Chapter 4:

Chapter Notes:

You thought I was done making you feel things, that's cute. Oh no, I'm not done; not by a long shot!



Nick was there as he always was. He was where there was nothing. There wasn't a sound to be heard, and the was no quiet to be consumed by. There was no light that blinded him and no darkness that swallowed him whole. He couldn't feel any pain to tell him that he still is, only an empty void to from when he was.

The past few years playing over and over in his mind was the only thing he had left. And it brought with him nothing but the sense that he was reliving every detail on an endless loop. All of if burning into his mind so vivid as if it all just happened over and over again.

But then that darkness that was now his everything, became light; and it was blinding. But this light was so bright it could only be one thing, and he had been longing for this light for a very long time. And in the light he saw Judy's beautiful face smiling at him, just before throwing himself into her arms he froze as he saw they were in a white room of a hospital. "W-why are you here?" he asked shakily as he pulled away from the welcoming arms of his wife; he was filled with confusion and beginning to feel afraid.

"Because I didn't want my husband to be alone." she said in a questioning tone worried about said fox, "Sweetheart are you okay? Nick what's wrong?" she asked concerned as his breath began to get unsteady and ragged.

Nick looked Judy over, she was the same bunny he had married, the same one he had loved ever since, but she was the exact same as the day he lost her. The more he thought about it the more the pain built up, until finally he broke. Without hesitation he wrapped his arms around her small figure pulling her close to him and sobbing profusely. Judy being the loving and supportive wife she was, in turn wrapped her arms around her distraught fox cooing gently and rubbing soft circles around his larger back. She heard him trying to speak but couldn't understand him, "Nick take a breath it's okay." she said not knowing what happened to make him this way.

"I-I'm sorry…I'm sorry…I'm sorry…" he repeated like a broken record. His sobs breaking up the words every now and then as his breath gave out to tears. Judy didn't know what he was sorry for but it didn't matter to her because she would never blame him for anything, and just as she was about to ask he answered. "...I couldn't protect I-I couldn't save Em-Emily." sobbed the broken soul.

"Nick what are you talking about?" it hurt Judy to see Nick this way, she had never seen him in so much pain before, "I'm okay Nick, Emily is okay." she whispered to him softly a few times, his tears beginning to affect her as well. "Whatever it was Nick it was only a dream."

Hearing that Nick froze. His uneven breathing stopped all together, the tears no longer spilling out, and his eyes open wide. "Wha-what do you mean it was just a dream?" he asked now more confused than he was to begin with as he pulled out of his wife's embrace. When his phone went off sitting on the bedside table he took it and looked at the message. He didn't even look at the name of the sender before opening it and didn't bother reading the message that they sent; what he only cared about was the date it was received.

"Nick what's wrong?" Judy asked concerned when she saw the unreadable look on his face. "Who is it, what did they say?" she tried questioning him when he didn't answer after a moment or so.

While Nick heard Judy's voice, he didn't 'hear' her; instead he was lost in his own mind. He kept trying to scroll down on the messages from whoever because the date wasn't right, no matter how much he thumbed the screen up it would just show the same date over and over; 8/24/2016, the day after the incident years ago. "What day is it?!" he snapped to Judy afraid he was losing his mind.

"Uh-Wednesday. You were unconscious all day yesterday." she explained as if it was obvious information.

"After the fire?" he asked making no headway in his confusion.

Now Judy was beginning to worry, Nick was never this disorientated with anything and it was worrying that he was this way after what had happened. "There was no fire Nick, it was a dream. What do you remember about the chase?" she asked him to start explaining what happened.

And then it was Nick's turn to look at her like she was the oblivious one. "W-why would you ask something like that?" he asked solemnly, "You already know what happened to you." Nick breathed quietly and defeatedly as he hung his head down with sorrow building inside himself.

"Nick nothing happened to me. I got a sprained ankle but it healed up already, see?" she said lovingly putting a paw on his arm and showing her ankle to him. "The last thing that happened was you getting hit in the head by the suspect when you tried to restrain him, everything after that was just a nightmare Nick." she spoke softly trying to be as supportive of him in his fragile state as she could be.

Tear began building in Nick's eyes as his lips quivered more and more. "It was all a dream?" He asked with a watery and sad voice. With Judy's nod and a paw on his, the quiver in his lip began to pull up at the corners. "It was just a was all just a dream." He mumbled with happy tears dripping down his fur as Judy pulled herself into his arms rocking him back and forth.

In their embrace the door to the officer's hospital room opened and in stepped Bonnie holding Emily's paw. "Daddy!" The little princess cheered happily when saw her dad finally awake after almost three days. She hopped over to his bedside climbing up eagerly and clumsily finally sitting on her knees In front of him. "Look what I made." his daughter said happily as she gave him a folded up piece of construction paper. Nick took the yellow paper in his paw opening it to see the hand drawn get well card. It was just like the picture she drew in his dream; in fact it was the exact same drawing. The picture was done in crayon and depicted their small family together smiling; on the left was the Judy, on the right was Nick, and in the middle holding a paw from both of her parents was Emily. At the bottom was 'GET WELL SOON DADDY' written in rainbow colors in Emily's adorable kit handwriting.

Nothing could have prepared Nick to wake up in the hospital only to realize that the past few years of his memories was a horrible nightmare. There was nothing that could have prepared him for the joy to see his beautiful family there with him. And there was nothing to prepare the two bunnies from being swept up in his arms as he pulled them in close not ever going to let go of them as he nuzzles and kissed both of them.

After a short amount of time the Dr. came in to check on Nick and asked him how he felt and the next day he released the officer to spend a couple days at home in bed rest.

But unfortunately for the poor fox, things weren't that easy for him. Nick had a hard time trying to adjust to his life as it was before the accident, he hadn't felt this happy in years for him to see his wife's beautiful face and to hold her. But every night his nightmares haunted him with the memory of how he lost his family in his horrific nightmare in the hospital.

With the help of some therapy Nick was able to get used to his peaceful life once again, some things came up like deja vu from time to time as the weeks and months passed him by once more; only this time he had his wife with him and his beautiful princess every step of the way. However Nick had a few things that helped him more than therapy ever could; his loving wife Judy and his lovable daughter Emily.

Each and every night they laid in bed together both of them wrapped up in Nick's arms. Judy at the left held their daughter close to her as Emily nuzzled into her comfy spot in her mother's tender arms, and on the right was Nick who had his bunnies pulled close to him by his ever loving embrace. He was never going to let anything get between him and his family again.

And like that, night after night the happy family drifted off to a peaceful sleep all safely in their loved ones embrace.

The End

Author's Notes:

Well what did you guys think? Feel free to let me know. I couldn't just leave everyone depressed and sad, besides I felt the story was unfinished if I left it just heart breaking and I didn't want to leave it that way. I couldn't really think of a good way to go from the ending in chapter 3 to a happy one, but I hope this is sweet enough for everyone!

So I want to give a big thanks to all the readers who both enjoyed and hated the story. But I want to give an even bigger thanks to those of you who reviewed and gave any and all feedback.

I hope you all enjoyed the story and that we may meet again!