Chapter 3

Miraculous Wielder Characters for now and the Miraculous Items to be claimed

Marinette Dupain-Cheng – Ladybug (Tikki – Female, Earrings), Adrien Agreste – Chat Noir (Plagg – Male, Ring), Leo Agreste – Winter Owl (Winter – Male, Snowflake Brooch), Rosalie Ivory – Summer Liger (Summer – Female, Cats Eye Egyptian Emerald Brooch), Angel Ivory – Spring Rabbit (Spring – Female, Budding Rose with Pearl Brooch), Damon Ivory – Fall Bear (Fall – Male, Red-Orange Leaf Brooch), Kim Chiến Lȇ – Dark Cupid (Serenity – Female, Heart Pin with Arrow through it and Wings on it), Alix Kubdel – Time Breaker (Hercules – Male, Pocket Watch), Gabriel Agreste – Papillon (Mila – Female, Brooch-Pin), Lily Agreste – Peacock (Plume – Male, Hairpin), Severus Snape – Aquarius Bat (Aquarius – Female, Pin), Minerva McGonagall – Volpina (Tod – Male, Necklace), Filius Flitwick – Tortue Vert (Wayzz – Male, Bracelet), Artemis Holly – Virgo Raven (Virgo – Female, Hairclip), Patrick Bristol – Gemini Toad (Gemini – Male, Bracer), Madeline Cristopher – Libra Otter (Libra – Female, Choker), Lila Rossi – Queen Bee (Abeja – Female, Hair Comb), Nathanael Victor – Pisces Fish (Pisces – Female, Clip), Juleka Couffaine – Cancer Crab (Cancer – Female, Anklet), Rose Lavillant – Leo Lioness (Leo – Male, Wristwatch), Mylène Haprele – Scorpio Scorpion (Scorpio – Female, Leglet), Ivan Bruel – Sagittarius Griffin (Sagittarius – Male, Sash Clip), Nino Lahiffe – Capricorn Goat (Capricorn – Male, Headband), Alya Césaire – Tiger (Tigress – Female, Dangling Earrings), Sirius Black – Aries Ram (Aries – Male, Armlet), and Remus Lupin – Taurus Bull (Taurus – Male, Buckle)

Rat (Ratte – Female, Locket), Ox (Buey – Male, Mirror Pin), Jackalope (Lapin – Female, Barrettes), Dragon (Drachen – Male, Dog Collar), Snake (Shé – Female, Hair Sticks), Horse (Capall – Male, Belt Clip), Sheep (Caoraich – Female, Belt Ring), Monkey (Fwci – Female, Brooch-Compact), Rooster (Gallus – Male, Hairpin-Clips), Dog (Hond – Male, Tie Clip), Boar (Gligan – Female, Sweatband), Basilisk (Hisser – Male, Wristband), Swan (Odette – Female, Watch), and Wi-Fi (Pegaz – Male, Mini-Cellphone Button Pin)


Marinette/Adrien, Leo/Kim, Rosalie/Severus, Gabriel/Lily, Sirius/Remus, Filius/Minerva, Alix/Patrick, Madeline/Artemis, Lila/Nathanael, Juleka/Rose, Mylène/Ivan, Alya/Nino

Types of Talk

"Blah" normal talking

Blah private thoughts

'Blah' Animagus to Animagus talking

Lily, Leo, and Kim watched as everyone, including themselves and the newly arrived magicals, turned into the animal that their Kwamis represented, and that animal was to become their Animagus form. The first to transform was Adrien. The group watched as he went from a teenage boy to a small black kitten with bright green eyes in a flash of green and black light.

Adrien, surprisingly, didn't panic and instead walked right up to Lily and twined between her legs so that she would know that he wanted to be picked up. Lily did so as soon as she understood what her oldest son wanted from her. There were a few minutes of quiet before the next transformation happened and that was Leo's transformation. Again, the group watched as Leo went from a teenage boy to a small white owlet with emerald green eyes in a flash of white light.

