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Tentacle world

Kurt was like any other fourteen year old boy, sans maybe his height, or lack thereof. He stood at 4" even, instead of the 4"4-4"7 average. Another thing he noted was that his muscles didn't grow in size like those of the other boys did, they stayed supple and lithe. Another thing he noted with slight annoyance (because most boys don't want to look like a girl lol) was that with the short height, came a slightly curved body, similar to that of an hourglass. The short height, lithe muscles and feminine curves made him look very much like a girl it didn't help that his eyes were a light green with specks of a darker green and more oval in shape giving him a more exotic appearance than most girls in the town near his house where he goes to school. He did what he could to make his parents proud, he did all his chores without being asked he even helped out his mother when she needed it he did his best in school keeping out of trouble but right now Kurt was walking up the street to the grocery store. He looked up and saw a grey sky, clouds rolling in dark waves over the town he lived on the far outskirts of and it looked as if the sky would open up and release a torrent of rain any second now.

Just as Kurt was about to look away, a bolt of lightning speared through the clouds and lit up the dark sky, a deafening sound of thunder not to far behind, making him almost jump in surprise, and then he felt droplets of water begin to fall on his face. He started to sprint down the street, looking for a place to shield him from the rain. He came across a store that had no marking to show the name or if it was open or not, but Kurt decided to give it a try, he opened the door and rushed in, the door slamming shut behind him, and surprising a girl that looked to be in her teens. She had been chanting something in a foreign language that he did not understand, and she seemed to mispronounce something and then all he knew was darkness.

(in a new world)

Waking up Kurt was feeling dizzy and confused as he found himself outdoors in a forest. Thinking he could find his way back home Kurt set off to find a river.

Hiking for hours Kurt seen many trees but none that he recognized as he went on he was thankful that he was looking for a stream because he was getting hot under the blue sun's heat. When he finally found a river Kurt was extremely tiered bending down to get a drink, he didn't know he was being hunted by a creature of the world he found himself on. This creature looking much like a tangled mess of green-blue vines with deep purple vains had been following him since half way through his hike, it was just waiting for a chance to grab Kurt and when he was drinking was it. Quickly it sent a tentacle out and wrapped around one of his ankles. Standing up after drinking his fill he noticed a vine wrapped around his ankle, bending over to remove it his hand was suddenly grabbed by another then his other ankle and hand was grabbed by two more. One for each and all of them was the size of his forearm then more much smaller ones came out. Wiggling themselves under each piece of clothing and tore his clothes off he started to struggle but the vines didn't seem to like this as they squeezed hard. Kurt cringed in pain and stopped moving.

The tentacle monster then whipped him with a smaller tentacle about the size of a pinky and caused Kurt to cry out in pain and a fith tentacle hafe the size of the first tentacles shoved itself down his throat gagging him as more tentacles came out and started playing with his nipples while a tentacle hafe the size of the fith tentacle, shoved itself deep inside his ass. Kurt started feeling strange as new sensations ran through him. He had never had sex before but thanks to sex-ed he knew what it was. He was feeling a strange pressure building in his lower abdomen an it seemed that the tentacles knew what was happening as well, as they picked up speed and a much smaller tentacle came out of the woods positioning itself in front of his own dick. After a few minutes he orgasmed hard for the the first of many orgasms to come colting the tentacle in front of him with his seman it then plunged itself into his cock using his cum as lubricant causing Kurt to scream into the tentacle in his mouth the vibration oh his voice caused the tentacle enough pleasure it started cuming down his throat.

Kurt had no choice but to swallow or drown in cum. (its an aphrodisiac and a cocktail of pheromones) The tentacles just kept thrusting in and pulling out at a fast rate but never coming completely out and Kurt could feel it as the one in his dick was going further and further in, deeper than he thought it should be able to. Kurt couldn't get out even if he wanted to as the tentacles lifted him off the ground putting him in a position that made it easier to fuck. As the tentacles fucked him roughly, Kurt started to feel his body start reacting to the treatment the monster was giving him he was also starting to feel pleasure from being fucked in his own cock and started to feel the familiar pressure building once more but this time it had another cock to get past. Which made it build up pressure until it was able to squirt out. When this happened it caused Kurt's walls to spasm and milk the tentacle inside causing said tentacle in his dick to cum as well filling the small tunnel it had created and pushed further in and filling the space until Kurt felt something rip inside, creating an artificial womb. It then began to grow thicker until Kurt's dick was stretched tight around the tentacle inside his cock turning his dick into a cock sleeve, Kurt was afraid his dick was going to split.

