Story Notes:

This is an idea for a short story or a one-shot that I got at work and typed up while restricted to light-duty, because someone couldn't keep their shoulder in place. I haven't yet decided what I want to make it so I'll just keep it as in progress.

But at any rate I hope you enjoy the story!-

Nick's Day Off

It was the middle of the morning in the city of Zootopia. At the Wilde's family house all was peaceful and all was quiet; until a loud scream pierced through the air.

"D-daddy!-" A young bunny screamed as she tried to escape the claws of the mammal attacking her. "Daddy it tickles!" she screamed in between her uncontrollable laughter as she shook around in Nick's arms.

"Of course it tickles, I'm the tickle monster!" he said in a funny monster voice as he ran his nails gently under the bottoms of his daughters long feet causing her to squeal. After a minute or so more of the playful torture he finally let her go and she rolled over next to him sprawled on her back to catch her breath. Nick being a proud father took a moment to appreciate the smile still present on his daughter's face under her small pink nose, and the little giggles that would bubble up to the surface as she calmed down.

A minute passed and she sat up having caught her breath enough to talk again, "Can I have a juice box?" she asked in her sweet and innocent voice, a voice that easily melted her dad into letting her get anything she wanted. At his agreement she excitedly followed him as they made their way to the fridge where he got a carrot juice box for her and a bottle of water for himself.

She struggled momentarily to get the straw into the pouch, but her determination won in the end; and she enjoyed her orange drink happily. Nick smiled warmly as he watched her fighting with the pouch; he would offer his help but ever since she was able to open them she refused to have his help, she was determined and strong just like Judy.

The two of them had a lot in common; they were undeniably mother and daughter. Emily took after her mom far more than she took after Nick; the biggest thing being she was born a happy and healthy rabbit. Her fur was the nearly the same shade of grey as her mom's coat, but in the right light a slight red tint showed through. The areas leading up to her paws and feet however went from that grey fur to a dark brown just like her dad's paw, and the tips of her ears instead of being black were the same brown shade. But the thing that Nick was most happy about; Emily had the same amethyst eyes that Judy did, and just liked Judy emily used those eyes to see the good in everything around her.

Nick mindlessly turned his silver wedding ring around his middle finger as he thought about how lucky he was to have such a beautiful little girl just like his wife. Together him and Judy had got their rings; they were the same style of ring, but had different colors. The ring Nick wore was a silver ring and just like how Judy's fur shined to him so did his ring, while at the same time the color Judy had chosen was a gold with red tint because she would space out as the light always looked golden red through the fox's fur.

"Hey daddy?" she asked as she colored stirring him from his thoughts.

The red fox looked over to see she was now looking at him. "What is it Emily?" he said with a warm smile as he waited for her to continue.

"What's a a...abom...abomation?" she asked confused to even repeat the word that she had remembered hearing.

Coughing on his water at the question in didn't take long for the dad to know what the actual word was; abomination. He and Judy had heard many mammals expressing their disgust for their daughter; many of them never got to know just how kind and sweet Emily really was. She didn't look different from any other bunny, and there was no way to tell that her parents were a fox and a rabbit just by looking at her; and yet some mammals didn't seem content with letting them live their own life. "Where did you hear that word from?" he asked concerned about who was calling his daughter such a horrible thing.

Taking a sip of her juice box she looked up to answer. "From grandpa." she said both innocently and blissfully unaware of what that really meant in context and because who had said it.

"Oh Emily well sometimes grandpa says some not nice things. You don't need to listen to any mammal who says mean things." He walked over to her putting a paw softly on the side of her face stroking it with the pad of his thumb. "No matter what me and mom will always love you Emily." He told her just as lovingly as any dad would care for his princess. As he sat down criss cross next to her she crawled into his lap to enjoy the rest of her juice box, and in return Nick put his muzzle on her head in between her ears as they relaxed.

But that last visit was a rough one for them; Stu had been angry enough already with having a granddaughter like Emily, he too didn't care what she was really like. Bonnie however was nothing but loving and kind to the little bunny. Though for Emily's sake it was best if she didn't have anymore visits with her old-fashioned grandpa.

"Daddy can we go see mommy?" Emily asked hopefully in her cheery voice as she turned her head up to her dad who took his muzzle off her to listen.