Leo, as soon as he got the hang of his wings, flew over to land on his father's shoulder for the time being since it would be a while before Gabriel Agreste transformed. Gabriel reached up and stroked the chest feathers of his youngest son as he turned his attention to Marinette since he had a feeling that she would change next since it seems that whatever wacky spell was causing them to change into the animal that each of their Kwamis represented was going by how long each person had their Miraculous Item.

Marinette was waiting impatiently for her transformation because she loved ladybugs a lot and she was looking forward to being able to actually become one. Marinette was surrounded by a flash of bright pink light and when it cleared in Marinette's spot was a small ladybug that flew to the black kitten and landed on its head.

Rosalie knew that she would be next and was curious about why they were turning into the animals that their Kwamis represented. It wasn't long before Rosalie was surrounded by a flash of light orange light and when it cleared up there stood Liger cub who wound around the feet of Severus, who she had begun to develop feelings for, before she sat down at his side. Angel and Damon thought that their mother looked adorable in her animal form and knew that they would both be the next ones to transform.

Angel was surrounded by a flash of pale pink light while Damon was surrounded by a flash of brown light. When both colored lights cleared, there was a small pink bunny snuggled next to a small brown bear cub. The bear cub picked the bunny up by the neck and headed toward the liger cub. Kim and Alix were impatient to become their Kwami's animals as well.

Kim was soon surrounded by a flash of red and black light and after it faded there was an eaglet where there was a teenage boy before. Alix was soon surrounded by a flash of mahogany light and after it faded there was a cheetah cub where there was a teenage girl before. The eaglet hopped onto the cheetah cub's head and settled down since the two children had grown up like siblings.

Gabriel was watching everything that was happening when he was surrounded by a flash of orchid light and when it cleared there was a caterpillar where a grown man once was.

Lily knew what to expect and so she wasn't surprised when she was surrounded by a flash of turquoise light and when it faded she had become a peachick and after she had gotten used to her new form she walked over to where the kitten, owlet, and caterpillar were so that their family would be complete.

Minerva knew that her Animagus form was going to change and so was surrounded by a flash of orange light and when it cleared there was a small fox kit in place of where the grown woman was.

Filius couldn't wait to see what his Animagus form was going to be and wasn't all that surprised when he was surrounded by a flash of lime green light and when it cleared there was a small turtle hatchling where the man had stood before.

Severus was surrounded by a flash of dark brown light and when the light cleared away there was a small dark brown bat pup where a grown man had stood.

Artemis was surrounded by a flash of silver light and when the light cleared there was a small silvery black raven chick where a teenage girl had been.

Patrick was surrounded by a flash of copper light and when it cleared there was a small coppery brown tadpole in place of a teenage boy.

Madeline was surrounded by a flash of gold light and when the light cleared away there was a small golden brown otter whelp where a teenage girl had been.

'Alright, everyone, listen to me. I know that this is new and exciting but you have to understand that this form is not going to last for a long time just a week or so.' Lily said.

'We understand, Aunt Lily, and we will be very careful about everything.' Artemis said.

'It will be a little bit hard but we will do whatever is necessary to take all precautions possible.' Alix said.

'That's right, everyone. Severus, Flitwick, Lily, and myself know just how this works because we had another Animagus form as well so we have been through this before.' Minerva said.

'Okay, Auntie Minnie.' Leo said as he flapped around the room to get used to his new wings. The others were getting used to their new forms as well but were glad that they would only be in baby form for a week and then they would have their adult forms.

'I like that we have another form to go into when we want a little bit of peace after a fight.' Marinette said.

'It will take a little bit of time but you will all get the hang of your new forms and I wouldn't be surprised if everyone wound up with another form that is unrelated to their animal for their Wielder forms. Minerva, Fillius, Lily, and I have kept our Animagus form and you will each get an Animagus form as well.' Severus said.

'Uncle Fillius, do you know what our other animal form will be? The one that will be our Animagus form?' Madeline asked.

'I like that things seem to be working out for everyone and that we will all be able to get our happiness like we are meant to have.' Patrick said.

'I do not know what is going on but I intend to see if I can figure out what is going on.' Fillius said.

'This is going to be really neat since we are going to have two animal forms instead of just one.' Kim said.