While the tentacles in his ass and cock fucked him like a bitch in heat the tentacles at his nipples had changed to look like some kind of cups with needles in the center they were clear like glass. And attached themselves to his chest and began to suck on them causing his chest muscles to swell with the suction until the needles thrust into his nipples getting another muffled cry of pain and began to pump a white looking liquid (milk) into him by the time they were finished, Kurt had breasts but the tentacles didn't remove themselves from within his now swollen nipples. They stayed in to allow Kurt's body to heal around them. The tentacle in his own cock had started to grow and widen stretching out the tunnel it made fucking him the entire time. Kurt was so stretched out that he could swear he could see the tentacle inside. Kurt was even more tiered now this was his first time doing anything sexual and it didn't help that he was already tiered from his hike. He was beginning to fall asleep while being fucked, Kurt and the tentacle monster cam one more time before he was out but the tentacle didn't send seman but several eggs Kurt only witnessed a few but not all as he finally passed out from the pain and pleasure he was in.

(in a cave somewhere)

Once awake Kurt found himself inside a cave and felt that his stomach was swollen as if there was something in it, exploring with his hand he pressed lightly on it and felt the eggs inside he tried to get them out but no matter what he did they stayed stubbornly inside his stomach and would not move. Moments later the monster that had done this to him was inside the cave towering over him at 7 feet tall and several tentacles waving around, Kurt went to scream but a tentacle shoved itself in his open mouth. Kurt tried to remove it but his hands were grabbed, pulled and held away as the monster looked down on it's incubator and smiled having fun with his body any way it could think of. Kurt was scared he has never had sex before this beast had grabbed him at the river and had it's way with him. But thinking about that stirred up the strange feelings he had felt then.

Filling Kurt's stomach with nutrient filled cum the monster turned him over and shoved a couple of tentacles into his ass and proceeded to pound away at his prostate, when a tentacle hit it for the first time Kurt couldn't help but whimper in pleasure and pain from the harsh thrusting from the creature's two tentacles which didn't slow down. Kurt couldn't take it and passed out again cuming.

(a few days later)

Kurt awoke to his stomach feeling different from the first time, he could feel that the eggs had shifted and were ready to come out he got up in order to break the eggs when they fell but the tentacles grabbed him and wrapped painfully around his cock before the first one could fall and placed him in a natural basin in the back of the cave where it would hold him for the next three hours while he laid it's eggs all twenty seven of them. For the next few months this was Kurt's life and with each egg laying he would start to slowly look forward to the next batch of eggs to be deposited inside the womb he was given on his first day here.

Eventually the monster stopped coming and Kurt started to think he was free so he left the cave in search of new things woundering what kind of world he was on. He came to a field of extremely large flowers he wanted to know what they smelled like but as he drew closer he could hear a low buzzing noise coming from the top when he started away from the flower he stepped on a stick snapping it with ease the next thing Kurt knew he was up in the air being carried away by a humanoid bee. It was taking him back to the hive he smelled like a queen so it figured with this strange squishy queen the hive would grow faster but first something needed to be done about it being squishy so it wasn't harmed during the times it was being inseminated. Kurt didn't know what was going on he thought the wasp looking bee was going to eat him but that changed when instead he was held in some honey like substance. It was thick and very sticky he didn't try fighting the wasp as he didn't want to end up on the menu but he was afraid that is what was happening anyway as he was dunked into the honey like liquid that didn't slide off then it left. He quickly got out of the liquid trying to get what he could off. It was to late as he felt it hardening but not restricting his ability to move he saw a reflection of light from the other side of the room.

