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*For the people who have no idea what's going on* - Basically, This is a sequel to a sequel to a sequel of PMD: Firestorm Origins, which is the base of all of this. If you haven't read the other ones yet, I can't guarantee you'll be able to keep track of what's what. Also, if this message applies to you... Welcome to the world of Team Firestorm! I always enjoy expanding my audience with each publication, and I hope you'll stick around and become a part of my second family!

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: When Fire Falls



"Magnezone, please! You're making a mistake- AGH!" He was shocked again by the Magneton as he was escorted down the narrow corridors of the facility.

*Zzzt! Connor… I appreciate all that you've done for us… That is why I am doing this. Zzzt!* Magnezone said without looking back.

"Doing what?"

*Zzzt! I will do everything in my power to prove your innocence… I do not believe you are the one responsible for this. Zzzt!*

"Then why are you still arresting me?" he demanded.

*Zzzt! There is video evidence of you violating multiple laws set in place and committing a nine-star crime. The penalty for attacking a single officer in the line of duty is more often than not a forty-year sentence at a bare minimum. On top of jailbreaking one of the three ten-star rank criminals that had been apprehended, I do not see this ending well for you or your team. No matter how much it pains me, I must do my duty as an officer of the law until there is evidence that proves your innocence. Zzzt!*

"Please, if you have to arrest me, at least let my team stay together! Give them a fighting chance!"

*Zzzt! The deed is done, Connor… I cannot undo it. Zzzt!*

"What… What do you mean, 'you can't undo it?!' My team is being hunted down by a Bisharp named Mordred and his big group of maniacal pokémon! I've already lost three team members because of him, and now you've just made it easier for him to hunt us down! I promise you, I've been framed! You're the one in charge of this thing, so let me go!"

*Zzzt! There are others above me at the moment, Connor… I apologize, but I must do my assigned duty. Zzzt!*

A hatch opened up in front of them with a glowing field of energy expanding, like a net or protect barrier, and Magnezone uncuffed Connor. *Zzzt! Step forward!*

"This can't be happening…" He moved closer to the door and slowly stepped over the line. As he stepped through, nothing felt any different, but Magnezone closed the door, which was made of glass, apparently, and said, *Zzzt! I'm sorry, Connor… Zzzt!*

The wall in front of him glowed blue before vanishing in front of his eyes. He gasped and looked behind him, but it was solid stone. He stepped forward into the massive chamber full of pokémon with multiple rooms carved into the walls, with padded doors and lofts everywhere. It was kind of like a massive motel in a mountain. He looked around at the pokémon gathering around him, the only light being a large crystal cluster hanging from the ceiling a hundred feet above them. Then he tripped over his own feet, busting his face on the cold, stone-hard ground.

The Machoke closest to him picked him up by his shoulders and chuckled, "So what did you do?"

Don't say Team Firestorm… Or that you're framed. "I released Soulburner from the maximum security ward and got caught."

"Hmph. Why don't any of us little guys have someone to get us out?" The Machoke dropped him, and he saw an Aggron walking through the crowd. They all parted for him without him having to say a word. Connor narrowed his eyes as the Steel-type smirked. "So… What's your name?"

"...Pascal." Connor blurted the first name that came to mind. The one that Cassandra had called that other Swampert. It worked for the time being.

The Aggron chuckled. "Pascal? Ha-ha-ha-ha! That sounds like some kind of food!" As the rest of the pokémon laughed at him, Connor took that opportunity to size him up. An Aggron relies a lot on hand-to-hand combat, as well as their stupidly hard armor. And they were plenty strong without any special moves. Well, so was he… He could shatter boulders without much effort. Then the laughing stopped as soon as the Aggron raised his hand. "Well, guess what, 'Pascal'... I'm in charge here. I. own. you." The metal colossus took a step closer, and Connor clenched his fists. "That's not how this works. From here on out, you leave me alone. If you don't like it, then you'll just have to fight me." Oh, Arceus… That was stupid.

"Hmph. You got guts, punk." The Aggron snarled, and four pokémon surrounded him. He crouched low to the ground and felt the air currents around him to sense what pokémon they were, all without taking his eyes off of the giant in front of him. An Electabuzz, Primeape, Ursaring and a Rhydon, it felt like. He could take them, probably. He had some practice fighting without using any special moves… But four on one?

"Why can't you fight me yourself?"

The Aggron smiled and crossed his arms. "I'll give you the same answer I give every other pokémon that tries to challenge me-"

"You say you're the toughest one in here, but you can't even take me on by yourself?"

