Winter's Miraculous Return

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Chapter 1

Missing posters flooded the streets of Paris along with its's lamp posts that held them. Pictures of Leo and Kim were passed around as the hero's did their nightly patrol looking for the couple. The last they saw them was on Valentine's day. Chat leaned over a railing as he stared at the streets of Paris, glaring every so often. Ladybug came up from behind him as she touched his shoulder he turned around just a bit to see her sad smile.

"We will find them Chat, I promise you." she whispered as the cracks of three whips were heard behind them. the duo turned to see the rest of the seasons running up to them.

"Anything?" She asked.

Summer shook her head and looked down. Fall balled up his fists, this was his fault. Chat said "how did this happen?! They couldn't have just disappeared. Kim wouldn't' kidnap Leo we already know that."

Spring looked around as they leaned on the railing. The mon shined so brightly and Chat was right they couldn't have just vanished.

"I-Is there any surveillance at the very top of the Eiffel Tower?" He asked. "Maybe something or someone caught something?"

Chat and the others paused and slapped their heads; mumbling stupid over and over again. Fall felt the giant sweat drop as he smiled just a bit.

"J-just a thought." He laughed nervously.

Chat said. "Let's go!"

The gang nodded as they headed towards the police station to see if maybe Agent Rogers could help them. The citizens' looked to see their hero's going across the roofs awfully quick, some shrugged it off and others felt a small panic. The gang arrived at the station as they dropped down below.

Agent Rogers looked up and raised an eyebrow and said. "Aren't you missing the owl?" Everybody had noticed Winter has been missing thankfully nobody connected the dots...not yet anyways.

Ladybug cleared her thought as she approached him. "Agent Rogers listen, we have a friend, a civilian well wo of them, that recently went missing when he went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Are there any surveillance camera's around there?"

The cop gained a thoughtful expression and said. "Date of disappearance?"

Chat popped up with Fall and they both said. "A few days ago! Maybe three at most."

The cop said "I need a date."

Summer stepped as she leaned on the counter, crossing her arms and placing her chest on top of them as she leaned in a bit.

"February 14th, Valentine's Day, Dear." she purred.

Ladybug and Spring looked down at their chest and sighed simultaneously as Fall and Chat turned to them.

"My Lady?" Chat tentatively asked the one that held his heart.

"Sis?" Fall asked.

Ladybug mumbled. "She's so big."

Spring mumbled. "I'm only a little girl and I am envious."

Chat and Fall blinked as they tried to comfort them. Ladybug only sank further with Spring.

"M-my Lady! I-I think you're perfect!" Chat said as Agent Rogers and Sumer laughed at the group.

"Wait, I think I have something." Agent Rogers said.

He pulled up the video which showed Fall, Kim, and Leo as they dropped on the roof. Words weren't clearly heard as they saw Fall turn around and give a harsh glare to Kim before jumping off, leaving the couple alone. Kim shook Leo awake as he stirred, Leo popped up and smacked his head into Kim's.

"Ouch!" Spring winced as Summer nodded.

The two pulled back and seemed to groan a bit as they looked at each other again. Kim's lips moved as Chat frowned as he saw Leo's lip quiver a bit and then his head snap up surprised. Leo grabbed Kim in disbelief as Kim nodded and grabbed the boy, pulling him in close and closing the gap between their lips and kissing him.

"Oh!" Ladybug said as her face turned a bright red along with Spring and Summer.

"I'll kill him." The boys mumbled as they stared at the screen. They then saw the fire as it surrounded them, Summer perked up. "I've heard of sparks flying when you kiss but not exactly fire!"

The fire swirled around as it engulfed them both and they disappeared with Leo clinging onto Kim as the fire put itself out.

Ladybug said. "...Well that was a thing."

"They just disappeared?! Nothing else?" Chat asked as Agent Rogers skimmed through the camera footage. "Nothing after that you guys. I'm sorry but whatever that was got them both."

Chat said. "Can you reverse the footage and play it slowly?" The cop did and Chat saw what looked like a goblet with a great hall full of people inside the flames for a brief second and he said. "Enhance and print this image."

Agent Rogers did just that as they looked at image and Summer squinted. "Whatever this fame was it was connected to one of them and was most likely meant to only bring one but it brought them both." She stated.