Kurt went over to inspect what he hoped was a mirror. When he got over to it he found it was some metal the bees had taken to polishing till it shined and reflected. Looking at his reflection Kurt was stunned as he now resembled a wasp, wings and all but with the breasts and the gaping pussy like cock he looked even more like a girl. Kurt figured they wanted him to lay their eggs. When he turned Kurt looked up seeing where the light was coming from and hoping the wings that had grown on his back was not just for looks concentrating on moving them he was pleasantly surprised when they fluttered he knew it would take time to get use to them and learn how to fly.

He was not staying here though the thought of laying more eggs made him horny. But Kurt didn't want to be forced into it so with that thought he began flapping his wings trying to get off the ground and out of the hive. Kurt had managed to get a few feet up when he heard more buzzing and footsteps with desperation he forced his wings to go faster he was about out when the other bees entered the room looking for the sweet smelling queen they smell but Kurt was gone by the time they were completely inside the room. Stopping outside the hole Kurt looked around to remember the area so he could return some day. Kurt flew off to explore like he wanted to before being taken away by that bee but he did get something out of it. Buzzing with excitement he decided to head east looking for something he could fashion into a crude weapon that he could defend himself with.

Not paying enough attention to what was in front of him he didn't see the low hanging branch until it was to late. Flying head first into the branch was not fun. Laying on the ground dazed by the blow Kurt faild to notice the frog like creatures gathering around him with lectures grins when he turned over to stand the largest frog jumped on him driving it's cock into what it thought was a pussy. Kurt screamed at the intrusion which quickly became sexual moans and groans as the frog groped his (or should I say her) breasts while one of it's friends shoved it's cock into his mouth and down his throat. Setting a fast and brutal pace both frogs fucked Kurt to their heart's content the other frogs weren't idle as they waited for their turn slowly stroking themselves they all cam at the same time covering Kurt in their sticky cum. The two inside him picked up their pace and cam hard and long inside him. Kurt couldn't hold it anymore and had his own orgasms causing his walls to squeeze and milk the frog's dick they switched spots.

And it happened all over again and again until all the frogs were satisfied and Kurt was so full and covered by frog cum it was dripping off and out of him as the frogs carried him to a small clearing where they tied Kurt up to a tree where he would stay until the eggs where ready to be laid. They world bring him food daylily.

( a few weeks later)

Kurt was uncomfortably swallon he felt like he was going to burst if the eggs kept growing but it was not to be as one of the frogs untied him and proceeded to drag him to a little pond. It was green with algae but Kurt could see what looked to be some kind of gelatinous pods just under the surface of the water. Already knowing what was going to happen Kurt got himself ready for a long day of laying eggs. It took hours of pushing for Kurt to get all of the eggs out and when he was done he was extremely tiered and was ready to sleep the frog seemed to forget about him as he laid there Kurt finally succumbed to sleep.

When he woke up it was to the morning sun. Finding himself free of any restraints Kurt took to the air so as not be captured again he went as high as he felt was safe, Kurt figured since the insects and frogs were s big he did not want to run into a bird on this world. He landed in a tree he didn't see anything that looked like a nest so he figured it was safe. Sitting on a branch Kurt began to be think about his new life.

(a few days later)

Kurt found out that his fingernails were now stingers they were quiet deadly to animals around his size and smaller. (it helped he used all ten stingers) But he still needed to catch them. He was getting better by using various traps like snares and pitfalls he also weaved nets to catch young fish (but he didn't know they were young) through out the days he was starting to feel a need for shelter as the one he made was only good for stopping the wind and rain. One day while out exploring more of the forest he noticed a few bee like people just sitting on a branch chewing what he thought was bark or leaves with a larger leaf beside them as he watched them spit on the leaf beside them then stick them together. Kurt realized they were building a hive he then turned for home and flew as fast as he could to get started on his own hive.

(a week later)

Kurt was finished with his own hive it wasn't very big or impressive but it was his hive and he was proud of it. During the past week and a half Kurt started to feel needy it still embarrassed him to no end knowing what his body wanted so he took off in search for some release. Kurt remembered flying near a pond on his way back from his last exploration and headed that way. He thought there would be more frogs there or at the very least some kind of animal would be drinking. Feeling even more embarrassed just trying to find something to fuck him he quickened his pace to get it over with. Arriving at the pond Kurt noticed the water didn't look right in fact once he got close enough he could tell it wasn't water at all. Kurt slowly aproched the gelatinous looking water woundering what it was. Upon reaching the edge he put his foot in, he shuddered at the feeling, it was warm and clung to his foot. Turning around Kurt was going to leave but was grabbed by a slimy tentacle and was pulled back an into the slimy embrace.