The Steel-type growled and nodded once, as if giving an order. The Ursaring and Rhydon grabbed each one of his arms and held him up from behind. He strained against them and tried to kick their legs, but his hind legs weren't exactly built for kicking.

The Aggron smirked and extended his arms out. "Here's why… I've already claimed my spot at the top. I don't waste my time with fresh meat like you."

"Why not? You afraid that you'll lose?" What're you doing?! Just shut up! He scolded himself, but kept a neutral expression.

The Aggron's smug smile vanished. "Not in the slightest. But I've had a dozen other pokémon try to bait me into a fight the same exact way."

"Did you fight them yourself? Or have your little minions do it for you?"

The Aggron's glare unnerved him slightly, but it pointed at him and snarled. "You'd better choose your next words carefully. You're new 'round here, so you'd do well to keep your head down and mind your own business."

"There's only one problem with that." Connor began. "You see…" He used hydro pump to try and catch the Aggron off guard, but only a small trickle of water came out of his mouth. The Aggron chuckled and began closing in. "Yeah; Magnezone's energy field negates all our abilities and special moves." He clenched his fist and hit Connor's gut. "But I don't need special moves to take you down."

Connor chuckled after catching his breath. "That all you got?"

The Aggron arched an eyebrow and punched him again, this time a lot harder, but Connor kept up his act, smiling as he caught his breath again. "I've fought a Machamp hand-to-hand and won. You're gonna need to do better than that."

The Steel colossus snarled in response, and Connor knew that he'd challenge him. "Alright, drop 'em. This punk needs to be put in line."

All of the pokémon spread out and dropped him on the ground, giving them a small circle about fifteen feet across. Connor couldn't help but feel slightly relaxed. That Aggron doesn't hit anywhere near as hard as Atlas or Vulcan. And he even had a straight shot at my stomach. This should be easy, even without Ancient Power or Hydro Pump. And this will give me some time to toughen up without being pummeled by the Mafia.


"You know… I always thought that good and evil were two opposites… Like black and white, or fire and water. Good and evil… There is no grey area, no… point in the middle where it is debatable. But… They have done some horrible things as well. They've murdered over ten pokémon… Banished one pokémon to an entirely different reality… And yet they are considered the 'good guys'. Why is that?" a gentle, female, silvery voice cut through the air like a blade, echoing off of the walls around her and the pokémon sitting across from her. "Because they've done more good than evil?"

"They've saved the world twice. And they only hurt others in self-defense, or if their mission requires it." the other pokémon replied with a hint of annoyance.

The first pokémon looked down at the table and hummed quietly. "That might be true… But that's also gotten me thinking… What if good and evil are more closely related than we thought? After all, what's good and evil is just an illusion… a lie made by those that wish to control others. The law, the one thing that defines what is good… exists solely to prevent chaos. However, chaos is not evil. Chaos is… something more than that. Evil pokémon ignore the laws set in place, whether they benefit society as a whole, or harm society. Outlaws, for example. They use others to benefit themselves or other, less powerful pokemon. Is that wrong?"


"Now, riddle me this… is it evil?"


The first pokémon chuckled slightly and took a deep breath. "Oh, your muddled morals amuse me… If you exploit those with power… Say, steal food or money from them… And give it to those that cannot afford it, or those that are not strong enough to go to a Mystery Dungeon and get it themselves… You're taking care of others, only… at the expense of other, more fortunate pokémon. Robbing the rich to feed the poor, to make it simple. Does that make you an evil pokémon?"

"Yes… I-I mean…"

She smiled gently and placed one hand on the table between them. "Even now, you don't know the differences between good and evil. And that is because the entire concept is one blurred idea."

"What about the Pokémon Mafia? Do you think they are evil?" the second pokémon questioned. An obvious attempt to use her own emotions against her.

The first pokémon took a deep breath and forced an annoyed smile. "I believe that there is a special place in the deepest, darkest, most horrid depths of the Distortion World for those that are cruel to others for the sake of cruelty."

"You didn't answer my question."

"Fine. Always one to get to the point, aren't you, Briar? If you want my answer… No. They are not evil. They are simply pokémon doing what is right in their own eyes, as does every other pokémon. They are a group of outlaws that take in other outlaws and, for a lack of better words, save them from spending years in prison, and just so happen to make profits from it. Their reasons for taking down this team do not concern me."

"I am aware of that. Your reluctance to help tells me plenty about whose side you're on."

"Oh, honey! My, oh my… Even after all these years… You haven't learned, have you? I don't take sides, especially when it comes to Exploration Teams. And besides... I've seen what will happen to that particular team… And it's not pretty."

"That is why I'm here. Dialga has allowed us to come here en mass. All that were in the future of Darkness were permitted to help preserve this timeline."