Chat said. "Print this and I'll take that tape I think I have a lead. I'll be working on this alone for now."

"Chat?" Ladybug said.

Agent Rogers tossed him the tape and wished them as Chat left quickly and headed home. Ladybug looked as Chat left and tried to grab him before she sighed sadly, "I-I'll see you in school..."

Summer frowned as she took the kids home, Fall, looked up at his mother. "Mom, Chat loves Ladybug right?"

Summer said. "Yes he does. why do you ask?"

"Why is he-?" Fall was cut off by Spring.

Spring looked down. "It was nothing mother." As she pulled Fall further ahead onto the street away from Summer. Summer sighed as she looked up at the moon. Winter we really need you, she thought sadly.

Somewhere far off of Paris-

Said boy felt his eye twitch as he was shaken awake by some very large hands, "Kim...knock it off." he ground and the hands were removed

"It ain't Kim." a gruff voice said with a small chuckle.

Leo looked up and saw a very tall bearded male wearing animal skins. Doing a back flip with one hand as he screamed and he signed frantically 'where is Kim?!'

The man let out a hearty laugh as Kim came out behind him with crossed arms. His hair was down and wet and he was wearing a black jacket compared to red one he usually wore.

"Hagrid, you scared him." Kim stated as he walked towards Leo with a small smile on his face.

Only to be sucker punched in the face by Leo who signed 'You Ass! I thought that you were missing! Ugh why I love you I'll never know!'

"Augh!" Kim yelled as he jerked his head and held his face. Hagrid grinned and separated the couple, grabbing Leo and sitting him down.

"Forgive me for giving you a scare there, Leo was it? But you've been asleep for a while and naturally I got worried but Kim here watched ya most of the time."

Leo glared at Kim and kicked him in the chest sideways as he sat down.

Kim groaned at the pain. "Hurts so good."

Leo looked at him and sighed and signed 'idiot don't do that to me I thought I was alone.'

It took some time to calm Leo down from kicking Kim in the chest again as Hagrid sat the boys down. He cleared his throat as inspected the boys carefully before lifting up Leo's hair and seeing that mark. He hummed and nodded as Leo pulled back just a bit.

"Ah well boys let me begin with an introduction. My name is Hagrid and in short I'll be looking over you two, especially you Leo." He pointed at the boy.

"Where am I?" Leo asked as he grabbed Kim's arm ready to book it just in case something weird was going on here.

"Ever heard of a place named Hogwarts?" Hagrid asked. Surely Lily would have told the boy...Right?

Leo shook his head as the man sighed and shook his head.

"Of course she wouldn't." he mumbled. "Well in a sense it's like a school. A special school for very special people like you and Kim."

"This isn't a ward is it?" Leo asked as Kim chuckled and rubbed his arm.

"No, it isn't. It's a magic school full of wizards" Kim said and looked away since all he wanted was for him and Leo to return home where they both belonged.

"Magic? Where's Winter?!" Leo nearly yelled and coughed. Hagrid handed him some water.

"Winter come out." Kim said as Hagrid looked around and saw a little body zoom by him and into Leo's chest happily. There was another tiny being that followed Winter and that beings name was Serenity and she was a falcon Kwami.

"What is that?" He whispered as he saw a small white body pull itself away from Leo's embrace.

"Winter! You're okay!" Leo said in relief as he held onto the small Kwami.

"Thanks to Kim." Winter said as he flew to Kim. "He kept me safe, there's lots of owls."

Winter looked over to Hagrid as he pointed at him with his nub and screamed.

"Who?!" Winter his behind Leo who looked behind him and saw Hagrid standing there.

"Where are the others?! Sumer?! Ladybug?!" He asked.

"Calm down, tiny thing." Hagrid explained as he grabbed Winter, who fidgeted. "You are at Hogwarts; I don't know any of your friends."

"Hmm Hogwarts..." Leo said and tapped his chin as he closed his eyes and scrunched up his face. "It sounds familiar."

Hagrid looked at the boy, "how do you know of it before I told you?"

"Ah! My uncles told me!" Leo said and pounded his fist.

"Your uncles?" Hagrid and Kim asked.

"Yes my uncles! Remus and Sirius!" Leo stated.

Hagrid raised an eyebrow at that, and sighed. "Nonetheless you boys have impeccable timing"

"Why?" They asked in perfect harmony.