'I think it is interesting that those of us born without magic are actually going to get magic as well.' Adrien said.

'Now I understand just what Lily and Leo were talking about when it comes to magic playing all sorts of tricks on people just so that it can heal itself.' Gabriel said.

'Magic will do whatever is necessary to heal itself and I know what it feels like since that was my brother and I before we were adopted by mom.' Angel said.

'Just as we do whatever is necessary to defend ourselves magic does the same thing since magic is everywhere and is neither light or dark.' Damon said.

'That is very true and you guys are very smart for being so young but I am glad that I am your mother and nothing will ever change that for me.' Rosalie said. They were like that for another couple of hours before they were returned to their normal forms. After that they headed back to their appropriate homes and knew that morning would be coming all too soon for them.

Adrien and Leo got back to their room to find that more of the Miraculous Items were glowing. The items that were glowing were the Bee Hair Comb, the Fish Clip, the Cancer Anklet, the Leo Wristwatch, the Scorpio Leglet, the Sagittarius Sash Clip, the Capricorn Headband, the Tiger Dangling Earrings, the Aries Armlet, and the Taurus Buckle. That made ten more Miraculous Wielders to be found. Adrien put five of the items into his bookbag while Leo put the other five into his bookbag and then they got into their beds and settled down for the night. They had no idea that they would be giving two of the ten Miraculous Items away at breakfast to their uncles Sirius and Remus. In the morning, the brothers headed downstairs to the dining room, where the rest of their family was, and were shocked when their bookbags started to glow.

Adrien entered the room first and walked to the left side of the table where his seat was at and his bag glowed even brighter when he reached his Uncle Sirius. Adrien soon got to his seat and took out the glowing Miraculous Item, which was the Aries Armlet and passed it down to where Sirius was seated. Sirius accepted the box and opened it with a bright light appearing. When the light cleared, there was another Kwami among the group.

"Hi, there. My name is Aries. I am the Kwami of the Aries Armlet and will be helping my new Chosen to become the new Aries Ram." Aries said and then flew around his new Chosen. "I like the looks of him already since I am also a prank-loving mischief maker."

"We are going to get along great then since I am a former Marauder by the name of Padfoot, although I think I will need a second name if my suspicions are correct about gaining another Animagus form." Sirius said.

As Aries and Sirius got to know each other, Leo entered the room and made his way to his seat that was on the right side of the table. It was as Leo was passing by his Uncle Remus that his bag glowed brighter. When he sat down and before he began eating, he pulled out the glowing box which turned out to be the Taurus Buckle, which he quickly passed to Remus. Remus took the box and opened it to reveal a bright light. As soon as the light cleared there was yet another Kwami with their group.

"My name is Taurus and I am happy to meet you. I am the Kwami of the Taurus Buckle and shall endeavor to get my new Chosen to become the new Taurus Bull." Taurus said before he flew around his new Chosen and settled on his shoulder. "I like this one since he is studious like I am."

"Finally, someone else that I can talk to and not sound like a total nerd. I get the feeling that Sirius is going to give me another nickname to go along with Moony since I will also be gaining another Animagus form." Remus said.

"You guys are not going to be the only new ones to be found today. There are going to be eight more Miraculous Wielders to become activated." Winter said.

"And they are all going to be in Adrien and Leo's school but that is all we know." Plagg said.

The group finished eating and the ones that had school headed off to school while the adults helped the new adult Miraculous Wielders learn to harness their powers.

At School with The Gang

Adrien, Leo, Madeline, Artemis, and Patrick met up with Marinette, Alix, and Kim. The five herded the other three to a private corner of the courtyard since they had arrived early to the school so that they could talk things over with their friends and fellow Miraculous Wielders before the ones that were possible Wielders arrived.

"You guys aren't going to believe what we have to tell you." Adrien said after giving Marinette a kiss.

'It seems that things are about to get really quirky around here now since eight more students are going to be missing classes.' Leo signed while in Kim's arms.

"The thing that Leo said is that we, as Miraculous Wielders, are gaining new members." Madeline said.