"What can you hope to do? The future is written in stone. They are all destined to perish… In the most tragic way imaginable."

"Your oracle is incorrect. The future is never certain." the Sceptile replied.

"There are some things that not even Dialga knows. And if you tell me that he knows everything… then you really aren't as smart as you think you are."

"...I agree, some things are obscured, even to him… But-"

"This is one of those things. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you fight… Their legacy will come to a painful end."

"Then at least offer your help. For me. Attempt to make a difference." Briar pleaded.

"Of course I will," The other pokémon huffed. "That team has done more against the Mafia than any other in history. If I didn't already know the future, then I might allow myself to think that they can win."

"Their fate is not written in stone. History is constantly being rewritten."

"Fate and history are two entirely separate things, Briar. History is fluid. You know this. Once this timeline is altered by you, a Temporal Guardian, it creates another branch in the reality of the world for this timeline to reside in. However… Fate… what happens to those that are here… It is not so easy to change. Large-scale events such as resetting the future of darkness? Those will happen no matter what. Even if the human kept his memories… History would still be rewritten. Even if Grovyle remained Primal Dialga's servant alongside Dusknoir… The human would have found a way by himself. Even without his 'almighty aura powers'."


"My point is this!" the other pokémon cut Briar off. "Another large scale event such as Team Firestorm's end? There is no avoiding it. It is coming, whether you are ready or not. So brace yourself."

-Chapter I: Awakening-


When she awoke, she was cold and suffocating. She coughed twice and flew straight upwards, bursting from the thick, fluffy snow that had piled on top of her while she was unconscious. She shuddered and took a moment to calm down and analyze the situation. Connor was… arrested… And then… how did I get here? She took a deep breath and looked around further. There wasn't much here… It was a barren valley with hills of snow, with the occasional dead tree poking through the mounds of snow. The sky was a crystal blue color, not a single cloud in sight. The sun was setting over the mountains to her left, and she scanned the entire snowfield for signs of movement. Where am I? I don't recognize this place… And where are the others?

She floated above the snowbanks and continued scanning the area. This could very well be an illusion or a nightmare… I don't have any memory of how I got here. However… Connor was apprehended after being framed by the Mafia, that much I recall.

She quickly thought of any reasonable explanation as to how Connor was framed so thoroughly. She knew that the mafia had a Zoroark, but its illusions don't work if it enters the energy field… Only identified officers keep their abilities.

Dawn. That was who came to mind first. When she first laid eyes on her, she knew something was different. No pokémon is that eager to help a team that is in this kind of danger, yet alone stay after a pokémon is killed in cold blood. Even if Alice had a reviver seed that time.

But she's done nothing to arouse any suspicion, aside from lashing out at Atlas one time. And that was with probable cause. As much as I loathe to admit… She's done nothing to betray our trust… At least, not openly. But thinking about that right now is not important. I have to find a way back.

She sighed and sunk into the snow until she was waist-deep. It was relaxing to feel at home. The snow was absolutely real… But how did she get here? "Connor was framed for releasing a Chandelure… Then Magnezone took our badges…" She gasped as she looked at the dead 'trees' more closely. If an exploration Team Member was to be stripped of their badges, they will be returned to their places of origin.

Her eyes widened as she hoisted herself out of the snow and drifted closer to the blackened plant life. "No…"

As she floated closer, she recognized the burnt pieces of wood as scaffolding… And support beams. "No, no, no, no, NO! NO!"

A cloud cover drifted across the valley as a light powder snow began falling. "NO! I swore I'd never come here again!" Tears welled up in her eyes and froze on her face. She extended her hand and used psychic to push the snow aside, and after five minutes of moving snow, eight feet beneath the powder, scattered across the ground, was the ruins of her first home. She gasped and covered her mouth as she slowly lowered herself into the crater she made.

She used psychic to lift the remaining debris, hundreds of pieces of charred, blackened wood, and small hills of ash mixed into the permafrost that had set over it. She sobbed and turned to one of the corner beams that was still standing. She brushed the ash off of it to reveal three sets of initials carved into the wood.

IM Iris Meljanac

HM Hazel Meljanac

EM Eric Meljanac

This confirms it… She thought bitterly. I swore I'd never come back… Yet here I am…

"Arceus, no… Why am I here? What have I done to deserve this?" she cried weakly.

Then she felt a cold draft behind her, followed by a tinkling laugh. "Tee-hee-hee-hee… What's this? A visitor?"

"That voice…" she murmured with disbelief, and as she turned around, a wall of sleet and ice washed over her.