The slime monster had been waiting for something to get to curious and now what it thought was a strange bee had placed it's foot right in the slime it waited till the strange bee turned around to make it's move. Quickly sending out a tentacle to grab it's next lay it wrapped around the waist and pulled the female looking bee back to it and to the center. Kurt was both excited and a little scared yes he had come out here looking for something to fuck but he didn't think it was going to be some sort of slime. The slime wasted no time as Kurt was invaded by three different sized tentacles the one in his mouth tasted horrible he was gagging on the taste alone. The one in his cock was as thick as his forearm and even though it was slime it was just as hard as the frogs were and the one in his ass was twice as thick as the one in front pounding into his womb with a vigor none of the other creatures had used. Kurt felt like he was in both heaven and hell as the slime fucked him with no mercy playing with his breasts it kept Kurt wanting more.

The slime fucked Kurt for many, many hours and in different positions at one point taking the tentacle out of his mouth just to give room for the one in his ass to come out of his mouth making Kurt look up into the sky and look like he was impaled (well he was impaled) on a Stalagmite of slime it didn't stay long as it gave a surge and orgasmed hard filling his womb and cover him with it's slimy cum. Kurt was having a hard time staying awake after being fucked for the whole day he started to think his reason on the planet was being the hole it's residents needed. But he was starting to really enjoy the sex. What Kurt didn't realize was that he was slowly starting to crave being fucked and that he was carrying several dozen slime eggs back to his hive.

(several days later)

Kurt was stalking a small deer like creature and he was about to pounce when a slimy substance began to pour out of him and a sharp pain ran through him, having felt this pain before Kurt knew what it meant and realized that slime creature had deposited eggs inside him. Quickly looking for a safe place to lay the eggs he came upon a cave he found a depression in the back. Laying down he prepared for the pain that came with laying eggs what Kurt didn't know was the eggs had hatched inside him (that was the reason for the slime running out of him ) and were ready to come out so he wasn't ready for feeling like he was pissing but when he looked, Kurt saw slime coming out and thought that it might be just how slimes were born. When the slime stopped flowing Kurt stood up and flew away. Looking for something to eat he didn't notice the spider web in front of his path and flew right into it.

The spider wasted no time in coming out to see what was stuck in it's web. Kurt saw the spider which looked like a Centaur from Greek mythology except the lower half was a spider's body not a horse. Kurt shivered in excitement when he saw the size of the creature's cock it was easily 15 inches long and 6 inches wide before a bulbous area near the base of the creature's cock. Kurt licked his lips in anticipation of what's to come. The Cenatour like spider was inching itself closer and closer until with one sudden jerk it was completely sheathed itself deep inside of Kurt's gaping and willing hole and began a steady but quick pace. Kurt could feel it growing inside of him and was loving it. The spider didn't take long when it thrust as hard as it could placing the crown of it's cock inside of Kurt's womb blowing it's load and eggs making sure the knot at the base of it's cock was firmly inside of Kurt .It cam for several minutes and by the time it was done Kurt looked like a seven months pregnant woman.

Once done the spider yanked up and snapped it cock off still inside of Kurt and proceeded to remove him from it's web. Kurt being as full as he could be, couldn't fly with the extra weight of all the cum and eggs inside of him. He started to walk off in a random direction to remove the cock inside his body sitting down on a large stone he firmly grabbed ahold of the protruding cock and tugged at it trying to remove the block from his own cock it took a few minutes but he got it out only to feel the spider's cum running down his legs. After all the cum was out Kurt's stomach was mostly back to normal he still looked several months pregnant but he felt better and lighter. Kurt still didn't feel like he could fly so he was forced to walk but the sun was going down he knew that the creatures got even more horny at night if they caught him out it would mean even more sex willing or not. Kurt found a den not to long before night and as he laid down to sleep Kurt was once more thinking about a weapon.