"The new Wielders will have to be taught about their new abilities before they are allowed to transform." Artemis said.

"Especially since we don't want another incident like when Chat Noir got his Item for the first time." Patrick said.

"That is so neat." Alix said.

"I know that Miss Ivory will be very understanding." Kim said.

"A strange feeling is in the air that Alya and Nino are going to be among the chosen ones." Marinette said. The group was headed for their first period classrooms when Adrien's and Leo's bags started to glow again. Adrien pulled out the box with the Bee Hair Comb and Leo pulled out the box with the Pisces Clip and just as Lila Rossi and Nathanael Victor passed by them the boxes glowed brighter.

"Hey, Lila and Nathanael, my brother and I have something for you." Adrien said to get the attention of the two that caused the reaction from the Miraculous Items.

"Are those boxes with Miraculous Items in them? I thought that I would never be worthy of one because of how horrible I was to Ladybug." Lila said as she came over to the group with Nathanael following behind her, curious as to why something in the box his best friend Leo was hold was calling out to him.

"I thought that as an Akumatized Victim that I would never be eligible for an Item." Nathanael said.

"Kim and I were Akumatized as well but somehow instead of disappearing our powers from being Akumatized Victims turned into powers that a Miraculous Wielder has and we gained Kwamis from it and are glad to help the other Miraculous Wielders fight Hawk Moth to protect everyone." Alix said.

"All I have to say to you two is welcome to the team." Kim said.

Adrien handed Lila her box and she opened it to a bright light that when it cleared there was a bee Kwami and a hair comb with a bee design on it. Lila put the comb in her hair and decided to change her hairstyle to something more suitable to a nice-looking hair comb that she had been given.

"My name is Abeja and I am the Kwami of the Bee Hair Comb. My Chosen are always called either King or Queen Bee. I never thought that I would ever find another Chosen after losing my last one but I am happy to meet you." Abeja said to Lila.

"I am pleased to meet you as well, Abeja. I hope that we can work well together since I am not sure how I will be taken by Ladybug, Chat Noir, Winter Owl, Summer Liger, Spring Rabbit, and Fall Bear after the way I treated them when I was Akumatized." Lila said and giggled when Abeja snuggled up her sleeve.

Nathanael took the box from Leo and opened it to a bright light. The light cleared away to reveal a fish-themed Kwami who looked at Nathanael and her head in approval. Nathanael put the clip on his shirt sleeve before really looking over the Kwami.

"My name is Pisces and I am the Kwami of the Pisces Clip. My Chosen ones are always known as Pisces Fish. I have a great feeling that this partnership will work out for us both. I know that you were one of Hawk Moth's victims but you still have a very pure heart." Pisces said.

"Thank you, Pisces. I also feel like we will work out as partners. My name is Nathanael and I am ready to help protect everyone from evil no matter what." Nathanael said. Pisces settled into Nathanael's pocket and the group headed to their first period.

As they headed to the classroom the group came across Juleka Couffaine and Rose Lavillant, who caused a box in each of the brother's bags to light up. The boys pulled the boxes out and gave them to the girls with instructions that they were to come with them at lunch time since that was when they would open the boxes and they would need to be in a better place for an explanation. The girls agreed and joined the group on their way to their first morning class. Mylène Haprele and Ivan Bruel joined the group along with Nino Lahiffe and Alya Césaire. The four caused reactions from the remaining four boxes and were given the boxes and given the same instructions as Juleka and Rose. The group reached the classroom and three of the group headed to the front of the room to be introduced to the class. Miss Ivory entered the room and saw that more of the Miraculous Items had made an appearance.

"Class, as you can see we have three new students joining us from today until graduation. Their names are Madeline Cristopher, Artemis Holly, and Patrick Bristol. Madeline, you will sit with Marinette and Alya. Artemis, you will sit with Leo and Nathanael. Patrick, you will sit with Adrien and Nino." Miss Ivory said.

The time between first period and lunch break went by quickly. Leo and Adrien led their group of friends to the limo and they all headed to the Agreste Mansion for lunch, since that was their usual day for lunch at the Agreste home. When everyone was sitting at the table, the Kwamis came out so that they could help their friends get used to being out and about after such a long time.