"Ow!" she re-appeared over the northern desert and fell face-first into the sand. She shook it off of her and took rapid, shallow breaths in an attempt to calm herself. "No… Connor would never do that! And he was with us! And Rose is…" She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "Alright, Mirage… just count to five… It's all fine… One… two… three…" She opened her eyes and hit the ground in frustration. "Gah! Can we not catch a break?!"

A random Cacnea came up to her after a moment, and she raised her fist. "What are you looking at?"

"Just wondering what's wrong, miss… You seem mad."

"Nothing! Just leave me alone!"


"Go away, Nocturne! You're not here anymore!" she gasped and collapsed onto the sand dune and wept after she realized what she said.
The Cacnea raised its hands and slowly backed away, then burrowed into the ground.

"We're all separated now, after all we went through… Just to be… killed off by some random criminals?" She whimpered to herself.

She heard a faint whispering in the back of her head as the sand began to shift around her. But there is a way to stop them...

She shook her head and said, "No… I won't ask them for help."

But they can help… The king and queen of the sands...

"No! I don't want their help! That's why I left this place!"

But Mirage… This is your home. Your parents-

She grabbed at the sides of her head and screamed, "SHUT UP!"

The voices receded until she was lying on the ground in silence. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she hit the sand repeatedly with her fists, not really doing much damage besides moving it around a little bit. "I LEFT BECAUSE I HATE THEM! THIS IS NOT MY HOME! MY TEAM IS MY HOME! MY FRIENDS! MY FAMILY! I'D RATHER DIE BEFORE I GIVE THAT UP!"

She opened her mouth and bellowed a flamethrower with all of her might, melting the sand into molten. She flew above it, and with a beat of her wings, turned the molten sand into glass. She looked up at the partially cloudy sky and screamed at the top of her lungs. "I was strong for them! I didn't cry! I gave up everything I was to join them! And this is how I'm repaid?! "

Someone is coming! the voice in her head blurt out.

She exhaled through her nose and put her senses on high alert. In the corner of her eye, she saw a slight ripple in the air, like an invisible pokemon. She dove out of the way and felt the wind rush past her as an invisible pokémon narrowly missed tackling her in midair. She looked around frantically for any signs of movement, and the sand beneath her condensed and rose up around another invisible pokémon, dragging it to the ground. Mirage gasped and flew away as fast as she could. She flew with all of her might and used sandstorm to block out the sun and disappear into the desert.


This… Is Luminous Spring. Those that seek awakening, step forth.

He wrapped his sun scarf around his wrist and stepped onto the water. The light that shone on the center of the pond shifted until it was pointed directly on him like a spotlight. Underneath his feet, the water solidified as he took another step. He looked over his shoulder at his team, and Zenith excitedly gestured for him to keep walking. Cosmo simply smiled while Shinobu sat cross-legged on the shore with a neutral expression.

He took a deep breath as the voice spoke again. Riolu… This is Luminous Spring. Do you seek to evolve?


Do you need an item to do so?

"Yes. My sun scarf."

The light shone slightly brighter and narrowed into a spotlight that focused on the item around his neck.

So be it… Seeker of awakening... let us begin.

The scarf glowed with a brilliant blue aura and dissolved into steam. The light focused around him as the steam curled upwards, then snaked back down into his throat. He gasped as he felt the energy inside of him increase and his muscles expanded in a split moment. His tail elongated, and even the bumps on his forearms shifted and grew to a sharp point on the back of his hands. He closed his eyes as the light lifted him from the ground, and when he was set back down, his scarf was wrapped around his neck, and his entire body was brimming with power. He could sense every living thing for a hundred meters with his eyes closed. He clenched his fist, and blue smoke curled upwards as the energy crackled in his open palm.

He stood up shakily and took a step forward, but stumbled and fell into the water.

When awakening is what you seek, you will return.

Cosmo lifted him out of the water with psychic and smiled from ear to ear as she set him gently him on the shore. "It actually worked! I can't believe it!"

Nashoba looked at his paws and chuckled with amazement. "I cannot believe it either… To think that it's finally time." He smiled and took another step forward, this time without wavering in the slightest. He closed his eyes and shut off his primary senses, and his aura vision solidified until he could see the light blue outlines of everything, living and not, and hear the thoughts of his entire team as if they were speaking.

We stand a chance now… Shinobu's voice echoed.

He might be able to beat me... Zenith crossed his arms while appearing to be sizing Nashoba up, and he chuckled warmly. "This is spectacular…" He opened his eyes and his senses returned. "I never imagined this… How powerful I am…"

He started walking away from the light of the springs and began picking up speed. "Let's go. Team Firestorm's fate rests in our hands."

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