"Why? You're just in time for the tournament!" Hagrid laughed as he threw his arms up into the air as they boys paled. This is going to be one hell of a ride. "I am going to take you to Headmaster Dumbledore and he will let you know where you will be staying while you are here."

"We aren't going to be staying." Kim said.

"We are going to be going home just as soon as transport can be arranged for us." Leo said. He had a feeling that the Headmaster was going to try something that was going to royally piss him off as well as his parents, brother, and uncles off as well.

Kim and Leo followed Hagrid to the office of the Headmaster and both got a feeling that something was going to happen that was not meant to happen at all.

Leo and Kim didn't care that there was a tournament going on at a school that they were not a part of and all that they wanted was to go back to their home and their friends. They followed Hagrid to the Headmaster's office to see if he would send them back home not knowing that Dumbledore, the headmaster, knew that Leo was the Harry Potter that he had been looking for what seemed like forever but was just such a long time because he wanted to manipulate him into being a scapegoat for the wizarding world and a malleable pawn as well in the headmaster's continuing fight with Lord Voldemort.

"Professor Dumbledore, I have two kids with me named Leo and Kim and they don't know how they got here but they want a way to get back to their home which is Paris, France." Hagrid said as he entered the room with the two boys. Dumbledore looked at the two and when he saw the smaller of the two with jet black hair and emerald green eyes he knew that the Potter boy was in front of him.

"Hagrid, I am glad that you found Harry Potter. We will send the other boy home but keep young Harry here with us and then send him to live with his Aunt, Uncle, and cousin at the end of the year." Dumbledore said with a glint in his eyes.

"My name is no longer Harry Potter but Leo Agreste, the younger son, through adoption, of fashion designer Gabriel Agreste as well as one of the top male models for Agreste Fashion. I will have no part of whatever ridiculous scheme you have in your head and will be going home with my boyfriend Kim." Leo said as he sent a wave of familial magic to his mother Lily so that she would know where he was and could rescue him and Kim.

In the Agreste Mansion, Paris, France

Lily Agreste was watching her oldest boy sleep when she felt her youngest son's magic wash over her with a familiar magic that she hadn't felt since she was a young witch just learning to control her magic. She shook Adrien awake and motioned him to follow her silently so that they could get Gabriel Agreste, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Marinette Dupain-Cheng a.k.a Ladybug, Rosalie Ivory a.k.a. Summer, Angel Ivory a.k.a. Spring, and Damon Ivory a.k.a. Fall together at the mansion and they could tell that she had some great news to tell them.

"Leo just sent a pulse of familial magic, granted he had another mixed in with it that I hadn't felt since I was a young witch-in-training, and I know where Kim and him are. Sirius and Remus should know just the place that I am talking about since we graduated from the place in the same year." Lily said and that caused Sirius's and Remus's eyes to widen in shock. "Oh and your group is gaining a new member when the two return since Kim kept his ability to transform into Dark Cupid."

"Someone transported my cub and his future mate to Hogwarts? He is in Dumbledore's clutches at the moment and we need to get him away from there before Dumbledore pushes some buttons Leo's that shouldn't be pushed, like the name that he was born with since he hasn't gone by that since before James died." Remus said.

"Kim isn't going to be much better since he has figured out Leo's past as well and is very protective of him just like all of us here are, maybe even more so than we are." Sirius said.

"We will all go to London, England and then Lily, Remus, and Sirius can go to Hogwarts and retrieve our missing members and bring them safely back to us." Gabriel said. "It isn't going to hurt for the kids to miss a few days of school since this is a family emergency and you are all family to us."

"I am glad that we are going to have Winter back with us as well as a new member known as Dark Cupid." Rosalie said.

"I want him home so much. I feel like I am not myself without my brother and partner." Adrien said.

"I have really missed mothering Leo and now I also want to mother Kim since he is family and now a member of our superhero group." Marinette said.

"It will be good to have all four seasons reunited again. Angel said.

"And it will be good to have another member in the group, especially one who is very protective of Le as Leo or Winter." Damon said.

Everyone headed to their homes, or in the case of Lily, Gabriel, and Adrien then it was their rooms, to pack for the trip that was planned to bring back the ones that were missing no more.

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