"My name is Tikki and I am the Kwami of the Ladybug Earrings. My partner this time is Marinette Dupain-Cheng, who is the intended of Adrien Agreste." The Ladybug Kwami said.

"My name is Plagg and I am the Kwami of the Cat Ring. My partner this time is Adrien Agreste, who is the intended of Marinette Dupain-Cheng." The Cat Kwami said.

"My name is Winter and I am the Kwami of the Winter Brooch. My partner this time is Leo Agreste formerly known as Harry Potter, who is the intended of Kim Chiến Lȇ." The Owl Kwami said.

"My name is Serenity and I am the Kwami of the Pierced Winged Heart Pin. My partner is Kim Chiến Lȇ, who is the intended of Leo Agreste formerly Harry Potter." The Eagle Kwami said.

"My name is Hercules and I am the Kwami of the Cheetah Pocket Watch. My partner is Alix Kubdel, who is the intended of Patrick Bristol formerly Neville Longbottom." The Cheetah Kwami said.

"My name is Gemini and I am the Kwami of the Gemini Bracer. My partner this time is Patrick Bristol formerly Neville Longbottom, who is the intended of Alix Kubdel." The Toad Kwami said.

"My name is Libra and I am the Kwami of the Libra Choker. My partner this time is Madeline Cristopher formerly Hermione Granger, who is the intended for Artemis Holly formerly Luna Lovegood." The Otter Kwami said.

"My name is Virgo and I am the Kwami of the Virgo Hairclip. My partner this time is Artemis Holly formerly Luna Lovegood, who is the intended of Madeline Cristopher formerly Hermione Granger." The Raven Kwami said.

"My name is Abeja and I am the Kwami of the Bee Hair Comb. My partner this time is Lila Rossi, who is the intended of Nathanael Victor." The Bee Kwami said.

"My name is Pisces and I am the Kwami of the Pisces Clip. My partner this time is Nathanael Victor, who is the intended of Lila Rossi." The Fish Kwami said.

The rest of the Miraculous Wielders arrived just as the Kwamis of the teenage Miraculous Wielders had finished introducing themselves. The rest of the group was made up of Rosalie Ivory, Angel Ivory, Damon Ivory, Gabriel Agreste, Lily Agreste, Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin. Their Kwamis came out and were going to introduce themselves as soon as their partners made themselves comfortable at the table.

"My name is Spring and I am the Kwami of the Spring Brooch. My current partner is Angel Ivory, whose intended will be joining our ranks in a little bit." The Rabbit Kwami said.

"My name is Fall and I am the Kwami of the Fall Brooch. My current partner is Damon Ivory, whose intended will be joining our ranks in a little bit like Angel's." The Bear Kwami said.

"My name is Summer and I am the Kwami of the Summer Brooch. My current partner is Rosalie Ivory, who is the intended of Severus Snape." The Liger Kwami said.

"My name is Aquarius and I am the Kwami of the Aquarius Pin. My current Partner is Severus Snape, who is the intended of Rosalie Ivory." The Bat Kwami said.

"My name is Tod and I am the Kwami of the Fox Necklace. My current Partner is Minerva McGonagall, who is the intended of Filius Flitwick." The Fox Kwami said.

"My name is Wayzz and I am the Kwami of the Turtle Bracelet. My current Partner is Filius Flitwick, who is the intended of Minerva McGonagall." The Turtle Kwami said.

"My name is Aries and I am the Kwami of the Aries Armlet. My current Partner is Sirius Black, who is the intended of Remus Lupin." The Ram Kwami said.

"My name is Taurus and I am the Kwami of the Taurus Buckle. My current Partner is Remus Lupin, who is the intended of Sirius Black." The Bull Kwami said.

"My name is Plume and I am the Kwami of the Peacock Hairpin. My current Partner is Lily Agreste, the wife of Gabriel Agreste." The Peacock Kwami said.

"My name is Mila and I am the Kwami of the Butterfly Brooch-Pin. My current Partner is Gabriel Agreste, the husband of Lily Agreste." The Butterfly Kwami said.

