Okay... I was hoping for more time. 2 months to stop plans set in motion for god knows how long might require a considerable amount of brute force. If I had longer, I'd just let Chaos Theory do all the work. Mess up one thing and boom, everything collapses.

She sighs. Uncle Qrow, then Ozpin, then hunting Cinder and Adam, the Grimm Queen can wait. She's been around for thousands of years no doubt, a few more can't be too much of an issue. Of course, hunting to make sure I don't run out of money.

Looking around she sees an all-to-familiar dark skinned, red eyed, green haired girl next to her buddy Mercury Black. God did she want to kill them on the spot.

She watches them carefully and sees Emerald bump into someone, taking some money out of their pocket in the process.

Ruby uses her Semblance to dash past her, snatch the money out of her hand, and return it to the person who'd been robbed, leaving Emerald staring at her hand as a rose petal settled in it before fading away into red mist.

"Heya, thief," Ruby says, turning towards the thief.

Then Mercury started laughing hysterically, struggling to say, "She actually took money directly out of your hands."

Ruby looked at the two. I guess I should have expected that kind of reaction from him.

Perhaps she should just knock the two out and send them to prison. She could take the two in a fight no problem... though maybe not without collateral damage.

"Now if you two surrender, I might be gentle while I drag you to the police," Ruby says, raising her hand to block an attack from Mercury, despite being unable to see it thanks to Emerald's Semblance. Her prediction was met with the feeling of a knee-kick to the hand. The Huntress grins.

"Yeah, I thought not," she says. Emerald's Semblance applies to specific areas, not constructing an entire new thing for them to see or hear, so she could still see the expression of shock on Emerald's face as the projection of Mercury vanishes and is replaced by a few of him standing next to her. Don't trust sight. Don't trust hearing. Trust only sensing their Aura's and touch.

She looks around and sees everybody dispersing. It would be nice to minimize collateral damage, but at least their won't be civilian casualties. From what she knew about Emerald's Semblance, making her see something was much easier than making her not see something and making her not see this many people would be ridiculous.

Ruby closes her eyes and allows her Aura sense to take over. No more people around her, good.

Her scythe unfolds in her hand.

"You two are coming with me, even if I need to fight you for it," Ruby says, dashing towards where sensed Emerald. While Mercury was extremely strong in a fight, Emerald relied extremely heavily on her Semblance and people not knowing how it worked. Since Ruby already did, getting rid of Emerald would be relatively easy.

On top of that, she'd gotten used to how she fought, so she didn't really need to see the attacked to block a good portion of them. Emerald was more dangerous in that regard because while Aura sensing could show you bodies, it couldn't show you weapons so while Mercury who attacked with his kicks and punches was easy enough, Emerald who would shoot and use bladed weapons which shot on chains was more difficult.

Besides, she was more than a match for Mercury without Emerald's Semblance backing him up—as she had found right before ending his life—so if she could get rid of Emerald, she was good.

And her Semblance assisted punch scythe blow sending Emerald flying into a wall, causing her Aura to falter. She attacked her several more times, and as her Aura shattered, her instincts told her to block behind her. She spins round and crosses her arms to block a kick from Mercury who launches himself upwards off her arms and lands behind her, grabbing Emerald and taking off. Just as she's about to follow, she hears police.

Dang it, they got away. Not so naive as to believe the police would help her because it didn't look particularly good on her side, she puts away her scythe and bolts before the police arrive.

Now then, back to telling Uncle Qrow and Ozpin. Maybe Ozpin first because he was closer. Getting Patch would take a while and who knows if Uncle Qrow is even there. With that thought, she heads to Beacon, suddenly wishing she had a black cloak because she remembered Qrow telling her she looked a lot like Summer in the white cloak, which would be an annoying problem.

Arriving there via a combination of bus and running—thanks to a combination of her Semblance, her Maiden powers which gave her a lot of Aura, naturally good stamina and running abilities, and 15 years of intensive training, 11 of which were truly intense, she was able to run very fast for a very long time—she shortly reached Beacon. The gates were locked as she remembered they usually were. All students' scrolls were keys and they opened from the inside, it was a symbolic block saying 'people that aren't students aren't supposed to be here,' but it didn't really stop them. The scroll of anyone registered as a Hunter was actually a key. Which meant that she didn't technically need to jump over, but she wasn't sure what feeding it a diploma with a graduation date in the future would do, but there was a good chance it would get rejected or alert some security.

So she jumped over the 3 meter tall fence with trivial ease, attracting a few glances from the few students not in any classes at the moment, however they decided she was just some hyperactive Huntress or in a big hurry. This was further confirmed when she took off at a sprint the moment she landed.

She somehow remembered the way to get to Ozpin's office despite said way having been destroyed for 11 years. And so, less than a minute later, she was standing and breathing slightly heavier than normal in front of Ozpin's office.