(three days later)

Kurt was still walking home from the spider fucking when he bent over in pain and fell to his ass when the spider eggs started coming out they weren't large eggs but there were alot of them. There were so many eggs it took longer than he thought it would the pain had stopped half way through and Kurt had orgasmed several times by the end of this ordeal. Kurt didn't feel that he could walk after the pain and exhaustion of laying the spider eggs. What Kurt didn't know was the spider's broken dick was to keep the eggs in longer and to constantly release a powerful painkiller so he wouldn't feel the eggs growing as they were, the eggs wouldn't hatch. Feeling better after a few minutes Kurt took off again this time in search for some metal to make a knife at the least. Flying as fast as his wings would take him he searched long and hard.

Kurt was about to give up when a flash of light caught his eyes he flew closer to check it out being cautious about it he was still tiered after all and didn't feel like being fucked again. Landing he walked around the small metal ore to ensure that there weren't any traps. Finding none Kurt began to dig around the chunk of ore, it took awhile but he eventually got a basketball sized chunk of ore. Taking off again with the ore in hand Kurt took his time to watch out for anything that could grab him one way or another. When he finally got to the hive he found a good spot to make a fire to smelt the ore down to what he could work with. He was glad his father was a blacksmith and he helped out in the forge or making a weapon or tools would be alot harder by the time he was set up the sun was going down.

Heading into his hive Kurt thought he heard something but when he listened harder he couldn't hear anything shrugging he headed in for the night. The next morning Kurt went to get some wood to start on the forge wanting to get started as soon as possible Kurt took off to get all the dead branches that he could when his arms were full he zipped back to where he left the ore chunk a dropped the wood to the side of it and went for more. It didn't take long for him to gather enough wood for the fire. Kurt then began to dig a hole to make charcoal. Without a shovel it took most of the day. Kurt knew it was going to take some time but he was ready for the work it would take to make his weapon and nothing was going to stop him.

(a few days later)

Kurt was finally done with his first self made machete the ore was surprisingly pure for rough ore. It wasn't as good as his dad could do but it would get the job done. Suddenly Kurt heard voices at first he thought he was finally going insane being alone in the woods on a new world. Kurt was proven wrong when the voices got loader as they drew nearer to his hive not knowing weather these people were friendly or not. Kurt took to the tree tops to stay out of sight. When a girl about the same size as Kurt followed by a man fully dressed in armor came into the clearing. Kurt heard the girl saying. "It was right over here." The man replied. "Well it isn't here now we must have scared it off."

Kurt was as quite as he could he even landed on a branch to keep his wings still and from buzzing. The two below was walking around the girl was looking for him and the man was inspecting the forge and surrounding area he then said. "If it truly was a creature of these woods then why does it need a forge and it's still warm meaning that it has been used recently." The girl turned asking. What does a bee need a forge for? And how would it even know what to do with it let alone use it?" Kurt was thinking. "They don't seem like bad people." He was about to confront them when the branch he was on broke and Kurt fell to the ground hard. Both of his visitors turned when they heard the snap of the branch and the thump of Kurt's body hitting the ground. The man in armor was first to move as he drew his sword and the girl said. "See I told you it was a bee." The man said. "I wasn't doubting you lass."

Kurt started to stand up and said. "You're trespassing on my camp." Upon hearing his words the armored man put the sword away and said. "My apologies for trespassing but don't bees live in a hive." Kurt pointed to a tree not that far from the forge where he built his hive. The girl noticed that Kurt's head was the only human part of his body turned around and said. "Put some clothes on will you miss." Kurt got mad and shouted. "Do you think I want to be naked and I'm a boy. My name is Kurt. What is yours?" The girl blushed a deep red and the man said. "Sorry but you look like a young lady to me. And my name is Vincent and her's is Melody." After the pleasantries were done Kurt and the two started to get to know eachother telling past experiences even the unpleasant ones, Kurt was hesitant but gave into the encouraging faces that were on his new friends.

(a week later)

Kurt has been in a good mood since meeting Vincent and Melody although they only stayed a few days, Vincent helped Kurt by inspecting his hive and machete, praising him on his craftsmanship on the machete and pointing out his flaws in his hive. Kurt was a humble boy and said. It's nothing when compared to my father's work. On the other day Melody asked about the things Kurt had made.