Juleka, Rose, Mylène, Ivan, Nino, and Alya all pulled out the boxes that they had been given at school that morning and each was a little bit nervous about opening their box but they knew that they wanted to know what was going on.

Juleka decided that she would go first when it came to opening her box. She opened the lid and a bright flash of light appeared before a crab-themed Kwami appeared.

"My name is Cancer and I am the Kami of the Cancer Anklet. You, Juleka Couffaine, are my new Chosen and you will be known when you transform as Cancer Crab. You are the intended of Rose Lavillant." The Crab Kwami said.

Rose Lavillant opened her box next and after a flash of bright light there appeared a lion-themed Kwami who flew around his new Chosen to get a good look at her.

"My name is Leo and I am the Kwami of the Leo Wristwatch. You, Rose Lavillant, are my new Chosen and you will be known as Leo Lioness when you transform. You are the intended of Juleka Couffaine." The Lion Kwami said.

Mylène Haprele opened her box next and when the bright light faded away there was a scorpion-themed Kwami that floated around her before landing on the table in front of the girl.

"My name is Scorpio and I am the Kwami of the Scorpio Leglet. Mylène Haprele, as my new Chosen when you are transformed you will be called Scorpio Scorpion. You are the intended of Ivan Bruel." The Scorpion Kwami said.

Ivan Bruel opened his box next and after the bright light faded he was faced with a griffin-themed Kwami who moved around him before nodding its head.

"I am called Sagittarius and I am the Kwami of the Sagittarius Sash Clip. All of my Chosen ones are called Sagittarius Griffin. I know that we will make good partners, Ivan." Sagittarius said before he headed over to where Scorpio was.

"I feel the same way that you do, Sagittarius." Ivan said.

Nino opened up his box and when the light disappeared there was a goat-themed Kwami in front of him. The Kwami flew around his new Chosen and then nodded his head in acceptance.

"My name is Capricorn and I am the Kwami of the Capricorn Headband. The ones who become my Chosen are all called Capricorn Goat. You will make a good Capricorn Goat because all of them have had something to do with the music industry." Capricorn said.

"I hope that I do you proud as the new Capricorn Goat, Capricorn. And I have always loved music and that is why I want to be a professional DJ." Nino said.

Alya opened her box up and when the light cleared up there was a tiger-themed Kwami in front of her. The Kwami flew to Alya and gave her a kiss on the cheek before she flew back to be in front of her new Chosen.

"My name is Tigress and I am the Kwami of the Tiger Dangling Earrings. You are now my Chosen and will be going by the name of Tiger when in your Wielder form." Tigress said.

"Thank you for choosing me for this job and I hope that I can do you proud. It is an honor to serve beside my best friend who is known as Ladybug." Alya said.

The adults watched the children and they all had a feeling that more adults would be coming into the circle as well as two more younger children that would Angel and Damon would have their mates close at hand. The group of adults didn't know how right they were in the fact that it was going to be Marinette's parents, Alya's mom, Nino's dad, Lila's dad, Nathanael's mom, Ivan's mom, Mylène's dad, Juleka's dad, Rose's mom, a couple by the name of Santiago with two children, a young boy named Miguel Santiago, and his twin who was a young girl named Maya Santiago would round off the group of Miraculous Wielders for the time being.

"Alright, so, now that there are more Miraculous Wielders, I think it is time to show you a good place to train the powers that you will be gaining as well as your bodies so that you will be fit enough to properly wield the powers but that will be after school." Gabriel said.

"I am glad that my boys and my future daughter-in-law and son-in-law are going to have more help with their crimefighting, alongside us that is, and will always be protected." Lily said. "Oh, tomorrow Minerva, Fillius, Sirius, Remus, Severus, and myself have been asked to go to your school for a job interview and Gabriel has been asked to come with us since they are thinking of having a school uniform implemented and asking Gabriel to design it with the help of his assistants named Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Leo Agreste so that he can get a male and female perspective on what should be on the uniforms and if there should be an uniform for spring time, an uniform for autumn time, and an uniform for winter time as well as a possible uniform for summer time because they are thinking of adopting a year-long school year like Asian schools do, of course they will allow the children that have other obligations to take time off as the need it just as long as they keep up their schoolwork and homework."