Nick smiled down at his young kit; no matter what she was always so happy and beaming with light, and it always put a smile on his face. "Of course Sweetheart, but first, we have to eat breakfast; mommy wouldn't be happy if I didn't make you eat a healthy breakfast." his smile ever present with his loving fatherly voice. Over a decade ago he was still hustlin the streets with Finnick and never thought or cared for the idea of having a family of his own, but after becoming an officer of the law and partnering up with a certain go-getting bunny things started to change. When they time came and the two mammals become something more than police partners and from their they started a family of their own, he could hardly ever remember why he never wanted this happy and love filled life.

"Can you make pancakes daddy?" she asked as she turned around entirely to face him and was practically begging him with the glistening in her eyes and the wide smile under her nose.

"Mmmmm, I don't know." Nick said slowly as he put a paw to his chin 'thinking' about the decision. He couldn't help the playful grin pulling at the corners of his lips as he saw the expression on Emily's face change drastically.

"Please!" she begged as her long ears drooped behind her and she clasped her small paws in front of her chest. Her eyes seemed to grow in size as they pleaded for the soft and fluffy breakfast.

"Okay we can have pancakes." Nick said smiling widely knowing how happy it made Emily, and sure enough she began cheering her thanks excitedly in his lap; he would do anything to see her smile like that everyday.

After her brief celebration Emily wrapped her small arms around him as best as she could. "I love you daddy." she said with the side of her cheek pressed lightly against his chest.

Nick's heart melted at his kit's affection and love for her dad, for him. "And I love you too, Sweetheart." he responded back in his soft and gentle voice; a tender voice only meant for her and Judy. He kissed the top of her head between her ears and put a padded paw to the back of her head gently hugging her as well.

The soft hearted fox lifted the bunny off his lap setting her down next to him, and as requested he got up and started making them their 'healthy' breakfast. First her mixed up the batter all together and then as he poured the mixture into a bottle, with a steady paw he began pouring the batter onto the pan in the several fox and rabbit shapes. The skill he had developed was not only good for fundraiser bake offs the department held, but was also something that both his wife and daughter always loved.

While the pancakes cooked Nick put in bits of carrots for hers and blueberries for his, and in about a minute more there was two plates of fluffy fox and rabbit pancakes sitting at the table for the two of them to enjoy. "Okay Emily, go wash your paws." he said as he got them both a glass of milk to help wash down the sweet breakfast, along with the syrup and butter.

Emily got one rabbit and one fox pancake and was happily enjoying the first mentioned, while Nick had made two foxes and a bunny for himself; the idea to make fun cakes for him was strange at first, but after seeing how much it would make Emily laugh he didn't mind making them for him as well. During the middle of a drink of milk the sound of laughter caught his attention, "this one looks like uncle Finnick." She had announced to her dad as she giggled at the thought of her uncle being a pancake.

Nick looked over to at her pancake to see that the Fox's ears were far bigger than then should have been, "You're right it does look like uncle Finnick." He agreed with her happily before she began taking a bite out of the shape; he couldn't help but enjoy the smile on her face as she enjoyed her meal, and like that they enjoyed the rest of the of the pancakes before heading out for the day.

Down the streets in City Central a red fox could be seen walking down the sidewalk through foot traffic, and sitting on his shoulders was a little bunny with the happiest smile most of the mammals had ever seen. While Emily had no problems walking on her own for a while she loved getting to ride on Nick's shoulders from time to time, and with today being such a beautiful day she couldn't have enjoyed it more. Over the past year or so many mammals that lived in the city started to come around to the idea of inter-species relationships and families, and because of that life was easier for those who were in such relationships and families.

Before going to visit Judy, Nick had one surprise stop planned for Emily; and it was just around the corner. Because Emily was simply enjoying the way the city looked from being so high up she didn't notice the little hints all around her, but with a smile on his face Nick noticed the mammals from a variety of species walking around with Pawpsicles of different flavors. "Pawpsicles, get your Pawpsicles."

The small bunny sitting on her dad's shoulders gasped in excitement, "Uncle Finnick!" she cheered hearing his call. While they weren't blood related Finnick had been a part of her life since she was born, and was practically Nick's brother with everything the have been through. Nick was glad that Emily was enjoying her little surprise.

"Emily, how's my favorite bunny doing?" he asked as he tended to the small line of customers waiting for their turn to order. "You two can come on inside." he said so that way they could talk all the easier, and with the invitation they Over the years Finnick had turned an old van into an ice cream truck, and despite once being a hustling fox, his one man business was the most popular ice cream truck in the city.

