Lights Off, Love On

Chapter 1: A Knock at the Door

Author's Note: My first attempt at completing and publishing a fic. I appreciate any feedback and hope you enjoy. Special thanks to dshell99, sybrann, Auntie Shara, and Hazelbaum for their wonderful fics and constant support.

Usually Eddward Vincent was prepared for anything, whether it be for something as minor as a paper cut to something more major such as a flat tire. Unfortunately due to the craziness of preparing for midterms, Edd hadn't been paying attention to the weather which meant he was not in the least bit prepared for the massive storm that was going on outside.

"I'm woefully unprepared for a power outage, I sincerely hope that the storm doesn't knock out the transformers."

Just then his worst fears were confirmed as his house went dark. Edd rushed to the windows and saw that the whole cul-de-sac had gone dark as well.

"Oh dear, now what am I to do. Ed and Eddy won't be of any help and no one else would even consider assisting me." Just as he was starting to panic he remembered the backup generator in the garage.

"I'm so glad I convinced mother and father to invest in a generator" Edd muttered to himself while running to the garage. As he opened the door to the garage he reached for the flashlight he kept by on the wall by the light switch. After about 10 minutes of searching the dark, stuffy room he came up empty.

Just as he was closing the garage door he heard a loud series of knock at the front door. "Coming."

Edd opened the door to reveal a drenched Kevin. "Greetings Kevin, what brings you here?" Edd asked anxiously. He and the jock had a complex relationship as of late and he was never quite certain of where they stood.

"I was wondering if you had a manual can opener that I could use. Our can opener no longer works." Kevin explained as he took off his soaked shoes and stepped inside and onto the welcome mat in Edd's entryway.

"Of course, I will be right back." Edd calls over his shoulder as he scurries to his kitchen. After several crashing sounds Kevin joins Edd in the kitchen.

"Don't you have a generator or something for things like this Dee?" Kevin inquired. Chuckling he added, "You're usually more prepared than a boy scout"

Blushing at the redheads remarks, Edd lowers his head "while you are correct I'm afraid that with midterms and all the chaos that is school I haven't been paying much attention to the weather and I just discovered that the generator our family had purchased is not in the garage so I'm at a loss at the moment."

Taking in this information, an idea forms in Kevin's mind. "Why don't you stay with me for now, our generator is working and my parents called earlier and said they were stuck at my grandparents house so I could use the company." After seeing Edd's hesitation the jock added "Come on it'll be fun, besides staying here you'll only panic and we can't have that now can we?"

Reluctantly Edd agrees "Let me get my shoes and a few other things first."