She knocks on the door. "Ozpin. I've got something you might be interested in hearing," she says, not that she expected him to recognize her voice, it may not have changed too much, but it did change.

Glynda opens the door and her mouth drops. She probably thinks I'm Summer or something.

A few seconds later, a still dumbfounded Glynda ushers her into the room behind the office and gestures to a chair before going to fetch Ozpin.

When he arrives, Ruby is somewhat relieved by his existent skill in hiding his surprise.

"Hello... Summer?" he asks.

"No," she answers.

"Then who? You look just like her," Glynda asks.

Ruby sighs. "Ruby Rose... from the future," she answers.

"And you expect me to believe that?" Glynda asks after a moment.

"I was hoping you would," she says with a pleading look.

Well, here goes.

"Well, since you obviously don't believe me, care to explain how there are two Fall Maidens?" Ruby asks, her eyes lighting up with the flames of the Fall Maiden and a ball of fire appearing in her hand.

Now that provoked a serious reaction from Ozpin.

"How exactly did you become the- a Fall Maiden?" he asks.

"You mean in the future I come from?"

"Yes, I mean the future you come from."

"You know the woman who stole half of the current Fall Maiden's powers? The one sleeping in the basement of this very school, what was her name, Amber? Well anyway, near the finals of the Vytal Festival tournament, she kills Amber and gets the rest of her powers. 7 years after that—4 years ago for me—, I kill her and end up being the last person she thinks about. That or I just happened to be the one chosen randomly," she answers.

"And how did you kill a Maiden?" Glynda asks, skeptically.

"I used the powers that come with my silver eyes, apparently while they don't work on normal humans or Faunus, they work just fine on Maidens," Ruby answers.

"The one who stole half the powers name is Cinder Fall. It will be helpful to remember that when she pretends to be a student from Haven along with Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black. I don't know the name their last teammate used, though I know her real name is Neopolitan. I don't actually know what Cinder or Mercury's Semblance's are, but I know that both Neo's and Emerald's have to do with illusions. Neo's appears to manipulate light in some way while Emerald's allows her to make people see or hear what she wants, however using it on even two people is extremely difficult for her.

Emerald and Mercury always work together and fighting against the two of them with one person is an extremely difficult task for all but the most trained Hunters. In fact, I'd suggest 3 because Emerald can affect at most 1 person at a time in a fight, so the whatever two of three agree on is the real thing.

If you fight them enough and know the trick, it's easy enough. I encountered them on my way here, but they got away."

"Of those names, only Neopolitan rings a bell. She's an extremely wanted criminal."

"Yes, however her Semblance allows her to change her appearance and she can use a different name. However, she did not change her appearance much, only hair color, eye color, and clothes," Ruby answers.

"And what is the state of these people in the world you come from?"

"I don't know why you'd care, but they're all dead. Along with the leader of White Fang, though he's only dead for a few minutes at the time I died and got sent back. For that matter, I don't think I knew the name of a single living person," Ruby answers.

"And who is responsible for your death? And for sending you back for that matter?"

"Salem, the Grimm Queen is responsible for my death and the 'person' who sent me back claimed to be the moon. And I was so close to killing the Grimm Queen too," Ruby answers.

"That story seems hardly believable... if not for you having the Fall Maiden powers to back your claims up, along with the silver eyes to back up actually being Ruby Rose, I would find it extremely difficult to believe," Ozpin says.

"Wait you actually believe it?" Glynda asks in surprise.

"She not only knows of the location and state of the Fall Maiden, but is herself a second Fall Maiden," Ozpin points out, then turning to Ruby he asks, "So when did you arrive and what have already done?"

"I arrived last night, or rather, this morning and I slept, had coffee, fought Emerald and Mercury briefly, and came here after they got away," Ruby answers.

"Now that I've told you, I'm gonna go sleep off this headache I have from using my Argent abilities," Ruby says, turning for the door. Instincts tell her to spin around and she catches something Ozpin throws to her.

"What's this?"

"It's a key to one of the teacher rooms for teachers staying here, you can use it," Ozpin says.

"Right... thanks," Ruby answers and syncs her scroll to it.

"That's an interesting scroll," Ozpin says.

"I made some modifications. For example, the last time I charged it was a few months ago, it charges itself off its user's Aura, locked or otherwise," she answers.

"That seems extremely useful," Ozpin says.

"When you spend a few days a month in a city, yes, yes it is," Ruby answers.

"You'll have to tell us more about the state of the world you come from," Glynda says.

"Sure. But I can summarize it in one word. Hell," Ruby says and leaves.

Ozpin takes out his own scroll and begins to use it.

"What are you doing Ozpin?" Glynda asks.

"I'm curious what the gate system thinks of someone who graduated in the future," he says.

After a moment, "Oh, I guess she didn't use it."

"If she's anything like the 15 year old Ruby then she probably just jumped over," Glynda says.

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