"It seems that there are more and more students who are showing signs of having some form of magic." Filius said.

"They somehow figured out that we have magic and they want us to train the students that weren't sent to Beauxbaton in the ways of magic." Minerva said.

"Don't be surprised if you find yourself gaining ambient magic as well. It seems that with these powers comes not only magical powers that require a core but also ambient powers that you gain more abilities with that come from the element you gain." Severus said.

"All of that is chosen through your Kwamis. Oh, and just so that the adults know I have been teaching Angel and Damon how to control and use their magical cores." Rosalie said.

"We are actually thinking of opening a school for Ambient Magic beside the school that Leo, Adrien, Marinette, Kim, and the others go to for their non-magical education because there are a lot of teenagers showing magical abilities but not in the way that Academic Magicals do before they head off to one of the Magic schools that are in the world." Sirius said.

"Somehow I never thought that I would be working as a teacher in three different schools. One a school for Magic that is of the Academic variety. One a non-magical school where I will be teaching Literature and Creative Writing. And the last is going to be a school for Magic that is of the Ambient variety that Sirius, myself, Severus, Rosalie, Fillius, Minerva, Lily, and Gabriel are going to start together." Remus said.

The adults left the dining room to do what needed to do while the teens worked on the homework that they had gotten that morning so that they wouldn't have all that much to do when they got out of school in the afternoon.

"You know, it is going to be interesting to be able to do so many things. I thought that I could only do the things I did since I was a super heroine." Marinette said. "I now know that it is because I have two forms of magic. One form is the normal Magic that is really well known and the other is Ambient Magic of the Thread variety."

"Everything seems to have an odd connection with different things. I feel a connection to stones for some reason while I have noticed that Leo feels a connection to the weather that is why when he has very sharp emotional fluctuations the weather suddenly changes." Adrien said while Leo nodded his agreement.

"That would definitely explain why I am so good at Herbology since it seems that my Ambient magic is connected to plants." Patrick said.

"It would also explain why glass objects around me react so differently than to others since it would seem that I am an Ambient Glass Mage." Artemis said.

"And it would explain why I am so drawn to different metals since it seems that I am going to a Smith Ambient Mage." Madeline said.

"I feel so close to wood since it seems that I am to be a Carpentry Ambient Mage." Alix said.

"The Ambient magic that I feel connected to is Cookery Ambient magic and I think that is cool." Kim said.

The group of friends never realized just how much things would be changing for them with the fact that they had two types of magic as well as everything that they could do non-magically. The group returned to school and finished up the day and returned to the Agreste mansion so that they could see their new training area.

While the teens and Rosalie were at school Gabriel, Lily, Remus, Sirius, Severus, Minerva, and Fillius were cleaning the new/old Training Room since it would be getting a lot of use once more.

"I can't believe how dang messy this room got since the last time that it was used to train the new Miraculous Wielders." Gabriel said as he took a break to catch his breath.

"Well, when you take into account the fact that this room has not been used since you and your first wife were originally Miraculous Wielders when you became teens along with some of the other grown-ups of the new Wielders you can expect all of this dust and dirt to happen." Remus said.

"There is a lot of things that will need to be added to this room to help truly train the next generation of Wielders." Lily said.

"We will also have to create a spot so that they can also practice their ambient magic in their Wielder forms as well." Sirius said.

"There also needs to be a space that they can practice different styles of self-defense and martial arts as well so that they can really protect themselves in civilian form and Wielder form." Severus said.

"And a spot to practice gymnastics and dancing to improve flexibility so that they can dodge attacks and increase their muscles smoothly as well." Minerva said.

"A spot will have to be designated for them to practice their normal magic in their Wielder form as well." Fillius said. Gabriel made a list for the things that were going to be needed in order to complete the Training Room so that everything would be covered in the room for the younger generation as well as help the older generation to keep in, or return to, shape. The group worked until it was time for the teens and others to return to the mansion.

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