Kurt had enjoyed those few days with them and had been considering the offer that Vincent made on the prompting of Melody. At first Kurt was afraid that she (yes Kurt finally accepted that he was now a she, I think she needs a new name but think of any so it will stay as is) wasn't going to be accepted and hunted down if someone found out what she looked like under the cloak. It was becoming noon and Kurt started to smell the scent of chocolate still being as young as she was Kurt loved chocolate. Tuning in the direction the wind was coming from she took off to find her some chocolate just thinking about the confection got her mouth watering.

Flying as fast as her uniquely curved would take her, Kurt was disappointed when she came upon a strange chocolate plant it looked harmless and smelled great but Kurt wasn't going to take any chances and tried to see if it was just what it looked like or not. After doing several different things to the plant which included poking it with a stick throwing a stone into it Kurt thought on it for a moment when a butterfly landed on one of the plants many flowers and began to feed not taking long to drink it's fill the butterfly then flew off on it's mary little way.

Kurt seen this and started picking the chocolate chip looking berries thinking. Score I haven't had any chocolate since the day before waking up here. She began to pick the chocolate chip looking berries she even ate a few of the flowers. Kurt only picked a few hands full and flew back to her hive upon Kurt's arrival she was pleasantly surprised to find Melody sitting at the roots of her tree. Reaching the tree Kurt saw Melody was alone and her clothes were a little ripped and getting closer Kurt could hear she was crying. It took a few minutes to calm her down and to get the whole story from her. By the time Melody was done she was crying again dropping the berries Kurt wrapped Melody up in her arms and took Melody into her hive to be safe from the forest dwelling creatures.

Coming back for the berries Kurt noticed Vincent come hobbling out of the forest into Kurt's little clearing he was looking quite beaten with his hair all messed up, armor dented slightly and the few cuts up and down his body. He was looking around when. " I took her into the hive she should be safe but you look like hell man. Will tell me what happened?" Kurt answered the unasked question the asked her own. Vincent looked relived when he heard that and said. We were attacked on our way here they went straight for Melody I shouted for her to run but before she could one grabbed her and started to feel around her body, but when I cut through the tentacles they switched to me and Melody took her chance to run, now I better check on her. Kurt offered to bring him up but he said. "Sorry I am to heavy for that." So Kurt said. "I could bring her back down."

(later that day)

They were all sitting around the little clearing Kurt had taken for herself Melody and Kurt were munching on the berries that she had found earlier that day they tasted just like milk chocolate Vincent said. "They are safe to eat but I suggest that you not eat to many as it will upset your stomachs just like any other sweets would." He then asked. Kurt what will you do for the rainy season? "I don't know." Kurt replied and Melody said. "You should come with us and stay there till it is over but you might lose your clearing." Kurt thought about it and decided that the clearing wasn't important and said. "Alright if I wouldn't be a bother to you two and if it is alright with Vincent." Vincent took no time telling Kurt it was fine and it is why he brought up the rainy season in the first place.

(Two months later)T

The rainy season was over and Kurt was ready to explore more of the world, he had gotten up with the sun and was reaching for the door when Vincent called out. "Your not leaving without breakfast are you Kurt I know for a fact it will be done in a few minutes Melody would want to say good bye. It would break her heart if she didn't get to and it would.." "Ok, okay I get it" Kurt interrupted. She was walking so Kurt didn't understand how he heard her and she wondered just when does Vincent get up. Through the rainy season Kurt and Melody became great friends. On one of the dryer days when the rain wasn't coming in feet every minute Melody had helped Kurt find a new traveling robe that was far more durable than Vincent's robe that he had given to Kurt was. And on some of the worst of days they all sat in the living room sometimes playing board games and sometimes just enjoying a steaming cup of hot chocolate. When breakfast was done it didn't take long for Melody to enter the room fully dressed for a day outside and more if the pack she had strapped over her left shoulder was anything to go by. Kurt turned to her and said. "Good mourning Melody how was your night and why do you look like you're ready for a long time outdoors?" Melody answered Kurt's question saying. "That is because I am. You are letting me come with you? Please you got to I can't gain anymore experience here and I want to see more of the world too." Kurt turned to Vincent for help asking with her eyes. "Please what do I say?"

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