His truck had special modifications to it that made his business that much more of a success; on top of the van was a tray that slowly sloped to a drain in the center and that tray was big enough for four Jumbo Pops from Jerry's ice cream parlor, and at the side by the opening where he sold the Pawpsicles was a shoot that was able to send the frozen goods up to taller mammals or down to smaller ones. So not only was he supplied by one of the best ice cream makers in the city, he also had the ability to sell to any and all mammals they came by; while he only sold Pawpsicles and shaved ice cups, he sold five flavours but they were all extremely popular with the customers.

"I'm a fox too uncle Finnick." she said back, "Today daddy made a fox pancake that had big ears like you." she said giggling about the mentioned breakfast. As her and Nick were laughing lightly at Finnick's expense, Nick lifted the little one off his shoulders and set her down on the floor so she could walk around the truck.

"You made pancakes and didn't invite me?" Finnick joked around with Nick as he gave his 'niece' a watermelon flavored Pawpsicle. "So how are you doing?" Finnick asked over his shoulder to Nick as he went back to tending to the customers outside.

"As good as I can be." Nick said while taking a Pawpsicle from the freezer putting the money for his and Emily's in its place, knowing Finnick wouldn't take it from him. "We're on our way to go see Judy."

Finnick looked over at Nick as he and Emily were enjoying their desserts. "I thought so. And you better not have left the money in the freezer again." He barked causing Nick to smirk at him and shrug.

After talking for a few minutes and finishing up the delicious frozen treat Nick and Emily said their goodbyes and headed on their way, and once again Emily was happily seated up high on her dad's shoulders as they walked. It wasn't long before they were close enough to where they would meet Judy and soon they arrived.

Nick set down the eager bunny onto the grass where she enjoyed the few steps as the cool grass tickled the bottoms of her soft feet before sitting down in under the shade of a tree with Judy. "Hi mommy. I really missed you." she said quietly to her mom, Emily's voice was delicate like the wind blowing through over her ears.

Seeing the way Emily was talking with her mom now brought tears to Nick's emerald eyes. She really was his little princess, and just as beautiful as her mom.

"Today daddy made pancakes for breakfast and one of them looked like uncle Finnick." She began telling Judy everything that happened today, from being tickled silly by Nick to getting a Pawpsicle from uncle Finnick on the way here. Emily was so happy as she told her mom everything, "I drew a picture for you." she said before pulling out a folded piece of paper.

Nick didn't notice her bring the drawing with them, but the gesture was almost enough to break his heart. The drawing was done in crayon and depicted their small family together smiling; on the left was the Judy, on the right was Nick, and in the middle holding a paw from both of her parents was Emily. Seeing the picture was the breaking point for Nick as tears streamed down his furry cheeks. "Daddy says you are watching over us from Heaven, but I still miss you mommy." Emily began to sniffle, and at that point Nick sat down wrapping his daughter up in his arms; he wasn't going to let her be alone right now.

"It's okay Emily, it's okay for you to cry Sweetheart." he said as he held her against his chest softly, the pad of his thumb stroking the back of her head. As tears dripped down from his chin and mixed in with Emily's tears on his shirt he told her, "Daddy misses mommy too. Don't ever forget, mommy loves you so much." he reminded her as he pulled out the beaten up carrot pen pressing the play button.

The message was something Judy recorded herself after an arrest took a turn for the worse. "Emily, my beautiful princess, no matter what happened to you don't lose your smile; mommy loves your pretty smile, and mommy loves you so much. Be sure to share your smile with everyone, and to always be nice to the people you meet. You will always be my little angel, I love you so much Emily." Judy's voice played back and in the faint background sirens were heard in the recording. "Nick, my handsome husband, stay strong for our baby, she is going to need you. Please don't blame yourself, don't make things harder on yourself. I will always love you, my gentle fox." her voice carried off as the sirens began blaring closer.

While the message always brought the two mammals comfort in their times of need, it also brought a river of tears. The family they loved, the family the missed, the family they lost; it all hurt so very much.

In front of the sobbing pair was a small stone plaque in memory of the brave officer, it read;
Here lies Judy Wilde,
who went above and beyond the call of duty.
She was a loving and dedicated wife, mother, and officer.
Thank you for your service Officer Wilde,
You will be greatly missed.

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